Koreans React to K-Pop Idol Sulli's Death [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS


  1. starcrafter13terran

    starcrafter13terran日 前

    The 2nd girl who said she was "sad all day long" was smiling the whole time.

  2. starcrafter13terran

    starcrafter13terran日 前

    4:12 this guy simply blames her. See, this is why it happened...

  3. Kevin Wilson

    Kevin Wilson日 前

    IDK but why do Koreans seem so simple minded and callous towards social issues like this?

  4. 盛宇欣

    盛宇欣2 日 前

    Is it the real reason that mean words lead to her depression then finally make her suicide ? I really don’t think so. Either her so-called female body revolution. Cause she even didn’t say a formal words in public about her own dress code. It’s the mean word appeared then media interview her about how she felt. She thought it was quite normal to dress like that. If I were a revolutionary, I definitely will say something formally and do some publicity.Not just passive answering . I really don’t want to judge what caused she to post so-called sexually suggestive pictures(I definitely don’t think so) . But Korean people really need to think what’s on the behind. After all this is not the first celebrity suicide case.

  5. Alia Khalidah

    Alia Khalidah2 日 前

    This whole interview is honestly disgusting. How can someone ask a total stranger “Why do you think she took her own life?” That’s so insensitive. Someone died because of you people.

  6. 조아잉

    조아잉4 日 前

    Crybullies always say that they are feeling victimized

  7. 이희성

    이희성5 日 前

    이 채널은 염치가 없는건가 생각이 없는건가 ㅋㅋ 이젠 죽은사람 거들먹 거리네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  8. 쉐프재규

    쉐프재규5 日 前

    양아치 교포샏기들 채널이에요, 한국 나쁜뉴스만 골라서 이렇게 영상만들어 올리고 조회수로 돈빨고 한국이미지 망치고

  9. Eduarda Queiroz

    Eduarda Queiroz5 日 前

    The fact that no one mentioned psychology/psychiatry pisses me off

  10. Familiar

    Familiar6 日 前

    As someone who is clinically diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, I often hear people call suicide a choice. Let me be clear: when you are suicidal, it does not feel like a choice. I once heard someone compare the feeling to standing in a window of a burning building, and someone on the ground who cannot feel the fire says, “Don’t jump! You have so much to live for!” When someone who is depressed chooses suicide, it is not really a “choice.” It is effectively a surrender. You are finally surrendering the fight. You have to have been in immense, lasting pain for a prolonged period of time, to the point that your own brain literally cannot think of a single good reason why you should be alive. The human will to live is INCREDIBLY powerful. When you are on the edge, your survival instinct will keep pushing you forward for months, years, sometimes even decades, it is so hard to finally give up. When I was at the bottom, thinking about suicide often felt like a comfort. “No matter how bad things get, I can always kill myself.” Even then, I clawed my way back. People need to understand: suicide isn’t a choice. It’s the terrible loss of an incredibly difficult war against your own brain.

  11. Grace Mina

    Grace Mina6 日 前

    It is very heart breaking😭 For sure all her haters are very happy and satisfied of her death those judmental people feeling so perfect.

  12. Lotus Song

    Lotus Song7 日 前

    As a Korean-American, I can relate to and understand different sides of the situation. No matter who you are or where you’re from, it’s very important to seek help. Societies also need to change their perception of mental/emotional health. Otherwise, results can end up in tragedies.

  13. Heu Rey

    Heu Rey8 日 前

    Hopefully, my words are read by all the Korean artists! Please never ever take your own life: this is an extreme tragedy. And YOU who never ever will find a new good future after your suicide as you have thought, but for sure forever come you to Hell for eons! WHY??? Suicide is a result of a very long process of your UNWHOLE minds that have occurred through your life: feeling alone, sadness, depression, dissatisfactoriness, anger, hatred that give rise to unpleasant emotions. Negative emotions feed thoughts that repeatedly nourish endlessly more emotions. Now all those who made suicide can not reborn as a beautiful human, contrarily only as a very ugly ghost or an animal or living in Hell for so so long because of your suicide. The last moment of your mind before your last breath is surely negative which decides mostly your reborn. According to Budda’s teaching: the nature of law- cause and effect suicide is a criminal case of killing a human. The victim is you and the murder is you too. HELL IS AN EXISTENTIAL RELM FOR SUICIDERS. My heart is broken when hearing from this news from Korea again and again. Why do you have any respect for yourself? At least think about your PARENTS WHO SUFFERINGLY GIVE YOU TO THIS WORLD. Life is short and fragile, all is impermanent, right now and the next moment we may die. Live your life with your wholesome minds in peace and calm in this present moment and then with unshaken mind again in peace and calm. Do not let your mind troubled with endless thoughts, coz they are defiled! Breath well and nice! Sincerely,

  14. Heu Rey

    Heu Rey8 日 前

    한국 작가들이 내 말을 읽었 으면 좋겠다. 절대 자신의 삶을 가져 가지 마십시오. 이것은 극단적 인 비극입니다. 그리고 당신이 생각한 것처럼 자살 후에 새로운 좋은 미래를 찾지 못할 당신은 영원히 지옥에 영원히 오게 될 것입니다! 왜??? 자살은 자신의 삶을 통해 발생하는 독창적 인 마음, 슬픔, 우울증, 불만족, 분노, 증오 등의 불행한 감정을 일으키는 매우 긴 과정의 결과입니다. 부정적인 감정은 끝없이 더 많은 감정을 자양하는 생각을 낳습니다. 자살을 한 모든 사람들은 아름다운 인간으로 거듭날 수 없으며, 자살 때문에 아주 추악한 유령이나 동물이나 지옥에 오랫동안 살 수 없습니다. 마지막 숨을 쉬기 전의 마지막 순간은 반드시 부정적인 것이며, 이는 대부분의 환생을 결정합니다. Budda의 가르침에 따르면 : 법의 원인과 결과 자살은 인간을 죽이는 형사 사건입니다. 피해자는 당신이고 살인도 당신입니다. 지옥은 상사를위한 기존의 공간입니다. 한국에서이 소식을 몇 번이고들을 때 가슴이 아프다. 왜 당신은 자신을 존중합니까? 적어도이 세상에 당신을주는 부모님에 대해 생각하십시오. 인생은 짧고 깨지기 쉬우 며, 모든 것이 영원합니다. 지금 그리고 다음 순간 우리가 죽을 수도 있습니다. 이 순간에 건강하고 평온한 마음으로 인생을 살아 가십시오. 끝없는 생각으로 마음을 괴롭히지 마십시오. 잘 호흡하세요! 진정으로,

  15. Seleste Amaya

    Seleste Amaya8 日 前

    It’s true, lots of people can love and support you and only a few that are haters can affect you a lot, that same exact thing happened to me



    i will never bang her , i hate those bully

  17. リーダー

    リーダー9 日 前

    How i hope cancer to hater that made her suicide.

  18. 2NE1Fan 23

    2NE1Fan 2310 日 前

    At times I'm disappointed with myself (disappointed with myself) Honestly, I trample myself (trample myself) "Do you only amount to this?" (do you only amount to this?) "Need to do so much better" (need to do so much better) "You need to be so much cooler" (you need to be so much cooler) "If you're going to be defeated, might as well die" (if you're going to be defeated, might as well die) "You have to win, you, you, you" "You" [Chorus] To be out of place, it hurts so much If you don't experience it, it cannot be known~Uh good By Rm

  19. - miscellaneous things -

    - miscellaneous things -10 日 前

    It makes me so sad to see her go. No I'd never want someone to learn english bc "eVeRyOnE sHoUlD sPeAk eNgLisH", but I've never wanted someone to have just packed up and come to the U.S. more than Sulli. I think she wouldve been better off here. Where her not wearing a bra would only draw angry eyes from boomers who dont know how to work their phones enough to leave a hate comment. Im disgusted that people just watched her cry in lives like she was a zoo animal and have the audacity to say her death was sad. They dont deserve her. I like to think she's in the best part of heaven with jonghyun and catching up with each other. Rest in peace, power, and pride, beautiful girl.

  20. Jills Mcfarland

    Jills Mcfarland11 日 前

    The Industry ! They are owned.

  21. Ellye JH

    Ellye JH11 日 前

    Honestly, I think that we as consumers, should not be supporting the K-Pop industry, or any industry, that does not put the health and well being of their employees first. These entertainment companies need to be boycotted for them to understand that we don't stand for that kind of treatment of any person.

  22. Kasuki Mitzune

    Kasuki Mitzune11 日 前

    They live like angels They die like angels

  23. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung12 日 前

    Having depression and anxiety at the same time is suck! Sometimes you want die and sometimes you afraid of die. 😢

  24. Zoey

    Zoey13 日 前

    Is that way they express their opinion?

  25. ʙʟɪɴᴋ

    ʙʟɪɴᴋ14 日 前

    Sulli didn't commit suicide, she was murdered by society.

  26. Said Arsyid

    Said Arsyid15 日 前

    Prefer JAPAN than Korea

  27. 11 -

    11 -15 日 前

    Emotions are complicated. There are always consequences if you bottle em up or if you can't control em. RIP SULLI. LOVE YOU. YOU ARE A PRECIOUS SOUL THAT THE WORLD WILL MISS YOU. ❤❤❤ by the way i know this is sooo unessential..but the Marie girl (asian boss reporter/host/something) is pretty. Edit : oh my god the girl who interviews people is beautiful as well.

  28. Lost_ illusion

    Lost_ illusion15 日 前

    _" Those netizens killed her "_ _Sulli in her V live said , " Why do you hate me ? I'm not a bad person . What did I dob to deserve this ?"_ That broke my heart so badly . It still haunts TT

  29. Distinctra Crystal

    Distinctra Crystal15 日 前

    Why are people filled with hypocrisy? When she was alive, they didn't cared about her at all and now when she's gone they are mourning for her. “The self-righteous scream judgments against others to hide the noise of skeletons dancing in their own closets.” ― John Mark Green

  30. Elena JK

    Elena JK16 日 前

    This shows again how society sucks. Why haters put their comments ? Because they have anger and stress. And where does it come from ? From society. A society that pushes you to the extreme. So many things just do not work in Korea. We have the highest rate of suicides, from all ages ; it's not just about depression. I am so sad and frustrated...

  31. Inquisitive Dreamer

    Inquisitive Dreamer16 日 前

    The fact that Lee Soo Man, who supposedly considered her as her daughter and SM’s princess, could not even make time to go to her funeral speaks volumes. They really do not care for the well-being of their artists and just see them as cash cows. See their promotion of SuperM for another example. Some of the members are also currently promoting with their original groups at the same time and being overworked but does SM care? Nope.

  32. study2islam

    study2islam16 日 前

    I've never experienced depression but I think people should look for God to find their purpose in life and work for the hereafter. That makes you realise that what you think matters in this world is nothing at all and God is always with you and knows what you're going through and has a plan for you. I would suggest researching Islam :) Peace

  33. study2islam

    study2islam14 日 前

    @dingenskirchen I would think anything would be on the table to save people from depression. I truly believe my faith helps and I want to share it with people. They can take it or leave it. I think people should learn about whatever they can to soothe their soul and improve their life.

  34. dingenskirchen

    dingenskirchen14 日 前

    Im sorry but I don't think this is the best place to advocate for God.. and your religion. you only make people hate religious people and islam more. It looks like you want to use the vulnerability of the people to manipulate them so stop maybe lmao

  35. izami meika

    izami meika16 日 前

    I can see korean people never learn so many artist commit suicde because of basher & bullying tho i believe thats part of their culture.. People should know how to respect other people's feelings..Even if it doesn't mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them..Learn accept all the flaws and differencences of others..enough of discrimination & bullying..your choice of words can cost life..

  36. Anthony Luong

    Anthony Luong16 日 前

    The sad truth about these celebrity suicides, is basically that these young celebrities have spent most of their crucial teenage life training specifically for these entertainment companys. They are a 'mould' of the companys product = $$$ They never experienced and learned how to deal with social + mental health development issues like us and most others... The fact that they are used only to make their company/agency money, and because the idols main purpose is to entertain and please the people and fans. Any sense of failure from negative feedbacks and comments without the right support would lead to depression and potentially a tragedy.

  37. Yam Mae Navarro

    Yam Mae Navarro16 日 前

    it's not suicide .. it was a murder case.. and the murderer are the HATERS.. wake up society!!

  38. Willis Aw

    Willis Aw16 日 前

    If only Korean people could pay more attention to Viktor Tsoi rather than Sulli, sorry K-pop fans. Viktor Tsoi's legacy needs to continue too.

  39. SueRiot

    SueRiot17 日 前

    K-pop bands can live together for large parts of their lives, they always have someone there, as support. When it ends, and they are on their own, it must feel like your family has all gone. The ones you relied on moved on, and I know personally, it’s very difficult to lay your problems on someone else. Life can be so cruel and lonely. Poor Sulli RIP

  40. Machiruda59

    Machiruda5917 日 前

    Everyone talks about her haters as the cause of her suicide, but no one mentions how she was exploited by her company... The pressure, the exhaustion, and lack of truely caring people by her sides must have been very hard for her to handle all these years The Kpop industry is nothing but toxic

  41. Reden Mar Bellen

    Reden Mar Bellen17 日 前

    "Being able to be born into this world is a blessing in itself"♥♥

  42. Ihsan Widyantono

    Ihsan Widyantono17 日 前

    2:13 they interviewed soyou?

  43. Ihsan Widyantono

    Ihsan Widyantono15 日 前

    @Za Igre sistar

  44. Za Igre

    Za Igre15 日 前

    Which Soyou?

  45. Gavin Revitt

    Gavin Revitt18 日 前

    As I watched these interviews, particularly the young lady who talked about what she does when she's feeling down, it occurred to me that one of the most elusive aspects of depression is really having an awareness of it. When you become so immersed in depression that it essentially forms the basis of your day to day life, and you simply have this consistent feeling as your normal day to day reality, then as with every human experience we have which becomes normalised I'd argue that it becomes difficult, maybe impossible for some, to see your own actions and responses in life from another's perspective. In essence the effects of depression, and what effectively become your coping mechanisms, become your entire window into the world. Under such conditions compassion becomes pretty vital, and having systems which pressure people into a vein of behaviour will inevitably cause problems.

  46. cheesesmiles

    cheesesmiles18 日 前

    This will unfortunately keep happening because Korean society doesn't want to change their views about depression. They know it's an issue but people still look down on those who need a hug the most. You see the issue and choose to ignore it anyway. I feel so disheartened for these famous people who decide to end it all. I don't want to say they were born in the wrong society but...its just heartbreaking when you cant even tell the people around you what your going through without being called a "crazy person ". Incredibly lonely.

  47. Lorki

    Lorki18 日 前

    *Highest suicide rate. Damn, you Koreans got some serious issues and need some serious reality check. Stop being assholes to one another then perhaps you won't be labeled as the "highest suicide rate"......

  48. Fathima Zahra

    Fathima Zahra18 日 前

    I am an Indian girl who loves k-pop and k-drama the most. t watch it every day. it has been my hobby. but this news shocked me the most. Sulli was one of the favorite actress and an idol. Korean are great but why suicide

  49. Kelvin Garcia

    Kelvin Garcia19 日 前

    Rest in peace fashion queen.

  50. SHABEENA ks

    SHABEENA ks19 日 前

    I feel so sad to know that even after her death some Koreans even think that whatever she did was for gaining public attention and they were controversial... Grow up guys ... If she wanted to gain your attention she would have acted like how she was portrayed like an innocent cute girl.....

  51. Ryan Zofoa

    Ryan Zofoa19 日 前

    Sadly plays shiloh dynasty

  52. Pegasus N

    Pegasus N19 日 前

    These young celebrities the world over are not prepared for the onslaught of bad media about them, if you want to be in this game you need to be thick skinned. Of course people are going to bully you and spread hate about you and this is all part of being famous if you cant handle it then get out of the business, but to take your own life over it seems to be weak and the easy way out, you just leave pain and despair for the living who loved you and that is not fair.

  53. aileenchriscelia

    aileenchriscelia19 日 前


  54. Vikrammishra 122

    Vikrammishra 12219 日 前

    People don't love when they are live when they die they just regret it so please love each other 😍 because we all have one life and some dream's one day we will all go

  55. Anna Ma

    Anna Ma20 日 前

    不是因为抑郁和恶评啊,大体方向错了 hint 张紫妍

  56. King Miel Jerrah

    King Miel Jerrah20 日 前

    i know this is irrelevant but while i'm sad bcouz of her death i just hear Ariana Grande in the bg musis i'm happy now

  57. blessed blessed

    blessed blessed20 日 前

    My grandma uset to say hurt people hurt people

  58. Noble 7

    Noble 720 日 前

    The reason why I don’t listen/get into J-pop too deep because of how J-pop agencies in Japan treated their idols the same way as K-pop idols.

  59. MaaDuu fans

    MaaDuu fans20 日 前

    the reason why I cannot get into kpop too deep is because the fandom is kinda toxic..

  60. Penda Coulibaly

    Penda Coulibaly20 日 前

    Gotta say that it’s not only in Korea but also in some African countries they tend to look down on you if you go to the psychologist because people think that you are crazy or something ( I’m African so I can tell at least from what I’ve seen)

  61. Tara kesi

    Tara kesi20 日 前

    Korean netizens are so scary.

  62. rachrex

    rachrex20 日 前

    I will never understand how any adult can leave a hateful comment against someone and walk away feeling satisfied. You are supposed to grow out of that mentality. If you see something that doesn’t necessarily affect you other than a “oh that’s not for me” then just keep on scrolling.

  63. zhou adwina

    zhou adwina20 日 前

    the sucide is because of the vanity amongst Koreans

  64. Noble 7

    Noble 720 日 前

    zhou adwina Every country around the world has its own suicide beside Korea.

  65. Squishy sab

    Squishy sab20 日 前

    i cry myself again when i watch this. ppl, pls do fine. eat lot lot. smile more more. hang out alot with friends dont let it get the best u. i love u

  66. Squishy sab

    Squishy sab13 日 前

    @Amina Messaoudi awww u r so sweet ㅠㅠ

  67. Amina Messaoudi

    Amina Messaoudi17 日 前

    I love u too ❤

  68. 탄산

    탄산20 日 前

    Please say something you can not say. Is it okay to swear at you because those interviewees are not entertainers? :( I don't understand. Get into the habit of looking back when you blame someone

  69. 탄산

    탄산20 日 前

    First of all, let me say a word to a foreigner who blindly criticizes Korea without knowing about Korea. Blaming without grounds is the same as malicious comments. But you don't realize that.