1. joe r.

    joe r.9 時間 前

    "The pita was good!"🤣

  2. Miriro Mwandiambira

    Miriro Mwandiambira9 時間 前

    she cries a lot LMFAOOOOOOOOOO #DEAD#

  3. Cornell Custom Trains

    Cornell Custom Trains12 時間 前

    Seattle's known for Snowflakes, Millennials, Tree huggers, but not their burnt starschmucks coffee.

  4. Rowan B.

    Rowan B.16 時間 前

    15:18 < a perfect presentation of me when someone asks if i’m doing fine with my life.

  5. Slaanash

    Slaanash17 時間 前

    "Touch it, just touch it" "it's sticky" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. iWonaMathDebate

    iWonaMathDebate18 時間 前

    Teriya: "its outdated, its oily" MOUSSAKA: Tell me about it.

  7. koko jinabel

    koko jinabel日 前

    "We are not gonna serve spoiled food!" tHEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU KEEPING THAT SHIT

  8. Ilja Sidlun

    Ilja Sidlun日 前

    He looks like mr Bean she looks like Liza Minelly, and the daughter is cute. Also what dick he is how can you treat you family like that?! And not once praise his own daughter? Way to go DAD of the Year....

  9. lil Cookie dragon

    lil Cookie dragon日 前

    "oH mY gOd WhY iS sHe CrYiNg So DaMn MuCh?!!!" Every heard of depression or stress? I’m happy that she didn’t committed suicid yet...

  10. Sharon K.

    Sharon K.日 前

    Yeah Pumpkin Humus is pretty delicious! Grease it on toasted bread, put some sliced spring onions on top. Et voilà! Breakfirst is ready.

  11. soca_ baptist

    soca_ baptist日 前

    Cross examination!!!!!!

  12. soca_ baptist

    soca_ baptist日 前

    24:22 flaming cheese and having fun hahaha meanhwhile everyone getting fucked 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Drake ́s Woes

    Drake ́s Woes日 前

    That poor girl omg I wanna give her a hug and tell her everything is ok

  14. Precious Samia

    Precious Samia日 前

    Tigas NG ulo e😂

  15. Where’s my happy Ending

    Where’s my happy Ending日 前

    The Mum: *Has Karen Hair* Me: Definitely a Karen Also The Mum: *Has Karen Name* Me: Totally a Karen The Mum: *Has no Karen Attitude* Me: *Gasp*

  16. dian haughton

    dian haughton日 前

    I cringe every time Chef Ramsey touches raw, moldy, meat with his bare hands !!

  17. dian haughton

    dian haughton日 前

    This family is my 4 moods when my menstrual starts lol

  18. xd plays

    xd plays2 日 前

    God i wanna give tiara a hug she needs one... 😔

  19. The Bloodshot One

    The Bloodshot One2 日 前

    Is that mf Bogdan from breaking bad?

  20. R. Isen

    R. Isen2 日 前

    someone told me once: "if you think someone goes from 1 to 100 too fast, maybe you just haven't noticed how long they've been on 99"



    Open or closed?

  22. It’s ShARniA

    It’s ShARniA2 日 前

    The chicken didn’t die to be cooked like this

  23. Annette Burns

    Annette Burns2 日 前

    If she spent as much time cleaning the fridges and rotating stock as much as she cries they would be spotless. 😕

  24. FIDEL 3

    FIDEL 33 日 前

    i love the cry lady, she used her own moaning ass a singing to let her time pass eassy. codo to sister

  25. Weirdo Lps

    Weirdo Lps3 日 前

    The that crys is just like me🙁

  26. PulpyOrangeJuice

    PulpyOrangeJuice3 日 前

    dude she is one hell of a karen

  27. Kyle Dreeling

    Kyle Dreeling3 日 前

    I’m noticing a trend of entitled, narcissistic owners on these

  28. ¡Oh Bloody Quiznack!

    ¡Oh Bloody Quiznack!3 日 前

    Of course, would you want to watch a kitchen nightmares episode with normal people who has everything under control? Nah boring. Gordon's staff choose problematic, entitled owners to add drama and suspense.

  29. ali shamma

    ali shamma3 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey is sweet when he was talking to the emotional girl (oldest daughter)

  30. NE.ø

    NE.ø3 日 前


  31. Soleil D' Lune

    Soleil D' Lune3 日 前

    hmmmmnnn.... Ok the cry baby daughter is a cry baby but she looks prettier than the other one... though she seems to be going through depression which shows in her face those wrinkles, soggy face and etc.; i just realized something! peter looks like fuckin' Rowan Atkinson/ Mr. Bean!! xD 33:39 look at his face!! xD that's literally Mr. Bean fatter

  32. YaBoyBeasty

    YaBoyBeasty3 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey: *breathes* Daughter: *cries heavily*

  33. Gottem Pranks

    Gottem Pranks3 日 前


  34. Brooke Kamara

    Brooke Kamara3 日 前

    I’m like a mixture of the two sisters💀

  35. Francis Shimizu

    Francis Shimizu4 日 前

    I feel bad for the mother. How the f*ck did she end up with a husband and children like that?

  36. Veronica Faisc

    Veronica Faisc4 日 前

    Let her cry in peace

  37. I Stole Your Sandwich

    I Stole Your Sandwich4 日 前

    Alyse is the most ironic braindead moron i've seen in a long time.

  38. Gabriel Mena

    Gabriel Mena4 日 前

    ``STOP CRYING, STOP CRYING!!`` Dad yells at her *Starts crying

  39. ilija cvjetkovic

    ilija cvjetkovic4 日 前


  40. ilija cvjetkovic

    ilija cvjetkovic4 日 前

    One is sure when they say they rate their food 9 or 10 its absolutly *DISGUSTING*

  41. Ninad Bhande

    Ninad Bhande4 日 前

    Welcome to 2013!