Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer SHOCKS The World Again In The Live Show! | America's Got Talent 2019


  1. Talent Recap

    Talent Recapヶ月 前

    Watch Kodi Lee's PRICELESS Reaction as he watches his own audition playback - HERE: talentrecap.com/watch-kodi-lees-pricless-reaction-to-his-own-agt-audition-playback/

  2. Doyle Mcpoyle

    Doyle Mcpoyle13 時間 前

    He will definitely be a new legend. We’re seeing it here. His notes are prefect. And his voice is superb. Not all singers who hold notes have nice voices. He’s incredible even if he didn’t have his obstacles

  3. BennyB5555

    BennyB55552 日 前

    Talent Recap How does a blind man watch his own playback?

  4. _makeupandcoffee_

    _makeupandcoffee_4 日 前

    Pretty wanky choice of wording, but okay.

  5. Myrna Tolete

    Myrna Tolete7 日 前

    Woooo! How can blind Kodi watch his own audition. How i wish he could.🙏

  6. Shmoogy

    Shmoogy10 日 前

    Talent Recap how can he watch it if he’s blind

  7. tyler borders

    tyler borders41 分 前

    That “yeeaaaahh” he gives his mom is so priceless 😭😭😭

  8. CheezeCraft

    CheezeCraft42 分 前

    I'm so happy for him! :)

  9. surd 68

    surd 687 時間 前


  10. Peter C.

    Peter C.12 時間 前

    The 2.9k thumbs down are merely untalented idiots.

  11. Doyle Mcpoyle

    Doyle Mcpoyle13 時間 前

    Who could dislike this. I cry every time he sings. Just to empathize with how he must feel with being able to express himself in this way. When he can’t in the ways that some of us can. He is just amazing. I’ve cried all day watching his stuff

  12. Mayonnaise Psychology 101

    Mayonnaise Psychology 10113 時間 前

    Kodi is a prodigy!


    SA3A1 ANDALAS14 時間 前


  14. ron campana

    ron campana14 時間 前

    Austisms caused by vaccines

  15. LAIRDO

    LAIRDO15 時間 前

    I'm a metal dude. I have tears in my eyes.

  16. malli69

    malli6917 時間 前

    Go to hell to all the people who gave thumbs down!

  17. Stephanie Osorio

    Stephanie Osorio18 時間 前

    I can’t wait to see his cd and music videos on JPreporter 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  18. Autumn Maurice

    Autumn Maurice20 時間 前

    how can people dislike this! They have no hearts or souls

  19. Crystal Bratton

    Crystal Bratton20 時間 前

    I don’t see how some of y’all dislike this , it’s sad how y’all do people grow up sometimes

  20. Leonardo Jhonatas

    Leonardo Jhonatas20 時間 前


  21. noor noor

    noor noor20 時間 前

    ياروحي 😍😘🌈


    BIG NASTY21 時間 前

    Another stevie wonder, blind and playing music like this...

  23. REFL3X

    REFL3X日 前

    This is amazing. All the haters are failures in life, this is what people can do when they put their minds to it.

  24. Darren Yamuna

    Darren Yamuna日 前

    Shout out out to Kodi's mum tho. The true champ behind it all 💯👑

  25. AngelBaby

    AngelBaby日 前

    God touched this young man and blessed all of those who have the opportunity to see, hear and witness such an amazing and blessed young man. God Bless Kodi Lee always.

  26. DownEast Gal81

    DownEast Gal81日 前

    What an extraordinary talented young Man. Also, Mom you've done an amazing job raising, and supporting your son. Job well done ♡

  27. Darwin Leonardo

    Darwin Leonardo日 前

    I suddenly wanted to donate my eyes to him. he is so good



    A great model looks like different people sometimes indistinguishable from one another. A great actor plays parts that seem like totally different people. A great singer, like Kodi Lee, sounds like completely differently from one song to another. Did you hear his opening line here? Simon closed his eyes because he noticed on Kodi expresses each phrase with detailed nuance. Kodi has improved exponentially since his first appearance. Kodi Lee will be even more than he is now within 24 months he will be a powerhouse.

  29. Justin Rimmel

    Justin Rimmel日 前

    The almost 3k people who gave this a thumbs down probably wear socks with crocs

  30. Dalys Bishop

    Dalys Bishop日 前

    I got chills from the first note. He's so amazing I love him so much

  31. GUON

    GUON日 前

    we can't imagine what life of Kodi's mom has been like... salute to her.

  32. Fly Fletcher

    Fly Fletcher日 前

    Watching all of Kodi's performances again after his win. Well deserved, may he continue to go through life being a inspiration to more people! ❤❤

  33. fogs

    fogs日 前

    I want his record, I never liked this song till I heard this, unbelievable

  34. Meowkins Meow

    Meowkins Meow日 前

    Not to mention he’s blind

  35. Sharl Dunn

    Sharl Dunn日 前

    Best version I've ever heard it keeps me give me Faith to keep going amazing he is amazing

  36. victor Perez

    victor Perez日 前

    Life has already been too tough for him he deserves to win

  37. saltycrafte mini grain

    saltycrafte mini grain日 前

    Omg my whole family is so proud of you for winning the award

  38. Noah Mehrara

    Noah Mehrara日 前

    this man is a gift to the human race, he is blind and autistic yet he plays piano better then I do, look how famous he is now, imagine he makes an album, that will show the people who don't watch AGT his amazing abilities. People say there is a limit to where you can go and what you can do in life, Kodi Lee proves them exactly wrong, I cried during both of his auditions, all those people who shoved his lunch tray off the table in school because he is blind and can't tell a difference, or the people mocking him for his autism, I wish you the very worst in life, I would not forgive you if you even said, "I didn't know he would become so talented" its that fact that you can't bully people for things that the cannot control, I hope him winning shows you bullies out there that you never know what a kid can turn into if you give them a chance. thank you Kodi Lee, your main existence brings me tears of joy to see how you have overcome your differences through music.

  39. Austin Holder

    Austin Holder日 前

    Get it blind addition

  40. Elijah Padilla

    Elijah Padilla日 前

    Badass singer. Congrats..

  41. BaNGeR

    BaNGeR日 前

    This guy is just amazing brings tears to my eyes every time he sings

  42. stefano luciani

    stefano luciani日 前

    kodi lee ... sempre buona la prima

  43. jenner Barrios

    jenner Barrios日 前

    This man is a legitimate Talented person. God Bless You.

  44. Dynamic squid

    Dynamic squid日 前

    There is no way that's his voice

  45. Ernesto Barroso

    Ernesto Barroso日 前

    Talent 100 %

  46. Maggie Muggins

    Maggie Muggins日 前

    amazing .. beyond amazing Kodi Lee !!!

  47. Repdragon 34

    Repdragon 34日 前

    He just activated his super powers.... Im a grown man tearing up listening to this.

  48. Fernanda Garibay

    Fernanda Garibay日 前

    To the people that gave this video a thumbs down: GO TO HELL.

  49. Northern Soldier

    Northern Soldier日 前

    Why? Because you live in this perfect world where everything goes your way. You phsycopath

  50. cclexy08

    cclexy08日 前

    Genuinely extraordinary!!!

  51. Dana Crew

    Dana Crew日 前

    God bless this man and his family!

  52. Stefhany wes

    Stefhany wes日 前

    How is it possible that he isn't present when talking to people & he sounds like baby. & can't find the words. But is so composed when singing & has a completely different voice. Thats so crazy Wtf

  53. Wren Brown

    Wren Brown日 前

    Amazing wow

  54. Michelle Tee

    Michelle Tee日 前

    That damn Commercial Ad I had to hurry up and hit SKIP❗😧😒

  55. Lynn Rose

    Lynn Rose日 前

    He is truly amazing!

  56. Tiffany Donovan

    Tiffany Donovan2 日 前

    he is amazing and i wish him the best

  57. David Reynolds

    David Reynolds2 日 前


  58. liam Fox

    liam Fox2 日 前

    Wow in all truthfulness it's not that good. God bless him though.

  59. Ander Naugle

    Ander Naugle2 日 前

    Congratulations Kodi Lee, you deserved it completely!

  60. Larry Luve

    Larry Luve2 日 前

    "I don't normally watch "AGT" episodes but this year the show was great from beginning to end. All performers done well, but Kodi it was just your time to shine & you did just that. Welled deserved!!"

  61. Elisa Joyce

    Elisa Joyce2 日 前

    God Bless Kodi. ❤️

  62. ps4 gamer

    ps4 gamer2 日 前

    He is a phony not blind or autistic

  63. Lynda Duncan

    Lynda Duncan2 日 前


  64. rod ramos

    rod ramos2 日 前

    make sense for me now, it shows how the world is balance because even in this wonderful voice and talent there's this somebody who dislike it...

  65. Blondie V. Serna

    Blondie V. Serna2 日 前

    No words for the users that press the down button. Smh. God bless this talented human being

  66. Bob Vincent

    Bob Vincent2 日 前

    That is TALENT!