Kim & Kourtney's Feud Gets Physical: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S18, E1) | E!


  1. suhad alnoor

    suhad alnoor時間 前

    What message they give to young girls!!

  2. Jasmine Sheniqua Hawkins

    Jasmine Sheniqua Hawkins7 時間 前

    What TRASH

  3. 09277595352 Jumao-as

    09277595352 Jumao-as12 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> this is why we lovs Kendall Jenner

  4. starsandstripes5013

    starsandstripes50132 日 前

    How come no one called the cops?

  5. Sonia Cidade Duarte

    Sonia Cidade Duarte2 日 前

    Kim... please... give us a break: Kourtney has most character than you. Accept. Please.



  7. James Danson

    James Danson2 日 前

    YOOO......Kim got hands😂

  8. Sandy Marcelo

    Sandy Marcelo2 日 前

    My view of this is Kourtney has been enjoying all the luxuries that fame has brought her....massive mansion..wonderful vacations..anything her heart desires. Now she has decided she hates the celebrity so maybe she should move to a regular suburban home and live a typical single moms life. I feel she is not grateful for all the blessings she has received through the show

  9. Josephine Lansana

    Josephine Lansana2 日 前

    That slap tho. I feel really bad for Kourt. They just make her feel trash. That's why shes like this.

  10. North Pole82

    North Pole823 日 前

    You know Khloes tall self could have broke that fight up. That was years of pent up anger between them. Kourtney always tells them she didn’t ask to be famous. She doesn’t want cameras in her face 24/7. Kim needs the show to promote whatever products she is selling. Khloe hardly ever mentions good American jeans. I’m wondering why?

  11. Shanthi Tamilmani

    Shanthi Tamilmani3 日 前

    Ok cool thanks

  12. Xxassasin

    Xxassasin3 日 前

    Damn Kim going at it

  13. Talyha Hernandez

    Talyha Hernandez4 日 前

    Kourtney has been the least important least loved kardashian and now that she has a little recognition she doesn't know how to act. Respectfully she's being obnoxious instigated that fight andddddd her facial expressions were so rude I would've had to smack her up too.

  14. Fouziya Prome

    Fouziya Prome4 日 前

    Tbh, Kendall looked scared when they started fighting.........

  15. alia alia

    alia alia5 日 前

    Slaps So Rude for Kim...So Poor for Kourtney

  16. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool5 日 前

    Kim vs Kourtney in a boxing ring. Make it happen.

  17. Grimm Jo

    Grimm Jo5 日 前

    I Love white people I really do this is so light hearted and funny 😂

  18. spark

    spark5 日 前

    She got btich slap onley if they made the damnn sound affect

  19. Dee

    Dee6 日 前

    They all disrespect each other constantly so when they do it’s karma for each and everyone of them ,simple as that

  20. gracelyn elaiyne

    gracelyn elaiyne6 日 前

    "You guys my daughter is sleeping " 😂

  21. mustabshirah hanif

    mustabshirah hanif7 日 前

    But what are they fighting over like dogs

  22. YamiNevaeh

    YamiNevaeh7 日 前

    Bro I'm Kendall Whenever Someone Just Full On Has An Argument...

  23. arignasty

    arignasty7 日 前

    did anyone notice kim said "i swear to god" and not bible

  24. Stefania Mrlin

    Stefania Mrlin7 日 前

    Kim ssly that’s not older sis suppose to act 😂😂

  25. Taiwanna Alexander

    Taiwanna Alexander7 日 前

    Big lol

  26. AWS

    AWS8 日 前

    they look bigger on tv. Kourtney doesn't look as skinny as I thought

  27. whobalobalo

    whobalobalo8 日 前

    Kim's dress on the backside looks like a dart board! Where are the darts?? Or rather tranquilizer, she needs to get her jets cooled.🤪🤪😂😂 And that slap was the loudest of what I've heard. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  28. Princess Of Thebes

    Princess Of Thebes8 日 前

    When your two bullies are fighting each other.

  29. Ashley's Life

    Ashley's Life9 日 前

    Who turned the stove on 7🔥🔥🔥

  30. Sofia Martinez

    Sofia Martinez9 日 前

    This is the example they set for their kids

  31. Kimberly Portillo

    Kimberly Portillo9 日 前

    They can’t fight I’m sorry but it’s true😂

  32. Honkey Hoohaa

    Honkey Hoohaa9 日 前

    The painting at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> is me watching this.

  33. Anjealous Anaconda

    Anjealous Anaconda9 日 前

    Listen say what y’all want about this being staged or whatever but this is giving me PTSD

  34. Starla Nova

    Starla Nova9 日 前

    Bad girls bad bad girls what u gonna dew

  35. Michia Malika

    Michia Malika9 日 前

    Them 2 slaps "Hit" different😂😂😂

  36. marco avila

    marco avila9 日 前

    Fake fight there acting

  37. Mara Onfire

    Mara Onfire10 日 前

    I wish I was Kourtney so I could have thrown that punch. It would have been a chance for Kloe to try “ knock me out” too. Knocking two birds at once would be my Kourtney dream.

  38. Britta Larsen

    Britta Larsen10 日 前

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  39. Aaliyah Townsend

    Aaliyah Townsend10 日 前

    Rich white girls shenanigans!

  40. Gwendolyn

    Gwendolyn10 日 前

    Their faces are just so ... Swollen

  41. Lilia Ortega

    Lilia Ortega10 日 前

    from my experience with having sisters, all i saw was kourtney letting her feelings out, like yeah maybe she got a little physical but kim took it too far and got really mad. kourtney was the one that tried to walk away twice and kim kept following her. they were both going at it and kim slapped kourtney a few times but khloe only said something when kourt slapped kim, like ???? poor kourtney, she’s been the scapegoat of the family for years now, i’m surprised she’s dealt with it for this long.

  42. Mia

    Mia10 日 前

    when kim slapped me just said she is BAD*** B****

  43. Kharlle Gabo

    Kharlle Gabo10 日 前

    they be like barbies fighting with all that plastics in their bodies

  44. Abnerline Macenat

    Abnerline Macenat11 日 前

    kourt was definitely laughing during the fight bye lol: playback speed 0.5 @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a>

  45. Crasti Peter

    Crasti Peter11 日 前

    *popcorn & 3d glasses*

  46. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Anastasia Beaverhausen12 日 前

    I wish I had a sister that cared about my enough to even fight with me.

  47. Galilee David

    Galilee David12 日 前

    Not gonna lie sorry. kourtney. But imma say she started the "physical fight" then just talking it out. Im sorry pls dont scream at me

  48. Mark Wallace

    Mark Wallace12 日 前

    awww lool girls girls behave now hahaha I love this family like 4eva karjenners

  49. Steven Kat

    Steven Kat12 日 前

    Kim may be beautiful on the outside- but she needs to do some inner work--maybe she should check out Poosh for some tips 😂

  50. Daryn Berryhill

    Daryn Berryhill12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> Khloe says “can we shut my door” 😂

  51. Munky Butt

    Munky Butt13 日 前

    That’s not what a mom dose they are stupid

  52. Kelvin Cruz

    Kelvin Cruz13 日 前

    kim so hot

  53. Narin Irkek

    Narin Irkek13 日 前

    rich but embarrassing

  54. Trent Williams

    Trent Williams13 日 前

    That’s so hot

  55. Astoria

    Astoria13 日 前

    Imo Khloé is finest kardashian

  56. Angelina Heaton

    Angelina Heaton13 日 前

    I’ve always liked Kourtney! Kim is such a f****ing byeotch, always has been, always will be.

  57. Julia Barrera

    Julia Barrera14 日 前 this is called a “fight”?

  58. Lova Bohm Lundberg

    Lova Bohm Lundberg14 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> how old am I? how old are you?

  59. Lova Bohm Lundberg

    Lova Bohm Lundberg14 日 前

    the youngest sibling in the room is also the most mature one

  60. Lova Bohm Lundberg

    Lova Bohm Lundberg14 日 前

    This must have been awkward for the camera crew

  61. Lova Bohm Lundberg

    Lova Bohm Lundberg14 日 前

    This is so stupid yet so funny

  62. Lova Bohm Lundberg

    Lova Bohm Lundberg14 日 前

    the comments on this video are the best part

  63. jawyz

    jawyz14 日 前

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  64. Bree Coward

    Bree Coward14 日 前

    I hate that tristan can do whatever he wants and be forgiven

  65. Bree Coward

    Bree Coward14 日 前

    Kim only forgives him because they are dating again

  66. Its Me

    Its Me14 日 前

    Wow that was such a waste of 10 minutes of my life

  67. Josh Cameron

    Josh Cameron14 日 前

    This is it. I found the most white privilege fight on JPreporter

  68. Grace Emmanuelle

    Grace Emmanuelle14 日 前

    Aww i luv it how the two jenners don't act like the three kardashians! Hahha

  69. Grace Emmanuelle

    Grace Emmanuelle14 日 前


  70. Sexy Cuttie

    Sexy Cuttie14 日 前

  71. Clemence Hamilton

    Clemence Hamilton15 日 前

  72. h.s

    h.s15 日 前

    when that fight was happening, I am kendall in that situation lmao

  73. Netflix Tijuana Dj.untouchable

    Netflix Tijuana Dj.untouchable15 日 前

    We want more fighting

  74. Leyla Sanabria

    Leyla Sanabria15 日 前


  75. hey im bored

    hey im bored16 日 前

    kendall’s face makes this 100x better.

  76. C Kelleher

    C Kelleher16 日 前

    Literally the fakest fight I ever saw. Love Kourtney though.

  77. Meredith Grey

    Meredith Grey16 日 前

    Was one of them really complaining about a bill I cannot believe I watched that

  78. Mariem Ouerghi

    Mariem Ouerghi16 日 前

    They act like kim is the only one who got slapped

  79. Yshie Bel

    Yshie Bel17 日 前

    are these scripted??

  80. S I M K

    S I M K17 日 前

    ‘YoU gUys My CHilD Is SLEepInG’

  81. SuperAndrea iAnimations

    SuperAndrea iAnimations16 日 前