1. Adam Silfverstrand

    Adam Silfverstrand11 分 前

    “The majority of the people in Arizona think that if they come here we’ll scream and yell at them” Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Blu テディベア

    Blu テディベア36 分 前

    Amy: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Me: I hope it hits you on the way out

  3. Tony Terpstra

    Tony Terpstra39 分 前

    If a man with a gun want to rob the store he runs out with the speed of light so f*cking crazy are they

  4. dyan boby

    dyan boby時間 前

    'who comes up with those ideas' 'I did' 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Lebn An

    Lebn An2 時間 前

    Is the store still opening ?

  6. Sad Draceɴa

    Sad Draceɴa2 時間 前

    this woman's name is karen and the man is wario

  7. LDN

    LDN3 時間 前

    My dad has been a cook for 17 years and also loves mcdonalds lol

  8. ARMY D

    ARMY D3 時間 前

    Amy is sooo f*cking toxic. I really hate her now. She thinks highly of herself

  9. Kevin Roth

    Kevin Roth3 時間 前

    Amy, the original Karen

  10. Slenced

    Slenced4 時間 前

    Pizza hut was better than the pizza from this restaurant

  11. Kookie Marshmallow

    Kookie Marshmallow5 時間 前

    Wonder if they still exist

  12. Rob

    Rob6 時間 前

    42:00 no one has ever been more wrong for a statement ever before in history of statements ... LOL

  13. LW1318

    LW13188 時間 前

    Girl is crazier than Azula

  14. gen alvarez

    gen alvarez9 時間 前

    Amy need psychiatrist..

  15. Apex

    Apex11 時間 前

    Btw. the servers are quite cute.

  16. Apex

    Apex11 時間 前

    The guy with the earbuds in the intro: Was that production staff trying to deescalate?

  17. Prajakta Majli

    Prajakta Majli11 時間 前

    A money eating prehistoric playboy and a psychotic meowing witch. *Soulmates* indeed .

  18. cool vines

    cool vines13 時間 前

    I feel really bad for Katy. She was really innocent.

  19. Lilo Prinzes

    Lilo Prinzes15 時間 前

    One thing is fore sure. Don't ever Disadvantage a server when Gordon is around!

  20. Chalton Mumo

    Chalton Mumo16 時間 前

    Are they usually acting??? Or is this a reality show where everything is real? Coz these two are really stupid

  21. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê10 時間 前

    Sadly, this is not acting at all. Katie ( the waitress who being fired by Amy ) did host a Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit and she explained everything happened in that restaurant ( she deleted her Reddit account now, but that thread still exist ) Also there's a video about Samy threatening a customer with a knife here on JPreporter, and it's batshit crazy i'm telling you lol

  22. Yusuf Ahmad Husaeni

    Yusuf Ahmad Husaeni18 時間 前

    Why don't they just battle? I hate seeing that woman act like she better then chef Gordon Ramsay. What is given by Ramsay is something expensive and the woman should be happy to be corrected by Ramsay.

  23. Audun Vansteelandt

    Audun Vansteelandt19 時間 前

    One day, he’ll turn super saiyan.

  24. Manu Diaz

    Manu Diaz20 時間 前

    And they're still together?!.......God, this couple is more toxic than that lobster they served at Mama Maria's :v

  25. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê20 時間 前

    Yep they are, since Amy will never gonna leave her new gold mine lol

  26. reeyu

    reeyu22 時間 前

    best couple no doubt

  27. Arif Faisal

    Arif Faisal日 前

    Damn that place look good and clean and the kitchen also not bad at all to work. I wish I have that place and all good looking staff especially miranda.. But the boss is the problem




  29. heledraku

    heledraku日 前

    Samy is horrible kind of human, thats why he got that on his side and everything around going in horrible style

  30. Dragon Inc.

    Dragon Inc.日 前

    Amy needs multiple therapists, some for her and some for her therapists. 😅

  31. Awang Najib

    Awang Najib日 前

    They give us more shit and we pay more expensive. Shit taste good

  32. Neekon Morad

    Neekon Morad日 前

    people like these lower my faith in humanity. Like, by a lot.

  33. Captain James T. Kirk

    Captain James T. Kirk日 前

    Is this restaurant closed?

  34. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê20 時間 前

    Yep, permanently closed for good in 2015.

  35. Reaper

    Reaper日 前

    This is by far the worst restaurant I’ve ever seen on kitchen nightmares

  36. Ok Ok

    Ok Ok日 前

    I sPeAk fElinE mEOOowwWwWWw.mEowwwWWwW

  37. NOU TFF

    NOU TFF日 前

    🤣WTF is this couple doing 🤣

  38. Mark John Aggabao

    Mark John Aggabao日 前

    she has delusional powerful than lord sauron!!! its unreal!!

  39. it'syourgamer 99

    it'syourgamer 99日 前

    Hahahah even my mom can make a better berger Shef ramzy will like haha

  40. Triple M

    Triple M日 前

    that is the worst cat impression I've ever heard. she doesn't speak feline she speaks d**khead

  41. Conor Coad

    Conor Coad日 前

    Dude is Amy 11? Obsessing about online bullies and thinks they know how to talk to cats 🤣

  42. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê日 前

    Funny thing is:after 7 years, she became the thing she has sworn to destroy, the “online bullies and haters” lmao

  43. Hessel Bleeker

    Hessel Bleeker日 前

    What a psycho

  44. Guchan Gül

    Guchan Gül日 前

    best sıck couple ın world best bad boss and world

  45. Anastasia Katsouri

    Anastasia Katsouri日 前

    no one: not a single soul: Amy: they’re just haters

  46. Lazer Wolf

    Lazer Wolf日 前

    “we are not rude people” *shows clip of them being rude to others* The editor is a complete savage lmao

  47. mats johansson

    mats johansson日 前


  48. mats johansson

    mats johansson日 前

    @i changed my name Ja och laga mat kan jag med, MVH MATS

  49. i changed my name

    i changed my name日 前

    En person som kan stava? Det är inte ofta det händer.

  50. mats johansson

    mats johansson日 前

    jag hade gått ut utan betala sådan skit MVH SWEDEN

  51. l e o

    l e o2 日 前

    If they don’t want his opinion or him judging their restaurant why did they invited/called him in the first place ?...

  52. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê日 前

    I believe the point they called him to their place is they want Gordon to eat and endorse their foods, so they can backlash their "online bullies and haters" lol . It turns out they are just backfired themself lol

  53. Matias Rosito

    Matias Rosito2 日 前


  54. tristanne

    tristanne2 日 前

    If she just had a bakery she would be fine! Oh and I forgot, a therapist.

  55. Katriel fernandes

    Katriel fernandes2 日 前

    She is scary 😲😳

  56. Kuroo Na

    Kuroo Na2 日 前

    2020, How are they now? just curious! >_

  57. Kuroo Na

    Kuroo Na日 前

    Didn't expect that would happen, btw thank you for the information. lmao

  58. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê日 前

    The restaurant is permanently closed and both of them are at Israel now, since Samy has been deported back to Israel. And Amy has no choice but to come with him since Samy got the money lol

  59. Gregor Scharf

    Gregor Scharf2 日 前

    We Need 2 therapists one for the owner and one for the therapists

  60. Bebe

    Bebe2 日 前

    Amy: "You guys, I make excellent food" Customer: Pfffffffffff😝😝😝😝 Best edit ever! LOL

  61. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê日 前

    Amy's Baking Company in a nutshell lol

  62. Tuấn Trần Võ Anh

    Tuấn Trần Võ Anh2 日 前

    Oh big ego ma am and papa gangster trying to argue with gordan

  63. Timsday Animation

    Timsday Animation2 日 前

    "I speak fealine" I mean come the fuck on, if the owner says that something's not right

  64. pauly goodin

    pauly goodin2 日 前

    And then we find out her lie The cakes were store bought

  65. VietCong Farmer

    VietCong Farmer2 日 前

    i remeber one question in my english question says "The resturant was clean but the staff was rude."

  66. pauly goodin

    pauly goodin2 日 前

    A real life witch

  67. raul yanez cortes

    raul yanez cortes2 日 前

    Soulmate she says $$$$$$$$$$$

  68. Mugi Bentang

    Mugi Bentang2 日 前

    8:52 Dr. Strange?!

  69. TheUnshatterd

    TheUnshatterd2 日 前

    Wow, if there ever is a more prime example of someone with a huge minority complex and maybe a smudge of borderline personality disorder its Amy. What a mess, seek professional help.

  70. Jonas Mikelionis

    Jonas Mikelionis2 日 前

    even karen couldin`t defeat that menager.

  71. DreSo Wavy

    DreSo Wavy2 日 前

    “Aww myy gawwwdt”

  72. E l i e e e

    E l i e e e2 日 前

    I have a question is chef ramsy a hi rank chef please answer 😁

  73. E l i e e e

    E l i e e e2 日 前

    @Hữu Nhân Lê Hahaha thank youuuu sorry wrong spelling I don't realized it😂🤦

  74. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê2 日 前

    Tbh, "High rank" is not a very suitable word for him lol. He's more beyond than that in my opinion, "God tier chef and meme god" to be precise lol

  75. Max Tran

    Max Tran2 日 前

    They crazy!!!!😡😡

  76. Mohammed Nehan

    Mohammed Nehan2 日 前

    The waiters need to get some award for being so patient!

  77. Harucchi San

    Harucchi San2 日 前

    wtf Amy looks like the Purr Cat Cafe owner

  78. I go by doll

    I go by doll2 日 前

    Thank fuck she doesnt have kids

  79. BJVA85

    BJVA85日 前

    Pretty sure her cats can't even stand her

  80. Sinnstiftung

    Sinnstiftung2 日 前

    Im a chef on my own and i would be more than ashamed serving such kinda trash. Also...if you cant take any criticism kitchen is the wrong fucking place for you.

  81. Sukotto21

    Sukotto212 日 前

    37:05 omg that face lol

  82. Panthers _Hyp

    Panthers _Hyp2 日 前

    If Karen was the manager:

  83. X Xo

    X Xo2 日 前

    1 word to describe amy.... Amy is a goddam rude *KAREN*

  84. Sinnstiftung

    Sinnstiftung2 日 前

    Damn everytime i look into her eyes its the same situation when freeza meets future trunks on earth while transforming into super saiyan "ITS THOSE EYES"!!!

  85. Skye Johnson

    Skye Johnson2 日 前

    @7:26 it gets so bad even the crew step in

  86. Genjiator 43

    Genjiator 432 日 前

    What the update for restaurant

  87. Hữu Nhân Lê

    Hữu Nhân Lê2 日 前

    Shut down for good and both of the owner are at Israel now lol

  88. marsheeii

    marsheeii2 日 前

    the boy named everybody: .

  89. C4GP

    C4GP2 日 前

    "Yesterday I didnt even e-d-eat drink" Stutter = stress = lies

  90. Albin Thun

    Albin Thun2 日 前

    Oooooo, so thats the crazy cat lady

  91. Clemens Grieb

    Clemens Grieb2 日 前

    I'll maby visit this restaurant if its not closed untill then 😅😆

  92. Naarayan Raghunath

    Naarayan Raghunath2 日 前

    Does this piece of shit restaurant still exist?

  93. Tanay Rajiv

    Tanay Rajiv2 日 前

    she is such an Amy

  94. johan k

    johan k2 日 前

    when Karen is the Manager