1. Siti Komariah

    Siti Komariah時間 前

    I like the waitress😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  2. Nathan Maguad

    Nathan Maguad2 時間 前

    They take the cranbery attic to feem their animals lol

  3. Nathan Maguad

    Nathan Maguad2 時間 前

    They take the cranbery attic to feem their animals lol

  4. Mariah Hiwatari

    Mariah Hiwatari2 時間 前

    This show without the background music would be so awkward lmao

  5. TheGermanOak

    TheGermanOak14 時間 前

    Why are there such stupid undertitels? Is that because of a legal matter? Unbelievable the kitchens.... Could not work in those... to used to european kitchen systems! To be honest.... Food wise I am shocked you need G. R. and don't see that yourself!

  6. mandaberi

    mandaberi14 時間 前

    You love him because you like his company? That's it? You don't build each other up. You don't respect him. You don't support his dreams. You're not compassionate or kind or thoughtful. And frankly your company sucks on camera so I'm sure you're way worse off camera.

  7. BrianaBee Lundii

    BrianaBee Lundii18 時間 前

    One episode that actually made me cry when he finally pass over the restaurant to Andrea 🥺😪

  8. Joel Kitcher

    Joel Kitcher22 時間 前

    Gordon: Who's the stubborn one in this relationship? Big Greek man: Andrea Gordon: And she gets it from? Big Greek man: From her father 0_0 ...Oh my days

  9. Maya Holmes

    Maya Holmes22 時間 前

    I love Gordon Ramsey 😀😀😀💜

  10. Jaywhite Zeus

    Jaywhite Zeus日 前

    My heary went oopsss

  11. Danish Fikry

    Danish Fikry日 前

    He said he has a lot of balls

  12. Syukri Bujang

    Syukri Bujang日 前

    Just want to know from local review,, how is the food now?

  13. Abhinav Umesh

    Abhinav Umesh6 時間 前

    It's taken over by Andrea, it's still open and she has a son now

  14. Maela

    Maela日 前

    omg this is SUCH A MOOD lol LIKE IF U AGREE :)

  15. Ah Rin

    Ah Rin日 前

    Season 6 is the worst ever

  16. Hom Tolland

    Hom Tolland日 前

    The waitress acts like a sniper is ready to shoot her anytime

  17. Granville Bennet

    Granville Bennet日 前

    I never heard one complaint/that's why i called Gordon in !!!!!!

  18. The Economist

    The Economist2 日 前

    The only thing that is hella fresh is Andrea

  19. Ashley Thomas

    Ashley Thomas2 日 前

    Well done again chef ramsy

  20. Marshal Coleman

    Marshal Coleman2 日 前

    Come to Jamaica 🇯🇲

  21. Jung Shim

    Jung Shim2 日 前

    Dan looks he’s about to cry all the time

  22. Paulie Walnuts

    Paulie Walnuts2 日 前

    The look on this guys face pissed me off! Conceited prick



    Where is another episode

  24. J Dawg

    J Dawg3 日 前

    22:40 “wrong, Thomas”... I’m not sure why I found this so hilarious

  25. Faye meakin

    Faye meakin3 日 前

    13:12 - 13:14 cracked me up so hard how quick she changed her expression

  26. GAMER zone

    GAMER zone3 日 前

    Yall simps man, she beautiful tho, nah but yall simps

  27. Anesu Chamboko

    Anesu Chamboko3 日 前

    Carla's reaction when ramsay didn't like the food is priceless😂😂

  28. Anesu Chamboko

    Anesu Chamboko3 日 前

    Carla had the biggest smile until chef ramsay said ooh

  29. Trapper040

    Trapper0403 日 前

    You can build a building with that frozen shit these are like rocks

  30. Dino's Kitchen

    Dino's Kitchen4 日 前

    39:55 A alien

  31. Tediuki Suzuki

    Tediuki Suzuki4 日 前

    So glad to hear that it was successfully turned around . Tom must have had some serious wedge to have run the disaster for so long. The kitchen staff must be over the moon. They always looked professional.

  32. Tediuki Suzuki

    Tediuki Suzuki4 日 前

    WATD radio station says it all . What A Total Disaster !

  33. After Burner

    After Burner4 日 前

    The MADNESS IS they are all JUST PLAIN LAZY ppl become so LAZY and as Gordon says theyre in Denial and call the Food they make FANTASTIC and its NOT. Im neber Goin to a Restarant AGAIN.

  34. Lovro Luketić

    Lovro Luketić4 日 前

    the husband made the dishes shit on purpose, for sure

  35. Lovro Luketić

    Lovro Luketić4 日 前

    its all staged anyways

  36. nirranj prabhu

    nirranj prabhu4 日 前

    The last few minutes was intense! Trusting a protege to take over and lead is one of the most important moment in anybody's life! I don't know how they are doing now! But this episode was one of the most best kitchen nightmares i have seen!

  37. Andrija Poleksic

    Andrija Poleksic5 日 前

    The waitress have really big teeths

  38. Dersin Ramon

    Dersin Ramon5 日 前

    Chef Ramsey, set him straight??!! Yeah 😂 bought fresh and put it freezer, next week, out of the bag and cooked fresh, hahaha 😂😁🤣, owner makes me laughing. Hey Tom, take out your head out of your asss

  39. Abim Erdous

    Abim Erdous5 日 前

    I am soooo happy for them!

  40. Sofija Koštrica

    Sofija Koštrica5 日 前

    Why do men always bring balls and dicks into the conversation... Like yeah you are arguing I'm pretty sure you both got junk down there why are you bringing the size od your Dicka ND the number of your balls into an argument over frozen meatloaf😂😂it doesn't matter if you got 2 balls or 13 balls if you got a 5inch or a 25inch if your meatloaf is frozen it's fcking frozen ffs😂😂😂but honestly that conversation was entertaining

  41. Butter Cup

    Butter Cup5 日 前

    The only reason they take it home is because they don't want to come back tomorrow.

  42. DEMAND KV 2

    DEMAND KV 25 日 前

    This is like public school Teacher *give exam* Students *cant do it* T "why cant you do it" S "you didnt thaught us how" T "because you are stupid and dont get grade A" S "what?!" T "you are disrespectful"

  43. Veclum VM

    Veclum VM6 日 前

    12:25 that is the most Sinister smile I’ve ever seen

  44. Kent Carl Benjo Gener

    Kent Carl Benjo Gener6 日 前

    The father had more character development than most characters today

  45. Kent Carl Benjo Gener

    Kent Carl Benjo Gener7 日 前

    The waitress serving Ramsey looks like she has seen things

  46. Tito Cristobal

    Tito Cristobal7 日 前

    I actually want to see that. Gordon Ramsay in a fist fight. That's awesome.

  47. Dean Turner

    Dean Turner7 日 前

    The "Makeover" was total garbage

  48. Ameer Aslam

    Ameer Aslam8 日 前

    The Dad has half a dozen balls

  49. Construction Workers Uk

    Construction Workers Uk8 日 前

    "it's kind of hard with this un quality product" And he's a native English speaker. Andrea is hot

  50. Kenpachi Zaraki

    Kenpachi Zaraki8 日 前

    I fucking love when delusional owners try to lecture multiple Michelin star chef about food ROFL. It's like a flat leather lecturing Stephen Hawking about physics.

  51. Homa Simpson

    Homa Simpson8 日 前

    Another episode of " Kitchen mental illness "

  52. keraman bin mohamad iemansh

    keraman bin mohamad iemansh8 日 前


  53. keraman bin mohamad iemansh

    keraman bin mohamad iemansh8 日 前

    I don no.

  54. keraman bin mohamad iemansh

    keraman bin mohamad iemansh8 日 前

    Besportoro ferzen

  55. keraman bin mohamad iemansh

    keraman bin mohamad iemansh8 日 前

    In hos "hestoreen nice . Ow"mey god food

  56. DreamBelief

    DreamBelief8 日 前

    Even I cried when he finally cheered his daughter on, praised her, and handed it over. My own father to this day never has, so I know how valuable it is.

  57. DreamBelief

    DreamBelief8 日 前

    "Only in America" - in reference to something that literally started in the UK that you guys copied. Right...

  58. Dirk The Doncic

    Dirk The Doncic8 日 前

    andrea is pretty

  59. shakeel uddin

    shakeel uddin8 日 前

    this show is so staged, how many times where we see an in denial stubborn person but then all if a sudden change on the spot when the show requires it to and realizing his errors.

  60. Tito Cristobal

    Tito Cristobal7 日 前

    That's because what is aired is not the entire scene that was filmed. That 3-minute scene may actually be 5-7 hours of filming, of people arguing and convincing the person they are wrong.

  61. dudley vernon

    dudley vernon8 日 前

    That lobster was nasty!

  62. Jissa1

    Jissa18 日 前

    Andrea is hot

  63. Najma 's life

    Najma 's life8 日 前

    It's insulting american ...In that sheria (law) that is what they Love...yap hahahahaha

  64. Charlene kusuma

    Charlene kusuma9 日 前

    Me watching this that Chef is a Piece Of SHĪT I like Chef Ramsay better . I think da food is piece of shit UwU Me eating this I will Puke and will say to da chef is he is piece of Shit >:)

  65. Markus Deininger

    Markus Deininger9 日 前

    The first thing i had done when he argues about everything in front of ramsey is put a gun to his head and said "tell that again one more time" and repeat this every single time he lies at something.."this has never happened in my life.."

  66. Peter Zettl

    Peter Zettl9 日 前

    13:13 wtf?!

  67. ahmet coşkun

    ahmet coşkun9 日 前


  68. maddie moncada

    maddie moncada10 日 前

    The waitress’ smile is going to give me nightmares

  69. Saroj Thapa

    Saroj Thapa11 日 前

    Best part ? 22:20

  70. overshir77

    overshir7711 日 前

    idk why but when i hear the voice, that dawm voice, even from a mile away, i still know its ramsey

  71. karim lavji

    karim lavji11 日 前

    Andrea's so pretty

  72. Harry Duck

    Harry Duck12 日 前

    Talk about trying to throw the daughter under the bus. What a douche

  73. among de sassyyevil

    among de sassyyevil12 日 前

    Welcome to my life..LOL

  74. Giuliana Ciccotelli

    Giuliana Ciccotelli12 日 前

    Tom reminds me The Scarface the way he talk 💣😂

  75. Lieke Joosting

    Lieke Joosting13 日 前

    🎶Tohom knows best🎶

  76. Lieke Joosting

    Lieke Joosting13 日 前

    🎶Tohom knows best🎶

  77. Lieke Joosting

    Lieke Joosting13 日 前

    My way, my way or the highway

  78. B4T1SH

    B4T1SH13 日 前

    16:47 Tom wants Gordon to explain why he insulted his food ME: ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT😐!?

  79. mzjadeth123

    mzjadeth12315 日 前

    Andrea is absolutely gorgeous 🥰

  80. A S

    A S15 日 前

    The owner when Gordon redoes the dining room interior "Only in America" You realize he has an entire show based in the UK? and he's a UK chef?

  81. Trapper040

    Trapper0403 日 前

    A S I thought the accent was obvious

  82. Simon Barr

    Simon Barr15 日 前

    "I just talka-the-talk, I a-never walka-the-walk."

  83. Rafael Resenite

    Rafael Resenite15 日 前

    why she is touching the salmon?? are you crazy?

  84. abdullah imtiaz

    abdullah imtiaz16 日 前

    Tom should be a politician because he is never wrong (sarcasm) and doesn't know what the heck he is talking about.

  85. Urf Planet

    Urf Planet16 日 前

    This smile will come back tonight...