1. Emad Lokhandwala

    Emad Lokhandwala54 分 前

    2:27 even my name is emad

  2. Theturtleowl

    Theturtleowl17 時間 前

    I hope those kids got to chase their own dreams. Their dad is way to selfish.


    GARRY EDWARDS19 時間 前

    How wrong we were as parents to think our kids should do what we wanted them to do because it's best for them. Thank goodness we snap out of that thought and allow them to follow their passion not ours. This family clearly indicates that. They are there to please big daddy but their heart is not in it. Hopefully Mr Ramsey can put things right



    Ramsey is a Therapist!!!!

  5. Zhoren Logg

    Zhoren Logg日 前

    Damn leina is fine as hell🔥

  6. Lucy Mincher

    Lucy Mincher日 前

    Dad: your still too young Gordon: 👁👄👁

  7. Infinity Cube

    Infinity Cube日 前

    im just sorry for the poor familiy

  8. Jane B

    Jane B日 前


  9. W Kemp

    W Kemp日 前

    jamal is the biggest idiot there (and he is the dumbass not the sister) puting everyone down claiming he can do better but does not put his money where his mouth is and all the children are there by choice if they dont want to be there they should get a job and move out......

  10. Unidentified xox

    Unidentified xox2 日 前

    3:16 those old hags had already had their meals let them go

  11. Abbey Pat

    Abbey Pat2 日 前

    The kids need go get a life n dad needs to get him self new employees

  12. Adstar777 boi

    Adstar777 boi2 日 前

    i feel sorry for his dad

  13. Kuroro

    Kuroro2 日 前

    14:55 That's "on the verge of well done"? Please! That was beyond it! It was a piece of rubber!

  14. sara-jayne Davis

    sara-jayne Davis2 日 前

    I would like to eat there now looks delicious 😋

  15. dion loxton

    dion loxton3 日 前

    This family is so embarrassing they should have stayed on the boat and drowned

  16. Kennedy O'Sullivan

    Kennedy O'Sullivan3 日 前

    Gordon: * Meets all of the kids and learns all about how much they hate the restaurant Also Gordon: "Wow Sam, you employ your kids? They must be so happy!" What a shady bitch, I love it 😂

  17. Jeremy Jolivet

    Jeremy Jolivet3 日 前

    working 7days a week 12hours a day for no pay but you get your housing and food supplied? thats basicly slavery isnt it?

  18. Itsmehlily

    Itsmehlily3 日 前

    Dad: *forces kids to fulfill his dreams* Me: ENDEAVOR IS THAT YOU?! (Mha reference)

  19. Ahmed Ashraf

    Ahmed Ashraf3 日 前

    A typical Arabic family ! .

  20. Yousef

    Yousef2 日 前

    Its pretty normal for my family

  21. Avishek Banerjee

    Avishek Banerjee4 日 前

    Hats off

  22. Qtaro - The Golden ExperienceTM

    Qtaro - The Golden ExperienceTM4 日 前

    Randah look like kourtney kardashian tho

  23. Saima Khalid

    Saima Khalid4 日 前

    Baby ramsay:*sips baby milk* Baby ramsay: Mama ramsay: awww his first words Baby ramsay: bland... Mama ramsay: õ.Ó

  24. Stefan Timos

    Stefan Timos5 日 前

    i only watched this episodes for the girls

  25. Jonathan Salinas

    Jonathan Salinas5 日 前

    jamal is a full on bitch

  26. meh bananayeah

    meh bananayeah5 日 前

    im sad that he didnt like nz lamb T-T can they at least make it good cause now it seems like we dont produce good lamb, dont give nz a bad rep.

  27. Elena Gagiu

    Elena Gagiu5 日 前

    This man is absolutely incredible for everything he is doing!

  28. AmandaThePiggy

    AmandaThePiggy5 日 前

    ''i wish to see you again'' ''you will se me again!'' Is that a threat? XD

  29. Adam Mindel

    Adam Mindel6 日 前

    I feel so bad for the dad his dream was just to own family restaurant but his kids don’t want it

  30. tyjo_is_ _sicc

    tyjo_is_ _sicc6 日 前

    I find it funny how Jamal is there dissing his brothers for "cooking bad food" My guy what do u even contribute to the restaurant? Like...... tf? Stfu💀

  31. Manon Tremblay

    Manon Tremblay6 日 前

    The mom has the most beautiful eyes!

  32. Duskripper

    Duskripper6 日 前

    Why's the oldest son out here acting like the biggest baby

  33. Cod- Trap

    Cod- Trap6 日 前


  34. Ahmed

    Ahmed6 日 前

    This video gave me a headache

  35. Jade Warren

    Jade Warren6 日 前

    This episode is to touching. I do understand his kids at the same time I understand his father...

  36. Wrong History

    Wrong History7 日 前

    The dad is the most understanding father. He cried because he understands

  37. Nirwe Huera

    Nirwe Huera7 日 前

    Re uploader idiot

  38. God Onion

    God Onion7 日 前

    me being too scared to touch rotten old food gordon squishes it. me: jesus hes braver than me and much better than me

  39. jamie C

    jamie C8 日 前

    Wow....The first thing that made me go wait what. Is when of the kids said I just finished high school and they all talking like their young and I honestly believe that all of them were in their 30's until I started seeing their ages being displayed. Holy shit.

  40. Liza Madrigal

    Liza Madrigal8 日 前

    The best episode I ever watched...

  41. Liza Madrigal

    Liza Madrigal8 日 前

    I'd be hurt if I hear the same things from my kids..

  42. Talise

    Talise8 日 前


  43. Ners Cassion

    Ners Cassion8 日 前

    fuckin loud house hahahaha

  44. foreignSwaggerz mOrkjOhnjAehYun

    foreignSwaggerz mOrkjOhnjAehYun8 日 前

    but like arent they old enough for their parents not to have like complete control over them or something like that

  45. Zero .Karma

    Zero .Karma8 日 前

    You know you're in trouble when a dude with a permed mullet spits your food out.

  46. Blackboi 17

    Blackboi 178 日 前

    Let’s be’s mostly Jamal starting the arguments.

  47. Anthony Smith Jr

    Anthony Smith Jr8 日 前

    Gordon’s server is gorgeous.

  48. Mila Dimitrovska

    Mila Dimitrovska9 日 前

    Just started the video and everyone be roasting Jamal in the comments. Should I be scared? 🤣

  49. Mila Dimitrovska

    Mila Dimitrovska9 日 前

    Ok wow nevermind, I'm only halfway through and Jamal is trash.

  50. Amu Boss

    Amu Boss9 日 前

    I love that 19 y.o girl

  51. Alex bahak

    Alex bahak9 日 前

    i wanna know all their age who the oldest?

  52. Raxsan Miller

    Raxsan Miller9 日 前

    Those girls look exactly like their mother just straight up beautiful, that father just enjoys free labor poor kidz

  53. Meadow uwu

    Meadow uwu10 日 前

    I felt kinda bad for the father :

  54. Mackenzie Stanton

    Mackenzie Stanton10 日 前

    abby lee miller in the thumbnail?

  55. Arctic

    Arctic10 日 前

    How do you know that the steak you’ve cooked is medium-rare without cutting into it?

  56. Jory Meneer

    Jory Meneer7 日 前

    Push your thumb into it bud

  57. Kartikay Singh

    Kartikay Singh10 日 前

    The meet doesn't meat up to the standards 😂

  58. Odynni Donger

    Odynni Donger10 日 前

    Pff.. That wife.. Gorgeous.

  59. Beautiful V

    Beautiful V11 日 前

    *me pretending to be Ramsay*: that. Is.. dreadful Ramsay 1 second later: the decor is dreadful 🤣🤣🤣

  60. Saloshani Naidoo

    Saloshani Naidoo11 日 前

    It looks anemic 😄

  61. Rogamer XD

    Rogamer XD12 日 前

    34:26 He reminds me of gru

  62. megan mawdsley

    megan mawdsley13 日 前

    He has turned his children into slaves! He doesn’t pay them so they are trapped and have no choice but to work for him. They live in his house so again they have no choice but to do what he says. The mother needs to kick the b*****d out so her children can be free!

  63. Tony Tay

    Tony Tay14 日 前

    The 3 boys sound like 12 years old.

  64. bad santa

    bad santa14 日 前

    kind of usual arabic restaurant from all around the World......i thought it had to be like this 😁🤣🤣🤣

  65. Riyen Huq

    Riyen Huq15 日 前

    Gotta love the Arabs, they're so honest.

  66. among de sassyyevil

    among de sassyyevil15 日 前

    send it back to new zealand..LOL

  67. Homa Simpson

    Homa Simpson16 日 前

    Psychologist Gordon Ramsey in another episode Kitchen psychology , Gordon is a chef too by the way , not many people know that fact. Check out Gordens other shows about mental illness , some of the people he is sent to treat are completely beyond help though , their mental illness is too severe

  68. naki gamer

    naki gamer17 日 前

    He is the only owner that doesn't argue with ramsey n he's so quite

  69. Doran Amatto

    Doran Amatto17 日 前

    Closed two weeks after this aired. Sam was smart by selling his restaurant with Ramsays free upgrades.

  70. The Joker

    The Joker18 日 前

    Those 2 daughters are beautiful

  71. The Joker

    The Joker18 日 前

    I want someone that looks at me like that waitres looks at Ramsey.

  72. Lady Yam

    Lady Yam18 日 前

    I really loved this episode . My God !

  73. azrin14

    azrin1419 日 前

    Malaysia all the way girl. Come here fill your belly XD

  74. 👈😎👈

    👈😎👈19 日 前

    Jamal starts an arguement every time he speaks goddamn

  75. elkhalil madani

    elkhalil madani20 日 前

    ramsey knows what he's talking about... at the end... it's really kabab not kabob

  76. Bluenaticon

    Bluenaticon20 日 前

    7 years passed but this is the only episode made me tear

  77. Husikingach

    Husikingach21 日 前

    reminds me of my father he forced me to be an officer when all I wanted to do was to be a pianist . will my dad understand my dreams ? no , he tells me everytime I meet him there's no way I can be someone great I will fail and become a begger .

  78. Cherie French

    Cherie French21 日 前

    Old world style, old religious values, in a new country where the kids are exposed to new ways, and kids not grateful enough to make sure parents and younger siblings are safely cared for as they move on.

  79. Michael Burness

    Michael Burness21 日 前

    "you only 19yrs old" Blows me away that he still thinks there kids.

  80. Michael Burness

    Michael Burness21 日 前

    Why are owners scared of Health Inspectors when so many of these Kitchen NIGHTMARES have a A-grade. Or maybe they just buy the A-grade. Maybe if you compare it to where the Corona-virus came from. 🤪😨🤢🤮🤮🤬🤮🤮

  81. Michael Burness

    Michael Burness21 日 前

    If Ramsey is coming to your restaurant at the very least buy and use salt.

  82. Michael Burness

    Michael Burness21 日 前

    We get it, you spin shit on your finger. 😒😔 🇦🇺

  83. canadian_gamerzs lol

    canadian_gamerzs lol21 日 前

    THE OLDEST SUN NEEDS A BOOT UP HIS A-S LAZY KID REST KIDS WORKING IN KITCHEN HE SPINNING A TRY WOW HARD WORKER THERE....THE RICKY MARTEN wanna be needs life lesson and ass woopin and relize he nothing standin around doing nothing ...and talking to his sisters way he does ...i pitty his future gf or wife