Kevin Gates - Grandmotha Grave [Official Music Video]


  1. Jaquan Willams

    Jaquan Willams7 時間 前


  2. Snook mgb

    Snook mgb9 時間 前

    Lost my G’ma back in April. Love you forever DP 💙

  3. Snook mgb

    Snook mgb9 時間 前

    Song new likes and views

  4. Ronnie Martin

    Ronnie Martin10 時間 前

    Hit home hard

  5. Guadalupe Garcia

    Guadalupe Garcia日 前


  6. Please Sub to my boring Channel 1979

    Please Sub to my boring Channel 1979日 前

    Been rocking with ya Gates, you used to Rock the fk out of those shows In Lafayette Louisiana! Respect , being a supporter I wish you put a documentary short film out. That shit would be lit as hell! I Rock with how you handle yo your business with your family my G. Big General 100

  7. Lajune Franklin

    Lajune Franklin日 前

    I love this man and his music 😍🥰

  8. 205 Car Reviews

    205 Car Reviews日 前

    Came for the music left with a bad ass truck

  9. Israel Romo

    Israel Romo日 前

    Kevin hard af

  10. DUNIE Rodgers

    DUNIE Rodgers日 前


  11. HH

    HH2 日 前

    Show gates some luv yall

  12. Thestoned Prince

    Thestoned Prince2 日 前


  13. BNB Ray

    BNB Ray2 日 前

    My replay button getting worn down 🙏

  14. Marino Lopez

    Marino Lopez3 日 前

    I think this foo made the video in Coachella in palm springs to be exact or I could be wrong some where in d's valley

  15. Shadow

    Shadow3 日 前

    He's still got it

  16. Drose The Great

    Drose The Great3 日 前

    I cried and suffered then I elevated in rank ‼️💪🏾

  17. joey silva

    joey silva3 日 前

    power uppp

  18. Doubletree Vet

    Doubletree Vet3 日 前

    My shit yea real shit !!!

  19. Ryan Blackburn

    Ryan Blackburn3 日 前

    Gates's music helped me through some of the darkest moments of my life #bwa is the realist record label out

  20. Arben Ahmedi

    Arben Ahmedi3 日 前

    Gates 🇩🇰🇦🇱🙏🏻🤲🏼

  21. Fyh Fyh

    Fyh Fyh3 日 前


  22. Bulova Morin

    Bulova Morin3 日 前

    Gates is really a god

  23. Vincent Williams

    Vincent Williams4 日 前


  24. Jonathan Sanchez

    Jonathan Sanchez4 日 前

    This deserve more views straight up 100 mil or more 💯

  25. Darien Palmore

    Darien Palmore4 日 前

    What brand is the gray and black sweat suite 🔥🔥

  26. Ebony Newsome-Yates

    Ebony Newsome-Yates4 日 前

    Right here 🕺

  27. Murilo Perozin

    Murilo Perozin4 日 前

    Salute from Brasil 💥

  28. Zodwa Dlamini

    Zodwa Dlamini4 日 前

    Whoever disliked the vid juss wanna say have a good life hater.

  29. Oshirama Gaming

    Oshirama Gaming4 日 前

    Kevin gates be on semen retention 💪

  30. Kyle Kleinschmidt

    Kyle Kleinschmidt5 日 前

    OG BWA 4Lyfe

  31. Maurissa

    Maurissa5 日 前

    Damn is he writting about my fuckin life?!!?

  32. Quinton Miller

    Quinton Miller5 日 前

    Learn from it don't follow the same mistakes again Satan's guilt-tripping catch your ass off garlic like a atheist,! You got basic raps with good Harmony 🤔💭🤭🤭😂🤣

  33. Kip Butler

    Kip Butler5 日 前


  34. TheUnKnown Artist

    TheUnKnown Artist5 日 前 best song EVVVVER!!!!

  35. Lori Mcnalls

    Lori Mcnalls5 日 前

    This dude can’t make a wack song baby Ali ha🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Houstone Smooth

    Houstone Smooth5 日 前

    @houstone smooth jam my shit. “We talk bout honesty” if you can relate to the real. You gone crunch the song on repeat!!!!! Houstone Smooth!!!!!!!!

  37. Katie McReynolds

    Katie McReynolds5 日 前

  38. Neghie Pean

    Neghie Pean5 日 前

    Everything this man puts out slaps.

  39. Queen 204 Tarot

    Queen 204 Tarot5 日 前


  40. Theoplas Mckee

    Theoplas Mckee5 日 前


  41. Courtney Evers

    Courtney Evers5 日 前


  42. DOS Official

    DOS Official5 日 前

    Imagine! If I can sing this song😎

  43. Raya C

    Raya C5 日 前


    EL PLAGGA6 日 前


  45. Amber Green

    Amber Green6 日 前


  46. Amber Green

    Amber Green6 日 前


  47. Issac Newton

    Issac Newton6 日 前

    This that grown man shit 🙌

  48. WizRow Factory

    WizRow Factory6 日 前


  49. Hunter Fraley

    Hunter Fraley6 日 前



    AP EL'STELLAR6 日 前

    Man I love this Man thought mayne!!! Im not really into looking more into listening. Man. I dont even wanna see tha man just wanna meet the man. Read it again!!

  51. Khalil Attiba

    Khalil Attiba7 日 前

    Get'em Gates!!

  52. Melinda George

    Melinda George7 日 前


  53. 6ix Glockboi17

    6ix Glockboi177 日 前

    Kevin da 🐐



    A random person who likes this will become richer then Bill Gates guaranteed

  55. Chris McNally

    Chris McNally7 日 前


  56. Demitris Leday

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  57. Alexey Christie5.2

    Alexey Christie5.27 日 前

    That 🔥🔥🔥

  58. Sabina Babo

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  59. James Jackson

    James Jackson7 日 前


  60. Krazy Legz

    Krazy Legz7 日 前

  61. Chris Howerton

    Chris Howerton7 日 前

    How many singles is he gonna release until he drops a mixtape?

  62. New Horizon

    New Horizon7 日 前

    His voice, look, and style seem different here.

  63. THAT'S LAW

    THAT'S LAW6 日 前

    He sound a lil different with his permanents out

  64. Ayana Knows

    Ayana Knows6 日 前

    I Think there are two Of him

  65. Get Lost Vlogs

    Get Lost Vlogs8 日 前

    Legend says buddy is still scratching to this day.

  66. iamnati2

    iamnati28 日 前

    You can deny his artistry but all of his shit sounds like one big fairy tail

  67. Young Burrell

    Young Burrell8 日 前

    This go so hard love this song.

  68. nikee lynn

    nikee lynn8 日 前

    Hey i know its a lil crazy but lots is right now. You and Dreka should hear my story.. find me, nikee lynn.

  69. DOUGIE FRESH 007

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  70. Pilsner 3

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  71. DOUGIE FRESH 007

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  72. keke giles

    keke giles8 日 前

    I'll have a good day then

  73. Jason Thompson

    Jason Thompson8 日 前

    Swear to god gates and eminem need a track together man!!!

  74. Baby c MUSIC

    Baby c MUSIC9 日 前

    Rip granma thank you for everything 🙏

  75. Touse Be Da King

    Touse Be Da King9 日 前

  76. Robert Joseph

    Robert Joseph9 日 前

    KG with that🔥🔥🔥

  77. marty marz

    marty marz9 日 前

  78. Mz. Ben

    Mz. Ben9 日 前


  79. ElevatedWisdom

    ElevatedWisdom9 日 前

    Homie got a skill that's raw and complex! Much love from NYC!

  80. Ashford Davis

    Ashford Davis9 日 前

    Allah gift big speaker!!!!🙏

  81. Mark Wiley

    Mark Wiley10 日 前

    What kind of Truck is that

  82. MicHELLe Doll

    MicHELLe Doll10 日 前


  83. Kenneth Highsmith

    Kenneth Highsmith10 日 前

    Dats on my grandmother grave...