Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 4 Episode 14 - Full Episode


  1. Demon Tanjiro

    Demon Tanjiro49 分 前

    when i see the freezer moments im always like, "Please wear gloves, PLEASE"

  2. Δημητρα Κελμιγκερη

    Δημητρα Κελμιγκερη53 分 前

    Poor casimiro he seems good person But he is not good chef he destroy the business Tough to fire him Worst to keep him 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😑😔

  3. Takumi Fujiwara

    Takumi Fujiwara時間 前

    The chef that follows casemiro actually cares..

  4. Alexandria Burnett

    Alexandria Burnett3 時間 前

    I actually felt bad for Tatiana. She was so oblivious.

  5. Andrew

    Andrew5 時間 前

    At 10:15 he literally starts humming the background music of the show... It changed my world

  6. Shay

    Shay6 時間 前

    The customer complaining that his food came out before the women and child at his table, why would he eat before their entrees came ANYWAY!

  7. Rachel Bezalel

    Rachel Bezalel6 時間 前

    I feel like she's the type of girl I would be scared of in high school

  8. Shay

    Shay6 時間 前

    I’m trying to wrap my head around Titianna being considered an equal partner/owner when her mother put up her home and retirement, her sister put up her condo and she just put up “about a thousand bucks”. What?

  9. Vienne Animates

    Vienne Animates12 時間 前

    Gordon should be a therapist by this point

  10. mitsuki aki

    mitsuki aki14 時間 前

    Anybody have update about the restaurant or the sous-chef?

  11. juarezmx76

    juarezmx7615 時間 前

    Casimiro mejor cocina tacos.

  12. juarezmx76

    juarezmx7615 時間 前

    Pinche Casimiro huevón..

  13. Vinod Tiwari

    Vinod Tiwari15 時間 前

    Mk i get we all like pasta or noodles. But damn.

  14. pedro lopez

    pedro lopez19 時間 前

    I’m Latino we mastered victimization thru our mothers and sisters Casimiro is a sociopath

  15. Moenfam

    Moenfam19 時間 前

    anyone know who Danielle is?

  16. Chris Rockwell

    Chris Rockwell19 時間 前

    GR: I would like you to make me a meatball Me: uses the restroom(secretly googles how to make meatballs)

  17. Chris Rockwell

    Chris Rockwell20 時間 前

    I can't believe she said she only put up $1000

  18. Aditya Sajeev

    Aditya Sajeev21 時間 前

    Is anybody gonna talk about that laugh when Gordon walked in?!?!

  19. darthgamer79

    darthgamer79日 前

    Her dream was to be the bitchy diva boss not running a restaurant...what a clueless person.

  20. な6IXLXRD

    な6IXLXRD日 前

    This dude's spent 15 years as a Mexican chef in an Italian restaurant in America and can neither speak English nor make a meatball.

  21. Charlie Evans

    Charlie Evans22 時間 前

    He could speak English fine. If you watched the episode you’d know that. He knew exactly what Gordon was saying about the mussels

  22. lol dick

    lol dick日 前

    Nice video bro

  23. lol dick

    lol dick日 前

    Nice video bro

  24. Silvia Di Noia

    Silvia Di Noia日 前

    Why nobody's pointing out that FruttE dE mare is wrong? It should be Frutti di Mare.

  25. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford日 前

    That Chef sounds like the guy that grabs a beer first thing when he gets home and expects his wife to cook him his food since he "cooks" all day lol.

  26. AKash bose

    AKash bose日 前

    Wtf sort of girl / owner is that 🤮🤢

  27. gretchen bockenfeld

    gretchen bockenfeld日 前

    Damn, daniellas meatballs look nice.

  28. Smirk

    Smirk日 前

    Damn what a dumb owner and dumb mother lol There are so many idiots in the restaurant business lol

  29. Stephanie Ruiz

    Stephanie Ruiz日 前

    How she laughs when she meets him lmao

  30. Professor James Moriarty

    Professor James Moriarty日 前

    Lets be honest, most of us are here for 34:04

  31. Please Stop

    Please Stop2 日 前

    Y’all priorities are messed up 💀

  32. PhnyxTeq Admin

    PhnyxTeq Admin2 日 前

    Casamiro needs a good attitude adjustment

  33. Sarah Samaan

    Sarah Samaan2 日 前

    Update: the restaurant closed only 6 months after this episode aired

  34. Phrx J

    Phrx J23 時間 前

    @Karine Tovmassian They did

  35. Karine Tovmassian

    Karine Tovmassian日 前

    I wonder if they lost their house.

  36. Star Mild

    Star Mild日 前

    that was fast

  37. Liam Sweeney

    Liam Sweeney2 日 前

    Imagine living and working in a country and not learning the language. I'm not surprised his food is shite if he's that lazy.

  38. Snehadeep Chatterjee

    Snehadeep Chatterjee2 日 前

    Poor Casemiro. He fell prey to television.

  39. akuma of the red death

    akuma of the red death2 日 前

    Maby if the husband and wife duo what silenced critics and didn’t let the waitresses take their tips would be around if they took Gordon’s help

  40. Sharkie Sharkington

    Sharkie Sharkington2 日 前

    I mean.. at least she's pretty... right? Lol

  41. Sharkie Sharkington

    Sharkie Sharkington2 日 前

    @Zeto Kaiba wasn't going that far...

  42. Zeto Kaiba

    Zeto Kaiba2 日 前

    I bet she gives some fire head with those red cherry lips.

  43. jgard1990

    jgard19902 日 前

    "He has kids", call child services then!

  44. Chrissy

    Chrissy2 日 前

    Jaclyn Hill.

  45. Caduceus

    Caduceus2 日 前

    Tatiana should not fire the chef. Instead Gordon Ramsay will teach the chef how to properly cook meatballs.

  46. Jorge Bascur

    Jorge Bascur日 前

    He did. The chef fucked it up epically

  47. lisa

    lisa2 日 前

    i like this family. i feel Mom & Sis knew the whole time that T could do it/had faith in her, but it was in God's time, not ours.

  48. Jonathan M

    Jonathan M2 日 前

    RIP Genevieve, sadly passed away due to complications from epilepsy 8:20 onwards, she is Gordon's server

  49. Mr. Scary

    Mr. Scary3 日 前

    I would never, ever ask anyone to put their effing house on the line to start my own buisness... How selfish and entitled do you have to be to even consider that as a possibility, let alone actually do it! And then she has the odacity to whine about the whole situation? What a sociopath. She sucks her terrible chefs ass and treats her employees and customers like garbage as well, what a joke. And holy shit... Her answer to solve her buisness problems is to call an effing reality show to come in and do it for her lol.

  50. Vincent Gao

    Vincent Gao3 日 前

    39:42 the women in pink, isn't that one of the former sous chiefs in Hell's Kitchen?

  51. Russle Jones

    Russle Jones3 日 前

    This is the one episode that looks so staged...

  52. Elated Shows

    Elated Shows3 日 前

    Am I the only one that going to say it thotiona

  53. Slavtistic

    Slavtistic3 日 前

    I am surprised to see that Tatiana has a facebook, and through looking at it I can tell she's not bankrupt and is totally fine. Her

  54. andrewps84

    andrewps843 日 前

    You can’t mix business and friendship.

  55. Mufti Nasution

    Mufti Nasution3 日 前

    I feel bad for Daniella when Ramsay is arguing with Casimiro

  56. XxGacha_KittyxX

    XxGacha_KittyxX3 日 前

    The last owner watching this like: 👁-👁

  57. fatal X claw

    fatal X claw3 日 前

    after watching that whole scenario with the meatballs. she still doesnt see that the fucking cook is an idiot man.

  58. fatal X claw

    fatal X claw3 日 前

    FUCK THAT COOK he does not represent mexican chefs... hes a lazy piece of shiet.

  59. fatal X claw

    fatal X claw3 日 前

    yo im so mad at 12:34 man, tatiana is a terrible and horrible person. the fact that shes is that verbally abussive and micro managing nothing,. when she has nothing on the line like her family. shes a terrible person.

  60. Anna Schmidt

    Anna Schmidt3 日 前

    Its “frutti di mare” and not “frutte de mare”

  61. Juan Lontorin

    Juan Lontorin3 日 前

    Can someone tell me what happened to the restaurant in 2020 right now

  62. Nnn Rr

    Nnn Rr3 日 前

    I was SO annoyed when they over exaggerated the duck out of sending one pizza early

  63. TayTay Vaughn

    TayTay Vaughn3 日 前

    He don’t speak English but rolling his eyes and points to the mussels 😂😂😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  64. John Gray

    John Gray4 日 前

    All three of them appeared delusional and over attached to a chef Gordon correctly called ‘the donkey’.

  65. Geo Rad

    Geo Rad4 日 前

    Nono, listen you fuckin donkey... 🤣🤣🤣 I love Ramsay

  66. Aram Garbo

    Aram Garbo4 日 前

    Mexicans are hardworkers and great people but if youre taking a job beyond your resume and not willing to learn is just a bummer.

  67. Kathleen

    Kathleen4 日 前

    That dumbass chef keeps saying “I don’t know”. What the fuck does he know!? Smfh.

  68. Derek Jeter

    Derek Jeter4 日 前

    Everytime Gordon enter to a restaurant and that day is raining. He always mention it and then say "a nice way to pick me up to eat in this restaurant". Does the rain makes him sad?

  69. MeekoChan

    MeekoChan4 日 前

    Rip Genevieve passing away :< or so I’ve heard =3=

  70. Chaz Art 123

    Chaz Art 1234 日 前

    I like that he always befriends the waiters

  71. ROY FR

    ROY FR5 日 前

    Cant stand this episode. She blames everyone else and Ramsey lets her...

  72. Mafoo Matty

    Mafoo Matty5 日 前

    Casemiro and Erik from casa roma, who's the worst chef

  73. James Muth

    James Muth5 日 前

    God bless this channel for giving us full episodes 🙏🙏🙏

  74. LivingCHAOS93

    LivingCHAOS935 日 前

    Charlies: owners doesnt even know basics about cooking Also charlies: putting thier house on collateral

  75. Meaning What

    Meaning What5 日 前

    The cameraman wasn’t missing any opportunities for vlevage shots when Tatiana put on the apron and helped make lasagna

  76. Martin Kirkov

    Martin Kirkov6 日 前

    Tatiana is a sweetheart :)

  77. Despond

    Despond6 日 前

    Stop crying, ffs.

  78. Watch and play Trophy’s PS4 trophy’s

    Watch and play Trophy’s PS4 trophy’s6 日 前

    Toasted owners

  79. exstazius

    exstazius6 日 前

    I hope they are doing well now

  80. Pyra

    Pyra6 日 前

    i feel bad for her even tho she made a bad decision :(

  81. Drew Boo

    Drew Boo6 日 前

    Tatiana is far more than a incompetent owner. Shes a oblivious selfish moron👌 "The problem is the chef has got away with it so long.." 😜😅

  82. Omi People

    Omi People6 日 前


  83. - Lorentzen

    - Lorentzen6 日 前

    What a bunch of fking rats. LMFAO

  84. Alicia Salas

    Alicia Salas6 日 前

    I love the dude that dies the voiceover

  85. tennis time

    tennis time6 日 前

    so many in the restraunt industry smoke

  86. Gaster Discord

    Gaster Discord7 日 前

    Gordon doesn’t have a language. He has an attitude that anyone can understand

  87. A flower In the wind

    A flower In the wind7 日 前

    Sorry but her sister and mom have to take responsibility for their own decisions too, they’re constantly blaming Tatiana but the truth is that ALL OF THEM were stupid. Like if you’re going to put all your money and house on the line, u better have a plan, u can’t just say “oh I trust my sister/daughter so I’ll do this...” they knew Tatiana had no studies in food or finances, she was just a waitress, a nurse can’t make the same job as a doctor, they’re different things. So what they did is basically say I’ll let my sister do a surgery on me, she’s not a doctor but I’ll let her do it bc I trust her, and now that they’re dying they’re blaming her? Nah sorry but it doesn’t work like that. Oh! And fuckin Casimiro too, like he gets upset bc he gets fired, but he doesn’t realize that he’ll either way end up without a job.

  88. kay bee

    kay bee7 日 前

    I hate people who pretend to not listen and laugh like you better then anyone...c'mon chef ramsay is helping you guys to be a better cook..he'sgiving you a verry good lesson

  89. Z

    Z7 日 前

    This bitch is so fucking stupid lmao

  90. Daniel Muñoz

    Daniel Muñoz7 日 前

    Wtf. Include the mother didn't want to kick out the chef?

  91. Joan Caspillo

    Joan Caspillo7 日 前

    How Hard Is To Do A Meat Ball

  92. Snowy Bear

    Snowy Bear7 日 前

    How the fuck can you be a chef in an American restaurant and not speak English?! She trusts him? WTF?!?!?!

  93. Andrew Tan

    Andrew Tan8 日 前

    I think i fall in love with the female owner , she is cute

  94. John Watt

    John Watt8 日 前

    I've never seen so many meatballs that were burnt on one side. Somehow this doesn't bother me, a lot.

  95. Gonzales Frederic

    Gonzales Frederic8 日 前

    What sorry !? They ruined her restaurant but she is sorry to fire them !? Beyond belief. Idiocy beyond belief.

  96. Gonzales Frederic

    Gonzales Frederic8 日 前

    I would kick them out ! Those cooks are incompetent and indolent. What is she thinking !?

  97. Gonzales Frederic

    Gonzales Frederic8 日 前

    In the USA there are people who speak Spanish but zero English. In Germany there are people who speak Turkish but zero German. In France there are people who speak Arabic but zero French. In Britain there are people who speak Urdu but zero English. In Poland there are people who speak Ukrainian but zero Polish. In ltaly there are people who speak Tigrean but zero ltalian. But they work and their children will speak the language of the county, so it can be OK. But not if they are idiots like those cooks are !

  98. Gogeta Gohan

    Gogeta Gohan8 日 前

    Like this on how many times the owner cried 👇

  99. Gogeta Gohan

    Gogeta Gohan8 日 前

    Bro firing the chef was the right idea anyways, idk why the chef was piss off, he literally was lazy

  100. Gogeta Gohan

    Gogeta Gohan8 日 前

    Can she just stop fucking cry

  101. Gogeta Gohan

    Gogeta Gohan8 日 前

    She fucking crying as she definitely knows that it was her fault

  102. Marrah Le'Vamuievous

    Marrah Le'Vamuievous8 日 前

    Tatiana spoils her chef too much

  103. sappige saus

    sappige saus8 日 前

    I see souschefs being better than head-shefs in almost every episode

  104. Destiny

    Destiny8 日 前

    Hehe yeah!

  105. James Skelton

    James Skelton8 日 前

    mexican cook says he only works slow.omg.

  106. Dyno Ryno

    Dyno Ryno8 日 前

    I know everyone’s commenting that they hate Tatiana but there’s something about her I find really sexy lol maybe it’s just me.

  107. Pyra

    Pyra6 日 前

    shes cute

  108. The Real Firelord

    The Real Firelord8 日 前

    Chefs supplied by Jordan Ramseys slavery organisation

  109. Michał Kwiatkowski

    Michał Kwiatkowski9 日 前

    Where is Tatiana now?