Kion & Kopa Encounter | TIMELINE THEORY | The Lion Guard


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  2. Subra Sarkar

    Subra Sarkarヶ月 前

    If Kopa is Simba's son then who is kion? 🦁🦁🦁

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    Hi 👋

  4. Vidita Koli

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    i like it

  5. Sporickin

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  6. Amanda Jones

    Amanda Jones3 ヶ月 前

    Askari can you explain rani mom and dad and her family

  7. Usman Ali

    Usman Ali7 時間 前

    Actually if kopa is a year older than kiara and kion is a year younger kopa would not be an adult

  8. Ahmad Younas

    Ahmad Younas2 日 前

    Please make the kopa the future king who kills zira L

  9. Uyachuma Mkonjeni

    Uyachuma Mkonjeni2 日 前

    Kopa didn't die he didn't have a preade he followed Kion to the preade lends and ment Vitani and he had a cud first born Shark second born Nash but his daughter died

  10. Manuru Ananya

    Manuru Ananya2 日 前

    Wait what??!!?? Kion killed kopa?😯😯😢😢😭😭😭

  11. monster gaming real play mudassir

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    It's so bad to kill Copa bike Kion

  12. monster gaming real play mudassir

    monster gaming real play mudassir3 日 前

    Fillback kill Cuppa bike Kion

  13. Lisa Ayesigwa

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  14. Manjeet Kaur

    Manjeet Kaur4 日 前

    Mine is that kopu returns to the pride lands to kill all the lions in the royal family and kion roars and kopa dies

  15. Minecraft Aahrav

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  16. abhijit bhattacharyya

    abhijit bhattacharyya5 日 前

    I prefer the second theory .

  17. Alejandro Avila

    Alejandro Avila6 日 前

    Who is stronger KION OR KOPA



    But I don't see kopa in the lion King but I see the Simba was killed scar but how is the male lion cub but the next part it is a kiara




  20. Julienne Kate Otto

    Julienne Kate Otto9 日 前

    I like your theory number 3

  21. Angel Gaha

    Angel Gaha10 日 前

    Who is stronger KION or KOPA

  22. Jared Greanya

    Jared Greanya10 日 前

    The rest of season 3 has all ready came out since this video came out. Spoiler alert: it takes place in Asia were Lion becomes king. They don't have acounter.

  23. Swar Ballo

    Swar Ballo10 日 前

    I wanted kopa to be alive 😢

  24. Tarun Lata

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  25. Azent

    Azent12 日 前

    3:47 mufasa,Sarabi,Askari

  26. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson13 日 前

    the 2nd theory seems more neutral though there are ideas of the 1st theory that could work in the second my theory Based on mixing both 1 and 2 is: kopa does come to the pridelands with the aid of kion, and rather than kion leaving , as the first theory suggests my version of the second theory basically is that, kion would take kopa in, and simba and nala would agree with this idea and both of them, given that they are brothers, would each be allowed to take in lionesses of their own choice to expand the pride

  27. Odette Bwalya

    Odette Bwalya13 日 前

    2 theory

  28. Kia Reid

    Kia Reid16 日 前

    How bout u

  29. Juliana Tobar

    Juliana Tobar16 日 前

    Can u make a video of what would happened if kion would come back to the pride lands as a adult. Pls

  30. Cassia Llanos

    Cassia Llanos16 日 前

    Theory 2 is my favorite🧡

  31. Sujeet Sonu

    Sujeet Sonu16 日 前

    Kopa is good so second theory is right and kopa should be the king of pride lands.

  32. Phobia Cricket

    Phobia Cricket17 日 前

    My theory Kopa was a lion who was walking after sometime zira saw him and kill him for scar Then simba identifies that zira killed kopa then at the end simba and pridelamder kills zira and kion comes back

  33. Ali Usman

    Ali Usman17 日 前

    Lops survive and go to the jungle

  34. Laarni Noma

    Laarni Noma20 日 前

    If there is a season 4

  35. Laarni Noma

    Laarni Noma20 日 前

    Here is my theory In season 4 kion is still triting to be a good king and 10 seconds later janja said that he saw a lion and kion saw kopa kopa explain to kion what hes life is and now is a lion guard but kopa has alot of scare and maybe the new villien in season 4 and thats my theory

  36. Roshelle One

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  38. The Lion Guard 88

    The Lion Guard 8822 日 前

    Except Kopa isn’t canon XD

  39. FPL FPL

    FPL FPL22 日 前

    I love it

  40. creeperomg

    creeperomg22 日 前

    my opinion is that i never see kopa in the series what happened reply if you saw it and like if you did.

  41. Mamatha Chandrashekar

    Mamatha Chandrashekar23 日 前

    I prefer theory 2

  42. charlie mcwhiter the penguin boy

    charlie mcwhiter the penguin boy23 日 前

    Kion does not have the mark of the guard anymore he joined the night pride

  43. Aina the lion

    Aina the lion23 日 前

    I think kion when he meets kopa , kion must return him back to himself

  44. Andy Jr

    Andy Jr24 日 前

    Theory 3

  45. Heze Alpha

    Heze Alpha24 日 前

    I fill sorry for kapa



    Kopa is alive but he comes to the prideland and then kion and kopa are fighting. kion used the roar and kill kopa cause. Kopa is revenging

  47. SC - 02GS 901533 Trelawny PS

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    Samuel Daniel

  48. philela makinana nxopo

    philela makinana nxopo26 日 前

    I say kopa could return In the lion guard drama king

  49. Györgyi Kiss

    Györgyi Kiss26 日 前

    Tall of the storry of kion

  50. Roshelle One

    Roshelle One26 日 前

    They are so much alike🙂🙃😲

  51. Alexandru Alexandru

    Alexandru Alexandru27 日 前

    Who is atari granddad

  52. Shirley Anderson

    Shirley Anderson29 日 前

    Number 1

  53. Yinka Abiona

    Yinka Abiona29 日 前

    What if kopa was kovu they do have resemblance

  54. Mary Bassaw Mensah

    Mary Bassaw Mensahヶ月 前

    Scar is lion's grandfather not uncle

  55. Naruto fame

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  56. Killer The Booga Booga Pvper

    Killer The Booga Booga Pvperヶ月 前

    Kopa is the person that save the jungle because kopa is a hero like the person that saved the innocents from the evil that’s is my theory Askari I new when you said the kopa thing.

  57. Noah Shields

    Noah Shieldsヶ月 前

    The family #1

  58. Noah Shields

    Noah Shieldsヶ月 前


  59. {waffle Nightmare}

    {waffle Nightmare}ヶ月 前

    I prefer1 and 2

  60. Matt Reacts

    Matt Reactsヶ月 前

    I think theory 2 is the most tame

  61. Veronica Vila

    Veronica Vilaヶ月 前

    I like theory #2

  62. Muhammad Jeewa

    Muhammad Jeewaヶ月 前

    The second thery

  63. Minitoon

    Minitoonヶ月 前

    I hate kopa deaths

  64. T P

    T Pヶ月 前

    If kopa is the first born and the leader of the lion guard has to be the second born why isn't kiara the lion guard leader

  65. Stephen Abel

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  66. Cassia Llanos

    Cassia Llanosヶ月 前

    I like the second theory😀

  67. Prasanna Kumar

    Prasanna Kumarヶ月 前

    did kion lost roar after using it on kopa and

  68. My Miss Agnihotri

    My Miss Agnihotriヶ月 前

    Please make a video on chaka,kopa,kiara and kion what happened to them

  69. Mahad Rashid

    Mahad Rashidヶ月 前

    I like the one where Kopa was killed by Kion

  70. TheNoobTan

    TheNoobTanヶ月 前

    1:43 in defating HIS UNCLE SCAR is scar kions uncle?

  71. sachi wijayabahu

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  72. Santiago Tipanluisa

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  73. Anisha David

    Anisha Davidヶ月 前

    I honestly like theory 2 because it's the happiest one

  74. EExtremeToyGamer PlayZ

    EExtremeToyGamer PlayZヶ月 前

    I really want to know the full story of Askari the leader of the first lion guard :)

  75. gunarso tunjung

    gunarso tunjungヶ月 前

    Siapa ayah nuka,kufu,fitani

  76. Ashton Novicke

    Ashton Novickeヶ月 前

    Theory number two

  77. Asfandyar Syed

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    How do you join other peoples discord server

  78. Asfandyar Syed

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    Hello I am Asad

  79. Rocky carlos

    Rocky carlosヶ月 前

    Askari who is kion wife

  80. Maša Raičević

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  81. Maša Raičević

    Maša Raičevićヶ月 前

    I dont think kion killed kopa theire still brothere

  82. Emma Morris

    Emma Morrisヶ月 前

    i like,em both!



    can i have a meet with you

  84. Sal Mah

    Sal Mahヶ月 前

    Theory 2

  85. Branden Wright

    Branden Wrightヶ月 前

    i understand that the lion guard was made way after the lion king 2 but it doesnt show any sign of kion even as a cub or kid in the movie it would be nice if someone could make a re animation but add kion in it.

  86. Ibrahim Touhid

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  87. Aliff Omar Mohamad Omar

    Aliff Omar Mohamad Omarヶ月 前

    askair pls make vid of askari and the first lion guarf

  88. Victoria R

    Victoria Rヶ月 前

    You should mix Theory number one with another theory saying that Kopa found his own Pride but it was that evil Pride that Zira came from The Pride took him in and raised him to be their next leader and so the current leader that Kopa sees as his father wishes to take over the pride lands and that's how kopa meets his family

  89. Ninja Daer

    Ninja Daerヶ月 前

    I like number 2

  90. Stephanie Madrazo

    Stephanie Madrazoヶ月 前

    I think kion is kopa and painted his hair red

  91. Ashok Kumar

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  92. Pranav Sanivarapu

    Pranav Sanivarapuヶ月 前

    Kopa was living in his own pride with his mate boga and son ari.Later he met kion and kovu and came back to pride rock were he met the sister of kovu ,vitani. He also mated with vitani and got 2 sons, sharp and nash

  93. niajib2006

    niajib2006ヶ月 前

    i like 1 and 2 theory

  94. Karen Cope

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  95. Michelle Wood

    Michelle Woodヶ月 前

    Oh my God

  96. ebrahema diallo

    ebrahema dialloヶ月 前

    you said scar is kions uncle he's simba's uncle not kion's kion does not have a uncle cause Simba never had a brother

  97. Evita Alpheaus

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  98. vinita kerketta

    vinita kerkettaヶ月 前

    Kion is greater than kiara

  99. Kulwinder Singh

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  100. Arjita Chowdhury

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  101. mira7480 mira7480

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    2nd my fav

  102. julie dong

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    Can you make a vidieo or roni having cubs

  103. Pezo Kasapatu

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  104. Oksana Arkhypchuk

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    I really loved the 2nd theory

  105. hora fauzi

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