Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 4 Episode 1 - Full Episode


  1. crazed radio show / what's greads my gears

    crazed radio show / what's greads my gears8 時間 前

    I could not do what she did to her mom. Take all her retirement money. Just open my own thing. Nope

  2. Sergeant Atomcat

    Sergeant Atomcat2 日 前

    Every mother cooks way much better

  3. Just Another Army

    Just Another Army4 日 前

    Get out while you can general manager baby face

  4. Annelee Klein

    Annelee Klein4 日 前

    She needs to learn from her momma

  5. Abbey Bevans

    Abbey Bevans4 日 前

    Press f for Remy 😔 he was just tryna cook

  6. Josh Ross

    Josh Ross5 日 前

    bless chef ramsey heart dealing with these dysfunctional black people...i woulda left after the mouse

  7. Josh Ross

    Josh Ross5 日 前

    ghetto restaurant how else can this place be described.and a dumbass fucking owner

  8. jackeboyo

    jackeboyo8 日 前

    “Is the wok gone”

  9. Daisy Bella

    Daisy Bella9 日 前

    The decor is tacky!

  10. rickygreengiant

    rickygreengiant10 日 前

    Gets a new stove. New deep fryer. *wheres my wok* 😒😒

  11. rickygreengiant

    rickygreengiant10 日 前

    I love that momma desserts were a hit. She just looks so lovable and genuine.

  12. Sleepy Sora

    Sleepy Sora10 日 前

    I like how Mateen genuinely looks offended that those collared greens left the kitchen. 10:03

  13. dennis c

    dennis c10 日 前

    You can always tell which Restaurants are going to close even after Ramsay's help.....the ones with Arrogant Moronic Owners who DO NOT listen....they know best....right up until they close down.

  14. dennis c

    dennis c10 日 前

    Another Idiot who got some free cash, decided they were smart, and opened a Restaurant with no clue as to what they are doing, and if it wasn't for Mom.....he would have left. What a clueless Moron that woman is.

  15. Caroline's Here

    Caroline's Here11 日 前

    Shelly is a bitch

  16. Caroline's Here

    Caroline's Here11 日 前

    Bet she don't have a restaurant no more

  17. jeon jungkookie

    jeon jungkookie13 日 前

    I'm black and was raised on soul food and idk what was going through her head, that was NOT good soul food omg

  18. Zach Wittusen

    Zach Wittusen16 日 前

    "I'm gonna miss my wok" what a fucking weenie

  19. Scooby Douche

    Scooby Douche16 日 前

    The record decor could be good

  20. captin cool

    captin cool16 日 前

    Blackberries has been closed permanently for a while

  21. Marcie F.

    Marcie F.17 日 前

    Her laugh is annoying and i can smell those shitlins thru my phone!!

  22. Daniel Torres

    Daniel Torres17 日 前


  23. Angel G

    Angel G18 日 前

    Chef: but is it way too controlling? dude: YES

  24. Angel G

    Angel G18 日 前

    there's so many prayers in this episode

  25. Angel G

    Angel G18 日 前

    lmfaoooo "this is going to the shits"

  26. Angel G

    Angel G18 日 前

    i know this dumbass did not just accuse Chef Ramsay of bringing a damn mouse into the place, mothafucka please, chef got better things to do than play with y'all bland selves

  27. Dunn B

    Dunn B19 日 前

    Mother Mary and that amazing staff is the only reason i feel like he even stayed

  28. Chloe L.

    Chloe L.19 日 前

    When Mama Mary dramatically shut her flip phone I felt that.

  29. gothic tinkerbell

    gothic tinkerbell19 日 前

    Bruh why some people gotta lie? Like seriously YALL RESTAURANT GOT VERMIN!!!! Stop lying to the damn man!!! You piss him off more when you fucking lie

  30. Christian's Grandma

    Christian's Grandma20 日 前

    Hun, if she came to New Orleans with that mac and cheese, and those greens, she'd be shot. No way are chitlins are to stink if they were cleaned right....Shelly don't appreciate a great mother. People like her don't realize how blessed they are. God I wish I had a mother like Mama Mary.

  31. Andra Bum Fuzz Harding

    Andra Bum Fuzz Harding20 日 前

    The fact that he was sick from her food, and she was laughing about it, shows how seriously she took the state of her restaurant. She didn’t deserve his help.

  32. sophia watkins

    sophia watkins20 日 前

    In the following weeks Shelly sees the success from Gordon's visit and starts to embrace the changes at Blackberry’s. Nick at Jersey Bites posted about the experience of attending the relaunch here. Yelp reviews after filming were mixed. Reviewers complain of fighting in the kitchen, hit and miss service and food. Blackberry's closed in March 2013, Shelly posted the below, “I want to say we just no longer saw room for growth. We were so stagnant. We were maintaining, barely, but not able to generate the clientele we wanted,” Withers explained. “I think we gave it 10 good years. We had a wonderful time and are looking on to bigger and better things.”

  33. uncledirtnap1

    uncledirtnap120 日 前

    my first thought was the producers planted the mouse. probably without telling Ramsey. It makes for better tv. I could be wrong but right in front of the door seems a little suspect. but then again these are shit holes they film in.

  34. ivyshaolin

    ivyshaolin20 日 前

    i feel bad for mary she looks so happy they are getting help so she doesn’t have to worry when she is gone and her daughter is just like where is the wok

  35. ivyshaolin

    ivyshaolin20 日 前

    dwayne didn’t do anything???

  36. ivyshaolin

    ivyshaolin20 日 前

    we had chitlins cooked at my aunts when i was younger and they didn’t stink on the plate

  37. MzYoShow

    MzYoShow20 日 前

    That's NOT soul food. That macaroni and cheese wasn't it.

  38. Priyanka Sookdai

    Priyanka Sookdai20 日 前

    I'm glad that bitch is starving right now!

  39. amaru makaveli

    amaru makaveli20 日 前

    " are you asking for 30 seconds in my office? , Absolutely not" Stupid bitch .

  40. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis21 日 前

    Is anyone going to tell that "shelly" chick that her engagement ring is a CZ? It's so obvious you can see it in a pirated JPreporter video.

  41. MRWhoreoscope

    MRWhoreoscope23 日 前

    Doritos and Collard greens? What weird fat kid concoction is that?

  42. Amanda Burns

    Amanda Burns23 日 前

    The lady with the halter top/half shirt & apron.... No, no, no honey... Maybe at home, but not in a restaurant!

  43. kell of kells

    kell of kells25 日 前

    Isn't it fitting that the executive producer is a guy named Kent weed

  44. Mangoey Stickyrice

    Mangoey Stickyrice27 日 前

    All of this Thanks mother Mary asking Gordon to stay, god bless mother Mary and Gordon for such hard effort to bring up the restaurant also the staff were great either

  45. Demon Yusuke 13

    Demon Yusuke 1327 日 前

    This hurts my soul a black person serving bland food. Then its a white guy tell her the food is bland. Its so embarrassing

  46. D. S.

    D. S.27 日 前

    I can’t believe this woman. She basically had all the support she needed. A good and motivated staff - which is a blessing for all owners - and a mother that supports her. On top of it she gets a second chance with Gordon Ramsey‘s help ( free decoration and furnitures). AND still she decides to show her ugly and ignorant side by jeopardizing her own relaunch. Then disappointed her mother with her disgraceful behavior by not even saying „thank you“ to her Mother, Gordon and her staff for all the support. What a disgraceful and stupid woman.

  47. jessy beland

    jessy beland29 日 前

    Shelly is a overgrown child god damn

  48. milixe1

    milixe128 日 前

    Yes. I bet she didn't even thank Chef Ramsey after the show when she finally changed her ways running her restaurant.

  49. Jason Alexander

    Jason Alexander29 日 前

    Shelley doesn't deserve any of it

  50. Delete Bilderberg

    Delete Bilderbergヶ月 前

    The general manager, is a sharp - as a spoon.

  51. chainsawdude71

    chainsawdude71ヶ月 前

    What an arrogant bitch, the mom should kick her daughters ass outta there.

  52. glenn curley

    glenn curleyヶ月 前

    It's difficult to watch because that laughing thing Shelly!!

  53. ꧁Crystal Glaze꧂

    ꧁Crystal Glaze꧂ヶ月 前

    Bitch it looked like Chuck e Cheese

  54. CIOSA

    CIOSAヶ月 前

    Cool staff - sad to see that this had to close down.

  55. Boss Mafia

    Boss Mafiaヶ月 前

    Fuck you shelly

  56. Kelly Kurenoff

    Kelly Kurenoffヶ月 前

    It’s amazing after binge watching this show it’s blatantly obvious how so many restaurant owners need to stay the hell out of their own kitchens. Geez

  57. Amber Roux

    Amber Rouxヶ月 前

    Ungrateful BITCH.

  58. BabyLatiina

    BabyLatiinaヶ月 前

    That cigarette on her ear in the kitchen though 🙄

  59. BabyLatiina

    BabyLatiinaヶ月 前

    25:59 ”I think you talk to much”. Well, look who interrupted the poor guy to say that 👆

  60. Multech Pro

    Multech Proヶ月 前

    a dead mouse in front of the door, the mouse was doing some jogging and had a stroke in front of the door, rite we believe you, that mouse was not planted there, absolutely not

  61. glenn curley

    glenn curleyヶ月 前

    It's sketchy for sure! It's hard to believe reality TV sometimes!

  62. Sol Rex

    Sol Rexヶ月 前

    that old lady is so immature proud big mamma baby...she thinks still is in her 20's staying with a younger man...from that moment i can read all above this woman, that restaurant wont ever succeed, business its doesnt have any feelings, business are straight forward and cold. But she is taking everything personally; why she dont open a beauty salon or nail art shop when she can be the girl she wants...or maybe bake cookies... she deserve a big slap in her face.