Kid Cudi, Eminem - The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video)


  1. Shiva Blaster

    Shiva Blaster36 分 前

    Lol Eminem clout chasing George Floyd amd Drew Brees like the good little sheep he is 🤣🤣 Go back to your Slim Shady days, Em. Your last 3 albums are an embarrassment lol

  2. KygoDragon4

    KygoDragon436 分 前

    The hip hop GOD smashed it again... And Eminem was good too

  3. 2 SicC

    2 SicC36 分 前

    CUDI iz pure GAHbAGE!!...Can’t bELIVE all the gas!!!

  4. Arlind Keputa

    Arlind Keputa37 分 前

    Yeah if you believe in god just say yes to everything,that seems like religion

  5. King Bob

    King Bob37 分 前

    Listen here STANS. If this EM was the first and only EM... no one would even know who he was. Drugs+EM were the best lyricist of all time.. he like NIKKI wit no🍑 now

  6. Süreyya Atlı

    Süreyya Atlı37 分 前

    wow 👑

  7. Damien D.

    Damien D.38 分 前

    “....The trilogy continues” Cudi coming through with MOTM3 to save us from 2020 🙏🏼

  8. BigBoyHatoumy

    BigBoyHatoumy38 分 前




    Fluoride swishhh

  10. SN 20

    SN 2038 分 前


  11. Death by Tie

    Death by Tie38 分 前

    Can someone put this over megalovania?

  12. Arlind Keputa

    Arlind Keputa37 分 前


  13. Jason Yontz

    Jason Yontz39 分 前

    Time fly's

  14. PAES 164

    PAES 16439 分 前


  15. Felix Tomaschitz

    Felix Tomaschitz39 分 前


  16. Felix Tomaschitz

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  17. Felix Tomaschitz

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  18. Felix Tomaschitz

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  19. Leo Ramirez Corona

    Leo Ramirez Corona40 分 前

    It's not fair having em in a song. He's slaying the beat.

  20. Panas 97

    Panas 9740 分 前

  21. Alec Harris

    Alec Harris41 分 前

    That fluoride bar is crazy

  22. Canu

    Canu41 分 前

    When I saw this video I almost thought it was *that Moonman*

  23. Darriel jankie

    Darriel jankie41 分 前

    Em doesn’t need a mask he doesn’t breathe lol

  24. Bosco

    Bosco41 分 前

    "I'm mouthwash cause, if I was on the floor I'd (Fluoride) swish." Goddamn 🔥

  25. Hicksify

    Hicksify41 分 前

    Great bars Dead tune

  26. John Mcdonagh

    John Mcdonagh41 分 前

    For those who don't know emi em loves comic books that's why he used the superhero theme in the video 💯🔥🔥 best rapper there is or ever will be disagree feel free 🔥💯

  27. It Is I, ZEO!

    It Is I, ZEO!42 分 前

    Even though they should sound good bc of all the wordplay and double entendres and shit, Em's raps are just corny af nowadays, I just can't fuck with it

  28. Rudy Ruiz

    Rudy Ruiz42 分 前

    Em is nasty.

  29. jimmytripps1

    jimmytripps143 分 前

    "Sort-of like Medusa thats how I stay ahead of snakes." Omg, soooo good

  30. alphawolf

    alphawolf43 分 前

    this need to be on NBA 2k21.

  31. Worlder Hd

    Worlder Hd43 分 前

    I dont want to hate or anything I think Eminem could have done so much more. Not my fav. song

  32. anis nisou

    anis nisou43 分 前

    Em diss mgk on this one

  33. Tomax

    Tomax43 分 前

    Wheres the substance?? Talk about makin nothin sound like something...

  34. Rudy Ruiz

    Rudy Ruiz44 分 前

    Now I’m in a casket from you coffin 😨😨😨

  35. Saida Janane

    Saida Janane44 分 前 Abonne toi

  36. alirock2012

    alirock201244 分 前

    I wonder if he sent his verse to Eminem completed and em sent that back that would suck lol

  37. Manny Fresh

    Manny Fresh44 分 前

    “Sort of like Medusa, that’s how you stay ahead of snakes” ~ I can relate, this 🔥

  38. Demetrius Kent

    Demetrius Kent46 分 前

    Em Stans are wildly annoying but this is probably one of my favorite songs he's been on in years


    LOTUSELISE340R46 分 前

    Wow! What a track. Cudi's verse was great...then Em's comes in and your jaw just drops. Em crams in so many bars you struggle to keep up. 🔥🔥🔥

  40. Sith Lord MEGAbrianTRON

    Sith Lord MEGAbrianTRON47 分 前

    Moon Man need to step his game up.

  41. bennie briscoe

    bennie briscoe47 分 前

    Beard Is long like an italian sub... What does it mean? 3:47 i dont understand , can someone help please?

  42. Malachi Pate

    Malachi Pate47 分 前

    I’m a Stan but come on guys show some love to cudi he killed that shit

  43. Usman Iqbal

    Usman Iqbal47 分 前

    Eminem: who your daddy mumble rappers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. You Reposted in the Wrong Neighbourhood

    You Reposted in the Wrong Neighbourhood47 分 前

    Shady shady can't you see?

  45. Ethan Querin

    Ethan Querin47 分 前

    This eminem guys sounds really good i hope his career takes off

  46. jimmytripps1

    jimmytripps147 分 前

    Straight 🔥 🔥 🔥

  47. DanGer _J

    DanGer _J47 分 前

    "now I'm in a fucking casket cause you coffin" wordplay too sick

  48. Shane Benally

    Shane Benally47 分 前

    All the dislikes on this video are probably the ones that dont wear mask.

  49. Kayla Green

    Kayla Green47 分 前

    I know you didnt search for this

  50. Kayla Green

    Kayla Green44 分 前

    Doggle Boggle i just went to trending

  51. Kayla Green

    Kayla Green45 分 前

    Doggle Boggle really

  52. Doggle Boggle

    Doggle Boggle46 分 前

    i did actually

  53. Kiefer ribo

    Kiefer ribo48 分 前

    God's my jury, so when I die, I'm not worried Prayers to George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery How the fuck is it that so many cops are dirty? Stop, man, please, officer, I'm sorry But I can't breathe when I got you on top of me Your goddamn knee's on my carotid artery #BESTVERSE #JUDICIALVERSE

  54. Jesus Lugo

    Jesus Lugo48 分 前

    Eminem fue y sigue siendo el fucking KING

  55. joe Taylor

    joe Taylor48 分 前

    Brahh, Straight fire. The switch from Cudi to slim is nuts! The flow is real🔥🔥🔥

  56. Thauan KILLSHOT

    Thauan KILLSHOT50 分 前


  57. Roger Samuel

    Roger Samuel50 分 前

    This shit was extra-dimensional

  58. Brian Portuguez

    Brian Portuguez51 分 前

    I know god himself clap his own shoulder for creating kid cudi

  59. Justin James

    Justin James51 分 前

    Grammy number 16

  60. SosaltySereezy

    SosaltySereezy51 分 前


  61. pusha p

    pusha p51 分 前

    Bruh, look up “lucky charms breakfast bar is trying to destroy me”

  62. Scrawny Elite

    Scrawny Elite51 分 前

    It’s not Eminem, it’s Slim Shady

  63. 9 9

    9 951 分 前

    lets make a gc on ig bout eminem like the old verison @slumsabxtage999 on ig

  64. Derrick Farrar

    Derrick Farrar51 分 前

    I read the comments first expecting to be blown off my chair and maybe that was the problem but I found this song just fair , if it wasn't Eminem and Kid Cudi the song wouldn't even be trending. I still would love to see Eminem, Joyner and Logic all do a song together tho .

  65. King Aizen

    King Aizen52 分 前

    The amount of attention Eminem’s verse is getting is equivalent to K Dot verse in control both where featured and stole the whole song 😂

  66. Riris Rajagukguk

    Riris Rajagukguk52 分 前

    Lah koq tranding aku Dsni

  67. Zakbtw

    Zakbtw52 分 前

  68. Amir Laster

    Amir Laster52 分 前


  69. Abroad films

    Abroad films53 分 前

    Shady aftermath

  70. Harry Winterson

    Harry Winterson53 分 前

    this song deserves to be in gta 6

  71. Adam Melvin

    Adam Melvin53 分 前

    Not even at half court I miss. I’m mouthwash cause, if I was on the fluoride swish 🤯🤣🤣🤣

  72. Split

    Split53 分 前

    Now I'm in a fuckin' casket from you coughin'* (Damn)

  73. Ultimately_Everything

    Ultimately_Everything53 分 前

    Dam Eminem's wordplay is on point like always

  74. COD Mobile

    COD Mobile54 分 前


  75. Mafia Jxse

    Mafia Jxse54 分 前

    Micheal Jackson - King of Pop Elvis Presley- King of Rock and Roll Beatles - king of all the bands Eminem - King Of All Rap

  76. bigscho5276

    bigscho527654 分 前

    Holy ****!!!! 🤯

  77. Hugo Semedo

    Hugo Semedo55 分 前

    🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 WOW

  78. Dan F

    Dan F55 分 前

    Pretty unlikely duo. Cudi more existential, Em hard-hitting. One of the most surprisingly successful collabs I’ve heard. That fluoride line flew over my head, thanks for this vid🙏

  79. Keith Murphy

    Keith Murphy55 分 前

    "The Trilogy continues" MOTM3

  80. t0ast

    t0ast56 分 前

    The song without em would have been perfect

  81. Root00

    Root0057 分 前

    This old Kudi 👍 #Rager Just don't relapse bro!

  82. Kiiip

    Kiiip57 分 前

    Bring MGMT back!

  83. Mafia Jxse

    Mafia Jxse57 分 前

    This hit hard

  84. I Love you ELNUR

    I Love you ELNUR58 分 前 👍