1. Owen Smyth

    Owen Smyth2 時間 前

    Trump Sr is alive

  2. kgsk1977

    kgsk19778 時間 前

    15:30 That's literally the first time I have seen Gordon Ramsay laugh.

  3. Comrade Yoshi

    Comrade Yoshi8 時間 前

    He looks like the bad guy in spiderman homecoming

  4. Joel Kitcher

    Joel Kitcher13 時間 前

    I love this comedy show

  5. tom dobs

    tom dobs18 時間 前


  6. peterkray

    peterkray18 時間 前

    I get a kick watching servers getting the satisfaction from seeing egomaniacal owner assraped by Gordon.

  7. Jeremy Jolivet

    Jeremy Jolivet19 時間 前

    I dont understand this show... they subscribe to get helped by gordon then when he tells them how the food is wrong and could improve they tell him that their food is good and they dont need his help? wtf

  8. Mr. Taco

    Mr. Taco22 時間 前

    Joe: I didn’t say that! Cameraman: It’s rewind time.

  9. Bot Shraid

    Bot Shraid日 前

    Chef ramsay still says shit even if hes not at his normal place

  10. Charles 7D

    Charles 7D日 前


  11. latara dell

    latara dell日 前

    A male Amy.WOW!!!

  12. TheBlueRABBIT

    TheBlueRABBIT日 前

    i have a feeling European people can take criticism way better than Americans.

  13. Teh Joyce

    Teh Joyce日 前

    *He needs a bitch slap across the face*

  14. Teh Joyce

    Teh Joyce日 前

    It should be a talent to have this much baseless overconfidence

  15. Meme Dragon

    Meme Dragon日 前


  16. Karaitiana Kataraina

    Karaitiana Kataraina日 前

    *_OMFG!_* somebody *PUNCH* *_JOE_* in *THE FACE!*

  17. abhay jha

    abhay jha日 前

    Man she's red

  18. shano williams

    shano williams日 前

    gordon is a good man..yeh from nz

  19. Jan Marselle Cayton

    Jan Marselle Cayton日 前

    15:43 *inserts coffin dance song*

  20. OMERECKER 2007

    OMERECKER 20072 日 前

    He fucked that goat

  21. bideo gaems

    bideo gaems2 日 前

    Tries to flex on his staff telling them how to pronounce bruschetta and "crostinis" Doesn't know crostini is the plural and crostino is the singular

  22. OMERECKER 2007

    OMERECKER 2007日 前

    Joe fucked that goat

  23. Curly head Eden

    Curly head Eden2 日 前

    I love how the camera men always go behind the owners back after the day all the food is fresh and shows the cooks taking all the food out of the freezer

  24. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox2 日 前

    In the months after these two episodes Joe fired almost all staff and later sued Gordon for "damage to the restaurant". That waitress was absolutely spot on, that sack of piss is never going to change.

  25. Sandrina Ngeleka

    Sandrina Ngeleka2 日 前


  26. Sandrina Ngeleka

    Sandrina Ngeleka2 日 前

    See you don’t know that my sister what you do stupid things

  27. Sandrina Ngeleka

    Sandrina Ngeleka2 日 前

    Why do you say bad word😡

  28. Sandrina Ngeleka

    Sandrina Ngeleka2 日 前

    Okay 👌🏽

  29. U M

    U M2 日 前

    Except Joe everybody enjoying the ràmsys comments 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣 like stand-up comedy

  30. LagUnus Annus

    LagUnus Annus2 日 前

    Bruh... Arguing with a world famous chef who studied and worked for a long time l literally owns a world class restaurant.... Hahaha this guy....

  31. Sith Mige

    Sith Mige2 日 前

    This fight with gordon never gets old 😂😂 it keeps bringing me back


    BLACK BUY2 日 前

    Gordon just kick out the owner from his own restaurant 😂😂😂

  33. Theo Ranalan

    Theo Ranalan2 日 前

    Gordon:...Then wake up No u

  34. BryMediana

    BryMediana2 日 前

    I-I- I appreciate what you're doing lmao

  35. Sofa Recommendation

    Sofa Recommendation2 日 前

    Gordon: *Yelling* cameraman: :v

  36. alexander setia hadi

    alexander setia hadi2 日 前

    Maybe its from the worst by far

  37. Ikmal Fahmi

    Ikmal Fahmi2 日 前

    31:27 i love it when the customers just come in at the right time.

  38. Fux News

    Fux News3 日 前


  39. Tomas Sevcik

    Tomas Sevcik3 日 前

    Joe Rogan should show him how elk meal looks like😂😂

  40. The Gaming Knockout

    The Gaming Knockout3 日 前

    the owner: would you like me to make you another carmel onion thingy :gordon"i t takes 4 houers to cramaixe the oinion so youd be waiting 4 hours for you mela?

  41. hacker man

    hacker man3 日 前

    i am from a 3rd world country and but i can say by looking at the food that its fucking disgusting i mean I get rice and curry for dinner every day but still fucking

  42. Erik Schiegg

    Erik Schiegg3 日 前

    Chef, if you serve this to me at those prices, you gonna pick up my serving from the floor. From your floor. But I pay the meal.

  43. Navian Sayed

    Navian Sayed3 日 前

    "There is no war in Ba Sing Se"

  44. AndyIsGone

    AndyIsGone3 日 前

    I love how gordon is so nice to the workers and not Joe

  45. Renna Eufemia

    Renna Eufemia3 日 前

    I wonder how many times Joe has been punched out in his life LMAO

  46. XxMahirGamingxX 786

    XxMahirGamingxX 7863 日 前

    Yo why is joe putting meat on a green chopping board and not the red

  47. 100k subs with 0 videos :]

    100k subs with 0 videos :]3 日 前

    Joe is an asshole

  48. 0mni Sin

    0mni Sin3 日 前

    This reminds me of detriot become human Gordon = markus The owner= humans


    ALPHA OMEGA3 日 前

    i can cook joe.

  50. Cesar III Diaz

    Cesar III Diaz3 日 前

    32:14 yeah that's garbage

  51. trixie mariz guevarra

    trixie mariz guevarra3 日 前

    The staffs expressions are priceless😂I love them😂😂😂

  52. TheBigAfro

    TheBigAfro3 日 前

    if he was my customer id probably take him like a normal customer

  53. TheBigAfro

    TheBigAfro3 日 前

    @Reflecting Variation ツ treat him like a normal one

  54. Reflecting Variation ツ

    Reflecting Variation ツ3 日 前

    take him?

  55. Priyesh Jain

    Priyesh Jain3 日 前

    Man i love them staff in these kinda restaurants.

  56. Dersin Ramon

    Dersin Ramon3 日 前

    Yeah right 😁😂, Joe?! You need to take your hands out your asss, master chef 😂, Joe, your funny 😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😉

  57. Mr Leopard

    Mr Leopard3 日 前

    This guy is just disrespectful. And he overrates his restaurant and wayyy too confident.

  58. British Boi

    British Boi4 日 前

    4:34, "We are not a kitchen nightmare, by no means" Proceeds to scratch his ass. "And cleanliness"

  59. annabel moore

    annabel moore4 日 前

    It’s hilarious how kind and lovely he is to people he likes!

  60. Shooting Angel

    Shooting Angel4 日 前

    "what does he know? He's in the wrong place! *Gordon Ramsey is only one of the best and famous chef's in the world... But meh, What does he know :P*

  61. brittanyonashore

    brittanyonashore4 日 前

    Joe: My restaurant is the BEST No one comes there.

  62. Grand Wizard

    Grand Wizard4 日 前

    joe looks like fixit felix and a dumb fucking farmer had a shit baby

  63. Caitlyn - 40 years ago

    Caitlyn - 40 years ago4 日 前

    Amy is so sweet,I love her 😂

  64. Boudewijn Thomas Rossi Schjetne

    Boudewijn Thomas Rossi Schjetne4 日 前

    He's still chewing. The taste of the Pirelli Elk.

  65. Caitlyn - 40 years ago

    Caitlyn - 40 years ago4 日 前

    The goat is wholesome tho

  66. Caitlyn - 40 years ago

    Caitlyn - 40 years ago4 日 前

    “gEt ThE iCe,CoOl iT dOwN” Bish that’s NOT how it works,

  67. Zxdiac _Flame

    Zxdiac _Flame4 日 前

    I would never put that food in my mouth and just throw it out the window😤

  68. Khirk Luis Eparwa

    Khirk Luis Eparwa4 日 前

    I am self taught by old school Europeans

  69. sheldon sur

    sheldon sur4 日 前

    A good cook or owner😬😬😬

  70. sheldon sur

    sheldon sur4 日 前

    the owner workes at a fancy and international place and he gets fired and so that means he is not

  71. Lunaa no

    Lunaa no4 日 前

    “Good luck trying to find something better to eat.” Me: uh, *McDonalds?*

  72. Angel ofIron

    Angel ofIron4 日 前

    Hear that? It's the finest ****ing Elk you can get!

  73. Harvey Quinn

    Harvey Quinn4 日 前

    This owner needed good hiding

  74. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite Sanchez4 日 前

    He does realise that Gordan is from England, not Scotland

  75. Kamal Abdinasir

    Kamal Abdinasir22 時間 前

    Scottish WTF?!?!?!

  76. Rockgirl

    Rockgirl2 日 前

    He’s acc Scottish though

  77. Ashley Arnold

    Ashley Arnold5 日 前

    Lol the FIVE seasons

  78. Radiant

    Radiant5 日 前

    Restaurant owner committed suicide aparantly

  79. Bad Pabi

    Bad Pabi5 日 前


  80. DarkZtorm

    DarkZtorm5 日 前

    Such narcisistic pathological liar. Joe the BS machine. Seriously, a man who claims to be trained by top chefs in Europe puts raw onion in an onion soup.

  81. Celestial

    Celestial5 日 前

    34:59 'Ok cook then, fuck me Try to cook then. Passion. Passionfruit is the closest you're going to get' hahahahahhaahhahahahahahahaha

  82. Kalle Mattila

    Kalle Mattila5 日 前

    19:23 Something is definitely wrong when your food looks like one of those giant pimple videos

  83. #DerekHale4Ever biggest fan

    #DerekHale4Ever biggest fan5 日 前

    23:47 maby in the trash can 🤷

  84. #DerekHale4Ever biggest fan

    #DerekHale4Ever biggest fan5 日 前

    I as a server would be soooo ashamed to serve that to the guests everytime I would serve something I would be like,, here you go I'm sorry! "and then would run away

  85. #DerekHale4Ever biggest fan

    #DerekHale4Ever biggest fan5 日 前

    I think it is soo funny how nice he is and how he jokes around with them and in the next second he is screaming at the bitch of boss

  86. uchiha itachi

    uchiha itachi5 日 前

    The elk ia tender *chews for a whole minute*

  87. Theeran. G

    Theeran. G5 日 前

    The cheeky ‘that didn’t go so well’ was funny af