Koreans React to K-Pop Idol Sulli's Death [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS


  1. Irishgel Guevarra

    Irishgel Guevarra3 日 前

    In my opinion people now a days should accept the fact that all of us have individual differences. Sometimes we're unique, some were similar from others, but the real importance is that people should be open minded in many things. , I mean you can't always want to see what you wanted to see in a person. You can't force them to do things that you think is right. Let's learn to accept people's differences. Because It's not about who is right or wrong, or was it right or wrong. If they were not the person you like then just ignore them. Show them respect for they have done nothing wrong to you. We should treat them the way we want to be treated. As long as they don't hurt you, and it doesn't damage you by the things they do, then just let them be that way, let them be whoever they wanted to be. That's what you call respect. Just imagine if you were in their shoes you would also prefer to have your own way.

  2. The Machine

    The Machine6 日 前

    Too many suicides in korea, too many problems like rasicm,body shaming and etc. Specially racism against north korean people, north kor. gov is their enemy not the people of the north kor im not north korean(im japanese filipino but ive never been in japan) im not defending north korean but this is reality Because of that i would like to visit japan or russia or thailand than visiting korea

  3. 최로나

    최로나6 日 前

    As a Korean, it's so funny to see foreigners who don't know much about Korea and judge about it. I wonder how perfect a country you live in. There's only garbage countries out there that have to worry about pickpockets. Would you mind your own country and not our problems? I feel ashamed whenever I see posts insulting Koreans because of K-pop stars.

  4. Starlise Jun.from.17

    Starlise Jun.from.177 日 前

    The man in the blue suit knew a lot about the hate she got. I think she’s brave for dating and trying to be happy with her life. But she finally had enough and ended it bc of her haters.. it’s so sad🥺

  5. bts and blackpink fan

    bts and blackpink fan11 日 前

    im sorry but that girl smiling is just so

  6. Ifraz Farhaj

    Ifraz Farhaj11 日 前

    Life is reallly short,we insist on making it completed.


    SAGUN MURMU11 日 前

    "People say the greatest loss in life is death, but I say the greatest loss in life is dying inside while we're living"

  8. 绍明许

    绍明许15 日 前

    Personally, I have been depressed for a while, but I was never diagnosed with depression because I never went and actually got help. However, this is what I’m going to say. You don’t really know what it is like into you actually go through with it. Depression is like you are in a darkness and there is light, but there is every single barrier in front of you preventing you into reaching that light. Depression makes you feel like you are absolutely worthless, ugly, disappointment and basically any negative words you can think of. There were times I have felt like ending my life was the only option. It felt as if dying was better than actually living pain. Personally, I wouldn’t even wish depression on my worse enemy.

  9. Ariex Bilqis1111

    Ariex Bilqis111117 日 前

    Haters didnt have attitude n didnt respect other😑😑😑

  10. Julianne Marie Bejar

    Julianne Marie Bejar17 日 前

    This problem with the industry one of the reasons why I cannot become a KPOP fan. The music hides the immense pain idols go through.

  11. rakhi kaushik

    rakhi kaushik18 日 前

    I will like indian people about the death of Susant Singh Rajput who committed suicide just because of mental depression....

  12. Ar Row

    Ar Row19 日 前

    Long before they committed suicide, they were dead inside.

  13. Felicia Brilliant

    Felicia Brilliant20 日 前

    I agree with most of the comments. One point that I think everyone should know, is that if you hate someone so much, you shouldn't say it. Unless they're somehow threatening your life or sth, it's a different story. You can't judge people you don't know, especially public figures, it's not fair to them.

  14. chenleaholic

    chenleaholic21 日 前

    I wish other k stans can snap back to reality that celebrity are human too...

  15. Sonsarae ronnow

    Sonsarae ronnow23 日 前

    I don't get it, why do celebrities pander to fans, why do they give people so much power in their lives? Fans so messed up that they believe they have the right to drive someone to their death. Jealousy over another persons success is a sickness, haters are really low life people.

  16. yo u

    yo u23 日 前

    Why do i lowkey feel like all of the people once disliked Sulli... ugh

  17. craft ideas

    craft ideas25 日 前

    Like what happened with our hero, our legend Sushant Singh Rajput .... 😞😞😞😔😔😔

  18. Pinkxberryx가차

    Pinkxberryx가차25 日 前

    *_Yesterday (June 16th) Top Secret member Yohan passed away_* 😭😭😭

  19. Muhammad Maulana

    Muhammad Maulana20 日 前

    Pinkxberryx가차 no one said it’s cuz of suicide

  20. Vishakha Shahi

    Vishakha Shahi25 日 前

    Koreans feel like because they have bought albums and other merchandise they are supreme in the celebs life. That's soooo WRONG approach

  21. Vishakha Shahi

    Vishakha Shahi25 日 前

    Being celebrity is not a crime and koreans need to learn this. Also, what one wants to wear is their choice. If selena gomez wears braless dress its okay but if korean celeb especially against its too unfair

  22. aqil azhar

    aqil azhar25 日 前

    I heard someone like you 7:00

  23. aqil azhar

    aqil azhar25 日 前

    I heard side to side 6:30

  24. Clown Man

    Clown Man26 日 前

    The problem is mostly because of those Knetz that can't even understand a simple thing. Idols are humans not robots. They think that culture and the reputation of being and idol is more important than HUMANITY. Stupid, idiots, evil creatures!

  25. Babi Mandang

    Babi Mandang28 日 前

    living alone is really dangerous😭

  26. Aril Firdaus

    Aril Firdaus28 日 前

    koreans people is to much😒😒

  27. ℤ𝕖𝕣𝕠 𝕋𝕨𝕠

    ℤ𝕖𝕣𝕠 𝕋𝕨𝕠29 日 前

    Those who put that hate comment hope your live a good life

  28. leo Guatani

    leo Guataniヶ月 前

    Sulli's and Goo's death had nothing to do with depression and all to do with korean super sexist, close minded and judgemental society

  29. Kashvi Desai

    Kashvi Desaiヶ月 前

    She was best frnds with IU right? (Srry I don't know much about her...) But like seriously idols getting into a relationship is more like getting more hates and hitting yourself with a hammer!😢 I hope people in korea and fans all around the world change they also have a life! Let them live it the way they Want! As an ARMY as much I love them And am 'crazy' for BTS, all I want is their happiness.... If they want to spend their life with the 'one' let them live it don't make them sad,depressed and regret finding their own happiness (Euphoria)...I am sure u don't wanna be the one who is the cause of their sadness...Hope u understand wht I am trying to say...☺

  30. jyotsana singh

    jyotsana singhヶ月 前

    Its not in korea, in my country itself when i talked about being insomnic for times , being sad always , having daily migraine attack & have depression like symptoms everybody, including my family said its nothing ...you just need to develop a daily schedule & focus on things that are important... Thank god I myself went to psychologist & was diagonosed with mild depression I started taking pills prescribed my psychologist and thanks to him now I can sleep peacefully regardless how bad situations are...now I get migraine attacks after around every 14-15 days. I read a lot about depression and found its very common..I wanna advice everyone who suffering now, that the most imp thing is mental health so plz keep yourself happy mentaly...Smile bcz your inner soul is smiling....and plz plz plz have a sound sleep everynight even if u have to listen to asmr...but sleep peacefully.. Stay healthy

  31. Joynob Binta

    Joynob Bintaヶ月 前

    Jennie Kim is also getting a lot of hate ,People should learn lesson from this incidents

  32. Jin Rt

    Jin Rtヶ月 前

    Love someone when they are alive

  33. sami sami

    sami samiヶ月 前

    Dead people gets more flowers because that is a sign of regret.

  34. Astrid _ Diamond

    Astrid _ Diamondヶ月 前

    Those people who dislikes doesn't have a heart.

  35. Hai _

    Hai _ヶ月 前

    Its been 7 months

  36. Trang Nguyễn

    Trang Nguyễnヶ月 前

    some ppl in the interview saying like she was doing stuff just to gain attention from ppl and I feel so sad for Sulli... What she did has no meaning abt gaining attention at all. All she did is to be HERSELF and some Koreans being over the line on judging her. What is wrong for not wearing undergarment? She doesn't look offensive so it's supposed to be fine! Ppl should just RESPECT the way idols live bc they r human, not a robot that has to satisfy ppl stereotype so they won't receive hate!

  37. Totemᅱcke

    Totemᅱckeヶ月 前

    설리씨가 sns에서 보여준 행동이 우울증이나 신경쇠약의 영향으로 보여서 그렇게 말하는 걸꺼에요. 모든 걸 그 개인 중심으로 포장하는 것만이 항상 좋은 건 아니에요. 베트남 친구인거 같은데 주변에 우울증 가진 사람을 자세히 살펴보면 알 수 있을 거에요. 사람은 항상 멋있는 행동, 자기를 드러내는 행동만 하고 살지 않아요.

  38. Xiao Ri

    Xiao Riヶ月 前

    The girl that said only agency can protect and we, fans can't do much is freaking true. True that we as fans can't really do much for our favs in order to protect them because at the end it's the agency that can do something to those anti (sue, law suit, etc). Sad to see that some agencies really don't do much for their artists that suffer from malicious comments

  39. Flower Power

    Flower Powerヶ月 前

    The girl at 5:21 has a resemblance to Lisa from Blackpink. I find her really cute and gorgeous

  40. unknown unknown_person

    unknown unknown_personヶ月 前

    if you said just a few haters and a thousands of fans is ok?then ask youself if you can face one of your family hate you,because idol and fans is likely a family,the idol cannot grow if the fans dont support them and enjoy them,if any of fans hates them,they feel like everything is wrong..just like when our family in getting trouble..

  41. Momo UwU

    Momo UwUヶ月 前

    Check on Instagram. 😔 Twice, Blackpink, BTS, all those famous artists are being criticized

  42. Kez _

    Kez _ヶ月 前

    The saddest thing is those bullies can just get away with it.

  43. dema don't control us

    dema don't control us2 日 前

    yeah and that's so unfair

  44. JiminsLost Jams

    JiminsLost Jams9 日 前


  45. thai quan

    thai quanヶ月 前

    Toxic fans don’t see their idols as human, they see it as products. Let’s not forget they have feelings too.

  46. Vanshita Vijh

    Vanshita Vijhヶ月 前

    Korea is the country where couple outfits are widely famous and Korea is the same country where idols dating is called "dating scandel" IT'S THIER LIFE

  47. Shira yuki

    Shira yukiヶ月 前

    R.I.P, I hope you are in heaven...

  48. 바네사팔로마

    바네사팔로마ヶ月 前

    every time i see a news story about sulli, i start to feel really badsometimes I'm ashamed to be a personMaybe I am very weak or I am not capable enough to accept how rotten humans can be inside Why are we like this with our fellow men? Why can't we just be wrong with others without judging?We are no longer able to respect each other, we judge each other harshly and worst of all is that not only the comments of society, your family, but even ourselves are enough we begin to judge ourselves sometimes we judge even without realizing it, and that's why it's so natural that we don't even notice it It It does not matter if we make our lives good or bad, if we are good or bad students, if we have good or bad finances, we are still people.people with the same rights, with the same sense, have feelings, God why suddenly it's so hard to love. I would like us to be more aware when speaking, thinking, listening and feeling, so as not to hurt more than we have already hurt.

  49. Jason Chimonides

    Jason Chimonidesヶ月 前

    Please do a piece on Hana Kimura of Terrace House.

  50. Super Cruiser

    Super Cruiserヶ月 前

    Korea is probably the most superficial Asian country after China then Japan.

  51. bubble tea

    bubble teaヶ月 前

    She didn’t commit suicide, she got socially murdered

  52. Aha َ

    Aha َヶ月 前

    I hope the girl in pink is okay

  53. Jamel Attip

    Jamel Attipヶ月 前

    These interviewees saying they're shocked and felt sorry about the news but they are smiling and lightly laughing. I don't get it. Whyy?

  54. Kim Seokjin on steroids

    Kim Seokjin on steroidsヶ月 前

    sometimes its a coping mechanism, sometimes its not idk, we dont know what they are thinking, maybe they mean what they say, maybe they dont, we dont know what they are thinking, they could be laughing on the outside, however, they could be depressed on the inside, people hide things

  55. Alize Yilmazlar

    Alize Yilmazlarヶ月 前

    I think the whole point of the entertainment industry is (however wrong it may be) to provide things to gossip about, and not obsess over. Fans create a storyline for the idols and fantasize about it whereas if they'd let the idols have freedom, the fans would have so much more to learn about who they really are and have a lot more to talk about their idols.

  56. Harry Potter

    Harry Potterヶ月 前

    Most of them aren't fans they are blind followers just for their so called looks!

  57. Christine Kaye

    Christine Kayeヶ月 前

    International Kpop fans are also responsible for kpop idol's unstable mental health and deaths too, not just only Korean citizens. I've seen many on social media platforms.

  58. Gia Salsabila

    Gia Salsabilaヶ月 前

    K-netz should be educate. Really.

  59. Lima

    Limaヶ月 前

    Lmao i bet some of these people have said hate comments toward sulli...

  60. Roze M Joyce

    Roze M Joyceヶ月 前

    When i had gone through depression, coming to terms with it was the worst part of it all, i felt like i had another persona another part of me that shunned it because its seen as mental issues, every time i went to counselling, i was in denial the whole time like why am i here? i am fine, this is ridiculous, i feel like i am being labelled as mentally ill, its cuz i've heard and stamped it in my head as a negative thing. Well I had a good counselor she told me there are times when she wanted to go to counselling herself, she said at many points in her life she felt she needed counselling. I was quite taken aback, a counselor saying she needs counselling? that sounds strange. She told theres a part of our self that involuntarily give up and starts sending signals to slow down and that its to much all at once to take in. I am so glad I finally came to terms with it, its the first step, I hated it when my psychologist kept telling me why i needed to take meds and he would bring it up. But eventually I got through cuz my dad would take me to counselling every session. I felt like like he was there and he was more worried than anybody else. Its really a sad thing when you have a problem and you don't know you have it and when you do, you don't want to accept it because its ugly and scary. I am 27 today and quite happy, I love myself and my life even though i don't have alot going on.

  61. Roze M Joyce

    Roze M Joyceヶ月 前

    Honestly these schools of all ages from 15, colleges and offices should be educated, kids and people should know that the weight of their words can drive people to their very death. Its a price they have to pay for they said, I am just hoping karma takes its course to all those haters who wrote to her those awful words. Being depressed in itself is the worst, and on top of that having haters is just stabbing thm in the chest and pushing of a cliff. Knetz are scary beings. theyre not humans, theyre faceless beings sitting behind their computers not knowing what their words can do to an actual human. Even animals don't do that.

  62. john small

    john smallヶ月 前

    If you cannot take hate dont be a celebrity..... which celebrity dont have hater.....celebrity is bound to have hater ....weak find other job dont be a kpop star than haha

  63. 하늘강

    하늘강ヶ月 前

    *"if you can't respect, don't even open your mouth”* *-Kim NamJoon (BTS)* *Spreading love, and support to someone.* *Is better than Spreading Toxic and Hurtful comments. Learn to respect and stop being Judgemental. Don't expect someone to Fit your own standards. Their just living whom they want to be, and who they are.*

  64. julia g

    julia gヶ月 前

    sulli did not commit suicide, society murdered her.

  65. Sofia Castro

    Sofia Castroヶ月 前

    there’s one thing we should clear up, being sad is not being depressed

  66. Starlight Sky

    Starlight Skyヶ月 前

    Most of fans are supporting their idols for some short period..... we cannot support our idol for forever. One day, we all gonna leave the idol, leave the fandom. U may say to your idol ‘I’m with u forever’ or whatever to show them your love. BUT IT IS SURE THAT WE CANT DO THAT FOREVER CUZ WE ALL HAVE OUR LIFE TOO. So, let ur idol choose his/her own life. Let them date, let them marry. IF ONLY YOU ARE TRUE FAN. DONT BLAME THEM FOR ANYTHING.

  67. Night Symph

    Night Symphヶ月 前

    Some of the things they said just shows how oblivious Korea is to mental health issues How can you tell someone suffering from depression not to be sad They make it look like it's frowned upon to open up about mental health

  68. Super Nova

    Super Novaヶ月 前

    It's so sad that it takes all of these terrible tragedies to open peoples' eyes to these issues.

  69. Colin

    Colinヶ月 前

    I''m not her fan and I have never watched her programs. I knew her from my friend who posted what she said publicly to support no-bra wearing. She had been bullied because of that but she insisted that people can refuse to wear bras. As a FTN who would feel extremely terrible when wearing bras but wasn't dare not to wear them, I thought she was a hero. She was so brave to say stuff like that in Korea and that encouraged me to be myself. I was so sad to know that she committed suicide. She is always a hero in my mind. Hope she can RIP.

  70. Kimbrely Keanan

    Kimbrely Keananヶ月 前

    Korean please stop judging idol who dates or marriage. Its a normal thing. They can date and happy too, please 😭

  71. aouassar fatima

    aouassar fatimaヶ月 前

    She is really white and beautiful ❤️

  72. Mahira Sharma

    Mahira Sharmaヶ月 前

    3:51 why does he look like laughing it's disrespectful? Also she did things to get attention from public? That's the point of the whole industry..

  73. Bianca Ortega

    Bianca Ortegaヶ月 前

    Hola, si estoy llorando de nuevo.

  74. stephaniensm

    stephaniensmヶ月 前

    Soo this guys (Asian Boss) make a video about her without bra and now they make this, they really want views

  75. Diana Vivanco

    Diana Vivancoヶ月 前

    1:45 Is she smiling?...

  76. Corrin

    Corrin13 日 前

    Diana Vivanco It’s a natural reaction and a way to handle tension. It might come off as rude but the people have no bad intention, they can’t control it. It happens to quite a lot of people actually

  77. kawaii obake

    kawaii obakeヶ月 前

    Please don’t hurt idols, this makes me so sad

  78. Akaia Williams

    Akaia Williamsヶ月 前

    I honestly forget that sulli and jonghyun and hara are gone. I guess it's because I always see them in videos and stuff for like a whole year i forgot that jonghyun was gone and I only realized when his funeral video got recommended to me. It hit me so hard and it felt like I was reliving the day I found out he was dead all over again. I think that I would maybe realize that they were gone if I personally knew them. I feel like if I knew them I would notice their lack of presence but since I didn't and I just watched videos of them it still feels like they are here. I wonder how the people that knew them feel they must feel so empty. Maybe that's why hara is gone because she lost her soulmate sulli. I miss them so much. When I first found out about sulli I couldn't look at anything that had her in it I couldn't listen to any songs with her or I would just cry. I watched this video of her laughing and it made me cry so hard. With hara I kinda saw it coming I knew it was coming I just didn't know when. With hara it didn't hurt as bad as sulli maybe because I was sort of numb I guess. Every now and then I still cry thinking about them but for the most part I am okay. I just hope they are happy now. I just want them to know that they did well and that they were loved.

  79. Amirah K

    Amirah Kヶ月 前

    It's funny how some people are talking about it like it was her fault that people were nasty to her online. Reputation should never detiremine a person's value or how you behave toward someone. Sulli never did anything wrong, but still people went out of their way to say horrible things about her. And yet no one who said those things appologized or were reprimanded for their actions online.

  80. iFeel zzzZz

    iFeel zzzZzヶ月 前

    Beautiful country, however the community itself and its mentality are toxic. The need for shallow things, insecurities, uptight behavior, and possibly too conservative ideology cause people to be in their confined spaces in their heads. Making them stressed and causing anxiety along the way resulting to severe depression. Im no psychologist but im one of these people who got severely depressed even came to a point of thinking suicide as well. Fortunately, I overcome it slowly and the thoughts of suicide cleared out in my head.

  81. Juan Villegas

    Juan Villegasヶ月 前

    I can’t believe people would do that to another person just to harm them, like what do you gain from that. May she Rest In Peace and any other idols that have unfortunately had this happen to them

  82. Frosty Snow

    Frosty Snowヶ月 前

    My question is.... why do they even bother about someone else like.... have they never heard of " Mind your own business" ?

  83. Mery Mariah Lopez

    Mery Mariah Lopezヶ月 前

    Les haters l’on tuer sulli!!! Bande de grosse merde que vous êtes avec vos critique même pas constructif et méchante sans modération et sans aucune compassion! Vous foutais la haine la vérité! Vos idoles son pas des robots mais des être humains ok!!!! Repose en paix Sulli ma belle🙏🏼💔. quel dommage vraiment ...😪💔

  84. sara kulens

    sara kulens2 ヶ月 前

    Already 6 months...

  85. nimrkh !

    nimrkh !2 ヶ月 前

    Originally when this came out I was so distraught from the news that I couldn’t bare to watch this. So I’m trying again now and it’s just as difficult.

  86. bekah

    bekah2 ヶ月 前

    People don't want to die, they want to stop living.

  87. Quicktwosteps

    Quicktwosteps2 ヶ月 前

    In America, celebrities can easily cancel out their fans with a single tweet. 😯

  88. tHe sAusaGe iS aLL MiNeee mHmm Channie’s toes

    tHe sAusaGe iS aLL MiNeee mHmm Channie’s toes14 日 前

    In Korea there’s a thing called contacts in which restricts idols to open their mouths

  89. Kim Seokjin on steroids

    Kim Seokjin on steroidsヶ月 前

    well if kpop idols do that, most times they are called rude, even if the twwet or reply was harmful and just sarcastic