Kidnapped (A Child Safety Film) in 4K


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    **NEW CHILD SAFETY COURSES COMING SOON** To get notified please click on the link. We can't wait to share what we believe will help save thousands of kids lives!

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    We would like to welcome everyone to the premiere of our newest film that we hope will make a difference in the world. We are premiering our first feature documentary film, Delivering Hope: Costa Rica, tonight Sept. 9th at 7pm MST right here on our channel. Please join us!

  3. maya O'Neal

    maya O'Neal年 前

    Did the girl die 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Mr Kalamashum

    Mr Kalamashum年 前

    I nealy got kiddnapped by a lady when i was young so my mom was at shopping with me and then my mom was not looking and that evil lady snatched me and ran away with me and put me in the boot of her van a guy was there to but my mom screamed and ran for me and they nealy drove away with me but my mom ran and ran and ran and finally she got me back that was realy scaray please stay safe kids around the would never belive anyone that you do not no ok every one in the would i hope all the kidnappers get this story so it makes you stop kidnapping ok i hope you stay safe ok kids so stay safe around the would 🙏 omggggggggggggggggggg If you liked the messge that i gave you click rite over here 👎🏼

  5. xoemxlyy

    xoemxlyy年 前

    The first bit is so scary 😭

  6. Mr Kalamashum

    Mr Kalamashum年 前

    That is mire scarey then the evil doctor snchder the evil dentist

  7. Mr Kalamashum

    Mr Kalamashum年 前

    This nearly happen

  8. Lily b

    Lily b年 前

    Is the girl dead ?

  9. Carolyn Elkins

    Carolyn Elkins年 前


  10. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano Aishi年 前

    What happened to the girl? Did she die or...

  11. Aqilah Illyana

    Aqilah Illyana年 前

    Bold of you to assume that my parents will throw surprise party for me

  12. Tanya Légaré

    Tanya Légaré年 前


  13. Danielle Velky

    Danielle Velky年 前


  14. RedCastle Crusade

    RedCastle Crusade年 前

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  15. Burnt Coochie

    Burnt Coochie年 前


  16. Tara Alexander

    Tara Alexander年 前

    That stuff in movies make me 😠 😠 mad

  17. Zazou Marcelin

    Zazou Marcelin年 前

    Anybody can make a party in a place like that

  18. Valerie Luna

    Valerie Luna年 前

    My lil bro went missing today at the beach me and my mom cried but we found him crying near the boats we were happy nothing happened to him

  19. Random Memes Weekly

    Random Memes Weekly年 前

    that's why i keep a knife with me at all times and never trust anyone

  20. Eve Phillips

    Eve Phillips年 前

    I feel so bad for her

  21. Wubaduck

    Wubaduck年 前

    Smash that like button if u waching in 2019🤜👍 👇🏾

  22. Max mac08

    Max mac08年 前

    What happened to Aubrey at the end

  23. Jennifer Robertson

    Jennifer Robertson年 前

    Is this real or not

  24. kelly Daniels

    kelly Daniels年 前

    Where is aubrey

  25. Sylina Royster

    Sylina Royster年 前

    She stop because she new she wll be lost

  26. Kajiji Cumberbatch

    Kajiji Cumberbatch年 前

    Blood is red Bruises are blue I got chills And so did you...

  27. Jason TheBest

    Jason TheBest年 前

    Is she okay or did he kidnap her and did she come back

  28. Blancee Brown

    Blancee Brown年 前

    This made me cry

  29. Chino Guaman

    Chino Guaman年 前

    I feel so bad for the little girl that got kidnapped I'm crying like if you care for the little 8 year old girl

  30. Emmie Likes kats

    Emmie Likes kats年 前

    I am scared. Did she die

  31. Sofiedossi#1fan Luvher

    Sofiedossi#1fan Luvher年 前

    This is so sad I can never imagine this happening to my kids when I adopt

  32. Queen Nyah

    Queen Nyah年 前

    This is so sad and scary 😱😱😱

  33. Candy Drawz

    Candy Drawz年 前

    Did she die I'm scared

  34. kamini 002

    kamini 002年 前

    The old man looks like dumbledore

  35. Brayden Maguire

    Brayden Maguire年 前

    If I was Aubrey I would have asked the people who were passing the versibe for help.

  36. Molly Neilson xoxo

    Molly Neilson xoxo年 前

    I hate them

  37. Darkrabbit gamer129

    Darkrabbit gamer129年 前

    is she found

  38. Jasolyn Johnson

    Jasolyn Johnson年 前


  39. Andrea Hutchison

    Andrea Hutchison年 前

    Dun dun DUN edit dun dun dun dun

  40. gracie blanks

    gracie blanks年 前


  41. Racquelle Miranda

    Racquelle Miranda年 前

    I got so scared when he grabbed her mouth and just had her flower bow in his hand😰

  42. bryleigh mccoy

    bryleigh mccoy年 前

    At the beginning whenever the man started running after Aubry I felt so bad.. I started to cry

  43. JoseDoesPlotagon Now Sucks

    JoseDoesPlotagon Now Sucks年 前

    This is the equivalent of someone saying “if you get in my car I’ll give you free VBucks”

  44. Classy_gamer

    Classy_gamer年 前

    I am so happy it’s a film

  45. jennifer colson

    jennifer colson年 前

    Omg that's so scary

  46. Ayesha Qamar

    Ayesha Qamar年 前

    besides I don't live in the US

  47. Ayesha Qamar

    Ayesha Qamar年 前

    this gave me the chills but I know now what not to do :)

  48. Ava Betts

    Ava Betts年 前


  49. Adrian #13

    Adrian #13年 前

    Was this real

  50. Lauren Simoneaux

    Lauren Simoneaux年 前

    I hope she is ok 😢

  51. perulja

    perulja年 前

    Great acring!

  52. Lilly Osborn

    Lilly Osborn年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> her hair changed coulor

  53. Elijah Jonas

    Elijah Jonas年 前

    I love how she knew she fucked up XD

  54. Tricia Day

    Tricia Day年 前

    This person is cruel

  55. Unicornplayz! !!

    Unicornplayz! !!年 前

    Huh.. SCAREY

  56. Høney_Toast Chxnneł

    Høney_Toast Chxnneł年 前

    WHY DO THEY PUT SUCH SMART IDEAS TO STEAL CHILDREN!? I could have fallen for that if I was her but sometimes I check my phone to tell my parents if they said if I could go with him first IKR IM SOOOOO SMART But this made me cry 😭🥺🥺😭

  57. The delel Sister

    The delel Sister年 前

    I cryed 😢

  58. Maria Vining

    Maria Vining年 前

    If some one trys to take me and if its a boy ill hot them in spot they will not like.So dont mess with me or my frinds.Or bohter or sister

  59. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl年 前

    Is this real or a skit

  60. Jack Helm

    Jack Helm年 前

    Gamer Girl its a skit

  61. Matt Bunting

    Matt Bunting年 前


  62. Farrah Sumner

    Farrah Sumner年 前

    Its not real because how can we see it if he is saying it and a camera

  63. Wilma Sironen

    Wilma Sironen年 前


  64. j Thom

    j Thom年 前


  65. Dulce Ibarra

    Dulce Ibarra年 前

    Por little gril😭😭😭

  66. Jack Boreman

    Jack Boreman年 前

    I almost cried

  67. JaiPrincess100 Jai

    JaiPrincess100 Jai年 前

    It’s sad 😢

  68. Farrah Sumner

    Farrah Sumner年 前

    Eeerrrrmmmm what happened to the girl did she die

  69. Chariah Peterson

    Chariah Peterson年 前

    I was kidnapped before and found my way back home

  70. spongebob in dat hood

    spongebob in dat hood年 前

    A ture parent would run to the end of the earth fo their child and their child safety that dad is a punk he gave up an went back in the house a sad parent

  71. Korey

    Korey年 前

    *looks around in room*

  72. Emma Webb

    Emma Webb年 前

    What did he do to her is what i want to know and if i was her i would've just kept running so stupid mistake kid

  73. Camill Rahmon

    Camill Rahmon年 前

    Soo sad

  74. FloridaGaming

    FloridaGaming年 前

    Oh jeez...

  75. Kelon Garmon

    Kelon Garmon年 前

    Since the kidnapper was no stranger and lived nearby, the father should have recognized his vehicle and had the police track down his neighbour. Her dad could see her from the window, the vehicle was in perspective also. This doesn't make sense to me.

  76. Hazel Love

    Hazel Love年 前

    Did the dad try to look for her?

  77. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob年 前

    What happen to the girl ?..

  78. Sidary Sam

    Sidary Sam年 前

    Wow thanks santa

  79. Kelon Garmon

    Kelon Garmon年 前

    Don't leave your children alone.

  80. Velma Rogers

    Velma Rogers年 前


  81. Sxfie_edits X

    Sxfie_edits X年 前

    Even though this is fake I’d be scared Filming this

  82. Mackenzie Devincent

    Mackenzie Devincent年 前

    Why did the dad stop running and why did the girl stop running

  83. Nelly Hea

    Nelly Hea年 前

    How does he know her name