Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 2 Episode 9 - Full Episode


  1. Halimo Abdi

    Halimo Abdi3 時間 前

    If u can’t cook anywhere in world and smart enough to have place USA you definitely excel but fucking hell thats crazy

  2. Karan Mane

    Karan Mane18 時間 前

    This guy lucky Gordon doesn't slappppp his ass in front of his staff. Most arrogant asshole on the show. Perfect match for Amy.

  3. Mafoo Matty

    Mafoo Matty日 前

    Did ramsay say he was English? Has he forgotten where he's from, haha

  4. Zero .Karma

    Zero .Karma2 日 前

    You don't intimidate me? Dude, I'm intimidated and I don't even run a garbage restaurant. *as I sit here eating 3 day old microwaved KFC* nervously shaking in case Chef Ramsey sees me

  5. Nexus Sexus

    Nexus Sexus2 日 前

    Update: They are still open, so it seems like the owner changed, and he actually made it so he does not do everything himself. the ratings are high aswell for the food and service

  6. Vic B

    Vic B2 日 前

    What is this mans accent a can’t place it

  7. 91MoonKnight

    91MoonKnight3 日 前

    I feel sad for the wife but the husband is a limp dick. no sympathy for him.

  8. Aoi Takeshi

    Aoi Takeshi3 日 前

    "I'd stop there if I was you" Honestly just throw him away honey.

  9. snuggles 32

    snuggles 323 日 前

    Andy is just a tsundere blushing inside everytime Gordon says fuck me


    DYNABYTE3 日 前

    All he's gotta do is f**king smile

  11. Christina Small

    Christina Small4 日 前

    This guy is a mental case.

  12. TheRealPDizzle

    TheRealPDizzle4 日 前

    Gordon barely gets in the door and has time to get acquainted, and my immediate impression of this baboon is that he’s a total fuckin nutcase. I’d have walked in with a smile, shook his hand, and walked out smiling as if nothing happened as soon as he opened his vile trap; no more care or thought, never to be seen again. This guy reminds me sort of like a male version of Amy from the infamous Amy’s Baking Company. And if anyone can help me out, what the hell is that accent? I can’t tell what it is. It sounds like he’s drunk or has brain damage...

  13. Alix_af

    Alix_af6 日 前

    and the award for the worst and most toxic owner on the show goes to.... Andy (&Amy)!

  14. Thomas Donohue

    Thomas Donohue8 日 前

    Did Gordon call himself English even though he’s Scottish??

  15. adeelthegame

    adeelthegame8 日 前

    The wife sounds like such a nice person. And she looks really scared. PS: she has some assets on her lol

  16. Mark

    Mark8 日 前

    I lol'd and said what a cunt out loud when he got the food from next door but ate it at the current kitchen nightmare

  17. Cycle Nutter

    Cycle Nutter9 日 前

    I think this proves Southerners are better than Northerners. That's just a joke I don't care whether you're from the north or south, but people from the midlands have got it easy 😉

  18. Georgia Whyman

    Georgia Whyman9 日 前

    Oml he's such a twat

  19. orihime inoue

    orihime inoue10 日 前

    Can we just take in that Ramsay actually liked the food next door? Damnnn, they must be good!

  20. Antony Colless

    Antony Colless10 日 前

    Mate, if you can get through to this guy ? Your a tenuous man ! Luv you dude !!

  21. Loui Hampton

    Loui Hampton10 日 前

    I love these people that ask for Gordon’s help but refuse to take the help fuck witts

  22. Strange Fruit

    Strange Fruit11 日 前

    34:52 - "Veal & Foie Gras Burger" . . . Wow, How much pain, torture, horror and animal suffering can you put . . . . . in a simple Burger

  23. 94mathdude

    94mathdude11 日 前

    Andy should go work for another arrogant boss. He needs a taste of his own medicine.

  24. Dino Zamperoni

    Dino Zamperoni12 日 前

    people like that, who treat their wife and their employees that way, shouldn't be helped. no mercy. leave em alone. leave em behind.

  25. Swapnil Soni

    Swapnil Soni13 日 前

    What did he mean by I am not in Mumbai...? Was it mocking Indian Cuisine or just saying that you don't serve curries in a bistro?

  26. Pessimistic life

    Pessimistic life14 日 前

    Does this man have a Spilt personality disorder?😐 Just asking.

  27. Angelo Willemse

    Angelo Willemse14 日 前

    Elin is so gorgeous. What the hell is she doing with him? Constantly berating her.

  28. eNdLeS eUpHoRiA

    eNdLeS eUpHoRiA14 日 前

    that owner is textbook example of arrogance

  29. RedVexeD

    RedVexeD14 日 前

    That smile on his wife's face when Gordon's popping off about how he's disrespecting her is gold. She's just like "Yes, rip him!" This guy acts like there wasn't camera on him filming... Like, yo, Gordon can just replay you the footage of you acting the douchebag and blaming all the mistakes on your customers, _big boy._

  30. RedVexeD

    RedVexeD14 日 前

    I'm still surprised this place is open still and running. Lmao that guy's attitude was soooo bad I figured he'd revert for sure.

  31. The8th Gemmer

    The8th Gemmer15 日 前

    Imagine Gordon Ramsay runs in your restaurant, orders the food, leaves, comes back to get the food and then says it’s delicious on t.v.

  32. Jules Dussault

    Jules Dussault15 日 前

    a brilliant chef that needs help wow wow

  33. Henry Olguin

    Henry Olguin15 日 前

    You're probably wondering why the wife is the only one using a green screen... Witness protection program?

  34. Steve Perrin

    Steve Perrin16 日 前

    "I'm about to pay him a surprise visit." Even though the film crew, lighting, sound man, etc are already there?

  35. holly bullock

    holly bullock16 日 前

    The chef looks like Hannah Bakers dad from Thirteen reasons why..

  36. Jordann Grigg

    Jordann Grigg16 日 前

    I’ve been in this restaurant and it’s still open the food still isn’t good had to take a steak back 4 times wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone genuinely save your money

  37. abdi sius

    abdi sius18 日 前

    at least he found something BIG in his life, if you know what i mean.

  38. Delfine04

    Delfine0418 日 前

    I honestly think this guy isn’t nearly as arrogant as everyone thinks he is. I think he was getting dragged down because of the restaurant and he lost all of his passion and just gave up. To have someone lecture you when you already feel depressed is very hard, and I think his stubbornness was just an expression of the years of worrying and the humiliation of failing something. The smile he had in the end seemed really genuine, I was smiling when I watched it. Also don’t underestimate the toll it takes on a relationship, she clearly still loved him a lot and saw his true potential, but he was blinded by all his worries. I saw that she understood why he was so stubborn, they had the same kind of sadness in their eyes in the beginning.

  39. Marco Octavio

    Marco Octavio18 日 前

    his wife is so lovely

  40. Sıla Erol

    Sıla Erol18 日 前

    Why the hell does he even have a sous chef in the kitchen if he won't let the poor guy cook anything?

  41. Esmee Harvey

    Esmee Harvey18 日 前

    this guy is like gordon’s evil clone

  42. smartPuff 73

    smartPuff 7318 日 前

    I love the small breaks where Ramsay speedwalks out of the restaurant to vent to the backwards-walking cameraman.

  43. tripleduper

    tripleduper19 日 前

    Damn. This is probably the only episode that I couldn't bear to watch because of that guy.

  44. Emily Su

    Emily Su19 日 前

    Seen all the episodes of Kitchen nightmares multiples times from all seasons yet somehow watching this one for the first time today...

  45. Elin Jones

    Elin Jones19 日 前

    He hardly called her by her name. I would've noticed . She's got the same fucking name as me and I didnt notice until near the end of the video.

  46. Duskripper

    Duskripper19 日 前

    Ohhhh I wanna punch that chef/owner in the face so badly. Arrogant piece of shit

  47. Bree Topkuschi

    Bree Topkuschi20 日 前

    Pause at 16:40 lmfao ‘I’ve been in World War II and had better food’ 😂

  48. The Wave Beats

    The Wave Beats20 日 前

    I never understood the logic of these people, they write to the show to get help, so Gordon "a man with over 20 successful restaurants and multiple Michelin stars" comes to help them and they get offended by everything he says and tells him he's wrong 🙃🙃🙃

  49. WillTell

    WillTell21 日 前

    wow, he called something delicious, must be a fake ramsay



    I have had simular agressive and verbaly abusive behaviour, and to me this looks like due to the guys mental suffering, he has builded himselfr a defense wall. The wife has had her cofidence slapped down completely, surely knows the issues but can't say because of the husband. And from my own experience that kinda behaviour comes from not getting love or care, or costant stress.

  51. Superhero Bob

    Superhero Bob21 日 前

    Holy Shit. This Corona lockdown has to end... I am watching the Kitchen Nightmares playlist since 4 month on the loop. HELP ME PLEASE !!!

  52. indramani arora

    indramani arora22 日 前

    His wifey got a great cleavage i must say😛

  53. Harvey Quinn

    Harvey Quinn22 日 前

    Arrogant owner. Treats people like shit but guess he'd be first to grass or snitch on others

  54. Noctiflora

    Noctiflora22 日 前

    This guys meets beyond all the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder. Goodness.

  55. xxDrain

    xxDrain22 日 前

    In all my years of binge watching these, how have I never seen this episode once?

  56. Abimelech Sanders

    Abimelech Sanders23 日 前

    Although Andy was a dickhead and stubborn at first but after Gordon Ramsay visited and helped his failing restaurant he became a changed man for the better.

  57. jose santos

    jose santos23 日 前

    Andy gotta be from manchester

  58. Michael Burness

    Michael Burness25 日 前

    He was pissed about Gordon turning up unexpected. I guarantee the ladies weren't so angry. 😊

  59. Michael Burness

    Michael Burness25 日 前

    Arrogance is such an ugly trait. Maybe that's her plan, blow tons of smoke up his arse until his arrogance takes over and repels all the women who otherwise would be lining up for a catch like him.



    Gordon Ramsay VS Simon Cowell

  61. H. Devries

    H. Devries25 日 前

    20:34 Gordon’s crocs truly validate my love for this man even further.

  62. MJfan560

    MJfan56021 日 前

    Lol 🤣🤣

  63. chan Sammi

    chan Sammi25 日 前

    2020:It’s still opening wow

  64. A S

    A S25 日 前

    His wife looks so fucking unhappy in every scene. Praying for her

  65. Narayan Mukherjee

    Narayan Mukherjee26 日 前

    Andy: I hate idiots Me: self-hatred is not good mate


    ZA WORLDO26 日 前

    “I’m a loser everybody, I’m the worst.” Now that’s a quote I relate to

  67. KaylaMoonlight 121

    KaylaMoonlight 121日 前

    Same here

  68. Lorna Ginette Harrison

    Lorna Ginette Harrison27 日 前

    When he was told which VIPS were coming that evening, Andy was moaning about wanting to know why they hadn’t bothered to grace his restaurant before...he should just have been thankful that they hadn’t, or word of mouth would’ve spread even quicker & tanked Le Bistro once & for all, _long_ ago! Sounds like the other chef, who was responsible for cooking the snapper, was the one with the _actual_ skills.

  69. NoufAloasimi

    NoufAloasimi27 日 前

    This woman need help

  70. Tyler Atkin

    Tyler Atkin27 日 前

    Arrogant v arrogant

  71. Tyler Atkin

    Tyler Atkin27 日 前

    Suprize visit? Didnt nitice the 12 man camera crew in there? What the f@#/%? 😂😂😂😂😂

  72. LILY리리 :3

    LILY리리 :327 日 前

    That woman is traumatized and that man need therapy

  73. AMD RX470 G1 FX-6300 and Xbox

    AMD RX470 G1 FX-6300 and Xbox27 日 前

    That man is a curse for life The biggest shit head ever i would smash him !!!

  74. Sagar G

    Sagar G27 日 前

    I'm in florida, not in MumBai. I wonder Whyyyyy does that statement came up suddenly? 😂 😂 😂 😂

  75. Sasha Dee

    Sasha Deeヶ月 前

    poor Alex... i want to give him a hug.

  76. XLGamer 54

    XLGamer 54ヶ月 前

    ‘I hate idiots’ *IRONY LEVEL INTENSIFIES*

  77. Piotr kukliński

    Piotr kuklińskiヶ月 前

    This guy needs a good old beating.He needs to get humbled

  78. Max_Sparta Spectre

    Max_Sparta Spectreヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsay forgot the fridge.

  79. I’mNoTLikEoThErGiRlS

    I’mNoTLikEoThErGiRlSヶ月 前

    Did anyone else just find it more entertaining to see Gordon argue with someone else from the U.K.?

  80. El Ger

    El Gerヶ月 前

    He was so rude to his wives plus on top of that a shit chef/cook.. What a pillock

  81. Ries Meijer

    Ries Meijerヶ月 前

    20:34 , just look at gordon wearing those crocs.

  82. Youssoufa Diop

    Youssoufa Diopヶ月 前

    Me: *Tells my crush i like her* My homies, in the back:Woah,who could've known? Me: 2:17

  83. Miff Miff

    Miff Miffヶ月 前

    I'm happy with baked beans and a beer