Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer SHOCKS The World Again In The Live Show! | America's Got Talent 2019


  1. Talent Recap

    Talent Recap6 ヶ月 前

    Watch Kodi Lee's PRICELESS Reaction as he watches his own audition playback - HERE: talentrecap.com/watch-kodi-lees-pricless-reaction-to-his-own-agt-audition-playback/

  2. Mr Brainless

    Mr Brainless2 日 前

    “Watches” He’s blind

  3. Oscar Chou

    Oscar Chou15 日 前

    How can he watch his own audition if he is blind...,

  4. Enrique Tinoco

    Enrique Tinoco16 日 前

    Que bárbaro el corazón se forma de muchas partes y una de esas es la pasión y por lo que amas y un don concebido en angeles

  5. Stop Motion Studios

    Stop Motion Studiosヶ月 前

    He’s blind

  6. Adam Paterson

    Adam Patersonヶ月 前

    Eric Huckleberry ikr 😂

  7. Konrad smith

    Konrad smith18 時間 前

    I’m a 30 year old grown man that does not cry often but my god what a blessing on this earth you are Cody Lee!






    He better win with his talent or I am going to cry

  10. An American

    An American2 日 前

    He my guy

  11. Tyler Lee Jones

    Tyler Lee Jones3 日 前


  12. Sierrah Hannaford

    Sierrah Hannaford3 日 前

    Wow this was amazing

  13. Ian Randally

    Ian Randally4 日 前

    His eyes is so FUNNY

  14. Reecebakervlogs ss

    Reecebakervlogs ss4 日 前

    Good for him, blind and autistic

  15. Brandon Hamilton

    Brandon Hamilton5 日 前

    I can't wear my glasses listening to kodi. Cry too much. A heart of gold. God blessed this soul to spread love in a world full of hate.

  16. Brady Yaeger

    Brady Yaeger5 日 前

    How could you dislike this? Pure raw talent.. never mind that he’s blind AND autistic. He needs to come out with a album.

  17. Marge Bodino

    Marge Bodino6 日 前

    He is blind autistic singer but he is a great person with a good life (:

  18. x_p4

    x_p46 日 前

  19. Shahzada Akbar

    Shahzada Akbar6 日 前

    He's the next Elton John

  20. David

    David7 日 前

    Love you 2 Kodi!

  21. David

    David7 日 前


  22. Leon Wadii

    Leon Wadii8 日 前

    i want him to sing im still standing he would do great on that

  23. Rey Espiritu

    Rey Espiritu9 日 前

    Kodi Lee got a very special gift from god❤❤

  24. Сталбек Суранбаевич

    Сталбек Суранбаевич9 日 前

    Very soothing voice. Health to you Kodi. Greetings from Kyrgyzstan🇰🇬🇰🇬

  25. Thomas Jenifer

    Thomas Jenifer9 日 前

    Gives gives me hope for my son

  26. jose luis moreno

    jose luis moreno10 日 前

    Como se llama esta canciòn ?

  27. Emmanuel Balderrama

    Emmanuel Balderrama10 日 前

    Why do they show him making a wired face as the cover video lol

  28. Michael White

    Michael White11 日 前

    agian man this guys a lengend

  29. Neve Besler

    Neve Besler11 日 前

    ya my sister has autism and it’s kinda scary she really good with computers I swear she unlocked my phone with out a password and also so she has a mantle clock so if u say five minutes without a clock she will come right on the dot

  30. Grey Ethington

    Grey Ethington11 日 前

    That’s god doing his work right there great job Kodi !!!

  31. dora ester Siqueira

    dora ester Siqueira11 日 前

    Muito edificante Por favor traduz para o português Obrigada

  32. Jonah Henegar

    Jonah Henegar12 日 前

    he is so good at singing I would never know he is autistic and their is nothing wrong with being autistic you are just born like that and you cant do anything about that but Kodi Lee just understands that he has autistic but does not care and understands that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. also I want to say he is blind but can play the piano so well i'm so impressed with that.

  33. sportman

    sportman13 日 前

    Je le remercie de me redonner goût à la vie

  34. Don Stofiel

    Don Stofiel13 日 前

    I have to listen to Him everyday HALLE-LU-YAH YAHSHUA/JE-SUS HAMMASHIYAH YAHWEH'S SALVATION BLESS him 💝🕎✝️🛐💐🕊️

  35. Tuguldur Tumurbaatar

    Tuguldur Tumurbaatar14 日 前

    The thumbnail looks like he’s getting possessed

  36. Ari Prostak

    Ari Prostak14 日 前

    No matter what in life if you look funny you talk weird no matter what be you don’t let cancer or any diseases being blind don’t stop what you do and kodi he’s special man in any kind and everyone that is commenting make sure read this and always be you

  37. Kathleen Ross

    Kathleen Ross14 日 前

    Still blown away by Cody's awesome talent.. Will forever be..

  38. Aryo 1000RR

    Aryo 1000RR15 日 前

    whenn he say "yeaaaaaaah" iam so frkng ready,respect from me kodi

  39. Dubey Da Greyt

    Dubey Da Greyt15 日 前

    Just.. HOW?

  40. Iinkay Ahc

    Iinkay Ahc15 日 前


  41. TheSovietUnionbutnot 119

    TheSovietUnionbutnot 11916 日 前

    I like how he probably struggles to do things on a daily basis, but has all his problems disappear when he does what he was born to do

  42. José Augusto Franco

    José Augusto Franco17 日 前

    Spectacular, phenomenal, incredible, fantastic, fabulous.

  43. chantounette S

    chantounette S18 日 前

    Il devrait remporter un oscar sur la musique

  44. chantounette S

    chantounette S18 日 前

    Véritable incroyable talent ! Bravo monsieur Kofi Lee

  45. Sophia Graham

    Sophia Graham18 日 前


  46. Big Boto

    Big Boto19 日 前

    That fuckin thumbnail lmfao 😂😂😂

  47. Zuy moments

    Zuy moments19 日 前


  48. Rebeca Bravos

    Rebeca Bravos19 日 前


  49. Røsië animatiøns

    Røsië animatiøns19 日 前

    Wait.....now he became blind?

  50. Jogador Noob

    Jogador Noob19 日 前

    He’s the best singer than I known in my life. I love him music’s

  51. Sugas Tractor

    Sugas Tractor21 日 前

    Love this kid

  52. WilliamGu

    WilliamGu21 日 前

    this song was beautiful. honestly.

  53. AI BOT

    AI BOT22 日 前

    Anyone feels like he’s faking it no offence it seems legit but I don’t think u can play the piano when ur blind

  54. _ REDD

    _ REDD22 日 前


  55. Mr. Reddit

    Mr. Reddit23 日 前

    He’s basically telling us that anything is possible if we try

  56. Brendan ODonnell

    Brendan ODonnell23 日 前

    I hate to be disrespectful, but that thumbnail was kind of funny

  57. Marie Jeanne Athurion

    Marie Jeanne Athurion24 日 前

    Quelqu'un a des nouvelle

  58. Flynn Duxbury

    Flynn Duxbury26 日 前

    I like how whenever he starts he says YEA!'!

  59. Crystal Ellis

    Crystal Ellis26 日 前

    Here god hold my disabilities I'm gonna own this shit

  60. Tony Feigel

    Tony Feigel27 日 前

    3,100 dislikes??? In case you were all wondering, as if you weren't absolutely sure, you people genuinely suck.

  61. Deb D

    Deb D27 日 前

    Amazing! Blind autistic and plays piano. I just love this guy

  62. I’m Jelly :D

    I’m Jelly :D27 日 前

    This man must be a very good person. Like REALLY good. My older sister has autism and OMG she is the most annoying person on earth xD. She embarrassed me In public and when she doesn’t have what she wants she will cry SUPER loud and even though my mom does discipline a lot, she doesn’t care. Female version of caillou lol

  63. Kathleen Abdullah

    Kathleen Abdullah29 日 前

    Beautiful such a beautiful heart and soul it doesn’t matter whether he is blind or autistic he is a human being just like the rest of us and he’s AMAZING and his mom is beautiful and amazing she realised her son had this amazing talent and wanted to share it with the world so I thankyou for that DISABILITY DOESN’T STOP A PERSON HAVING A LIFE HAVING A DREAM AND HAVING A FUTURE I to have a lot of people with disabilities in my family and I treat them the same as I would everyone else and they respect me for that WE 💓YOU KODI WE 💓YOU KODI’S MOMMA THANKYOU FOR SHARING YOUR BEAUTIFUL SON WITH THE WORLD SENDING ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD FROM THE UK 🇬🇧

  64. Ali Cat

    Ali Cat29 日 前

    I feel like this song doesn’t really let him show just how much his voice can really do

  65. Oscar Flips

    Oscar Flipsヶ月 前

    He is amazing while he is blind and autistic