Kitchen Worker Argues with Gordon - Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Organic Giraffe

    Organic Giraffe5 年 前

    Give me free wifi then u won't give a fk even if I have to wait for up to 2 hours lol

  2. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown5 年 前

    Why are you not able to watch shows on Turd Tube....this is a joke.

  3. JohnLoCicero

    JohnLoCicero5 年 前

    Ever watch these kind of shows and wonder what the hell is going on at the places you eat at? This programming has made me a more difficult customer.

  4. Buttered Toast

    Buttered Toast5 年 前

    1:54 the guy in white moves out of the way like, "I'm just gonna let you take this verbal beating you're about to get." :p

  5. Brendo2345

    Brendo23455 年 前

    2:30 What a fucking doughnut!

  6. Jimmy Goocharan

    Jimmy Goocharan5 年 前

    I hate it when customers display anger and frustration with their waitress when they hand them their food. It's not their fucking fault that it's late. Now I understand if the waitress has disappeared, hasn't checked up on you and refilled your drink. But damn.

  7. Brya Wallace

    Brya Wallace4 年 前

    I had someone go off at me because they eye fillet was too small. It literally said on the menu it was a 100gram medallion for lunch. She kept going and said even the skeet chips were unprofessional (it's more of a bar than a resturaunt) Eventually I got the owner who is a bit scarier than me and he got into them and it changed their tone, she eventually loved it all

  8. poseidon neptune

    poseidon neptune5 年 前

    Chill out Gordon. It's just a bit of food. XD

  9. ᛉ Woden ᛉ

    ᛉ Woden ᛉ5 年 前

    At 2:40 Gordon called him a fucking cement mixer? lolol

  10. Leila Smith

    Leila Smith5 年 前

    I wonder if they always swear this much or only do it when Gordon is around.

  11. faboze

    faboze5 年 前

    Gordon moves his hands so much when he talks Jesus he has so much energy

  12. Zombielover58

    Zombielover585 年 前

    Trying to look all pissed just cuz the cameras are there, hu bitch? Yeah your food came late, but you don't have to put on this fake ass attitude!

  13. heat4yoass

    heat4yoass5 年 前

    wow what a passive aggressive dipshit. As a Chef you need a thick skin

  14. Pareto8020

    Pareto80205 年 前

    He must have caught Ramsay on a good day. I was expecting Ramsay to unleash hell when he said it was his fault.

  15. Jacob L.

    Jacob L.4 年 前

    +Ren Höek Cuz it's their restaurant not his, so he's probably more cool about it

  16. Marissa Sue

    Marissa Sue5 年 前

    Exactly my sentiments!

  17. Blue Is Immoral

    Blue Is Immoral5 年 前

    1:51 u. wut. m8?

  18. Fred Lindalen

    Fred Lindalen5 年 前

    The woman with blonde hair, scared me...... dont tell her.

  19. CrimeJail

    CrimeJail6 年 前

    FAKE show. STAGED. Notice how these arguments always miraculously get resolved peacefully by the end. Notice how both parties always take the abuse. No punch up's etc. If these shows were real, Ramsay would have been attacked by some big American dude by now, one in jail, one dead. This is role play. The 'guests' apply to take part and most are paid extras.

  20. ᛉ Woden ᛉ

    ᛉ Woden ᛉ5 年 前

    You fucking cement mixer

  21. stig tuneback

    stig tuneback5 年 前

    @ryanjwebb you damn right aboute that .

  22. ryanjwebb

    ryanjwebb5 年 前

    Here's a shocker for ya'! Not everyone resolves their differences with fists!!

  23. Sgt Beansprout

    Sgt Beansprout5 年 前

    And that "big American dude" would get knocked the fuck out lol

  24. KoSTiKK

    KoSTiKK5 年 前

    @That guy who does stuff this^^^

  25. Peter Melchreit

    Peter Melchreit6 年 前

    2:10 guy in the background is the epitome of "Don't do it man".

  26. Buttered Toast

    Buttered Toast5 年 前

    @Peter Melchreit I did not notice that until now. I died of laughter xD

  27. Protagonistinfluence

    Protagonistinfluence5 年 前

    Thanks for pointing it out. The best face XD

  28. KKKkiri

    KKKkiri6 年 前

    2:40 "what a fucking idiot" xD as he leaves

  29. 11gingin

    11gingin6 年 前

    if this was hells kitchen gordon wouldve knocked his ass out

  30. TheKombatKitten

    TheKombatKitten7 年 前

    out of nowhere you just hear, fucking cement mixer hahaha

  31. ivanlagrossemoule

    ivanlagrossemoule7 年 前

    Where is Bryan ? Bryan is NOT in the Kitchen. God that ought to make every frenchman happy.

  32. Sonny k

    Sonny k10 年 前

    what i really hate is stupid people who want food quickly i use to work in a restaurant and i see all these idiots complain alot if i were them i would of hit the food at the lady stupid people you think you are better i hope snobs like these dies

  33. Nic's-Electronics

    Nic's-Electronics10 年 前

    fucking cement mixer lol

  34. Piotr

    Piotr10 年 前

    Gordon would make a perfect couple with Judge Judy

  35. jrockzmyv382

    jrockzmyv38210 年 前

    What a horrible editing job at 1:51 lol

  36. Sonny k

    Sonny k10 年 前

    stupid people need to stop complainting about bad food just be happy and quit being a ass

  37. ecouriercouk

    ecouriercouk10 年 前

    Brian cant hack it! "If you cant' stand the heat.." So let me get this right, it was Gordons fault the food went out, then came back cold. what a Joke.