Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO: 914hp Hoonitruck on China's Most Dangerous Road; Tianmen Mountain


  1. Hoonigan

    Hoonigan13 時間 前

    Timestamp your favorite Climbkhana TWO moment below!

  2. S3V3N13TT3R5

    S3V3N13TT3R54 時間 前


  3. Ben B

    Ben B4 時間 前


  4. Mortyless Rick

    Mortyless Rick4 時間 前

    This truck is amazing! Can I have it when your done wit? Please!? 😀 4:29 was my favorite shot

  5. Ayush Jeevan

    Ayush Jeevan4 時間 前


  6. James William

    James William4 時間 前

    The whole thing 😂

  7. Ben B

    Ben B4 時間 前

    Good Lord what is the elevation gain? Ken Block: yes

  8. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas4 時間 前

    The goat is back with another one damn wish I had that talent man


    ALEXANDER I4 時間 前

    Thank you for master piece, Japan and Ozzy

  10. Juana Aragon

    Juana Aragon4 時間 前

    Si quema cuh

  11. SSG Sscorch

    SSG Sscorch4 時間 前

    When does this release in IMAX?

  12. J DAYZ

    J DAYZ4 時間 前

    For Ken these are wide roads, shout out Honda for Hoonigan picks at sema 19

  13. Cuauhtemoc Ramos

    Cuauhtemoc Ramos4 時間 前


  14. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats4 時間 前

    Practice makes perfect 👌...but 1 mistake can kill you doing this Is Ken even human!? 🚗💨💨💨 11/10 video , especially with OZZY!

  15. Standing There Menacingly

    Standing There Menacingly4 時間 前

    Free Hong Kong

  16. Glitch Bit

    Glitch Bit4 時間 前 total CGI cut. Nice work guys but i caught it ;)

  17. Nick Polo

    Nick Polo4 時間 前

    Now I can see why in the mountains there is so much fog.

  18. ms6derek

    ms6derek4 時間 前

    Any challenges at that altitude?

  19. MrWaikiki

    MrWaikiki4 時間 前

    He's the real DK

  20. Sebastian J

    Sebastian J4 時間 前

    Pray for Hong Kong

  21. Osrs Player

    Osrs Player4 時間 前

    That ain’t hard to do

  22. Lochstar 8

    Lochstar 84 時間 前

    First one amazing second one insane

  23. Patrick Guillory

    Patrick Guillory4 時間 前

    That is a Toyota.

  24. Alexander Wong

    Alexander Wong4 時間 前

    the Range Rover dragon road challenge is more impressive

  25. Albert Mendoza

    Albert Mendoza4 時間 前

    Is it just me or does this seem fake 🤫

  26. xXx

    xXx4 時間 前

    *When Wong late for his parents' dinner.*

  27. Falo K

    Falo K4 時間 前

    Will Ken go ever electric??

  28. 67

    674 時間 前

    Rommate walks in: Climbkhana_TWO! How was it? Me: Idk man, the whole thing looked staged.

  29. Mike Oxlong

    Mike Oxlong4 時間 前

    Imagine what he was thinking during this!

  30. shiftthespace

    shiftthespace4 時間 前

    Risky doesn't even come near to describing it......

  31. The Swap Meet Flea NC9/GDP

    The Swap Meet Flea NC9/GDP4 時間 前

    What's sexual harassment panda doing there?

  32. wobblechopps

    wobblechopps4 時間 前

    Insane skills

  33. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats4 時間 前

    Thumb up if you think you could do this type of driving? 👍✨👽👽👽✨🚗💨💨💨we can ....sorta half assed compared to this dude. 🌎🚙💨💨💨 Thanks 🙏 for the upload!

  34. Vin Kohl

    Vin Kohl4 時間 前

    I'm dripping sweat from my palms as I type this...INSANE DRIVING SKILLS!!!

  35. Eric Schmelzer

    Eric Schmelzer4 時間 前

    Head monk breaks vow of silence when he hears Hoonitruck "HERE COMES BUDDHA"

  36. Traps2k

    Traps2k4 時間 前

    Just imagine being on the passenger seat

  37. Dustin Roswell

    Dustin Roswell4 時間 前

    Fucking insane I bid you a do sir.

  38. Sebastian Eiselt

    Sebastian Eiselt4 時間 前

    The heaviest thing in this truck is kens balls

  39. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats4 時間 前

    Kens brain 🧠 thinks faster than the new AMD chip! 2019 Who wants this job?

  40. Chris Scratch

    Chris Scratch4 時間 前

    The protesters have one hell of a getaway driver now, huh?

  41. Iimrhyperpenguinii

    Iimrhyperpenguinii4 時間 前

    I really want the raw footage from the helmet cam with no editing, like in his rally races.

  42. Johnny5 Is Alive

    Johnny5 Is Alive4 時間 前


  43. S Smith

    S Smith4 時間 前

    The song at the end is AWESOME!!!

  44. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats4 時間 前

    111 Panda 🐼 bears woken from a nap 💤! 😆🚗💨💨💨 This human can race!

  45. brian kim

    brian kim4 時間 前

    So did Ken block get his training from stunt man and cameraman LOL I bet you he didn’t want to go up that mountain to many more times but thank you for the videos

  46. Fazejacob 58

    Fazejacob 584 時間 前

    when she is home alone.

  47. Ben B

    Ben B4 時間 前

    It was nice to see the president of China on a segway

  48. Olsi Bita

    Olsi Bita4 時間 前

    ' è Njlĺ n ñj99

  49. Sebastian Eiselt

    Sebastian Eiselt4 時間 前

    Chinese Government: This never happened.

  50. Evan Gessner

    Evan Gessner4 時間 前

    I hope we have this with japan in Horizon 5

  51. hotmojoe.

    hotmojoe.4 時間 前

    As much as I wish it had a V8 in it, that V6 does a helluva job. Mad respect.

  52. Olsi Bita

    Olsi Bita4 時間 前

    Buon Uil

  53. Falo K

    Falo K4 時間 前

    I guess next run would take place on Mars 😁😁... but before u go there please step by to Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱🙏

  54. The Holy Ster

    The Holy Ster4 時間 前

    The way Ken smiles while drifting😂😂😂

  55. Patric Stephens

    Patric Stephens4 時間 前


  56. J E

    J E4 時間 前

    Hoonatruck rev limiter sounds like a A10 warthog on full auto

  57. GoofyBoots2007

    GoofyBoots20074 時間 前

    Xi Jingping looks like Whinnie the Pooh. Free Hong Kong. Free Taiwan. Communism is evil.

  58. PacSzn

    PacSzn4 時間 前


  59. Nemesis 11FP

    Nemesis 11FP4 時間 前

    6:04 zero fu#ks given.

  60. skdb16

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  61. Sean Davis

    Sean Davis4 時間 前

    Nope. Hell no. Nope. Not doing it. Nope.

  62. Brett Webster

    Brett Webster4 時間 前

    Can we see the hoonitruck on the 1/4 mile please!!!

  63. Chickennuggets

    Chickennuggets4 時間 前

    Me driving in gta

  64. Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo4 時間 前


  65. Buck Shot

    Buck Shot4 時間 前

    To much bullshit tire smoke drift nonsense. I wanna see hook up pure speed and low times. Anyone can do burnouts around corners. Tire smoke isnt speed. Race someone up that dude then post a vidjayo