Kopa | His Story, Theories and Place In Lion King Canon: Discovering Disney


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    If you want to here my thoughts on what will happen to Kion from The Lion Guard, check out my video on him here: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-TUNpmk-rjV4.html Thanks for watching!

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    The producer said they didnt even know about lion king 2 yet

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    I have a question

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    But kopa dit not die dit u now that

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    Wotso Videos 😍

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    Why doesn't he do one on mother gorthels back story

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    Were is kopa

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    This story does make sense but you would think that they would introduce a reason of kopa's disappearance in the end of the series "the lion guard." Seeing as kion and kiara deserve to know



    The copying skari he is the first one who know about Cooper Cobra why are you copying Austin they're just like azzyland and sssniperwolf copyright I hate you so much I'm going to stop watching again on house much people I know how how to unsubscribe unsubscribe scribe unsubscribe review big fat ugly disgusting body

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    Here my theory regarding this moment. At the time I think the studio wasn't think of making a sequel and a few years later they made it.

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    Plot twist: kinda nasty but kopa is kovu cuz kiara Marying her brother is weird but idk idea

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    I still don't know hi is

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    I think I know about lion king on Disney this simba+nala= kopa the first born in end movie and there a book, kiara the second born movie part 2, and kion the last born the lion guard.🦁

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    I love Lola so much

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    Make a video of Chaka the first son of simba

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    Your Wong kopa is not the cub at the end the cube Chaka simba had 4cubs and and Chaka is the one at the end

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    There's no way, that provided it all actually happened, Simba would be so lax on punishing Zera if she had taken his son. There's just no way. It would not have been justice. What got them banished had to have been a collective act, which we understand from the movie was siding with Scar, not the murder of his first born. So I like the idea of Kopa having gone off to start his own Pride. It makes more sense, and with only one child left ad knowing the dangers of the world, Simba becomes exceptionally over protective.

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    I do believe she killed the cub named Kopa

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    Kopa was not killed he just went in coma

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    We named our puppy Kopa =) His fathers name is Simba so it fit!

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    Like The author said, Kopa is his creation.

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    In the three that I had with the tape and all that it stuck to the movie in being a girl. I didn't even know Kopa existed until videos came out about him. And I believe at the end and beginig of each movie Timon and Pumba talk about having a male cub around again only for simba to say he's a she

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    I'm so confusuled

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    It would make sense, when Zira Pushed Kovu to Simba she gave him a chance of get revenge for his dead cub by killing another one, Kovu, with Simba obviously rejecting it.

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    kopa is simba son and the friend of vitani and the oldest of kiara and kion and he didn't die he escaped

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    I think Kopa wasn’t kill by Zira and Zira Adopted rename Kopa And Zira don’t want Simba Alive?

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    So the reason why Simba hates Zira is because she attacked his son Kopa murdered him in cold blood and hid him within the elephant graveyard so Simba and Nala looked furiously for their son but it was too so in anger Simba banished Zira and the rest of Scar's followers to the Outlands and he was so protective of Kiara and his hate for Zira blinded him from bringing his people back into the pridelands



    What happens of cobalt

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    They did say that kopa came back older but with one eye then fell in love with vitiani

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    I. Like your. idea. Wotso

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    Kopa. is. good

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    I believe Kopa existed Like if you agree

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    Can you make a vitani is nala's and scars daughter video

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    Hey how about kion from the lion guard whatch lion guard

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    I like that this would answer where the heck the traitor lions came in-cuz it wasn't with the hyenas. I am usually a huge skeptic of these (not counting Emily being Andy's mom), but I can see this. Especially because there's a lion king fanblog somewhere with concept art of Kiara's older brother who was suddenly cut from the movie (and Zazu's gf), and that this cub (can't remember the name) was technically more cannon than Kopa because he was almost IN the movie.

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    But disney is also a multiverse. Like Maleficent being a villian everywhere but Maleficent. Or Descendants vs. Disney.

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    Plus, they jokingly call his son "Fluffy" in the end of the lion king commentary.

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    Hi this is a great day

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    Zira killed Kopa but Kopa was still alive so he escaped the pride lands and never came back so he wouldn’t be finished off by zira. And he was never found.

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    I have never heard of kopa wow

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    i mean the lion guard would have mad a little more sense if kiara was an adult while kion was still a kid.

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    Maybe Kira tried to kill Kopa but when she attacked him he survived and ran away when no one was watching

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    saken lion kion is lion guard

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    Where is kopa?

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    Kopa makes everything after The Lion King. Including Lion Guard. Even though.... It is said Kopa had a twin called Tanabi and a sister called Aisha. These are the two most common fan fiction children. However Kopa ties everything together. And I mean everything.

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    Disney didn't say that the cub at the beginning of BOTH movies was Kiarra. They said the cub at the beginning of the first one was genderless and unnamed and was just shown to make the circle of life "complete" in the movie. They refer to the cub as Fluffy in interviews, but they serve no other purpose than to end the first film, they weren't planning on a sequel so they didn't think of naming that cub. Obviously the cub at the beginning of the second movie is Kiarra, there's no question about that. This is stated in the exact same Phil Weinstein interview where he states he has never heard of Kopa.

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    kopa pls

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    I’m just trying not to be happy and that is not what I’m happy cus i noit

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    so it's 3 of theme cuz what abuot kion loin guard

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    They wasn’t plan a second movie

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    Maybe kion

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    Or it could be continuity of Lion King shifting they did it before I wouldn't be surprised

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    Kopa kiara kion

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    i Like kopa

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    We should go back in put kopa in the pilm

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    This is kopa Full story?

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    Scar e zira

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    i know vitani meets kopa

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    Não têm em português

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    but why did simba let kion go to other lands

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    How did u know that Kopa died

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    Plottwist; At the end of the first film, Rafiki actually presentes KOPA, but accidentally let him fall.

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    Simba had five cubs the fifth one was pushed off a high rock by zara and zara killed kopa and he had a mystery cub that I don't know what happened to them but now he only has two cubs

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    Kopa survived and married Vitani

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    And vitani loves kopa just like Kiara and Kovu and now kion and rani

  73. dyna spach

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    Zira killed kopa for revenge

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    Anyone else thought the baby was called kion?

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    eh, i dont like kopa personally... his story makes no sense. they say zira killed kopa then wanna go on and say "but he lived". zira isnt stupid, imo shes far from it. if kopa was so brutally beaten to the point he looked dead then he would have A. bled out, or B. died. how could kopa live through such an injury?

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    I Love The Video.

  80. SierraCookiieFan

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    Who’s Kopa?

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    I love Kopa, I thought it was amazing and I read a couple of those books about him. Who knows what fan theory could of worked but I would of love if they would of mentioned him once in the series the Lion Guard. But it's not my story. And I still loved the Lion Guard story and how it played out. One other thing that bothered me is that if Simba was protective of Kiara, maybe it should of been shown in the series. I mean one episode he let her lead the Pridelands with confidence, no excuses, no protection, just full on trust. That was great, just not line up with his character from the second movie

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    Kopa is my brother I wish man


    BØŤ ÎĐŤ ĢĂMÏŃĞ3 ヶ月 前

    He's not kopa he is kion

  84. Manpreet Nanda

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    Kopa was killed by Zira but he woke up and started going but he did not return to Priderock but Kion found Kopa and asked him to come back to the Pridelands but Kopa did not listen . These are the characters that were not in The Lion King 2 Simba's pride . Kopa , Kion , Tiifu and Zuri .

  85. Drain Ronnie

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    Kopa is actually back

  86. Darina Mitreva

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    I don't think Kopa could have been killed by Zira because when Simba let Chiara out for a walk for the first time, he said he was afraid for her because he realized the risk he and Nala were taking at her age, and why Vitani would be. so long loyal to her mother after she, according to the story, killed the boy she was in love with? And why, when Vitani fell in love with Kopa, did Zira attack him, and when Kovu, the chosen one, fell in love with Chiara, did she even use it for her plans? It's just weird and not tied to the plotline, I think it's most likely that Kopa has decided that he doesn't want to become king and has run away to live the life he wants, or he just doesn't have any Kopa and people have him invented to solve the problem in the plot, in which at the end of the first film Simba and Nala have a boy and at the beginning of the second - a girl. Personally, I prefer to think that Chiara is their firstborn, and Kayon is second. Otherwise, I like the Lion King too.

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    I thought you was showing the story of kopa

  88. Manpreet Nanda

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    Kopa is not a canon character but he makes a lot of answers that make him canon . People say that the cub in the end of The Lion King is Kopa so if he is not in The Lion King 2 that explains that he is not a canon character but then what is the cub in the end of The Lion King maybe the cub is Kiara and they made a version how we can see the ending of The Lion King again but the actions are different so they are many questions about Kopa that are about what he is canon or semi-canon and we all know that Kion was born after Kiara so Kion can not be the cub in the end of The Lion King they are many questions about Kopa .

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    Simba and nala had 5 cubs

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    O iam so sad bot kopa daed

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    can you make a video of Chaka(tanabi) the secret son of simba, the cub that could replace kopa

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    Omg I love the lion king

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    Kiaras brother is lion not kopa

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    What happens to kupa

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    Yah hes dead 😭😢👼

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    Is kopa die???????

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    There’s something troubling me. If Kopa was in the graveyard,Where is the graveyard?

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    I think Cooper made his own Pride

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    Where’s ko pa

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    I is fan

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    imagine theorising about a kids movie lmao 😂

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    I think Kovu is koba

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    Kona should be in the lion guard

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    Love kopa

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    Maybe he was in the jungle with Tarzan

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    well the six new adventure books aren't canon to disney they just gave them the license that's why you see the logo of disney and also the cub in the lion king was called fluffy it didn't even have a gender but it showed the circle of life and also why you dont see him is because the lion king two creators had no knowlegde of kopa sadly

  108. Esteban Rico

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    Is he a scrapped disney character?