Koby VS. Rob Lucci - One Piece Discussion 904+


  1. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg2 ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a>:45 the love for Katakuri was so big at that time that y’all wanted Luffy to be even stronger than Rayleigh

  2. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg2 ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2550">42:30</a> he said talk faster motherfucker 💀


    NORAN RAD MUSIC11 ヶ月 前

    Bro this isn't even a contest. Koby couldn't even beat lucci pre timeskip. People need to drop the misconception that anybody with Haki can beat anyone without haki.

  4. Larry Johnson

    Larry Johnson年 前

    I just wished ya'll didn't over talk each other but it was still good

  5. Malum 1

    Malum 1年 前

    Putting Koby on Luffy's level post-time skip is blasphemy. Luffy is literally better in every single category there is to compare. Base Luffy would defeat Koby. He has no need to go gear 2, 3, or 4. Luffy has the most potential and talent out of anyone in the entire series. By putting Koby on Luffy gear 4 level, your saying Koby is probably more talented then Luffy. I would say that Koby is Kalifa level if she had haki, maybe Blueno. Minus the devil fruits obviously. Koby got one-shot by an exhausted base form Luffy at Marineford. Luffy had to use gear 2 and 3 to defeat pre-time skip Lucci. Lucci has been training for over 2 decades, since he was a little kid, we see this from the Strong World Chapter. Yet, Koby is able to easily pass all of his progress in a mere two years? It's made even more unbelievable when we realize Koby doesn't even have a devil fruit that enhances his physical abilities, unlike Luffy or Lucci. It's way too much progress in too short an amount of time. Just because Koby said he would defeat Luffy doesn't mean he will.

  6. Toni Valentin

    Toni Valentin年 前

    why is hunter x hunter praised by people i watched that shit and was a fkin pain absolute garbage ... nigga has bubble gum powers and he's the greatest villan of all time get the fuck out of here

  7. TheOriginalLuffy

    TheOriginalLuffy年 前

    *BDA Official Discord invite:* discord.gg/Kp2S9Bg discord.gg/YjW2et3 is no longer working.

  8. Key

    Key2 年 前

    Tip to watching this stream: Keep your finger on the volume buttons so you can adjust the volume to counter the cancer level

  9. Dat Man

    Dat Man2 年 前

    I agree Koby is on Vergo and Sanji level


    NORAN RAD MUSIC11 ヶ月 前

    No tf he isn't

  11. Geoffrey Connors

    Geoffrey Connors2 年 前

    Brago saying he fell asleep during man of steel. Brago you dont sleep to begin with, you fall asleep driving let alone in a comfy seat watching a movie.

  12. Geoffrey Connors

    Geoffrey Connors2 年 前

    "doing some Crow shit"

  13. Geoffrey Connors

    Geoffrey Connors2 年 前

    Coby is still just a captain, EOS he might be the shit but he is still just a captain so everyone needs to chill. Besides, even when the series ends and he is an Admiral hes still gonna get stomped by Luffy. Luffy should be above admiral level by EOS.

  14. MrDragonkarp

    MrDragonkarp2 年 前

    Doflamingo Throne Wars Silloute Dragon=Yonko Captain Lvl Sabo=RIght Hand COmmander Lvl Ivankov=Commander lvl Morley=Commander lvl Outliers Lindberg Kuma Karasu Belo Bettty

  15. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake2 年 前

    Just because coby is marine and luffy is pirate doesn't automatically mean they will be enemies coby up until now hasn't shown enmity towards luffy and i think it won't change in future. I can see blackbeard as final villain and coby as future ally and after the revolution in world government he may become admiral end of the series.

  16. Baker Turtle

    Baker Turtle2 年 前

    I see Luffy and Kidd like Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta may have been a bit stronger than Goku at the beginning but slowly he started to realize that he couldn't ever really surpass him. He has a lot of pride. I think Kidd will be the same. He will slowly start to see and realize that Luffy is stronger and eventually join his side, rather reluctantly at first, but eventually he will put his trust into Luffys strength to do what he couldn't.

  17. Baker Turtle

    Baker Turtle2 年 前

    As far as Koby goes, I see him as the weakling at the beginning who proves himself by the end to be super powerful based on his determination and work ethic. We've seen these types of characters in stories before. He's going to surprise a lot and for Oda to have included him in chapter 2 means Oda has had plans for him since the beginning. He set him up to be important in the end story from the beginning. He set him up as Luffys rival from the beginning, they share similar morals and whatnot yet they are on opposite sides. Classic rivalry, friendly rivalry. And I do honestly believe there will be a point where Koby proves himself to Luffy to be strong and Luffy will give him his praise. Stop dismissing Koby. Just stop dismissing everything that you don't know for sure. Blackbeard, to me, seems like the OP villain that the main character has to overcome but definitely will overcome. Koby seems the character to be constantly rivaling Luffy his whole life. Luffy inspired Koby. They remind me of Killua and Gon

  18. Baker Turtle

    Baker Turtle2 年 前

    I just gotta say, those saying "they have no feats" or that they haven't showed anything that proves someone is strong -- of course they have feats, it's just not shown in the story. Kidd had a higher bounty than Luffy pre time skip. He must've done something to earn that. It's just we aren't following their story. Oda doesn't have time to show everyone's feats. We just have to go by his word and hold off judgement. We can't say someone is stronger or weaker just because they haven't shown it yet. Suspend your judgement till we see their time to shine. A lot of characters we haven't seen much of (Shanks, Koby, Kaido, Garp, etc) are having their power level assumed. Why can't we just wait on judging these guys? There's not enough evidence to say anything for certain. We can speculate sure, but don't dismiss others that have their own speculation as well because Oda has proven to exceed our expectations.

  19. Neo Xiao Long

    Neo Xiao Long2 年 前

    Thats a heavy dislike for this stream

  20. Neo Xiao Long

    Neo Xiao Long2 年 前

    Brago is ridiculous this stream luffy over Rayleigh he lost his fucking mind

  21. Neo Xiao Long

    Neo Xiao Long2 年 前

    This is absolute cancer

  22. Mason Hack

    Mason Hack2 年 前

    I laughed at the Kidd arguing with Luffy about who fights Kaido first. Kidd will just get locked up again.

  23. Frank Mclain

    Frank Mclain2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a>:33 that nigga almost bit his tongue off trying to say "animosity".

  24. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace2 年 前

    Frank Mclain lmao

  25. Frank Mclain

    Frank Mclain2 年 前

    Brago d. Salty still mad ACE bitch ass ran into an ADMIRAL sized L and died just cause he couldn't handle getting trolled... LMAO! Never seen a more trash death for a trash character in all my life ;).

  26. Lord Grim

    Lord Grim2 年 前

    Koby and sanji ain't gear 4 level before whole cake arc and not even now even with raid suit he isn't, anybody who thinks that is retarded or don't know shit about powerscaling. End of discussion period!!!

  27. V

    V2 年 前

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2560">42:40</a> Froob is right, MattB talks way too slow, and doesn't even make a point have the time.

  28. HNIC Batch

    HNIC Batch2 年 前

    Dragon revelutionary army way better than blackbeard crew. Blackbeard brought his main forces to attack Baltigo. Dragon didnt even have all his forces. The commanders most likely came with armies. I dont see how yall put bb over dragon just cuz he left Baltigo

  29. HNIC Batch

    HNIC Batch2 年 前

    By portrayal Kidd is stronger than Law. Kidd came straight to the new world. Law hung out in the grandline and became shishibuki. Its easier to put him above Law.

  30. Isaias Ruiz

    Isaias Ruiz2 年 前

    2 much shit xD cant follow people talking over each other xD next video ill watch if more controled

  31. Duke

    Duke2 年 前

    Brago needed Kol's Holon Holon no Mi. Too many people talking over each other.

  32. Duke

    Duke2 年 前

    All i'm saying is that Koby went from absolute zero fighting skill to mastering rokushiki techniques in a couple months. Imagine what he picked up over the 2 years training with one of the strongest physical fighters in the verse.

  33. ApexX_Prime

    ApexX_Prime2 年 前

    Rob Lucci will always be around Luffy in power until close to eos, so it comes down to how close u think Coby is to Luffy

  34. Mob

    Mob2 年 前

    *reads title* “damn it, this is gonna be cancerous” lmao

  35. Vince TabaJ

    Vince TabaJ2 年 前

    Portrayal doesn't mean shit when oda keeps changing his plans now with all the facts and the portrayal Kidd is trash.. #triggered

  36. Rogg Zelanor

    Rogg Zelanor2 年 前

    This is the most cancerous thing I’ve ever witnessed... Koby durability is no where near Luffy’s durability... Koby has not shown fire power equivalent to Luffy’s gear third... koby is never going to be on the level as Rob lucci even if it is pre-time skip or post time skip... this argument hurts my head and soul... p.s #JudgeTopFive

  37. Rogg Zelanor

    Rogg Zelanor2 年 前

    isak sidenius I agree.

  38. isak sidenius

    isak sidenius2 年 前

    He has done it 2 times now, and I think the trend will continue... Smoker might get stronger and challenge Luffy but I think his rival right now will be Fujitora if any.

  39. Rogg Zelanor

    Rogg Zelanor2 年 前

    isak sidenius I agree with that except Koby getting one shotted... Koby is maybe a little better than that at least...

  40. isak sidenius

    isak sidenius2 年 前

    Right koby deflects A torpedo and people get hyped. I'd say Luffy Can still one shot him since he is rear admiral level he is a tier below Luffy pre time skip around rear admiral level. Like not weak but Got ways to go...

  41. DARIEN M.

    DARIEN M.2 年 前

    I finally watched Black panther and.....it was for the culture.

  42. Myles Boateng

    Myles Boateng2 年 前

    I love Dan, lmao. Im crying. "Ooooooh yes u do"

  43. Andre Johnson

    Andre Johnson2 年 前

    I highly doubt Luffy needs to go gear 4th to beat Sanji


    NORAN RAD MUSIC11 ヶ月 前

    We don't know sanjis full strength

  45. StevieTheAwesome

    StevieTheAwesome2 年 前

    Andre Johnson Luffy can beat him in his base (haki, and mad durability)

  46. Salty

    Salty2 年 前

    one stream brago says how saying something is "Trash" is not a great way to present your argument and then on the next one he says it multiple times. don't go against your own words :-)

  47. Salty

    Salty2 年 前

    but you didn't clarify what you mend, you just said the latest dc movies were trash. but if you were trolling, then it wouldn't make sense to present an argument. but how can your viewers know when you actually mean something or you don't. maybe sometimes you say something that you mean and then go saying how you were joking or you didn't mend it, like how celebrities do it. either way, I'm looking forward to your Saturday stream

  48. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace2 年 前

    Salty Trash here was said as a joke. I also said just saying trash without clarifying what you mean is what you shouldn't do.

  49. Varuna T

    Varuna T2 年 前

    Brago this is an ear fuck control these animals talking over each other

  50. NateSavage 357

    NateSavage 3572 年 前

    Put some respect on my boy, Koby's, name.

  51. Commodore Laz

    Commodore Laz2 年 前

    Stream was some heat and Black Panther was hype.

  52. DonQuixoteRock

    DonQuixoteRock2 年 前

    Commodore Laz It sounded like someone was taking a shit in the beginning with all those grunts lmaooo

  53. LucidoMafia

    LucidoMafia2 年 前

    yo BDA we talked all that noise about Luffy being trained by Reighly but we forget Colby is being trained Garp

  54. Hansel John

    Hansel John2 年 前

    LucidoMafia everyone loves to downplay garp

  55. Jedidiah oyeyemi

    Jedidiah oyeyemi2 年 前

    Explorers are also seen as pirates though

  56. SimSimJim

    SimSimJim2 年 前

    i'm not gonna lie Matt B trying to say what's up for 10 minutes straight had me in stiches , it's good to see him on stream again. also Brago do you think the gogles that the revolutionaries have are to protect them from a devil users ability wither it's a friend or foe? i mean it gives credence to the theory about the wind fruit and dragon.

  57. Ronald Jacob Maderazo

    Ronald Jacob Maderazo2 年 前

    Coby stopped a torpedo he sensed from a from far away everyone loses their minds? you all telling me coby undermined everything the crew has done after the time skip and he is already sanji level??? oh god help us

  58. Mandarin General

    Mandarin General2 年 前

    So we basically saw Koby threw a torpedo and now he can defeat Lucci? WTF did the nigga smoke?

  59. André Vila Franca

    André Vila Franca2 年 前

    I think and i hope that Rob Lucci got much stronger and that he's not that far apart from Luffy battle wise. So by extension i believe that he's stronger than Coby.

  60. Raziel Slaughter

    Raziel Slaughter2 年 前

    How he gon end it right when it was getting real good??? I can’t wait for that Infinity War stream😤😫🙅🏾‍♂️🔥👌🏾

  61. Rocks D Boat

    Rocks D Boat2 年 前

    Is there a function in Discord where you can mute the ones you don't want to have the word? I feel that if there is you should utillize it waaay more. Especially for people that just want a shouting match or that dude that snorts and burps. Serial interupters as well.

  62. louisb08

    louisb082 年 前

    Yo. People hating on the revolutionaries are proof that people go based on looks in op. Just because they took on fodder doesn't mean their weak. Look at katakuri. He used his observation haki along with jelly beans to kill fodder and people were saying hes a beast based on just that. Like people need to just keep reading and stop using one chapter to judge a character 😐

  63. Endless Slumber

    Endless Slumber2 年 前

    I would assume in terms of power it goes Dragon>Unknown actual 2nd in command who is in silhouette>Sabo>4 commanders>Ivankov. Remember the main power of the RA is not their individual power but the power to inspire ppl to turn against the WG. The 4 commanders don't need to be some crazy op people what's more important is their power to inspire and command the people.

  64. louisb08

    louisb082 年 前

    JOHN the Witty Dapper exactly. So there could be more to the revolutionaries or it could be something like a smoothie moment. People just need to keep reading the story and let it play out.

  65. JOHN the Witty Dapper

    JOHN the Witty Dapper2 年 前

    Ya I mean look at smoothie when she was introduce she twisted and made juice at out of someone it was pretty cool like how dogtooth shot that jellybeen, and I thought she was gonna be a beast. But, she didn't really do much in the arc, at least nothing I though was impactful

  66. Mugiwara Link

    Mugiwara Link2 年 前

    Worst stream ever.

  67. DarkBakunetsumaru

    DarkBakunetsumaru2 年 前

    Speculating based on feats can make an interesting discussion, but speculating based on portrayal is basically pointless.

  68. DarkBakunetsumaru

    DarkBakunetsumaru2 年 前

    I'm not saying that feats/amount of screen time equates to how powerful a character is. If you took that from my statement, maybe you should read it again . I'm saying that you wont ever get an accurate placement for how strong a character is when you base it solely off portrayal. Perfect example is Dragon. He's portrayed to be a extremely powerful character based off his position in the story. But we'll never know exactly how strong he is until he showcases something. He could be Admiral level, he could be Yonko level. Hell, he could potentially be lower than both of those. We'll never know just basing it off portrayal though. So trying to make a definitive statement about exactly how strong he is would be, basically pointless...

  69. Michael Tiagra

    Michael Tiagra2 年 前

    Dragon is the most dangerous man stated by the world government. Also, he's the head of the revolutionary army. So of course we will assume he is strong. Coby on the other hand right now is not even a vice admiral yet and used to be as weak as your average human. So of course we will assume he's a fodder. Coby can be compared to the fodders of every One Piece arc, not the main antagonist like crocodile, Enel, Luccy, etc. Luffy has been training for almost he's whole life and still training, So for Coby to be able to be comparable to Luccy he should train for at least 5 years.

  70. alfonso White

    alfonso White2 年 前

    DarkBakunetsumaru Ok, so based on your logic Usopp is stronger than Dragon because he's done more in the story. Speculation based on portrayal isn't bad when you have rational people in a discussion, sadly the majority of these people aren't rational.

  71. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme2 年 前

    Discord full of niggas that want to be heard but don’t want to listen. Niggas don’t even understand the ranking system in one piece but sit here and try to debate. This shit yonko level cancer especially when you got someone with a sinus infection or whatever tf that is snort into my ear.

  72. Louie O'Brian

    Louie O'Brian2 年 前

    Koby will be luffys final fight. Koby will dethrone luffy as pirate king. Luffy gave coby the same inspiration that shanks gave him. Luffy wants to overcome shanks and be kop. Coby wants to be admiral to beat the kop. At the end of the day luffy will do the job for koby clean in the middle.

  73. louisb08

    louisb082 年 前

    Lol brago i give you props for the temperment you,matt, Laz, and froob had. Good stream lol

  74. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy20002 年 前

    Ty lvl discussion😂 That discord haki strong

  75. Weeb Killer TYBG

    Weeb Killer TYBG2 年 前

    Love you brago but this is unwatchable with everyone talking over each other and virgin snorting in the mic

  76. Mountaga Tall

    Mountaga Tall2 年 前

    Go home famo. You're drunk. Lucci goes toe-to-toe with Sabo. Current Captain Koby would get absolutely *squashed* fuckin' around with EITHER of them.

  77. TheMrBlanky

    TheMrBlanky2 年 前

    Wtf is this. Lucci will low diff Coby. Lucci is top 30 in my opinion

  78. TheMrBlanky

    TheMrBlanky2 年 前

    Anime Perspective I'm talking about current Lucci here. He would definitely low diff him right now

  79. MrYounis26

    MrYounis262 年 前

    Fuck it I'm not watching this stream, I'm eating.

  80. MrYounis26

    MrYounis262 年 前

    What dick head is snorting crack in this stream?

  81. Brandon Dotson

    Brandon Dotson2 年 前

    to be honest tho I think y'all's perception of Koby is wrong. To me Koby represents Luffy's greatest power that being his ability to make friends and motivate them to shoot for their dreams. So in the beginning when Koby was a pussy who couldn't fight, he didn't think he could realize his dreams until Luffy made him, so by the end of the story when everything is over and Koby finally realizes his dreams that in itself represents that kind of influence Luffy has on people (if that makes since). Luffy's rival in the government is definitely Smoker because their relationship mimics Garp's and Roger's, almost to T. But thats not saying Koby won't fight Luffy in the future he definitely will but to say he's progressing at the level that some of y'all are talking about he'd have to be a legit prodigy and we know first hand that he isn't.

  82. Kin D. Punch

    Kin D. Punch2 年 前

    MattB has daddy issues

  83. Marcus Mosia

    Marcus Mosia2 年 前

    Whoever was snorting their nose in the chat is disgusting af. Lord have mercy

  84. ZEEK 5146

    ZEEK 51462 年 前

    FullFighterz gross af

  85. NextLief

    NextLief2 年 前

    pewpew pewpew not only that he was throat clearing, burping, breathing heavy and legit eating his own snot.

  86. Marcus Mosia

    Marcus Mosia2 年 前


  87. ZEEK 5146

    ZEEK 51462 年 前


  88. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy20002 年 前

    pewpew pewpew whoever's came up with this was snorting coke

  89. Mahdi Hosseini

    Mahdi Hosseini2 年 前

    Yo stfu let this n***** talk 😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Joro

    Joro2 年 前

    @BragoD.Ace what the fuck is this guy smoking bro? This stream is cancerous

  91. ElfenLiedLucy

    ElfenLiedLucy2 年 前

    Smoker is a strength of the PAST. I wouldn't be surprised if current Coby is stronger than him. *I agree with MattB concerning Smoker.* Also, I'm gonna add to it that he's trash in the New World!

  92. Endless Slumber

    Endless Slumber2 年 前

    +The Doctor I would argue it based off how much he grew from start of show to Water 7 and now it's been another 2 years. Than him being presented as the classical shouen rival troupe to Luffy/being trained under Garp as extra. I still don't think he can currently beat any of the monster trio or Jimbe(except maybe Sanji) ofc but I think he would destroy the rest of the SH crew though which the stronger ones aren't push overs. Also, I don't see smoker really being Luffy's rival imo the only reason Smoker pre-timeskip wouldn't get rekt by the any of the monster trio is because he was intangible to them. You really think pre-timeskip Smoker could beat Lucci, Kakku, or the wolf if they could hit him?

  93. ElfenLiedLucy

    ElfenLiedLucy2 年 前

    Duke Yeah, I don't know why they insist on over-hyping Smoker.

  94. Boris kelkun

    Boris kelkun2 年 前

    stop that bullshit man, Kobby can't touch smoker at all, Smoker has lost only to strong enemies, how in the world is he trash ? my god this is insane.

  95. Duke

    Duke2 年 前

    Smokey don't be salty. Hes right. Smoker is shit compared to his pre-timeskip self and with Koby's rate of growth him surpassing Smoker is not out of the realm of possibility.

  96. ElfenLiedLucy

    ElfenLiedLucy2 年 前

    Anime Perspective Thank you^

  97. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest2 年 前

    Great stream bro

  98. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest2 年 前

    Raziel Slaughter Brago banded me. I couldn't join lol

  99. Raziel Slaughter

    Raziel Slaughter2 年 前

    tyquan1000finest You should’ve been in it.🤦🏾‍♂️

  100. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace2 年 前

    Sorry for the audio guys, I literally jumped in Discord and started streaming. Next time it'll be more contained. Just wanted to show the discussions that happen in Discord on the regular 😁

  101. Lord Grim

    Lord Grim2 年 前

    Lol people keep talking over each other let one guy finish talking and then the 2nd guy go!! Wild stream some out there powerscaling!!!

  102. Tom Ward

    Tom Ward2 年 前

    Luffy is not on par with Luffy

  103. Tom Ward

    Tom Ward2 年 前

    Luffy can fight zoro for 10days was that a troll

  104. B

    B2 年 前


  105. B

    B2 年 前


  106. MrDragonkarp

    MrDragonkarp2 年 前

    CP0 Lucci>>Marine HQ CPT Koby>>CP9 Lucci


    NORAN RAD MUSIC11 ヶ月 前

    @Anime Perspective just having Haki doesn't automatically make u stronger than someone who lacks it. By ur logic Koby >>> Crocodile and Magellan. He was still vastly superior in terms of Rokushiki skill n his Zoan is enhancements evens out any boost Koby gains from haki. Get more informed

  108. MrDragonkarp

    MrDragonkarp2 年 前

    Smoker was a regular captain not a marine hq captian. Having a marine hq rank is 3x higher than normal rank Marine HQ Captains(New World)>>>Marine Normal Captains(Grand Line-All the Blues)

  109. Justin Young

    Justin Young2 年 前

    MrDragonkarp wait I thought Coby was just Captain as in what Smoker used to be. Why are you saying he’s equal to vice admiral lvl that’s a huge jump in power 😂

  110. MrDragonkarp

    MrDragonkarp2 年 前

    Marine HQ captain is 3x above normal captain he is apart of the marine elites. Lucci was considered rear admiral when he fought Luffy. -Normal Vice Admiral=Marine HQ Captain Coby -Normal Rear Admiral=Enies Lobby Rob Lucci -Normal Commodore -Normal Captain

  111. TheMrBlanky

    TheMrBlanky2 年 前

    Justin Young lucci was definitely above that

  112. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled2 年 前

    I can say that Koby can beat Arlong, easy

  113. Khalil Scott

    Khalil Scott2 年 前

    If luffy goes gear 4 against sanji it is not a easy wash I disagree

  114. Endless Slumber

    Endless Slumber2 年 前

    G2 Luffy would easy-mid difficult Sanji. He's probably going to get a lot stronger when he uses whatever Germa gave him though but still not to the level of G4.

  115. alfonso White

    alfonso White2 年 前

    Sanji isn't even stronger than jinbe, he would get decimated by gear 4 and if he isn't explain to me what he's gonna do against Luffy in bound man or snake man. The man got his leg broken by Vergo, gear 4 Luffy would fodderize Sanji.

  116. Khalil Scott

    Khalil Scott2 年 前

    LucifusDGOAT and we have not seen everything sanji could do in the new world to you it is to me nope

  117. Khalil Scott

    Khalil Scott2 年 前

    LucifusDGOAT its not nonsense bro its facts

  118. Zeezoldyck

    Zeezoldyck2 年 前

    This whole " X character hasn't gone all out" is nonsense, you really think Sanji would hold back some secret attack when getting his ass beat by doflamingo and his crew is about to die?? We've seen everything Sanji can do, it would make absolutely no sense for him not to use all his power when he's losing a fight and his crew is in danger.

  119. StrawHatPapi

    StrawHatPapi2 年 前

    Koby gets washed

  120. Mordex wins

    Mordex wins2 年 前

    Jesus loves you guys.If we repent and turn from sin He will forgive you like He has forgiven me and help you like He's helped me.Nobodys perfect,so we need God to redeem us.Have a blessed day everyone

  121. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled2 年 前

    Ah, I'm first Eat it boy