Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO: 914hp Hoonitruck on China's Most Dangerous Road; Tianmen Mountain


  1. Hoonigan

    Hoonigan17 時間 前

    Timestamp your favorite Climbkhana TWO moment below!

  2. Ultima Gamer

    Ultima Gamer3 時間 前

    1:00 sick drifts bro

  3. Brandon Haynes

    Brandon Haynes3 時間 前

    Hoonigan 1:29🔥🔥🔥

  4. Manu blabla

    Manu blabla3 時間 前

    From 0:50 to 8:54

  5. Dimensional Time

    Dimensional Time3 時間 前

    #1 on trending

  6. Patrick Lai

    Patrick Lai3 時間 前


  7. Yan Xu

    Yan Xu3 時間 前

    Great video! Welcome to China👏 虎泥敢 is really a good translation of Hoonigan👍

  8. crazytrain454

    crazytrain4543 時間 前

    ozzy for the fucking win great video all around insane driving

  9. Broke

    Broke3 時間 前

    Man, if only they had that much horsepower on June 4, 1989 in Tiananmen Square.

  10. Kris Bryant

    Kris Bryant3 時間 前

    Like to see him do it in a rear wheel drive.

  11. 1-Min Car Review

    1-Min Car Review3 時間 前

    I could pull those tricks on GTA 5

  12. Soggy Potatoes2

    Soggy Potatoes23 時間 前

    Ken block should get a drift school bus

  13. James Hite

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  14. Connor Buckles

    Connor Buckles3 時間 前

    i would have shit my pants

  15. erica acrie

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  16. Blackie Chan

    Blackie Chan3 時間 前

    I wish I have balls as big as his

  17. Victor Gong

    Victor Gong3 時間 前


  18. Tom Stafford

    Tom Stafford3 時間 前

    Regular people: I’m not driving that road Ken Block: *hold my monster*



    Yep, still sounds like a pissed off Taurus. Dump the ecoboot and stuff a TT Voodoo in there already

  20. minameise

    minameise3 時間 前

    Three words: Glorious!

  21. Justin Gonzalez

    Justin Gonzalez3 時間 前

    Bruh I wouldn't even be able to u turn on that road and this dude's doing donuts and drifting smh love this dude had to go back and watch all other one before I watched this

  22. GVC Pipe

    GVC Pipe3 時間 前

    Had to dislike the video that was Clearly not a real panda

  23. Xktree72

    Xktree723 時間 前

    6:07 what did he knock over?

  24. AdamJFerrer

    AdamJFerrer3 時間 前

    I miss all the little creative go-pro shots like the multi camera panning from gymkhana - San Fran. Awesome video and top quality, but It just seems so high production now that it lost its character.

  25. r mars

    r mars3 時間 前

    the Chinese have better roads than we do in Canada and probably US they should build our roads

  26. Metal For fans!

    Metal For fans!3 時間 前

    Instantly knew where that drum beat came from ! Hell yea

  27. KING Tj

    KING Tj3 時間 前

    Sub to king Trez, I’d really appreciate it

  28. Shwii Swiffer

    Shwii Swiffer3 時間 前

    Yet another boomer ruining the environment lol (I’m jk)

  29. Only God Can Judge Me

    Only God Can Judge Me3 時間 前

    Bad As Truck 😬

  30. Ivan Chacon

    Ivan Chacon3 時間 前

    Take 914. Action!

  31. Maximillus the camealious.

    Maximillus the camealious.3 時間 前

    Awesome vid man that was a beautiful vid

  32. KingNathann

    KingNathann3 時間 前

    Ken just marry me already like goddamm 🤯🥵

  33. Mr Huntings Adventures

    Mr Huntings Adventures3 時間 前

    Best road ever 🤘

  34. KingNathann

    KingNathann3 時間 前

    Ken just marry me already like goddamm 🤯🥵

  35. KingNathann

    KingNathann3 時間 前

    Ken just marry me already like goddamm 🤯🥵

  36. boopowers2

    boopowers23 時間 前

    Those brakes had to be ready to melt

  37. Ammad ul-Haq

    Ammad ul-Haq3 時間 前

    Give this man a raise!

  38. ClutchLiger

    ClutchLiger3 時間 前

    The madlad!

  39. Cash only

    Cash only3 時間 前

    Watch my video if you want those cars and airpods being given away by huge youtubers.

  40. Keith Fletcher

    Keith Fletcher3 時間 前

    When your girl says she's home alone

  41. Hongbok Clip Clap

    Hongbok Clip Clap3 時間 前

    RIP Tokyo Drift

  42. Allie Baba

    Allie Baba3 時間 前

    1:30 😬🙏🏻

  43. Eric Snyder

    Eric Snyder3 時間 前

    As cool as that truck looks, sounds like absolute shit.

  44. Your Average Canadian

    Your Average Canadian3 時間 前

    This is some real life Tokyo drift shit

  45. ElDeano09

    ElDeano093 時間 前

    The cement block @ "FUUUCK YOOOOooooouuuuu keeeeeeeennnnnn........."

  46. StaySlideWayz

    StaySlideWayz3 時間 前

    Trokiando Cuhh

  47. D Williams

    D Williams3 時間 前

    Good God, what a Masterpiece. Every part puts an expression on my face. Visually, it's absolutely stunning and the throttling of the engine through the canyons is like a symphony in a grand hall. Well done Hoonigan, well done.

  48. Donald Killian

    Donald Killian3 時間 前

    That is one stupid panda !

  49. DasNuk

    DasNuk3 時間 前

    Can't do it any better than at 1:26. That corner slide against the barrier was just so nice.

  50. ItchyKneeSon

    ItchyKneeSon3 時間 前

    I suddenly feel the urge to buy an F150 on Toyo tires and drive the speed limit to work.

  51. Grabmaster Diddle

    Grabmaster Diddle3 時間 前

    Climbkhana I barley know her.

  52. Tyler Dimedio

    Tyler Dimedio3 時間 前

    Fast and furious withoutsuper powers and special effects

  53. Cesurion

    Cesurion3 時間 前

    If the new forza horizon isnt in china or japan i shit my pants i want to do that tooo 😭🇯🇵🇨🇳

  54. SideWayz

    SideWayz3 時間 前

    Does this mean Forza is getting a new update?

  55. 01sapphireGTS

    01sapphireGTS3 時間 前

    I have much enjoyed watching the progression of these videos since the beginning. I simply do not know what to say after watching this one.

  56. Grocery Grip

    Grocery Grip3 時間 前

    1 mountain run = 75,000 well beaten car miles on a normal car, lol.

  57. Gabriel Galaviz

    Gabriel Galaviz3 時間 前

    Your next climb should be La Rumorosa in Mexico, would be epic

  58. 3 時間 前

    No Quema Cuh

  59. michael1234252

    michael12342523 時間 前

    That sick donut drifts around the guy in the panda suit going 1km/s on the Sagway was dope.

  60. EL MENTADO HN 4k

    EL MENTADO HN 4k3 時間 前

  61. Westley Laughton

    Westley Laughton3 時間 前

    Her: come over Him: can’t I’m doing homework Her: my parents aren’t home Him:

  62. KingNathann

    KingNathann3 時間 前

    Aye what up panda 😂👋🏻

  63. Josh S

    Josh S3 時間 前

    What ever you do don’t bring up Winnie the Pooh and South Park.

  64. GhostMonkey772

    GhostMonkey7723 時間 前

    I wonder how a tesla would perform on that thing.

  65. Zillastorm

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  66. Fayis Ersal .K

    Fayis Ersal .K3 時間 前

    Ken block kalo ngedrift di jalanan indonesia pasti seru tuh, apalagi di sitinjau lauik 👍😂