Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 2 Episode 9 - Full Episode


  1. Vahneimoi Singsit

    Vahneimoi Singsit日 前

    Btw it was delicious

  2. Archer Frost

    Archer Frost日 前

    I'm pretty sure that Gordon qualifies as a part-time therapist.

  3. Archer Frost

    Archer Frost日 前

    The name of this restaurant should be "Le Dick".

  4. Archer Frost

    Archer Frost日 前

    "I'm in Florida, not in Mumbai." Lmao. As an Indian, I know exactly what he meant.

  5. Archer Frost

    Archer Frost日 前

    Imagine being married to that thing. I'd prefer a bottle of cyanide to him any day. I applaud the wife for surviving so many years. But I'm sad because she's a victim.

  6. Archer Frost

    Archer Frost日 前

    American TV has to be so exxxtra. Wtf was that title sequence! Did Gordon not grill that editor to make it look so ridiculous?

  7. Internet Entity

    Internet Entity2 日 前

    Yes, tell the client to fuck himself! Good idea!

  8. Major Balls

    Major Balls2 日 前

    At 4:50 in that case you must hate yourself big time then.

  9. Paranormal Hunter

    Paranormal Hunter3 日 前

    Thank you for uploading without ads. 💖

  10. Chantel

    Chantel3 日 前

    I'm 3 minutes in... and I already know this is guna be a good one because the owner and his wife beleive hes a great chef and I ALREADY KNOW Gordon will disagree lol

  11. Skylar Gaming

    Skylar Gaming4 日 前

    Dang i feel bad for his wife

  12. Amelie Koch

    Amelie Koch4 日 前

    "I don't like Idiots" Well this is uncomfortable

  13. Kel ly

    Kel ly4 日 前

    Thank God that they got rid of that orange and got a new sign

  14. Kel ly

    Kel ly4 日 前

    My husband would speak to me like Andy spoke to his once.

  15. Dovacraft

    Dovacraft7 日 前

    Gordon: the lamb is very rubbery me: i know what will make that taste better. *THE LAMB SAUCE, WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE?*.

  16. Alys Bjorgan

    Alys Bjorgan8 日 前

    This guys got the temper of Gordon Ramsay but an iq of a cow

  17. Total_Fuking_Kaos

    Total_Fuking_Kaos8 日 前

    Chef wearing crocs

  18. Luke Mettam Gaming

    Luke Mettam Gaming9 日 前

    This owner needs locking up, probably abuses his wife physically as well as mentally

  19. cp 1992

    cp 199210 日 前

    This guy is a proper wanker

  20. BOT 007

    BOT 00710 日 前

    If he hate idiots then how come he is living with himself?!

  21. Mykalah Jensen

    Mykalah Jensen10 日 前

    Does anyone else think that Andy looks like simon from Britain's got talent. Lol

  22. Tala Jardaneh

    Tala Jardaneh11 日 前

    Gordon ramsay 2.0

  23. hotelmario510

    hotelmario51011 日 前

    When I see a man like Andy, the words "shot" and "back alley" come to mind

  24. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight11 日 前

    28:47 she wasn't hungry cos there was no food, it was without any doubt a sign, lmao

  25. Lanwarder

    Lanwarder12 日 前

    So, the restaurant has failed because he was arrested for beating his wife, right?

  26. Lanwarder

    Lanwarder12 日 前

    "I'm going to surprise him"...I think he might have suspected something when the cameraman went in and started filming lol

  27. Tritii

    Tritii12 日 前

    I kind of act like him and now I realize how annoying that is

  28. don dfactor

    don dfactor12 日 前

    Apparently they are still open, with good reviews on yelp and trip advisor, Go figure, I suppose a highly trained chef can only fall so far.

  29. Edge Lord Gaming

    Edge Lord Gaming12 日 前

    This guy is the anti-Gordon Ramsey. All of the aggression but non of the talent and finesse.

  30. Havannah Rapliza

    Havannah Rapliza13 日 前

    he hates idiots but his an idiot himself

  31. helloitismetomato

    helloitismetomato13 日 前

    31:25 "I wasn't fucking given it!" I'll bet my right arm that he started this restaurant on an inheritance or a generous loan/donation from his parents, or something.

  32. Anthropos Kardiá

    Anthropos Kardiá14 日 前

    In 19:14 that camera man seems strange... Why? It's like overposed there...

  33. Logan Thompson

    Logan Thompson14 日 前

    A part of me feels sorry for the owner, you can see he’s just not happy and I think deep down he wants it to work he’s just unsure and the way he acts indicates he wasn’t very well brought up and he wasn’t given much praise as a child.

  34. The Most Original Gamer

    The Most Original Gamer14 日 前

    9:28 that's a very nice view ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. Madzie 2000

    Madzie 200014 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay telling another man off for being a dick to his wife and staff makes me less anxious

  36. Buena NotFromSpain

    Buena NotFromSpain14 日 前

    I heard they’re still open :)

  37. Mario wijaya

    Mario wijaya14 日 前

    this man looks like a discount version of Simon Cowell "^L,^

  38. Harry Turner

    Harry Turner15 日 前

    I'd love to punch that bully

  39. weerobot

    weerobot15 日 前

    DirtBag Owner...WTF

  40. Delete Bilderberg

    Delete Bilderberg16 日 前

    'We're both English' Says Scottish born Gordon.