Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 3 Episode 8 - Full Episode


  1. Derp Zilla

    Derp Zilla9 時間 前

    I thought it was uncensored

  2. Joseph Anthony

    Joseph Anthony16 時間 前

    That pizza cooks laugh 😄😂😭23:38...But truthfully this show is very touching..

  3. Get Shwifty

    Get Shwifty23 時間 前

    God....the way Jim breaks down...I've had that before, it's crushing. But I'm so glad they managed to make it better for so long after Ramsay (Edit) 29:23 I love that Ramsay's face says "No one should think that they're a failure." when Jim tells him.

  4. TheLolbitGamer

    TheLolbitGamer2 日 前

    honestly jim was mood.

  5. Catie Wolford

    Catie Wolford2 日 前

    I never thought I would cry because of an episode of kitchen nightmares

  6. Stag

    Stag2 日 前

    lol dude screaming about homemade meatballs at busy traffic in the dark just cracked me up :D

  7. Baby Valentine

    Baby Valentine4 日 前

    That boxing scene was more powerful than any rocky movie 😂.

  8. studlee

    studlee4 日 前


  9. Redfoxy 2135

    Redfoxy 21355 日 前

    15:15 i feel so bad for him

  10. toriey

    toriey5 日 前

    I just saw they sold there restaurant & are retiring & Gordon was at there last dinner service. I wish them all the best!! Just wish I could've tried there food.

  11. toriey

    toriey5 日 前

    These guys was accepting to learn from Ramsay & kept to his menu which is a part into why there still open. Alot of these kitchen nightmare restaurants are closed now.

  12. Stealthought

    Stealthought6 日 前

    Gordon didn't cry as a baby.

  13. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford7 日 前

    Am I the only one that noticed they both were wearing seatbelts in a parked car? 😂

  14. Johnny Poole

    Johnny Poole7 日 前

    Don’t cry, you’re so ugly when you cry

  15. Juliana 00

    Juliana 007 日 前

    Mannnn... I pray they succeed.. They are awesome together

  16. Juliana 00

    Juliana 007 日 前

    Jim sounds like an elf... 😂

  17. Sea Bass

    Sea Bass7 日 前

    I am going to positively motivate you as I beat the shit out of you! I LOVE YOU, BRO! WHAM!

  18. Michael Steele

    Michael Steele8 日 前

    "I am a professional" cue BOINNNNGGG sound effect

  19. penical

    penical8 日 前

    who hurt those two poor twins? w h o

  20. Ghoste Writer

    Ghoste Writer9 日 前

    After seeing the kitchen clean breakdown, Oh wow these boys went through something fierce....I think therapy would be a good first step before returning to the restaurant...

  21. Charles Peralo

    Charles Peralo9 日 前

    Update for everyone... These guys just sold their restaurant in late 2019. They said they got an offer they couldn’t refuse and also wanted to go help their parents who were getting older and lived far away. I contacted them about making a “Jim & Jeff” home meatball kit to sell on my site and I’m going to get that product done!

  22. FiX Bugs

    FiX Bugs10 日 前

    People think Gordon Ramsey is so mean and stuff but watching this I can see that he is a nice guy and he really cares about people

  23. Alexander Rivers

    Alexander Rivers10 日 前

    This is just tweedle dee and tweedle dumb

  24. Giovanni 126

    Giovanni 12611 日 前

    30:50 way better than the ksi vs Logan Paul fight

  25. MzYoShow

    MzYoShow11 日 前

    I understand Jim and I refuse to laugh or criticize him. I'm going through a "Jim" experience but I dont have a "Chef Ramsey" to help me out. I'm rooting for you Jim. You will succeed.

  26. Sammy Dennis

    Sammy Dennis12 日 前

    So nobody peeped John Campea in the end?? Ok 💀💀😪😭😂😂

  27. Scooby Douche

    Scooby Douche13 日 前

    Legend has it this place is still open to this day

  28. Phantompanda_

    Phantompanda_14 日 前

    This is why I check reviews before entering

  29. Joshua Adams

    Joshua Adams14 日 前

    Man Gordon was really gentle with these guys! Considering the serious problems in this restaurant, he was really easy on them

  30. Dennis T.

    Dennis T.15 日 前

    Sadly, as of a few weeks ago(?) (currently 11/25/19) The Capri is no longer open. The brothers had done so well after Gordon's assistance, and they stayed open for such a long time! However, times in our great union are tough for many and the brothers just couldn't maintain the high costs. :(

  31. Turnip Green

    Turnip Green15 日 前

    29:24 is the most inspiring shit I’ve ever heard / seen in all my days and I want Gordan to say it to me everyday.

  32. Debbie Prokop

    Debbie Prokop16 日 前

    These guys are more than a little "touched"!

  33. Dale Staropoli

    Dale Staropoli16 日 前

    This is all scripted right, there is no way this is real!!

  34. michael vigil

    michael vigil16 日 前

    This is censored

  35. Awesome4Prez

    Awesome4Prez17 日 前

    Fun fact, the twins that are in this episode were actually in the 1999 Disney film, Inspector Gadget as bartenders. They are visible during the scene when Matthew Broderick as Inspector Gadget is at the bar and his planted wired ear comes undone and hits him in the head. When he gets up to put his head the right way, you see them in the back bar area.

  36. Rai Renee

    Rai Renee17 日 前

    “You can’t even grate f@ckin cheese!” 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  37. Sultana Shabazz

    Sultana Shabazz18 日 前

    That laugh tho ;D

  38. Michelle Simpson

    Michelle Simpson19 日 前

    These twins needed Ramsey in more than one way. I think he was the father figure they needed to let them know they are validated and great people.

  39. hambone heck

    hambone heck20 日 前

    Why is this one censored?

  40. Aidan Parker

    Aidan Parker20 日 前

    These two are such wonderful human beings. They're very adorable and understanding. God bless those two. Really.