1. Hillixs

    Hillixs時間 前

    Its just me or this is ''Smurfs'' and Gargamel can't cook, full story of ''Smurfs'' in Kitchen Nightmares

  2. Final Flame Productions

    Final Flame Productions3 時間 前

    "I don't have an attitude." (Said with MAJOR attitude.)

  3. Avatar N

    Avatar N9 時間 前

    The only non-Karen in the history of Karen

  4. Len Gaming

    Len Gaming14 時間 前

    That Karen had a proper personality ngl...

  5. Mysterious Car

    Mysterious Car16 時間 前

    Karen not being a Karen lol

  6. Rick Gritter

    Rick Gritter20 時間 前

    How to overwork and be only negative to your daughter, so far that she only can cry jezus

  7. Anna

    Anna日 前

    I feel so bad for the girl who always cries. They just yell at her to shut up but the poor girl probably has an underlying problem, like depression. I do t know slot about mental health tho I just feel sorry for her

  8. Bald Martin

    Bald Martin日 前

    The woman named Karen has that Karen look

  9. raul yanez cortes

    raul yanez cortes日 前

    Are those iphone 3? o.0

  10. A Chocolate bar

    A Chocolate bar日 前

    This is the most depressing kitchen nightmares episode I’ve seen so far

  11. kyuhhle

    kyuhhle日 前

    The family is so abusive in how they treat each other? Jesus christ

  12. antonis moschonas

    antonis moschonas日 前

    Greeks acting as Greeks.. Really common greek family

  13. raul yanez cortes

    raul yanez cortes日 前

    19:04 XD I loved that part.

  14. raul yanez cortes

    raul yanez cortes日 前

    That girl is crying all the time, she shouldn't be wearing make up.

  15. Ceccoclat

    Ceccoclat日 前

    Imagine that girl cutting onions while being pointed out that she is doing it wrong

  16. crack noir

    crack noir日 前

    yeah but 100% bullshit coming out of the chef's mouth

  17. Tobias Unbekannt

    Tobias Unbekannt日 前

    who are the people in the background?

  18. Gladwin Mahlatsi

    Gladwin Mahlatsi日 前

    This is the most Un-Karen like Karen I've ever seen.

  19. Arctic

    Arctic日 前

    I love the irony in Karen’s haircut😂 Like... Don’t tell me that all Karens don’t have that haircut!🤣

  20. Zero .Karma

    Zero .Karma日 前

    To be fair, it would get really grating to have somebody constantly breaking down over nothing. Theres too much cinnamon, waaahhh, it was too garlicy waaahhh, someone looked at me funny waaahh. I understand she obviously has issues and the family shouldn't have her in such a high stress situation, but to have someone so fragile around you while you are trying to get the job done makes life so much harder. I would probably be desensitized and dismissive of her after years of it as well. She should not be there.

  21. shidsonzja

    shidsonzja日 前

    I actually think that behind all drama this is a really nice and loving family. I wish them all the best!

  22. Katie West

    Katie West日 前

    Imagine the stress that poor girl is being put through with her demanding sister and her even worse father. To see the family falling apart slowly, to see the livelihood of them failing, to hear complaints from customers about the poor food all the while. I'm a sensitive soul too, I'd be the exact same

  23. The Pygmy Pipistrelle.

    The Pygmy Pipistrelle.日 前

    I relate the the daughter that keeps crying.

  24. OG R-X

    OG R-X2 日 前


  25. Cheesecake

    Cheesecake2 日 前

    I truly must say, the best comedy is written by the true life - cant stop laughing, i am peeing myself! Great!

  26. Heavy Fizzing

    Heavy Fizzing2 日 前

    anyone else want to watch despicable me

  27. zwarte joekel

    zwarte joekel2 日 前

    It’s always the Karen

  28. Karl E

    Karl E2 日 前

    the sister that always cries is the cutest. I love her so much!!

  29. Kartikay Singh

    Kartikay Singh2 日 前

    I feel bad for turia ... Everyone is making fun of her but actually she has a golden heart.... Yes I have seen it.

  30. Kartikay Singh

    Kartikay Singh2 日 前

    Alyse is just fine😛

  31. Kjelleblaze

    Kjelleblaze2 日 前

    i love you tariya pls marry me

  32. black creature

    black creature3 日 前

    the dad is more of a karen than the mom

  33. Jennifer M

    Jennifer M3 日 前

    Maybe she cries over the little things because she's being emotionally abused by her family and she's not allowed to say a word about it.

  34. Tina Francisco

    Tina Francisco3 日 前

    her name is karen her hair is karen is she a karen

  35. Exceptional ly

    Exceptional ly3 日 前

    Omg the dad needs a therapist!

  36. fundiswa ngomani

    fundiswa ngomani3 日 前

    03:31 I always come back for that

  37. Deathbomb

    Deathbomb3 日 前

    32:20 ladies and gentlemen we have witnessed the origin of da wea.

  38. OverlordGamingOG

    OverlordGamingOG4 日 前

    Update: the shop closed down

  39. VIP BLackjack

    VIP BLackjack日 前


  40. Sofia Molinaro

    Sofia Molinaro4 日 前

    HOLY SHIT it's an actual karen omygod shes got the haircut and everything

  41. Commander Keen

    Commander Keen4 日 前

    36:55 = 50 Shades of Greece

  42. CronicKnight3

    CronicKnight34 日 前

    Wow the first *Karen* that is actually good

  43. The awakened one

    The awakened one4 日 前

    30:32 Gordons Vein exploded in his neck.

  44. Nils Fliegen

    Nils Fliegen4 日 前

    25:45 finally, she's crying ✔

  45. †Gypsys †

    †Gypsys †5 日 前

    Alys is too much like her dad , they're both rude up themselves assholes , i feel sorry for the mum and the other sister, the mum knows what's up and she's trying , the other sister needs emotional help, she needs her family to maybe care about her , she needs to move on from them and get a job elsewhere before her dad and sister drag her down

  46. eti gorkhe

    eti gorkhe5 日 前

    I really want to find out if the restaurant survived

  47. Aldwyn

    Aldwyn5 日 前

    Is Alysa really thinking she knows more than Gordon? Someone who more knowledge of cooking in his little finger than she has in her whole body.

  48. Aleksi Gjini

    Aleksi Gjini5 日 前

    Greece is macedonia

  49. X Xo

    X Xo5 日 前

    17:00 Oh god. We found a wild Karen. At least she doesn’t act that much of a Karen, but still she is a bit sassy like a KAREN.

  50. 404 UNF

    404 UNF5 日 前

    I found myself saying to myself "aaaand she's crying again" every 10 minutes.

  51. RotLine911TT

    RotLine911TT5 日 前

    Dude the taste is matter not the look🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  52. Friday 13

    Friday 136 日 前

    Gordon: "I will show u da wae" The dad: 32:21

  53. Egg

    Egg6 日 前

    Tbh the girls are pretty as fuck they can be models for real

  54. Egg

    Egg6 日 前

    Pops cant see what needs to really change That is their family and relationship that needs to change But in yannis Its: Menu, Leadership, Chemistry, The looks of the resturant to appeal customers, And just their overall teamwork But for me peter just wants the resturant the same as before, but literraly the culinary world is changing and generations are changing, He needs to realize that shit

  55. Islem Djoughi

    Islem Djoughi6 日 前

    They dont need gorden ramsey they doctor phill

  56. Taya Tea1

    Taya Tea16 日 前

    Chill Karen

  57. john gomes

    john gomes6 日 前

    I really liked to see her Emotion .lol

  58. soduno

    soduno6 日 前

    38:45 - right here, everything seemed so fake and so unreal - because of the hidden advertising. Don't know if it is just me...

  59. eli H

    eli H6 日 前

    Still open, and i'm glad.

  60. Ese Bright TV

    Ese Bright TV7 日 前

    Woooh I love this, I mean this is one of the best I have watched do form kitchen problems,,, woooh this family is so loving

  61. 1425363878

    14253638787 日 前

    I don't like the US series. It's so overly dramatic that it seems unrealistic.

  62. Colapin Klink

    Colapin Klink4 日 前

    They are still entertaining tho. I also prefer the UK version. Here they cut sentences and fck with the sound to make people seem mental...

  63. Keryn Yue

    Keryn Yue7 日 前

    she cry because shes the frontliner getting hit with all the "food taste like shit" comments and not the chefs. ...

  64. Dyurj TV

    Dyurj TV7 日 前

    I think the daughter who is emotional about there family business is totally wild in bed I guess😌😌

  65. Alba Gu'Brath

    Alba Gu'Brath7 日 前

    "he needs a good englishman to sort him out" Better get Gordon to call one for you then !

  66. Tara S

    Tara S8 日 前

    If the wonderful British Gordon thinks a menu is like an encyclopedia... then much as I love him, gotta worry for his children.

  67. Nazrul Stylo

    Nazrul Stylo8 日 前

    19:05 the daughter, alyse gives order to stop crying. Meanwhile, 25:45, karma came to you, bitch

  68. Nazrul Stylo

    Nazrul Stylo8 日 前

    If these restaurant in my country, all the staff already quit as which staff will stay when their bosses treat them like shit all the time. No customer will come and they already declared bankruptcy long time ago

  69. rndmcmmnt

    rndmcmmnt8 日 前

    Laurel's is an unusual name for a greek restaurant....

  70. chapmanmerchant

    chapmanmerchant8 日 前

    Fixed a family not a restaurant and i think that is better!!!!!

  71. ・Voyd ・

    ・Voyd ・8 日 前

    Why dosen’t Ramsey have a medal in helping people and family therapy?!

  72. chapmanmerchant

    chapmanmerchant8 日 前

    teriea needs some balls. Fuck grow a back bone regardless of the show

  73. chihab ben ismail

    chihab ben ismail8 日 前

    i loved this family

  74. chihab ben ismail

    chihab ben ismail8 日 前

    stop crying hahahahahaha

  75. Guapo Prince

    Guapo Prince8 日 前

    Hé need to listen more to his wife! She’s right.

  76. Bel H.

    Bel H.9 日 前

    When I first saw the wife I thought: Yeah definitely named Karen. Wasn't disappointed.

  77. GLOW-4L

    GLOW-4L9 日 前

    The only Karen I willl respect

  78. Radio 4Men

    Radio 4Men9 日 前

    *everyday is a funeral for all these ppl.*

  79. Jules Dussault

    Jules Dussault9 日 前

    This girl is crying so much I don’t believe she needs to go make a pee pee haver

  80. PlayMonius

    PlayMonius9 日 前

    Still waiting for the movie: Kitchen nightmare on elmstreet🤣

  81. Jake Dorton

    Jake Dorton9 日 前

    I really want to take a shower but this is too addicting

  82. SoldierOfTruth

    SoldierOfTruth9 日 前