Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 6 Episode 2 - Full Episode


  1. Alvaro Fernandez

    Alvaro Fernandez34 分 前


  2. Assaj Ventress

    Assaj Ventress時間 前

    His wife has the nicest southern accent.



    People don’t talk about how Gordon will call girls darling, treats kids and waiters so well, and will say to waiters stuff like “don’t be sorry it isn’t your fault. He will also upgrade restaurants for free. He is so great he only cusss at crazy people who are just doing everything wrong

  4. Amina Rauf

    Amina Rauf3 時間 前

    I WAS eating but I watched this and it runed my appetite

  5. Nikolas DeRosa

    Nikolas DeRosa4 時間 前

    I went here last summer and it was downright incredible, 5 stars

  6. Tech

    Tech4 時間 前

    Umm why did she jump?!?!

  7. Suffering From Mood Poisoning

    Suffering From Mood Poisoning6 時間 前

    Scientists: The earth is round-- Pete: I disagree with you.

  8. ItzzBirdd

    ItzzBirdd7 時間 前

    bro the waitress is hot no cap

  9. Jonathan Francisco

    Jonathan Francisco8 時間 前

    so does anyone know seletinas (waitress) Instagram I'm pretty sure its spelled incorrectly but she is fucking fire

  10. matthew hughes

    matthew hughes9 時間 前

    "I would put my pizza up against anybody in the country" Loses to a frozen pizza 😂

  11. Frostik

    Frostik13 時間 前

    ive never heard a man say shutup with an identical tone so many times

  12. miyubail

    miyubail14 時間 前

    I love thick Chicago style pizza but it has to have a crispy bottom and bubbling top.

  13. kerowrld

    kerowrld16 時間 前

    wHaT dAa hElL aReeE u GuuYgDs ddOoIn

  14. Arosifu

    Arosifu18 時間 前

    God: Pete you're going to heaven Pete: I disagree with you God: *OKAY*

  15. Your Best Friend Spinel

    Your Best Friend Spinel19 時間 前

    I could fill a a swimming pool with all that grease

  16. Ghosty

    Ghosty20 時間 前

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Pete:Just shut up

  17. Joshua Amor

    Joshua Amor22 時間 前

    Am I the only one who wants to see the thick crust

  18. Dexter Braendle

    Dexter Braendle日 前

    I feel bad for saying this, but that sausage pizza in the beginning looks really good.

  19. Hotdog Man

    Hotdog Man日 前

    “What the fuck is going on, Chef?” Ok that was funny

  20. Ryan Sanil

    Ryan Sanil日 前

    Props to gordon for helping wolfgang puck

  21. Tripta Thind

    Tripta Thind日 前

    Count how many times he goes, "I disagree with you. 👁👄👁"

  22. Xeric

    Xeric日 前

    That awkward moment when you say that 2 people are going with you to Vegas and all 3 people in front of you react as if they're going... Also, it's a little obvious that the show throws them into their new restaurant routine full force too fast to get stress reactions. Maybe run them through the routing and do some test orders first. Also Also, respect that above everything wrong with this place, the food was NOT ROTTEN OR MOLDY!!!

  23. Geneva Mabanta

    Geneva Mabanta日 前

    Arogant greek.need to have a vacation in italy... and know how pizza its all about....fancy greek...

  24. Magmaboyx8

    Magmaboyx8日 前

    I’m honestly impressed with the test. I’m surprised anyone liked his over the others.

  25. He11mo

    He11mo日 前

    the MVP and scene savior of this episode.. is CELESTINA. what a lovely lady she was.. What a lovely girl.

  26. Hussein Bdeir

    Hussein Bdeir日 前

    If your a real Gordon Ramsay fan the. You’ll remember this. Hey hey you ya fuck off upstairs, wait...fuck off

  27. GELLYUOgaming channel

    GELLYUOgaming channel日 前

    Omg i need chef ramsay. That someday i opened business to. He also change all and make it better than better. That's a good business,team up and very nice handle in business!

  28. Yois Jimenez

    Yois Jimenez日 前

    I'm here thinking how gross looks the food but I could eat a frozen tortilla with spaguetti :v

  29. David And Mark

    David And Mark日 前

    This is one of the best episodes of kitchen nightmares

  30. Hugh McMuffin

    Hugh McMuffin日 前

    The waitress was so nice though

  31. DavidRY

    DavidRY日 前

    If anyone’s here still, can someone tell me who the person in the far right is 34:08

  32. Sab K

    Sab K日 前

    Probably a relative or other employee

  33. Can we get 1000 Subscribers with no videos

    Can we get 1000 Subscribers with no videos2 日 前

    Pete: Chef Ramsay was a kid when I started. I think I should know more then he does. Me: *Visible confusion*

  34. Nov Rikz

    Nov Rikz2 日 前

    Tose metbals is an insault to sveden sry for bad england

  35. dashy xyz

    dashy xyz2 日 前


  36. M644theawesome

    M644theawesome2 日 前

    I think season 7 disappeared on this channel, i know one playlist isnt there anymore

  37. woosung ko

    woosung ko2 日 前

    "Chef Ramsay was a kid when I started cooking. I should know a little bit more than him" Then why did you call Gordon Ramsay for help?

  38. woosung ko

    woosung ko17 時間 前

    maybe I should have reworded it to "wanting Gordon Ramsay's help"

  39. woosung ko

    woosung ko17 時間 前

    @Aidan Semic I do know that restaurants send video entries, I'm just writing it shorter. I wasn't exactly saying he literally called Gordon

  40. Aidan Semic

    Aidan Semic18 時間 前

    I don’t think you understand how it works. They didn’t call him and he came. Every restaurant sends in a video from Gordon’s team and they set up cameras to record what’s happening. And then he goes to whichever restaurant he feels. That’s why Paulette was so surprised at the beginning

  41. Guitar And Stuff

    Guitar And Stuff2 日 前

    I’m a about to ruin this mans whole career.

  42. Marius Rinkevicius

    Marius Rinkevicius2 日 前

    It’s still open with amazing reviews.

  43. Du Fucking Sej

    Du Fucking Sej2 日 前

    I Think the meatball hero, would be tasting sick

  44. Catgamer147

    Catgamer1472 日 前

    Wow Pete doesn’t care about the quality of his food how can anyone call him a chef

  45. Muhtasim Mahin

    Muhtasim Mahin2 日 前

    I hate the fact that those disgusting foods made my mouth wet...Because of qurantine lockdown i haven’t eaten any fastfood for like 6 month and im craving for pizza

  46. Jean-philippe cestmoi

    Jean-philippe cestmoi2 日 前

    J love this guy ...he can t make carbonara..and give lessons :-)...fake guy

  47. Oil Pillow

    Oil Pillow2 日 前

    Me, eating frozen mac n cheese: That's a disgrace to cooking

  48. Grinicide

    Grinicide2 日 前

    someones gotta get me in touch wit celestina

  49. Skittleless

    Skittleless2 日 前

    The future is now old man

  50. karina rodarte

    karina rodarte3 日 前

    stop it at 4 20 bhruu it said best pizza luuuuuul

  51. some dude

    some dude3 日 前

    Though the food looks bad on here I'd eat any other pizza rn ngl

  52. John Davis

    John Davis3 日 前

    Gordon should de a drill Sargent

  53. Danny Boy

    Danny Boy3 日 前

    Look at that titty bounce 34:10

  54. Xx_Dashy Yuan_xX

    Xx_Dashy Yuan_xX3 日 前

    Amy B: "I'm The Most Stubborn Owner" Pete: "I Disagree With You"

  55. Vero Morales

    Vero Morales3 日 前

    again, people love my food, thats the best seller...........there´s nobody in the resaurant...WHO are the people that love the food when there´s nobody there

  56. R

    R3 日 前

    Suggestion: new season should have consultant either on or off the show because one doesn't fit all

  57. R

    R3 日 前

    17:16 he was excited thinking it was positive :( i mean the first dish was obviously tasty but too much so Gordon should have said that :( he is an old man it is difficult for him to suddenly wake up and see he is no longer the young successful man he was and i bet he did not change but the world changed and new people grew and demanding different things.. i just wish Gordon compliment if it was earned and remember these are real people and just a show

  58. jonasvm88

    jonasvm883 日 前

    i have plenty of people that they love my meatball 17:15

  59. ShakyBobcat 7554

    ShakyBobcat 75543 日 前

    Is it just me or is the young waitress cute af

  60. S taiOn

    S taiOn3 日 前

    Τι τον θέλατε τον κλόουν;Δεν τους φοβάμαι μα αυτός ήταν σκέτη φρίκη!😂

  61. scorpion MK11

    scorpion MK113 日 前

    He cant take jokes

  62. Ahmed Mostafa

    Ahmed Mostafa3 日 前

    Anyone: Tells Pete the truth Pete: Oh ShUt Up!

  63. Gavin Murphy

    Gavin Murphy3 日 前

    Pete: "When Gordon Ramsey tastes my pizza, he is going to go to heaven" Because you are going to kill him

  64. Du Fucking Sej

    Du Fucking Sej2 日 前

    This Comment is taken, dont Think ur cool.

  65. Lydia Dreamurr

    Lydia Dreamurr3 日 前

    16:33 The damn thing is still alive!

  66. Marcel Nanar

    Marcel Nanar3 日 前

    March 10th 1985 was a sunday not a momday,this man is a lier

  67. GunMasterG9 YT

    GunMasterG9 YT3 日 前

    Awesome 👍

  68. Gardenhead

    Gardenhead3 日 前

    The owner sounds like Tommy wiseau

  69. Angel Racer

    Angel Racer3 日 前

    I feel bad for the people who would gave robbed that place before Gordon ramsy

  70. Daniel Hui

    Daniel Hui3 日 前

    jesus christ that pasta made me throw up holy shit

  71. DakkTribal

    DakkTribal4 日 前

    To be honest, if the cheese didnt melt off that pizza like ooze i would have loved to try it

  72. Gabriel Tessier

    Gabriel Tessier4 日 前

    Nobody: The Waitress: No problem

  73. CyanPhoenix

    CyanPhoenix4 日 前

    random guy - "i've had better cat food" Ramsay - "i want to know where you were eating cat food" random guy - "long story" LOL

  74. Doggo

    Doggo4 日 前

    Lol i like raw dough

  75. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow4 日 前

    Costco pizza probably tastes better than Pete's...

  76. Daniel Mont

    Daniel Mont4 日 前

    Who the fuck eats pizza with a afork and knife

  77. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow4 日 前

    Doctor: You are tested positive for coronav- Pete: Just shut up! *The Next Day* BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus outbreak is over!

  78. Mattlucena10

    Mattlucena104 日 前

    Celestia wtw.

  79. Mattlucena10

    Mattlucena104 日 前

    Celestina*** ight i need simp nation to find me an @

  80. ComoEsPosible!

    ComoEsPosible!4 日 前

    God : You’re now in heaven.. Pete : *I disagree with you.* God : Ok, you’re going back. -jk-

  81. Sidharth Ramesh

    Sidharth Ramesh4 日 前

    Pete: "What are you doing to me, Chef?" Gordon: "I'm taking you for dinner" The side of Gordon Ramsay not many people talk about

  82. Juan Rafael Legazpi

    Juan Rafael Legazpi4 日 前

    Gordon: The Titanic sank in 1912. Pete: I disagree with you.

  83. koo kai koo kai

    koo kai koo kai4 日 前

    15:11 That’s the thin crust? I’m curious what the stuffed crust is

  84. Rage Monster

    Rage Monster5 日 前

    You now sadly I could probably cook a pizza better and I have only cook one that wasn’t a frozen one

  85. Kevin prendiville

    Kevin prendiville5 日 前

    "Here's your sausage pizza" Line was obviously stitched together in editing, like we Americans wouldn't know what a damn pizza was

  86. KindredLemon

    KindredLemon5 日 前

    I'm pretty sure Josh is the king of foreheads himself! (BrickyOrchid8) they looks exactly the same!

  87. Vudoo128

    Vudoo1285 日 前

    When you don’t see people wearing masks in public 31:26

  88. John Mutz

    John Mutz5 日 前

    75%, 15%, 10% exact composition of black powder, which is what that pizza looked like.

  89. Neon Tetris_RBX

    Neon Tetris_RBX5 日 前

    that pizza at the start would have made me vegan if I ate it

  90. yam gin.

    yam gin.5 日 前

    Gordon: its a zero not a hero Pete: i disagree with you

  91. Hans Leander

    Hans Leander5 日 前

    Pete is saying, I have more experience than these two together. What is experience: 1: is it to do the same stuff over and over again for years? 2: is it to learn new things along the way? There is only one correct answer.

  92. Virus Gaming

    Virus Gaming5 日 前

    If Gordon Yells Everyday he can be Army

  93. Rifatplays 100 - react me

    Rifatplays 100 - react me5 日 前

    If this guy had the best pizza then how come he has small restaurant

  94. lil frosty69

    lil frosty695 日 前

    Im 15 yrs old and i bet you i can make the best pizza than pete

  95. Dude perfect Jr

    Dude perfect Jr6 日 前

    The world record for cussing Ramsey coming out of nowhere. The guy from Amy’s nope

  96. Frankli Gonzalez

    Frankli Gonzalez6 日 前

    Even little cesers pizza is better

  97. Zuliany Aguilar

    Zuliany Aguilar6 日 前

    15:49 The pizza's so bad that the fly doesn't even want to eat it.

  98. Dimitri Bermudez

    Dimitri Bermudez6 日 前

    bruh i just saw a whole can bruh !!!!!!!

  99. John Jared

    John Jared6 日 前

    How cute waitress😅

  100. Soap-Macduckish 141

    Soap-Macduckish 1416 日 前

    “He’s going to go to heaven today”no he’ll go to back to Hell’s Kitchen

  101. Cyanide

    Cyanide6 日 前

    I wouldn't be surprised if all the ingredients were from 1985 this man is so deep in his time warp

  102. Coke Pepsi dew

    Coke Pepsi dew6 日 前

    The pizza looks the same as school pizza 🤮🤢

  103. Gginhtchat Clap

    Gginhtchat Clap6 日 前

    *I disagree with you*

  104. Say Cheese

    Say Cheese6 日 前

    You agree with me

  105. actiondork

    actiondork6 日 前

    Nurse Ratchett, is that you?!

  106. Ruthless Racing

    Ruthless Racing6 日 前

    That's a totally normal sized calzone. Shittily made, but normal sized.

  107. Gonzales Frederic

    Gonzales Frederic6 日 前

    "That's how confident l am about my pizza" ... Hem, that's how delusional he is about his pizza...