1. Rübért Łôpêž

    Rübért Łôpêž5 時間 前

    And two years later they shut down😬😬

  2. Emmanuel Scordos

    Emmanuel Scordos6 時間 前

    When you watch this for the 10th time and you see how nice and wonderful it starts with Gordon but you know how badly it will turn out.

  3. GhouL Unwisss

    GhouL Unwisss7 時間 前

    The next day after they yell at me I would take my gun shoot them

  4. Braeden Velasco

    Braeden Velasco7 時間 前


  5. Tegiho

    Tegiho7 時間 前

    This is what happened when Karen becomes the manager

  6. Rainbowparty914 and Vanlliascop

    Rainbowparty914 and Vanlliascop7 時間 前

    Amy says in feline: Go AWay U ARe FiREd Katie:* proceeds to leave* Amy in feline:WHy ARe YoU WAlKinG AWay FRom Me

  7. Let’s ASMR

    Let’s ASMR7 時間 前

    6:10 that’s the only thing that I agree with

  8. Rainbowparty914 and Vanlliascop

    Rainbowparty914 and Vanlliascop7 時間 前

    a worker:u sure I don’t wanna bring it to the wrong table Amy says in feline: GEt YoUR AsS oUT oF My ReSTERaUNT

  9. Inferno_ Game

    Inferno_ Game8 時間 前

    Amy’s a hyperactive-psychopath

  10. Abdul Basito

    Abdul Basito8 時間 前

    If I meet people like this when I am in this restaurant I will be like can u use a The brain of your then I will be like oh wait u don't have one if u act like this sucker

  11. Abdul Basito

    Abdul Basito8 時間 前

    Yours sorry

  12. Aatef Nazar

    Aatef Nazar9 時間 前

    What happened to these people ?

  13. Naomi anahays

    Naomi anahays9 時間 前

    Even doctor Phil couldn't help them. Let that sink in

  14. Filip

    Filip10 時間 前

    I want to hear this without the beeps🤣😂😂😂

  15. Katie

    Katie10 時間 前

    These bosses are exactly like my old ones... took our tips and if we stuffed somthing up they’d take money from our pay check. Yay!

  16. Grace De Luna

    Grace De Luna11 時間 前

    The amy girl is psycho.🙄

  17. Liopth Hologramm

    Liopth Hologramm11 時間 前

    i fuck their muthers who believes in gordon ramseys lie scenes all is theater of this man people wake upp

  18. Herman Neah

    Herman Neah11 時間 前

    "Your gonna attack me from drinking some water??!"😂😂😂

  19. Osuman AAA

    Osuman AAA12 時間 前

    How did someone like samy manage to invest over a million dollars into that restaurant? Where do you get that much money from ??

  20. mezty yap

    mezty yap12 時間 前

    Ugly bitch!

  21. Kabloko Manolo

    Kabloko Manolo14 時間 前

    Imagine being this far gone lmao

  22. Leo Daniel

    Leo Daniel14 時間 前

    I continued watching this episode hoping to see they finally realise their mistakes and start fixing it.. but omaigod i've never seen a woman that has such a big ego in herself and cannot take critism.. the other problem is that her husband love her too much that he just follows watever she says, i can't beleive there are still people like this in this era wtf

  23. Matthew Maifrini

    Matthew Maifrini14 時間 前


  24. KUSRWE - J7SN2AO

    KUSRWE - J7SN2AO16 時間 前

    These 2 are going to make the best couple

  25. Johnfromafar

    Johnfromafar17 時間 前

    Amy looks like Candace from Phineas and Ferb.

  26. Asian Prince

    Asian Prince17 時間 前

    Funniest woman I have seen for a while😂😂

  27. ryuseiyellow

    ryuseiyellow17 時間 前

    shes an awful person but i hope shes getting professional help ...?

  28. Ad H

    Ad H17 時間 前

    Dirty Fucker Sammy was deported back to Israel ha ha... And he's still complaining from there that the YELP reviews did it to him..Bonafide twat! Oh and he was already banned from entering France and Germany..Where will heflee to next? Probably an illegal Israeli Settlement and will make life more of a hell for the Palestinians!!

  29. Thizzah

    Thizzah18 時間 前

    35:40 Amy: be lying Camera man: Ahhhh, it’s rewind time

  30. Ur typical gURL

    Ur typical gURL18 時間 前

    I hope their restuarant shuts down

  31. Arwin 0_0

    Arwin 0_019 時間 前

    I wonder if these restaurants are still there running.

  32. reaction reaction and more

    reaction reaction and more19 時間 前

    Jesus Christ Sammy classic Sonic fan has gone down hill

  33. Park Jena

    Park Jena20 時間 前

    Each time something comes out of amy´s mouth... a chuck of my sanity slowly flakes away...

  34. ldg332004

    ldg33200420 時間 前

    spoiled gold digger,that has been told shes special her whole life thinks her husbands bank book makes her a successful chef? She is batt shit crazy.

  35. cy fi dell

    cy fi dell22 時間 前


  36. Ilja Sidlun

    Ilja Sidlun日 前

    Amy are you still here? Please bless me with a reply, I'm your biggest fan, I want you on TV every evening, that would be some quality program instead of the garbage they put on!

  37. Parthinaxe Rayne

    Parthinaxe Rayne日 前

    He had some respect for them but then she came out of nowhere with the “there are a lot of online bullies and haters” bs

  38. Nugt Gold

    Nugt Gold日 前

    I love how the lady says the customer is NOT always right.

  39. Antonio Boc

    Antonio Boc日 前

    13:41 åhhhh....she is Crazy

  40. TMDM47

    TMDM47日 前

    Gold digger

  41. Sinem Bulut

    Sinem Bulut日 前

    That’s not normal, but it‘s soooo funny, she is like my 6 year old brother, who hate to admit to something he done wrong :D Hahahahahahah 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣