Khalea Lynee and Zoe Upkins’ Duet Splits the Coaches, but It’s Up to John - The Voice Battles 2019


  1. Khadija A

    Khadija A日 前

    I love khaleas outfit

  2. Jessica Kuli

    Jessica Kuli3 日 前

    I love how John was so honest about pairing the two up.

  3. Jessica Kuli

    Jessica Kuli3 日 前

    Afternoon watching this I'm downloading this song 👏🤗

  4. Bryan Vazquez

    Bryan Vazquez3 日 前

    These 2 have been ROBBED

  5. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie3 日 前

    I’m sorry but I need this battle on iTunes because I’ve watched it 100 times, I didn’t even know this song before this and now I’m obsessed with it! Ohhh myyy goooddd they’re amazing

  6. mygodisawesome2012

    mygodisawesome20124 日 前

    REALLY JOHN🤨...I’m over the VOICE

  7. Nate Tinner-Williams

    Nate Tinner-Williams4 日 前

    Shout-out to the band, too!! Goodness.

  8. jamielyn fernandez

    jamielyn fernandez5 日 前

    this is the real battle

  9. Ulfa Andriani

    Ulfa Andriani5 日 前

    John is mine *lol*... Gwen was very amazed me, so cute n beautiful... Love it

  10. Kamogelo Baloyi

    Kamogelo Baloyi7 日 前

    I honestly love Khalea with no reason.

  11. Rommel Fernandez

    Rommel Fernandez8 日 前

    If I were her [Zoe] I'll better not comin back to the coach who just lettin me go. She could might win if she chose gwen or maybe kelly. (My thoughts).

  12. Jessica Alito

    Jessica Alito9 日 前

    Omg! Khalea é um mix de Beyonce e Whitney!!! Perfeita ❤😍

  13. Immanuel Simanjuntak

    Immanuel Simanjuntak9 日 前

    0:27 i love Kelly

  14. Vee Franklin

    Vee Franklin10 日 前

    Khalea is more seasoned wth more experience, but Zoe did her thang, and she’s a good listener she will def be a star one day. They both killed it, but i def would go with Khalea that girl is on fire 🔥 🔥

  15. Ezequiel Quiroga

    Ezequiel Quiroga10 日 前

    piel de gallina . una de ellas se parecia a BEYONCE

  16. Jo Jo

    Jo Jo11 日 前

    She shouldve gone w gwen, my gut was telling me that and the kalea is still on John's team so what makes her think she won't lose again? Ayayaye2

  17. Hulahoney 70

    Hulahoney 7012 日 前

    I like them as a duo. Rhe chemistry is electric

  18. louis leuellyn

    louis leuellyn13 日 前


  19. Lexa J

    Lexa J13 日 前

    Am I the only person who looks at this more than once a day 🥰🥴

  20. Char

    Char12 日 前

    No me too! 😂

  21. Adeline Courtney

    Adeline Courtney13 日 前

    Zoe goes to the same school as me and I am sooo honored

  22. Staling Silverio

    Staling Silverio14 日 前

    Brandy & Monica... yeah!

  23. Lynn Coles

    Lynn Coles14 日 前

    Both Ladies have the voice, rhythm, soul, interpretation, love of music and Khalea has that persona. I want her to come out and slay a very meaningful song.

  24. Gabriel Menezes

    Gabriel Menezes15 日 前

    John: they are mine

  25. Mauricio McQueen

    Mauricio McQueen15 日 前

    Khalea is bad af!! 😍😍😍

  26. Tushar Rajvanshi

    Tushar Rajvanshi16 日 前

    Superb execution from both of you. One of the best duets of this season. Khalea is amazing singer but Zoe is amazing too for her age. So best of luck to both of you.

  27. Ford Talk

    Ford Talk17 日 前

    I love Zoe on this song

  28. Ronald Tres Reyes

    Ronald Tres Reyes17 日 前

    This is one of the amazing parts of the voice battle. great job..

  29. Peterson Ben

    Peterson Ben17 日 前

    OMG Zoe is so beautiful

  30. clareece rose

    clareece rose17 日 前

    Khalea n Zoe are both so good

  31. Julian Micu

    Julian Micu17 日 前

    I love John Legend

  32. just hazyy

    just hazyy17 日 前

    I would pick John over and over again😻

  33. duyor

    duyor15 日 前

    I wish I was John

  34. Junior Daniel

    Junior Daniel17 日 前

    Love Khalea's action at Zoe save and 2 steal, she have such a big warm and unselfish heart.

  35. GRomance0804

    GRomance080418 日 前

    I have a question, did they not hear each other at the beginning??

  36. donsta4realz

    donsta4realz19 日 前

    So John sings ‘The Boy Is Mine’ to Zoe...then makes her sing it in battles. Already had it planned 😂😂

  37. Ayesha Michelle

    Ayesha Michelle19 日 前

    John Legend, is in love with Khalea ❤

  38. Pretty Mhae

    Pretty Mhae19 日 前

    I'd always come back to this performance 👏👏👏

  39. NLo

    NLo20 日 前

    So so good I keep coming back to watch this daily. Never heard this song before but I love it! The attitude the outfits love it all

  40. Londiwe Khanyase

    Londiwe Khanyase20 日 前

    I don't like the song is not good to them.

  41. binnur anilmis

    binnur anilmis21 日 前

    Woooow what a couple!!!! Great

  42. Claurio Neves

    Claurio Neves21 日 前

    This is definitely a coin toss situation: no one over sang the other, and felt more like a duet than a competition...

  43. Craig Smith

    Craig Smith21 日 前

    Khalea was holding bk, she didn’t want to go too hard against Zoe.

  44. Mo Ed

    Mo Ed20 日 前

    You're not holding back in a battle

  45. Richard Daniel Suteja

    Richard Daniel Suteja21 日 前

    I’ve been watching this for more than 10 times

  46. Amora S

    Amora S22 日 前


  47. Marv's Cradle

    Marv's Cradle22 日 前

    My ghaaad! Did you hear the Beyonce from both of them??? Wow!

  48. AndreyVas2008

    AndreyVas200822 日 前

    Khalea is fantastic!!! She sings like breathing. She reminds me of Diana Ross

  49. Kitana Kg

    Kitana Kg22 日 前

    Thank you for the song choice🥰

  50. Jm jn 9886

    Jm jn 988622 日 前

    Wow...are both super "MAGALING"❤️🇵🇭

  51. Beto Junior.

    Beto Junior.23 日 前

    Gwen Stefani = Saruman, the white (lord of the rings)😁

  52. jane Nascimento

    jane Nascimento23 日 前

    That was the best battle by far JESUS!

  53. Rockie Levine

    Rockie Levine23 日 前

    Kelly eyes on 0.28 🤣🤣🤣

  54. Martavious Easley

    Martavious Easley24 日 前

    Like the voice 🥇🏆😎😻😘🥰🤩

  55. Arnold Siebu

    Arnold Siebu24 日 前

    Khalea sounds exactly like Heather Headley

  56. al alindo

    al alindo24 日 前

    this is the nice and gorgeous performance in the voice...

  57. Danley Danley

    Danley Danley24 日 前

    Talk about #BlackGirlMagic👑🎤💕 “Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean that we’re not real.” -Jesse Williams

  58. Forest Hart

    Forest Hart24 日 前

    Both very talented and very beautiful. Wowwwww

  59. Crystal Monroe

    Crystal Monroe25 日 前

    Zoey is so cute and definitely a rising star !! I could tell Khalea felt weird singing against a teenager and I feel it restricted her a bit. I just didn’t feel like this song was a great song to showcase her full abilities. Khalea will be in the finale.

  60. Plant Tube

    Plant Tube25 日 前

    Does anyone know if Khaleah has a social media?

  61. BrownBag

    BrownBag25 日 前

    Khalea😍😍😍 My Voice Winner! Zoe is amazing as well!

  62. steven ihejirika

    steven ihejirika25 日 前

    Y’all are DANGEROUS!!!!!!! 😩😩Just SICK!!!! IM IN LOVE 😍 🥰

  63. Frank Nativa

    Frank Nativa25 日 前

    Is it just me or was that stealing men comment by Gwen AWKWARD AS HELL. 😂😂😂😂😂