Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 6 Episode 2 - Full Episode


  1. antonio cansay

    antonio cansay9 分 前

    34:11 in 0.25x speed Thank me later :)

  2. Mădălina Gulereanu

    Mădălina Gulereanu5 時間 前

    Me: _eww that pizza looks gross_ My sister: _yea_ My dog: _I can eat everything_

  3. Mostafa Cell

    Mostafa Cell9 時間 前

    I feel bad about the food they throw in the trash when they can give it to the homeless and poor people who would love to have this food even if people say it is disgusting 😔

  4. Zone_Luck

    Zone_Luck12 時間 前

    'I still gonna disagree with you chef"

  5. jeje691

    jeje69113 時間 前

    Hugh Hefner on the thumbnail got me here

  6. Jake Glasby

    Jake Glasby14 時間 前

    Petes top five phrases 1. I disagree with you 2. I don’t know 3. Who knows 4. I don’t know what he’s on about 5. I still disagree with you

  7. Retno Winarti78

    Retno Winarti7815 時間 前

    Ramsey like an angel we love you ramsey

  8. HerHollyness

    HerHollyness15 時間 前

    How did Gordon get hold of one of the restaurant’s pizzas for his little taste test without the owner or the chef knowing? 🤔

  9. Stevenall

    Stevenall16 時間 前

    I'm so sadistic I'm eating while watching these.

  10. Thomas Fischer

    Thomas Fischer20 時間 前

    17:20 He is proud of his meatballs

  11. Kratatch

    Kratatch21 時間 前

    If he never seen a calzone that full he have not been to sweden. I thought that one was tiny.

  12. Snake_OW

    Snake_OW日 前

    where can i get a pizza like that in Toronto

  13. Hashimoto Giichi

    Hashimoto Giichi日 前

    This siesta they are talking about its complete fauls especially these days ... i am saying this bc some people think greek people are lazy but thats not true . My father and mother are working more than 8 our continuously every day

  14. A noob

    A noob日 前

    Once a wise old boy said, The Problem with chef ramsay is he never eaten a classic pizza. he only have eaten fancy pizza which is cooked perfectly, doesn,t have 1 gallon of oil in it and those pizzas crust are actually thin.... i hate those pizzas. 🧐

  15. SwagicalKitten

    SwagicalKitten日 前

    24:59 No such thing man

  16. A noob

    A noob日 前

    After seeing the pizza i now understand why america needs so much oil. They are putting all of their oil in the pizza.

  17. leon huy

    leon huy日 前

    34:10 that bounce thou

  18. Kyouka Sira

    Kyouka Sira日 前

    i got crush on the server she is so cute

  19. Third Kabuki

    Third Kabuki日 前

    For real i dont care even if its greasy i will still fucking eat it because ima pizza person lolz

  20. Bangalore Trail Rider

    Bangalore Trail Rider日 前

    The fact is that Gordon got Pete to see the real picture that not only he is hurting the business but family too. Since Pete's changed they are going forward as a family. It's important that family businesses survive. So thanks to Gordon.

  21. Leonardo Cucchiara

    Leonardo Cucchiara2 日 前

    I can't get over the fact that 10% of the people actually liked that atrocity!

  22. Garth Richert

    Garth Richert2 日 前

    The real nightmare is the 'Rams' swearing and rotten language..

  23. mariamroselan

    mariamroselan2 日 前

    gabe looks cute

  24. Luan Santilli

    Luan Santilli2 日 前

    34:10 jiggly tatas hehehehe

  25. Djohn Francisco

    Djohn Francisco3 日 前

    All of this ep are not scripted right?

  26. Lukemusic

    Lukemusic3 日 前

    It’s incredible when you just see the change of the menus and the restaurant. I’m glad that Pete kept it going once he went and made amazing food, even though he was very cold hearted at the Start. Well done the Pantalonies!

  27. Cass Beckett

    Cass Beckett3 日 前

    Celestia is gorgeous aw

  28. Vlad Enache

    Vlad Enache3 日 前

    Pete looks exactly like the old man in Detroit: Become Human

  29. Divyansh Sharma

    Divyansh Sharma3 日 前

    Caesar palace immediately reminds me of HANGOVER III 😂

  30. Unidud3

    Unidud33 日 前

    When he super old, Pete is gonna disagree with Alzheimer’s and remember everything

  31. No Not today

    No Not today3 日 前


  32. Dwie WwX

    Dwie WwX3 日 前

    let's agree to disagree

  33. Bob Romeo

    Bob Romeo3 日 前

    Script kitchen would be a more appropriate name!

  34. I Am Mathers

    I Am Mathers4 日 前

    23:10 Pete just casually asks for a smoke and proceedes to stole the whole packet.

  35. Jamie Cottrell

    Jamie Cottrell4 日 前

    Was the food this bad in the '80s, and people's standards have risen, or have Pete's standards dropped? Also, how did either of things happen so drastically?

  36. Misha Wolf

    Misha Wolf4 日 前

    Well, at least it is not frozen of out of a microwave....

  37. Misha Wolf

    Misha Wolf4 日 前

    A lot of owners and chef's seem to forget, you are only as good as the last plate of food you put out. What you did 10, 5 , 2 years ago, even yesterday means nothing if you don't do it well today. as a qualified and professional chef i have never lost sight of this and enjoy a solid rep in my community.

  38. Papsie raps

    Papsie raps4 日 前

    Me : you're the best pizza maker in the world Pete : I don't agReE wiTh yOu

  39. Le Blanky

    Le Blanky4 日 前

    “I am very proud of my meatballs”

  40. mandude03 Videos

    mandude03 Videos4 日 前

    Quote of the day "I disagree with you"

  41. Summer Rose

    Summer Rose5 日 前

    I'm so happy that this Kitchen Nightmare had a good ending! The new restaurant looks amazing and the food looks delicious! Glad the they are still open lol. I was however so disappointed and angry at the way Pete treated his wife. Telling her to shut up and disregarding everything she had to say? Seriously not cool, especially when he has spent all of their lifesavings into a failing restaurant. Treat people with respect dude - especially your damn spouses!

  42. TimLikesCats

    TimLikesCats5 日 前

    Pete: _i am very proud of my meatballs_

  43. buteteng laot

    buteteng laot5 日 前

    I wouldn't mind if the waitress served me her clam dripping wet.

  44. Ari kal

    Ari kal5 日 前

    Pete: My pizza can compete against the world because my pizza is the best Gordon: not even the best in Denver

  45. xi lin

    xi lin5 日 前

    the waitres is soooooo cute!!

  46. Sneh Batth

    Sneh Batth5 日 前

    The constancy in that server’s “No Problem” voice is the same as how consistently bad the food is!

  47. Fuzzy 1234

    Fuzzy 12343 日 前


  48. Eduardo Hinojosa

    Eduardo Hinojosa5 日 前

    Me: that looks delicious !!! Ramsay: this is crap !! Me: yeaaaa its crap !!!!

  49. Κωνσταντίνος Ζαχαράκης

    Κωνσταντίνος Ζαχαράκης6 日 前

    Κλασικός ελληναρας που τα ξέρει όλα Μπορεί να έφυγε από το χωριό του, αλλά το χωριό δεν έφυγε απ' αυτόν....

  50. Narco Polo

    Narco Polo6 日 前

    Subtitles are great. "You are actually beaten by a snowboard fucking frozen pizza."

  51. unknown

    unknown6 日 前

    I am will to change no Fuck you Gordon lol

  52. Φώτης Γεωργέλλης

    Φώτης Γεωργέλλης6 日 前

    You are in denial

  53. Matt tendo

    Matt tendo6 日 前

    The pizza looked like it tastes amazing to me😂😂😬

  54. I59300H RTX2060 32GB

    I59300H RTX2060 32GB6 日 前

    Long time experiences doesnt garuntee success tho.

  55. hardik bhardwaj

    hardik bhardwaj6 日 前

    22:30 the guy straight up disagreed for 10 minutes wtf??

  56. Hajar Renate Midbrød

    Hajar Renate Midbrød6 日 前

    There is a huge difference between being confident in your cooking and being Arrogant and completely clueless ... this old timer needs to hang up his apron and not set foot in the kitchen again , leave it to people who can actually cook and have a burning passion for cooking ..this old man is completely delusional..

  57. Emmanuel Bustillo

    Emmanuel Bustillo6 日 前

    Pete: I'm very proud of my meatballs Pete's wife: I want some changes.

  58. tom201

    tom2016 日 前

    love this episode and it feels good that the restaurant is still open

  59. John Matthews

    John Matthews6 日 前

    The waitre6 is so cute

  60. Chinmay H

    Chinmay H6 日 前

    If you can't find the reason It must be urself

  61. Nx Doyle

    Nx Doyle6 日 前

    Every time Pete has his back to camera and says "Shut up", he didn't actually say shut up.