Kid Cudi, Eminem - The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video)


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    Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

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    Holy shit!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

  6. Yousef Alwazzan

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    we need travis and em and kid cudi the scotts

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    Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

  8. Yousef Alwazzan

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    the best collab

  9. TheGoldwingz

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    Mark My words this song is already a classic! -2020

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    Oh havun visions of the city and I Go To War see me in the day through the latf nt ght

  11. youninb

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    The true kings of the old school rap are 2 pac n biggie fr who believes me here??😭😭💯 i still love them even thoe i was never born at the time💯💯😔 rip both of them🙏

  12. jacob burnett

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    Eminem, The giggling parts are amazing! Well 'ti...UGH' -ed. They remind me of my cousin Jesse Locke. Jesse rest in peace, sir.

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    Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

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    The fluoride bar is so fire!

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    Half the 9 year old eminem fans here don’t know who kid cudi is 💀

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    Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

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    Old fan of both artists, and this is beyond great! Hoping for a full project from Shady and Rager!:D

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    The president is no more then a captain of a boat with a small rudder(Elon musk )

  19. Andrew D

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    This is fire. More of this. And less of the old useless farts in power.

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    In film "Bad words" with Jason Bateman I saw not Jason but Marshall, angry guy who want to win Spelling bee and he won of course

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    Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

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    Eminem is a 617

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    Adventure of moon man shady music video out now ⬇️

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    em is still fire as ever you got the moon man and slim

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    We really been waiting ten years for this

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    Behind the scenes

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    Rap God Rager 🔥

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    Its a good lsd trip vibe 🔥

  29. Brian Ott

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    Its good but. Not enough for either of em

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    Okay but can we take a min on how Nice the Beat is

  31. mike Picioli

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    Still on point, just got into an debate over Drew Brees, i still say fk him, but I get it, it thats your team...

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    Screw em .. cudi cannot spit anything but fire 🔥

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    I do miss the old slim Shady

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    Kid Cudi is still the best rapper alive

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    Got damn, snoop got done in. Loved it ty em & cudi

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    please make this a movie and have the people who made spiderman into the spiderverse animate it

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    Is Eminem really raping about corona?! 🤣🤣🤣

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    Eazy Mac would sound dope af on this beat.

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    running thru ink like I'm tattooing!!! Fire!!

  42. StayGoldKat

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    Damn cudi spittin hard on this track

  43. Jassi Paul

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    Who is here for THE G.O.A.T

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    this is a excelent song serius

  45. Dank Dopths

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    Can we just appreciate the fact Hailey doesn't have to worry about not having a father that doesn't know how to stay with the times. My dad is the only other middle-aged man I know who's with the times.

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    Em definitely still got his groove

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    I've never seen a lyric video better than most music videos

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    ' Dog bit its TALE' Once a Lion was bigger, To become supreme leader, he Pulled colt 1911 trigger, point blank SHADE-E forehead, butt lar-ghetto he uttered and murdered a rapper in my head ; BRAIN-DEAD !

  51. Saint Akira

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    imagine if this came out 10 years ago

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    The beginning of Ems verse still gives me chills😬

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    Shit milked

  54. Cozman Casian

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    I think this is the smootest music video of sleam shady

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    Watched this on acid and the visuals was crazy

  56. Mafia Mundeer Is Back

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    I am a big fan of yours, I listen to all your songs and I learned to rap by listening to your songs, I saw your picture before writing rap today.

  57. Mafia Mundeer Is Back

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    Those who are fans of this God like me, please like my comment 🙏🏼🙏🏻

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    If i was on floor, I'd swish (fluoride swish) BARRRRRZZZZZZZ

  59. lil shiers

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    i like how eminem doesn’t even take credit for being one of the best rappers of all time😭🔥


    ONE MUSIC日 前

    JPreporter getting really comfortable with those double ads.

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    Nasty Nate- problems

  62. Michael Z

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    All my friends call me stereotypical white when I tell them I listed to em, but unlike most other rappers, his lyrics are genius and meaningful

  63. Michael Z

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    @soiung toiue ??

  64. soiung toiue

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    Love the song but Drew Brees did nothing wrong

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    This is a classic already

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    Perfect example of autotune

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    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.....When Eminem tries its not even fair.

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    Why did em have to body cudi like that tho

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    Eminem wow man