Kitchen Nightmares US S02E08


  1. Michael

    Michael22 時間 前

    Owner: has a problem Chef Ramsay: *points out the problem* Owner: *BuT WhAt DoEs He KnOw*

  2. Abbey Pat

    Abbey Pat日 前

    Rude asf

  3. Hatt Hanz

    Hatt Hanz7 日 前

    i cant believe Sopranos characters are real

  4. Hannah Herbert

    Hannah Herbert7 日 前

    A guy from scotland, wtf does he know about lasanga.... Say's a guy who is american & probably never been to italy..

  5. bluuu jay gaming

    bluuu jay gaming10 日 前

    At 19.40 hes like a fat rapper who only knows how to cuss

  6. megan mawdsley

    megan mawdsley10 日 前

    If kitchen nightmares was still running I would send in a suggestion... teach the customers to eat with their mouths closed!

  7. Rachel Wilkinson

    Rachel Wilkinson10 日 前

    Yes I’m with you.

  8. Bree Topkuschi

    Bree Topkuschi10 日 前

    “My staff doesn’t listen to me all the time” has the same sort of incorrect sound as if someone said “everyone’s not cooperating”. I need a reddit expert lol

  9. Manon Tremblay

    Manon Tremblay10 日 前

    dear me, that man , bullshitting his way through life, blaming everybody for his crap and claiming he's the best and the boss, not able to take one piece of criticism. Reminds me of someone....

  10. Sydney

    Sydney11 日 前

    Ramsey has a comeback for every idiot owner attempting to bust his balls.

  11. Hidar Saadi

    Hidar Saadi11 日 前

    The most used word on kitchen nightmare is ^denial^

  12. Alexander Vermeersch

    Alexander Vermeersch11 日 前

    23:58 Woopsie forgot the wife

  13. Pete

    Pete12 日 前

    Plastic gangster 🤣🤣

  14. Karya C

    Karya C12 日 前

    Wonder how things are now hope they're going well for the guy

  15. holme1980

    holme198013 日 前

    Notice when the women with the lamb wants it cooked more the waiter asking for the lam after microwave aint the same as walking out the door and then when at the table he switched back....its stuff like that where u sometimes think its all fake made lol.

  16. Zack Koh

    Zack Koh13 日 前

    Every rude owner owes Gordon an apology

  17. Gumbo

    Gumbo13 日 前

    These guys always talk like they are gangsters , but they’re not. They almost sound like they speak Italian but they don’t.

  18. Leam D

    Leam D13 日 前

    Every episode I watch I think I've seen the worst owner yet. What a lying scumbag.

  19. arshiya kafi

    arshiya kafi14 日 前

    He lost his restaurant and now he is a chef at a gas station

  20. pepega forever

    pepega forever14 日 前

    you know what you can do anything unless your work is not not hurting some1

  21. toxinGP

    toxinGP15 日 前

    i could never fully hate sammy for being an asshole because i'm pretty sure the main reason quality started to drop and attitude started to worsen is because of his hero passing away

  22. Enzo

    Enzo15 日 前

    33:33 "More attractive" *instant cut to his gf*

  23. Elite gamer123

    Elite gamer12316 日 前

    i want to hit sammy with a aeroplane

  24. Marvin Maquillao

    Marvin Maquillao17 日 前

    Hey Lauren, you should be my girlfriend instead. Why hang out with Sammy? He looks like a toad 😂😂😂

  25. Kit

    Kit18 日 前

    Yet another kitchen full of Mexican immigrants. And people are confused as to why it it failing.......

  26. John Green

    John Green18 日 前

    Gordon I just find your tv series Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted. it's Great.

  27. Anthony Kennedy

    Anthony Kennedy18 日 前

    The Lamb entered the Microwave Protection Program

  28. Prathu pratham

    Prathu pratham19 日 前

    Finally someone who can swear more than Gordon

  29. Blaz _

    Blaz _19 日 前

    Sammy maybe is from Italy, but his genes are not Italian. He has a strong resemblance to Illiric people (Albanians).

  30. Anthony Kennedy

    Anthony Kennedy18 日 前

    Close enough genetically

  31. Kiki Crocs

    Kiki Crocs19 日 前

    Gordon will be given blood oath by sammy

  32. Rohan 666

    Rohan 66619 日 前

    15:43 Damn😍

  33. Noctiflora

    Noctiflora20 日 前

    Sammy: "Actually, they're the best balls in town." Gordon: ... ok

  34. Juan Miguel Dela Torre

    Juan Miguel Dela Torre20 日 前

    Not more than 5 minutes into the video and I could already identify the problem.

  35. Michael Burness

    Michael Burness21 日 前

    I wonder how many takes it took him when saying how awesome he is or is he actually dead serious 😕😒

  36. Alka Kapur

    Alka Kapur21 日 前

    Sammy is such a prick and I can’t believe he even got a girlfriend in the first place

  37. Keito Nurigawa

    Keito Nurigawa21 日 前

    Gordon: *The place is spotless. Absolutely spotless, amazing.* Me: *Well, when you never see that coming 😏.* Gordon: *(Opened the drawer.) WHAT THE *****

  38. VulKus

    VulKus22 日 前

    My room in a nutshell: “This place is spotless. Absolutely amazing.” *opens one draw* *”What the F-“*

  39. wawii

    wawii22 日 前

    "It's not bad" but it's still not good

  40. wawii

    wawii22 日 前

    "This guy's out of control" If Gordon is outta control, then you should have been sitting in an asylum right now

  41. John Barwick

    John Barwick23 日 前

    I lost it when Sammy said that someone needs to put Gordon in line 😂

  42. Hoowahoowa

    Hoowahoowa23 日 前

    Sammy, you walrus looking fuck

  43. ツAisha

    ツAisha24 日 前

    tbh id rather have no friends than go to his restaurant (Sorry if i spelled anything wrong im not English)

  44. Burt Manucci

    Burt Manucci25 日 前

    This episode feels way too fake. I feel like the only thing with the restorant wasnt popular anymore so they called up gordon and made it look like the problem was sammy. Probably a fake persona to make the episode happen. Because everything else was completely fine. In the kitchen they just placed the cooked chiken with the raw one to make more content for the show. Amys cooking company episode feels the same way. They kinda feel like actresses but who knows, maybe they are that way and are just overreacting for the content ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  45. Burt Manucci

    Burt Manucci25 日 前

    okay nvm "Practically a month after this episode, Sammy was evicted. He vandalised the restaurant before going and got arrested for it. He then opened Sabatiello's Gourmet Pizza which also closed, because he didn't pay the rent. At some point he was arrested for unauthorised use of credit cards - he used tens of thousands of dollars of other people's money. He spent time in jail and now works in a petrol station making pizza."

  46. Michael Abimbola

    Michael Abimbola25 日 前

    How the heck does he have a girlfriend

  47. Chicken nuggets Crumbs

    Chicken nuggets Crumbs25 日 前

    "hose just make the food dammit "

  48. Living With Nia

    Living With Nia26 日 前

    Is anyone else confused how Sammy found such a kind pretty girl.

  49. ll-HoLeStEn-ll

    ll-HoLeStEn-ll7 日 前

    しらいしく【CleanClouds】 i sure do , you should learn from the handsome guy boy

  50. しらいしく【CleanClouds】

    しらいしく【CleanClouds】7 日 前

    @ll-HoLeStEn-ll Ohh the handsome dude got some lines

  51. dominic tyrell

    dominic tyrell8 日 前

    I am bro! Men like him shouldn’t even have girlfriends. It can turn into abusive relationships.

  52. William Peryouar

    William Peryouar12 日 前

    Stalked & scared/beat her til she buckled under pressure? Now she's scared to leave?

  53. ll-HoLeStEn-ll

    ll-HoLeStEn-ll13 日 前

    RUG 456 😂🤣🤘


    MEME GAMERZ28 日 前

    Gordon:tells that the food is bad.. Sam:talks back... Everyone watching:COFFIN DANCE...


    MEME GAMERZ28 日 前

    Ooh yes this corps last 2 days... Lets leave it in the hospital.. And lets pick it up tomorrow...


    MEME GAMERZ28 日 前

    Him:my restraunt is my life... Gordon:walks towards the restraunt... Me:HIS LIFE IS GONE...


    MEME GAMERZ28 日 前

    When the owner or the chef taljs back... The narrator:3 2 1 FIGHT......

  58. Comrade Cheeki

    Comrade Cheeki29 日 前

    Sam is like a penguin just going to people and disturbing them

  59. Joe harvey Robertson

    Joe harvey Robertson29 日 前

    Why does everyone think Gordon is Scottish

  60. 중유미

    중유미ヶ月 前

    Me the whole time watching sammy: "AttItUde kA ghOrl?"

  61. 중유미

    중유미ヶ月 前

    ON A MARATHONNNNN And of course Laughing my ass off cuz of the comments😂

  62. Loui Hampton

    Loui Hamptonヶ月 前

    Owner reminds me of Ursula of the little mermaid little fat nugget

  63. Azhar k

    Azhar kヶ月 前

    Quite rare not to have a restaurant redecorated.

  64. shohil ali

    shohil aliヶ月 前

    Bro sammys wife THICC ASFFFF

  65. Doinderbood

    Doinderboodヶ月 前

    Owner- That’s the soup to get them for ready for the wedding Gordon- rather get divorce 🤣😂😂😂

  66. Gallo Shank

    Gallo Shankヶ月 前

    If i was Gordon I would of walked out, sammy a fucking coke head wannabe wise guy

  67. Namie_ Lanz

    Namie_ Lanzヶ月 前

    They used chef mike again... Chef mikrowave😁😂

  68. Abhinaya Farrel Gardamandala

    Abhinaya Farrel Gardamandalaヶ月 前

    He's no longer person in denial. He IS Delusional

  69. Paul Golle

    Paul Golleヶ月 前

    Are all Italians 50s gangsters in the US

  70. StainderFin

    StainderFinヶ月 前

    Al Caponi restaurant with Luigi and Vinnie XD also the microwave what actually does all the work

  71. Piotr kukliński

    Piotr kuklińskiヶ月 前

    By the way.That hostess is THICC 😍😍.She needs to jump on me instead of this fat sack of mush potatoes.

  72. Piotr kukliński

    Piotr kuklińskiヶ月 前

    "I wouldnt be this far being a dishonest lying cheat" Yeah,this far in debt

  73. Ana With One N

    Ana With One Nヶ月 前

    Sammys so mad hes “fumigating”. 🤣🤣🤣

  74. HEEMO

    HEEMOヶ月 前

    I honestly would've sit and watch him ruin his life i don't deal with bullshit

  75. Liat Liati

    Liat Liatiヶ月 前

    Instead of the costumer, I would have already thrown the plate on his stupid dumb face when he asked her about the microwave company, but that's only me..

  76. ARandomBicth

    ARandomBicthヶ月 前

    If anyone was wondering, here’s what happened to Sabatiello after the episode aired: "Sabatiello's closed in October 2008. A Chowhound review prior to closure was negative. Prior to closing there was a sign outside the restaurant and a flyer handed out that read "Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's favorite Italian in Fairfield County". Sammy opened Sabatiello Gourmet Pizza in Riverside in December 2008 which closed as the rent was not paid. Sammy was arrested for trashing his restaurant and unauthorised use of credit cards. He can now be found working as a Chef in New York at The Appalachian Market, a gas station that also serves food, Pizza being a speciality." ( Soooo yeah. I’m not surprised.

  77. M Mathieson

    M Mathiesonヶ月 前

    Honestly If you’re not binge watching kitchen nightmare in quarantine, you’re doing it wrong.

  78. kevinkever2000

    kevinkever2000ヶ月 前

    38:50 hah everything at STEAK

  79. SomeAccount

    SomeAccountヶ月 前

    "Someone needs to put the 16 Michelin star chef in line". Jesus christ, the delusion.

  80. Ben

    Benヶ月 前

    20:10 - you can almost say....... a Kitchen Nightmare

  81. Ben

    Benヶ月 前

    Regardless of the fact that Sammy acted like a twat, that woman's lamb chops were medium, so why would she want it cooked more if the was more done than what she wanted it. Because she said she wanted it medium rare...

  82. adeline tan

    adeline tanヶ月 前

    you're right. its not bad. its effing disgustingly ghastly

  83. That person Over there

    That person Over thereヶ月 前

    Best balls in town

  84. Arif Vun

    Arif Vunヶ月 前

    This dude is straight up lying as if he’s not on camera HAHAHAH

  85. Rainier Jansen

    Rainier Jansenヶ月 前

    Gordon: says food is bad Owner: He should be happy we didn't shoot him wtf???

  86. Rachmat Abbid Khairunnas

    Rachmat Abbid Khairunnasヶ月 前

    Sammy: Nobody talks to me like that! Well yes thats the problem, nobody has ever talk to you like that, hence you cant accept any criticism thru your thick skull.

  87. Toni Tingle

    Toni Tingleヶ月 前

    Since I’ve been binging these episodes, I feel the need to ask when the food cooked before ordering when I go out to eat. Because wtf