Kobe feels LeBron will not be loved by Lakers fans until he gets a ring - Stephen A. | First Take


  1. Grant Parker

    Grant Parker2 日 前

    All the steriods are making Lebron bald af....

  2. minnie cee

    minnie cee2 日 前

    Stephen is right. I want him to get a Championship

  3. Young Catorce Jr.

    Young Catorce Jr.2 日 前

    Max kellerman needs to be fired. If you don’t think Kobe deserves to be in the goat debate with MJ you’re just wrong 😂. Nobody has ever been such an assassin as Kobe was. Different beast same animal

  4. eric landry

    eric landry5 日 前

    Jalen Rose blinks way too much, i can't trust him

  5. Рональд Доктор

    Рональд Доктор18 日 前

    Ever heard of "False Hope?".

  6. arvin nazari

    arvin nazari19 日 前

    Patience is key remember God's perfect timing 💪💓👌😂♨️🙏

  7. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin Garcia21 日 前

    Top 5 NBA player 1 Jordan 2 Kobe 3 LeBron 4 Kareem 5 Bill Russell

  8. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin Garcia21 日 前

    LeBron Can't win a Ring WITHOUT TWO Stars, unlike Jordan and Kobe only need ONE Superstar

  9. Errordemn6

    Errordemn622 日 前

    Thanks for telling us how Kobe feels.

  10. Davey J Wheels !

    Davey J Wheels !22 日 前

    Did howard get them a ring lol

  11. Paper Plat00n1

    Paper Plat00n123 日 前

    Dumb ass ur KEY WORDS SURROUNDED BY ALL STARS,if you are surrounded by ALL STARS you can NEVER be considered as G.O.A.T if you flop can't be the G.O.A.T if you give up on ur team you can not be the G.O.A.T.

  12. hillmut berger

    hillmut berger23 日 前

    LeBumBron is trash!

  13. To No

    To No24 日 前

    not till he gets a shape up

  14. Shawn Tanner

    Shawn Tanner27 日 前

    So basically lakers fans are gonna band wagon when LBJ gets a ring

  15. Taifa Haynes

    Taifa Haynes28 日 前

    Excuses excuses

  16. octavio araujo

    octavio araujo28 日 前

    Molly is obviously the smartest and and prettiest person on this show. Really! Steven and Max, I named both my dogs after your names in the 80's, and they are both dead, and still wittier than the both of you.

  17. octavio araujo

    octavio araujo28 日 前

    Kobe speaks three languages fluently, and has Luke's back. Translation, either support Luke or their will be a civil war in the Laker house. Ms. Buss, if she were like her late father would trade Lebron, and fire Magic for destroying the team. And I 'm from LA, East side!

  18. Bobby Hendricks

    Bobby Hendricks28 日 前

    Lebron finished

  19. Edward Waliczek

    Edward Waliczek28 日 前

    "BREAKING News" "LeBum" James seen climbing the Empire state Building...................... Trump scrambling jet fighters to the scene.......

  20. Ike Achufusi

    Ike Achufusi29 日 前

    Stephen A literally made like 90% of this shit up lmfaooo

  21. Frederic McFadden

    Frederic McFadden29 日 前

    LeBron has to deliver the Chip. Period..... Don't want to hear oh his team this his team that... Just make it happen or you will be talked about badly for years and years...

  22. stl gets nasty

    stl gets nasty29 日 前

    LeBron is better than Kobe

  23. Goshindo Tanaka

    Goshindo Tanaka29 日 前

    He will never win in L.A.

  24. WhateverDude

    WhateverDudeヶ月 前

    LeBron the Mayweather of hoops

  25. TheJohnnystockman

    TheJohnnystockmanヶ月 前

    I’m a Lakers fan and I honestly hope they fail with LeBron. I was so pumped last year to see these young kids mature and play last year. Now we take a step back with LeBron and don’t know who we are losing. I think D-Russ had to go he obviously is talented. But Zubac, Randall and most likely Kuz and Ball will all be gone. For what? LeBrons 3 years in LA. Everyone talks his injury. They stink. You could argue that they might, might have 42 wins right now.

  26. Malik Queen

    Malik Queenヶ月 前

    Did Kobe win a ring without help no. When Magic won championships it was showtime lakers. When Shaq won he had Kobe. When Kobe won he had gasol etc. LeBron has young players with no experience and injuries? Come on and yall expect him to win in a stacked Western conference. Come on now Biased

  27. Ronald L Greene

    Ronald L Greeneヶ月 前

    Are YOU forgetting: Kobe, five rings in TWENTY YEARS. Russell, 11 rings in 13 years.

  28. J Lorenzo

    J Lorenzoヶ月 前

    It’s MJ baby why y’all talkin about Kobe or Lebron..? MJ the goat stupid shut up

  29. daniel occoner

    daniel occonerヶ月 前

    Lol, his days of getting a ring are over, and so is the Lakers. They are several years at least, away from a playoff sport, forget about a ring. There will be no celebrations in L. A. for a long time. The worst part is they pissed away all that money on a has been, instead of investing it into some good young players.

  30. Robert Beltran

    Robert Beltranヶ月 前

    Max should not be allowed to talk about basketball. Such an idiot.

  31. realniggaj91

    realniggaj91ヶ月 前

    Kobe lowkey loving this lol

  32. Steve Cobblestone

    Steve Cobblestoneヶ月 前

    old dog new tricks...."james" will run back too Cleveland...

  33. 老周就知道吃

    老周就知道吃ヶ月 前

    I like to NBA2K games james..

  34. Satira Lamar

    Satira Lamarヶ月 前

    Everytime this bitch max talk about the lakers he say Kobe Not Jordan. KOBE IS KOBE BITCH

  35. Smoke Ninja

    Smoke Ninjaヶ月 前

    Boxing analyst brushes off Kobe as if he knows anything basketball. Gtfo here Kellerman. You and your espn propaganda can’t fool real true NBA fans. Whenever old school hall of fame players are asked to pick between the two, they always pick Kobe. I’ll take their word over these fucking bums at ESPN who never played a game.

  36. ExilixE

    ExilixEヶ月 前

    Jalen is right. Kobe and Lakers fans are outraged because Kobe turned down movies and hollywood or drinking wine?? or sitting out or conplaining, etc. Kobe always woke up at 4am everyday, sacrificed time with his family, hollywood deals, etc. and gave his life to basketball. And with a talent like Lebron, Kobe feels he could give more to the game practice wise instead of relying on his talent. he is losing athleticism and still doesnt have a go to move, doesnt seem to be improving on his game (defensive principle-wise, post-game, scoring arsenal, etc), worsening on his free-throws, and seems a bit heavier

  37. ALI Chambliss

    ALI Chamblissヶ月 前

    Fuck the Lakers

  38. Johnathan E. Horne, Sr.

    Johnathan E. Horne, Sr.ヶ月 前

    Jalen should give Molly some tips on how to moderate! Just saying.

  39. God

    Godヶ月 前

    *1:06** lebitch going bald.*

  40. Abdulraqib Khan

    Abdulraqib Khanヶ月 前

    Where’s Corey Harris when you need him. Didn’t the lakers draft him in 2017🤔

  41. jay

    jayヶ月 前

    Jalen: Everybody: 81



    Kobe is the Goat

  43. 5PercentTint

    5PercentTintヶ月 前

    But the most important thing: love from these fans ain’t unconditional When there’s much room from growth, they’ll campaign and they stick with you But when you get bigger, they’ll do anything to belittle you But, win or lose, STAR POWER MAKES YOU INVINCIBLE!

  44. Darrell Lathan

    Darrell Lathanヶ月 前

    Tired....tired....tired..... can I get paid for my own personal thoughts. Stephen A., get rid of the arrogance please. All of you need to stop trying to compare players to past greats. You can’t compare Kareem to Wilt. You can’t compare Dr. J to MJ or MJ to Kobe or LeBron. Times are different. Players are different. Teams are different. Stop trying to speak for people. And if the Lakers are so true to achieving rings and championships, where have they been the last few years. It will take time. LeBron is the best hands down. I’m truly amazed that commentators who are NOT ballers and who has never played a professional game get to sprew so much bs when they are trying to convince others to take their side or opinion. Everyone in their respectful error is the g.o.t. You can’t measure someone’s success by comparing them bc each individual persons effect on their team is different. You’re doing fans a great disservice with this rhetoric. Let them play. If you don’t hear it from the players mouths, just shut it up. Deuces.

  45. deonte dennis

    deonte dennisヶ月 前

    Dwight Howard didn’t win won in LA 🤷🏾‍♂️

  46. Veeto G

    Veeto Gヶ月 前

    Also make lebron even more overrated MJ did more then he did in lesser year js. FACTS. He isn't in the goat conversations period. Then he lost 6 finals please Kobe won two championships without another superstar Pau gasol wasnt a superstar or Ron Artest they was old n Kobe still lead them to a rings. Lebron won his rings with dwade n cbosh. Also kyrie save him in one of his rings bc he need a closer bc he isnt a closer or a good free throw shooter or shooter

  47. Veeto G

    Veeto Gヶ月 前

    Lebron is overrated period he always been in a weak eastern conference. Then only 5 first defensive team only 5 please Kobe got 12 first all defensive team you have to defend in the western conference or you'll get torched

  48. zohoro

    zohoroヶ月 前

    Man i feel bad for lebron......i mean even kobe never face a monster team like the warrior in his career........yes yes i get it kobe also face great team before i know the point is that none of them is like the warrior

  49. SharinganSakura

    SharinganSakuraヶ月 前

    This is fabricated propaganda that people that support Kobe want to push. True or not, they'll eat it up, so SAS will twist his statements out of context so they can sell it to the anti LeBron masses.

  50. If you don't believe me Google it!!!

    If you don't believe me Google it!!!ヶ月 前

    I'm still not respecting him because he ain't you Kobe. That's what I'd tell the Mamba. I would love to hear what Kobe would say and respect it.Max right though ,Kobe not Mike but thier more a like than Bron. 1Kobe (Yes I'm biased and contradicting myself) like Max said because I'm a Lakers fan. 2 Jordan (Really number 1 but this is my comment). I know y'all gone let me live even if it's in delusion🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  51. Tyrell Brown

    Tyrell Brownヶ月 前

    Rigged ass sport fuck let my knicks win sum

  52. LB Goon

    LB Goonヶ月 前

    Why tf y’all think Lebron went 2 the Lakers 2 win a ring in the west the conference y’all say so hard & once Lebron win a ring he gone be the only player 2 win a ring in both conference

  53. Lamont Ward

    Lamont Wardヶ月 前

    Ncaa has started..and it's good..please talk about that..Don't knowbody give a fuck about a MF team that didn't make the nba playoffs..

  54. Black Lyfe

    Black Lyfeヶ月 前

    It's TRUE Lakers fans will never get off of him

  55. 1.5 Slime

    1.5 Slimeヶ月 前

    Lebron Thought it would Be a Cake walk As a Die Hard Bron Fan he has to Reevaluate the situation and come with a new mindset and focus....Dig In & ball U are The Face of the NBA and not Even in the Playoff picture Very Embarrassing being a Bron Supporter Rite Now ...he will get it together and at least get 1 or 2 chips Likely 1

  56. hannington mbaabu

    hannington mbaabuヶ月 前

    Wow I think I am Just not exposed but Lebron just put his mouth-guard in a cup at 1:07.

  57. Tzaki

    Tzakiヶ月 前

    y this nigga jalen blink so much

  58. Rommel Cabonuan

    Rommel Cabonuanヶ月 前

    The white boy hates on L.A. period . GTFOUTTA HERE

  59. Tony Phan

    Tony Phanヶ月 前

    i thought it was a process and we were going to win in a few years? we all knew nothing was going to happen immediately.

  60. spencer brown

    spencer brownヶ月 前

    LeBum wont be loved by the fans anyway lol the real laker fans like myself cant stand LeBum because he searches for people and titles! And he fakes fouls and he gets cramps and causes plsyers and coaches to lose they positions! And hes a Loser KD whooped that tail of leBum 4 to 0 in the NBA Finals.Kobe doesnt really care about leBum lol my belief is that Kobe would love to see the bum fail some more lmbo!



    Lebron CANT DO IT BY HIMSELF Factual Statement



    Your Brainwashing Media

  63. Mr. Suhaib

    Mr. Suhaibヶ月 前

    Lebron aint gonna like all this pressure coming from Kobe. Since I think the NBA is trying hard to cement Lebron's legacy, they'll probably give him a few allstars and/or rearrange the conferences (like putting one of the Texas teams in the East and switching around other borderline markets) by next season.

  64. MrPrizziceless

    MrPrizzicelessヶ月 前

    What's it say that all these years later, Kobe still the biggest name on these talkers lips. Kobe was different. He took the game to its highest ever levels through his ultra refined skill & indomitable will. Thus, GOAT. #MambaMOB

  65. Chase McBrien

    Chase McBrienヶ月 前

    Nobody wants to play with Lebron. They want to beat Lebron.

  66. Rob V

    Rob Vヶ月 前

    DearNBA Media - STOP talking about LeBron. He’s not in the playoffs and there’s a ton of great players not getting coverage who are worth talking about. We all knew season 1 in LA was not a contender. Get over it please

  67. Ian Ford

    Ian Fordヶ月 前

    Omg....the reaching for hidden meanings behind athlete anecdotes is beyond nauseating. 😖

  68. a. barker

    a. barkerヶ月 前

    Kobi is right. Next year is it. Kevin D. Or Davis. Nothing less including a good support staff will do.


    L318BLACKSHEEPヶ月 前


  70. JC 40324

    JC 40324ヶ月 前

    Lebron is too busy with his new Hollywood career to win a ring.

  71. J D

    J Dヶ月 前

    Le crybaby is not ever bringing a ring!!!

  72. Frostshokula

    Frostshokulaヶ月 前

    Kobe winning back to back in 09-10 was much more impressive than Lebron’s 2016 fluke chip.

  73. Frostshokula

    Frostshokulaヶ月 前

    This has been one of my favorite seasons! 😂 Fuck L3-6ron and his retarded fans

  74. Barney Miller

    Barney Millerヶ月 前

    He doesn’t have shaq

  75. Luke Nuke

    Luke Nukeヶ月 前

    I would like for lebron to get a ring but he is in the west and only getting older.

  76. Alvaro Diaz

    Alvaro Diazヶ月 前

    Every time this guys make a comment involving Kobe and Lebron we already know is gonna lead to the behalf of Lebron because they want to convince the world that Lebron is better than Kobe and the old school people know that that’s not true but of course they work to convince the young people which lack the times of Kobe Kobe is always right

  77. Darryl Maddox

    Darryl Maddoxヶ月 前

    Safe enough to say he may not ever win another one. Too many good squads. Gotta face it.. We gotta start counting down to his retirement... He's got about 3 years max.. Warriors got at least two more.. And I know other squad thirsty af

  78. zyl zyl

    zyl zylヶ月 前

    KOBE won a 3peat !! 5 rings ... LeQuit with LAKERS??? not1 . not2 . not3 . not... ever

  79. yo daddy

    yo daddyヶ月 前

    LeToxic is now the new Carmelo Anthony. No one who wants a winning team wants him on their roster. Guy doesnt even play defense.

  80. Dr Rumer

    Dr Rumerヶ月 前

    I am so done with Social Media. A friend of mine posted on FB that she's having twins. I commented "Congratulations you're finally having two kids from the same daddy". She blocked me.

  81. veerchasm1

    veerchasm1ヶ月 前

    Not gonna happen, he’s old and no team wants to send them sh**

  82. French Toast

    French Toastヶ月 前

    Here Stephen goes again purposely misinterpreting what a player has said to fuel his career of being “the controversial basketball guy” Love the media

  83. Rman Manr

    Rman Manrヶ月 前

    Jimmer Jammer.

  84. Big Dee

    Big Deeヶ月 前

    the fucking guy wasn't drafted by the Lakers....

  85. stonedbori840

    stonedbori840ヶ月 前

    ESPN does this every time

  86. Derrick Allen

    Derrick Allenヶ月 前

    Kobe ain't top 5, top 10 hands down. Prime Shaq is better than Kobe.

  87. D-G

    D-Gヶ月 前

    Max, "deluded fans"? Really? The level of disrespect that comes from the media should be illegal. That comment reveals a big problem that exists within the sports media. They seperate themselves from the fans and make fans appear less than them and put actual players of the game on the same level with them.

  88. MrThrock09

    MrThrock09ヶ月 前

    Kobe is correct however I have just damn near as good chance of getting that championship ring ring as Braun Braun he’s lost a step and you got all sorts of new young guys that are his size they’re giving him all sorts of shit. With a record of three wins and six losses coming out of the East that’s some seriously weak shit. 6-0 MJ CASE DISMISSED lack of evidence…

  89. Kareem Rashid

    Kareem Rashidヶ月 前

    Why y'all talk in bout how kobe feels I didn't hear kobe say a got DAMM thing

  90. Slim Chain

    Slim Chainヶ月 前

    Kuzma & BI average 17 & 18 ppg. He has plenty of help. Enough excuses!

  91. Kareem Rashid

    Kareem Rashidヶ月 前

    fuck do you know how kobe feel

  92. Slim Chain

    Slim Chainヶ月 前

    LeBron is nowhere near Kobe. Never was. Just a stat padding loser. Who played in a week conference & needed multiple star players to win

  93. AreLL Lio

    AreLL Lioヶ月 前

    rose is 100 percent correct... fck Lebum asss nigga!

  94. Jordan Cacioppo

    Jordan Cacioppoヶ月 前

    To all fanx who bring up the 4th seed argument. They were 2 games from 10th. Stop using that shit like its any kind of accomplishment. Thats like bragging about being 4th at the start of a neck and neck race and then finishing dead ass last.

  95. Lucius McPimp

    Lucius McPimpヶ月 前

    fuck lebron. As a LA native most of us will never respect lebron that whiny black bitch

  96. IamMrIsom

    IamMrIsomヶ月 前

    Kemba Walker and Klay Thompson should be ready for a great challenge this summer. Mark Jackson is the best coach on the market. I see somethings coming together for the good. #AD2020

  97. IamMrIsom

    IamMrIsomヶ月 前

    Basketball is a team sport. How soon do we forget the years the Lakers missed the playoffs when Kobe was in his prime after he snitched on Shaq and made Phil retire and become an author. smh

  98. John Dean

    John Deanヶ月 前

    Top of LeBron head shiny af

  99. IamMrIsom

    IamMrIsomヶ月 前

    Where is LeBron's Ron Artest?

  100. IamMrIsom

    IamMrIsomヶ月 前

    Where is LeBron's Paul Gasol?