Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 3 Episode 6 - Full Episode


  1. Segæ Huolog

    Segæ Huolog18 時間 前

    I love Van

  2. Tammy Stephens

    Tammy Stephens日 前

    I literally gasped out loud when they decided to microwave the stuffed clams! My husband's giving me strange looks now. 🤣 Friggin Gordan gets in your head!

  3. Stag

    Stag日 前

    Like #6666 :3

  4. Scooby Douche

    Scooby Douche日 前

    They literally scripted an apology to Gordon and he accepted it...what

  5. Radio Haven

    Radio Haven2 日 前

    “Keith wanted an active role.” He owns the restaurant. 😂

  6. Brittney Brick

    Brittney Brick3 日 前

    "He's your son! NOT mine!" Seems like her son cares more than her husband..smfh

  7. Ryan Welch

    Ryan Welch4 日 前

    If the son was running the place it would do really well

  8. kelly miller

    kelly miller5 日 前

    Where were the tears Lisa

  9. flag 91

    flag 915 日 前

    Now I'm all for sticking up for and protecting your child. And this woman is clearly crap. But husband and wife stick together. One day the kids will be gone with families of their own. If you don't, that is how you end up with those old bitter women that call their kids 5 times a day.

  10. Dymond WINGFIELD

    Dymond WINGFIELD6 日 前

    Your biggest failure was working for a dude who sleeps all day you’re a moron get a job and stop kissing that slobs last glazed behind let him fail on his own

  11. marcjon000

    marcjon0006 日 前

    The son looks like a younger NINOOOOO

  12. arlene irizarry

    arlene irizarry8 日 前

    Throws things at My son...says"Your son, not mine"...walks out screaming at me on his high horse! I would be in jail for stabbing my lowlife "husband" in his eye! F that s**t! NOBODY comes before my child, MF!!!!!

  13. Jade French

    Jade French8 日 前

    Ugh, customers. 28:50

  14. Lillith Sternin

    Lillith Sternin9 日 前

    They are the opposite of Amy's baking co. Sure Amy and her husband were nuts but they had each others backs in all the craziness.

  15. juliana 1128

    juliana 112810 日 前

    I feel bad for them son... "tour son, not mine" even though her son takes care of them restaurant.. Smh

  16. gothic tinkerbell

    gothic tinkerbell12 日 前

    I like van he’s a good son that mother and dad just has to go

  17. clarencep90

    clarencep9012 日 前

    17:27 lmao🤣😂🤣😂 that boy said antipasta... Hell nawl

  18. Bobby

    Bobby14 日 前

    You seem one you seen them all same start and the same ending of this program

  19. Coach

    Coach15 日 前

    *spoiler* Probably not a surprise to some but just "weeks" after filming, the couple separated, closed and put the restaurant up for sale.

  20. Tammy Steenburg

    Tammy Steenburg16 日 前

    Van could be a younger version of Gordon Ramsay

  21. lisa black

    lisa black17 日 前

    Talk to my son like that they would find your body.

  22. Christopher Chris

    Christopher Chris17 日 前

    Someone call the police 😂

  23. Delete Bilderberg

    Delete Bilderberg18 日 前

    'News of Chef Ramsay's visit (together with an earlier casting for extras - with the offer of a free meal) results in the restaurant being fully booked' There. Fixed it.

  24. jotri

    jotri19 日 前

    Some restaurants get out of that hole, this one didn't. I saddens me to see how this broke down. A real shame, especially for the people who really put their heart into this and committed to the job.

  25. Liam

    Liam19 日 前

    25:40 WTF IS VAN DOING😂

  26. Somebody Random

    Somebody Random21 日 前

    Idk if they know about this show, but if I heard Gordon Ramsay was in town.... in a restaurant, I wouldn’t go there. Maybe hang around but dang. You in for a bad meal. (I know the show has shut down now)

  27. Aneika Blackwood

    Aneika Blackwood21 日 前

    I wish Van all the best

  28. tanzeela choudhury

    tanzeela choudhury21 日 前

    gordon is hilarious when he says " someone call the police" at 12:51 HAHAHAHA IM DYING

  29. Grace Russell

    Grace Russell21 日 前

    bOi the son should own the restaurant he knows what's up

  30. Tom Ruta

    Tom Ruta22 日 前

    Why does the son here remind me of the son from Breaking Bad?

  31. Dreamer Life

    Dreamer Life23 日 前

    I hope the son will be successful in his own business

  32. Locosiap 41

    Locosiap 4124 日 前

    When the had a camera in the car arriving to the resturant you just instantly knew it was fake lmao

  33. Ewwch

    Ewwch19 日 前

    They have hidden cameras and microphones everywhere.

  34. Locosiap 41

    Locosiap 4124 日 前

    I thought the first meal lokked quiet ok nothing that i would pay for at a resturant but ..ok

  35. Devarsh Bhatt

    Devarsh Bhatt24 日 前

    Michael there single-handedly saves the day

  36. Steve Cox

    Steve Cox24 日 前

    Van is intelligent, and very cute. He deserves better than his moronic, dipshit mother and airhead step-father.

  37. iiElysium x

    iiElysium x24 日 前

    the dad is such a massive pussy, dips and dives when anything difficult comes up and cant face any facts. the son seems like a very cool and collected guy who has a sensible head on his shoulders

  38. Wyn Williams

    Wyn Williams24 日 前

    It closed weeks after Ramsay was there, waaaaay to deep in dept and stress to survive

  39. mike arts

    mike arts25 日 前

    18:35 Love how he asks: How is your meal? We haven't had any yet.. Shouldn't he be able to notice that?? questions..

  40. Octavio Marín

    Octavio Marín25 日 前

    21:59 Is that the smile of an owner who just lost her business? Fucking scumbags.

  41. LutherNemo

    LutherNemo25 日 前

    this is the problem with new generations - useless and irresponsible fucking parents! Sometimes, these examples convince me that people should be given a permission to have kids..