Kawhi is the best player in the world, ahead of LeBron! - Max Kellerman | First Take




    Max was right lol.. it was Kd's achilles, not his calf

  2. Erik Benezra

    Erik Benezra17 日 前

    Stehpan A never won an argument against Max

  3. Paul Kim

    Paul Kim20 日 前

    Max: dont know shit about basketball SAS: knows basketvall but Gets wrong whens hes confident in something

  4. Polaris KYE

    Polaris KYE23 日 前

    U guys forget that lebron ran the east for 8 years before kawhi don’t get shi twisted nigga

  5. Bon Julius

    Bon Julius24 日 前

    Stephen a should go bald

  6. Toranosuke Edo

    Toranosuke Edo26 日 前


  7. Steven Jones

    Steven Jones26 日 前

    Stick with boxing Maxie-boy......you know squat about basketball......

  8. dee ward

    dee ward26 日 前

    I'm big laker fan and I will always say Kobe for life but kawhi reminds me a lot of Kobe. His defense might be better than Kobe's ever was and scoring ability if keeps going at the pace he's at now he could very well at the end of his career match Kobe or surpass him. His play shows me he is the best player right now.

  9. Anthony Howard

    Anthony Howard27 日 前

    The clickbait in this video is unreal 🤣 LEONARD IS LEGIT THE BEST PLAYER EVER BETTER THAN LEBRON 2 seconds in "Do you think Leonard is the best player ever? No"

  10. Fiorello Borge

    Fiorello Borge27 日 前

    Max shut up you don't know what you are talking about

  11. marioscire1982

    marioscire198227 日 前

    Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the world.

  12. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool27 日 前

    As long as they meet the quota for Lakers and Lebron mentions in a day. Raptors who? Never heard of em. Any other nba teams out there? Naah.

  13. Life 4 Learning

    Life 4 Learning27 日 前

    Yea Kawhi..keep puttin in work. Do what's best for you and your family. Let's not forget all the clowns that were 2nd guessing you when you didn't want to play for Pop goes the weasel MK Ultra team. Success is such sweet revenge 🤣😂🤣

  14. Jakob Chavez

    Jakob Chavez27 日 前

    I'm glad Kyle kuzma made max layoff the drugs.

  15. 330 Native

    330 Native28 日 前

    Max had that 2 minute rant. And SAS debunked all of that at the end in like 5 seconds 😂😂

  16. xBacon Dreamsx

    xBacon Dreamsx28 日 前


  17. Koby Schechter

    Koby Schechter28 日 前

    Someone tell me what Max is smoking.

  18. top flight security

    top flight security28 日 前

    Okay gsw got a chance to put dis kawhi almost beating us a couple of years

  19. robert holmes

    robert holmes28 日 前

    Too many hypocrites!!

  20. Keke Edordu

    Keke Edordu28 日 前

    MAX has been saying this for the past 2 yrs .. Kawhi Leonard. it was blasphemous when he said it but not so much now .

  21. Landy H

    Landy H28 日 前

    What the Hell if you the Best player you don't go to a Damn Game 5. Golden State going to Smoke those Clowns.

  22. Diesel Diesel

    Diesel Diesel28 日 前

    SAS *almost* cracked up when my man Max hit em with the sleep line

  23. Justin Williams

    Justin Williams28 日 前

    Max...the two best players are Durant and Kawhi. Bron is not second.

  24. Chris Ore

    Chris Ore28 日 前

    But can't lie steven A smashed max at the end as usual!!!

  25. Chris Ore

    Chris Ore28 日 前

    Max a do anything to disrespect kd ...max your hate is getting ridiculous...show respect to the game and the back to back mvp and why do u only use injury to discredit when you want....bs

  26. MYG MK

    MYG MK28 日 前

    Last phrase: kawhi lost to KD. Auto corrector kawhi lost to zaza

  27. yusef immanuel

    yusef immanuel28 日 前

    So scoring defines the best player. No one has a clue. I doubt most fans actually understands the game of basketball. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  28. Jebac budala

    Jebac budala28 日 前

    when did thes dudes get in fron of lebron

  29. Moment 2 Moment Pictorial & Cinematic

    Moment 2 Moment Pictorial & Cinematic28 日 前

    did this numbskull forget about Steph Curry's dominance the past few years? SMH

  30. Dale Francis

    Dale Francis28 日 前

    Thank you, Stephen A I can’t take everyone trying to put KD down when he is on the court his work speak for his self 🤗 God is good and he will show all the haters 🙄

  31. P Jones

    P Jones28 日 前

    Stephen A I got peace for you.... However Kawhi is a awesome player on BOTH sides oF the ball....

  32. Steve Visa

    Steve Visa28 日 前

    This series has been tale of coaching straight up. Anytime you win 1st 2 games of series then loose next 4 its a damm scheme/strategic/coaching discrepancy... Budenheiser & co has had absolutely had no counter.. FACTS

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  34. Nathan Moboto

    Nathan Moboto29 日 前

    LeEspn, back at it!

  35. YvngMontana 537

    YvngMontana 53729 日 前

    Get off that yeyo white boii u trippin

  36. Greer Fried

    Greer Fried29 日 前

    Congrats, Max, you got me to click on the video.

  37. Mannie Jakub

    Mannie Jakub29 日 前

    How many championships does kawhi have?

  38. Uno Astro

    Uno Astro29 日 前

    Kawhi is better. I don't even know what Durant would do if he is Kawhi's shoes rn. Saw him against Memphis in 2013 w/o Westbrook and he can't carry OKC past the Griz. KD just don't have that mental toughness to carry a team by himself. But put him in a team like GSW w/ less pressure, he becomes an assassin right away.

  39. The One Who Is Better Than You

    The One Who Is Better Than You29 日 前

    My son need a nap.

  40. Shawn Brown

    Shawn Brown29 日 前

    Gawd I hate Stephen A. Nails on a chalkboard.

  41. Ash26Ken13

    Ash26Ken1329 日 前

    Max is a dipshit.

  42. Onika Carrine

    Onika Carrine29 日 前

    Listen to my Sports Sunday Podcast.....anchor.fm/TheOCPodcast/episodes/Sports-Sunday--We-hate-Kawhi---not-really-e45duj

  43. Power Fitness

    Power Fitness29 日 前

    Kawhi is way better than LeBron James.

  44. Tommy Going

    Tommy Going29 日 前

    Lets get this right for all yall so called ballers, SAS shutup bias ass, kawhi was the best in 2016 damn zaza Pachulia negro plz...

  45. chitizzle

    chitizzle29 日 前

    Kawhi is in a Jordan like mode wouldn't surprise me if Raptors won is 6.(Warriors never truly specified Durant's injury)

  46. SharinganSakura

    SharinganSakura29 日 前

    Watch them find a way to disrespect LeBron after the finals is done. I can see it now: ( Raptors win one game ) Kawhi is now better than LeBron because his team manages to get one game from Golden State. LeBron couldn't. ( Because 2016 never happened, apparently )

  47. SharinganSakura

    SharinganSakura29 日 前

    So now we went from KD to Harden to Giannis to Kawhi now? People desperately trying to crown someone other than LeBron. Guess what. Whoever you pick is just a temporary placeholder.

  48. MrMannyfreshness

    MrMannyfreshness29 日 前

    If the Raptors lose against the warriors Max kellerman: "Kawhi Leonard isn't even close to being the best player in basketball"

  49. Black & Yellow

    Black & Yellow28 日 前

    He wouldnt say that. He will just say the warriors are just a stacked team.

  50. RuebenKhedoo

    RuebenKhedoo29 日 前

    Bucks: Should've taken the shot fatass. Kawhi: Still can.

  51. munkymun

    munkymun29 日 前

    Max Kellerman is on drugs

  52. Shane August

    Shane August29 日 前

    Nope, KD is.

  53. Dariru

    Dariru29 日 前

    Kawhi 🙂

  54. d

    d29 日 前

    Stephen A Loaded 😂😂 bc Bucks lost

  55. Zathid

    Zathid29 日 前

    I guess it’s Deer season this year

  56. Sebring 07

    Sebring 0729 日 前

    the person that wrote this title needs to kill themselves

  57. Eazy Money

    Eazy Money29 日 前

    Raptors in 7

  58. James Robert

    James Robert29 日 前

    Charles Barkley “You’re not gonna work me like a dog and not pay me.”

  59. Khalid Ali

    Khalid Ali29 日 前

    this guys a fucking idiot

  60. Jack Heir

    Jack Heir29 日 前

    Im sure im not the only person who saw it but when leonard played for the spurs you could tell he was going to be something special.

  61. Baby Dance

    Baby Dance29 日 前

    wow wow

  62. Baby Dance

    Baby Dance29 日 前

    wow wow

  63. Eli Fish

    Eli Fish29 日 前

    everyone in canada's dick just grew an inch i know mine did

  64. Dj Tenders

    Dj Tenders29 日 前

    should be a disclaimer IMO after every max kellerman comment. Guy says the obvious most of the time acting like he's some oracle trying to become the new stephen a. smith.

  65. Peter Singh

    Peter Singh29 日 前

    Max is so dum it is unreal you said bucks would have beaten the rafters you knows shit golden State all the way

  66. John Klem

    John Klem29 日 前

    Fuck you Kellerman libtwat!

  67. AfectedIce4094

    AfectedIce409429 日 前

    No te entendi ni verga no se ingles

  68. Wassup TURBO

    Wassup TURBO29 日 前

    Look at ur eyelids 😂

  69. Wassup TURBO

    Wassup TURBO29 日 前

    Black Arthur

  70. AnToNcHaMp96

    AnToNcHaMp9629 日 前

    Kawhi ahead of LeBitch the soft ass flop queen herself? I agree with that.

  71. N.W.A /IceCube

    N.W.A /IceCube29 日 前

    The best player in USA maybe, don't include everyone in the world you shithead

  72. 1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!

    1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!29 日 前


  73. SergeIbakaIsTheGoat -

    SergeIbakaIsTheGoat -29 日 前

    I absolutely hate how people think lebron is the best player right now he’s absolutely NOT the best player, he’s behind giannis Kachin and Kd

  74. rashad ali

    rashad ali29 日 前

    2:12 "Look at your eyelids, your not getting enough sleep" -Max Kellerman 2019

  75. Truf Williams

    Truf Williams29 日 前

    So Kawhi gets his team to the finals and he's the best player??? Try beating the GSW, LeBron got his team to the finals 8 straight times.

  76. Josh Adams

    Josh Adams29 日 前

    Raptors played great team defense, the crowded the paint, used a 3-2 zone defense to stop Giannis, took away Milwaukee’s confidence on shooting. Milwaukee hesitated more from the perimeter. Kawhi was great but it was a great overall effort and adjustment by Nick Nurse

  77. Reza Nabavi

    Reza Nabavi29 日 前

    max kellerman predicted that the bucks would beat GS in the final. So he was wrong twice with one sentence. some "analyst"

  78. Mingo G.

    Mingo G.29 日 前

    Sas needs a rest a week off or something hahaha he looks tired af 😂

  79. Amuurican

    Amuurican29 日 前

    Can't believe Max might actually be right

  80. Abst_Peter

    Abst_Peter29 日 前

    You’re stupid if you say KD is better .... KD HAS HELLA PPL TO HELP HIM HIS WHOLE TEAM IS A JOKE YOU CANT GUARD ONLY KD YOU GOTTA GUARD THEIR WHOLE ALLSTAR NBA TEAM wtf!!! Kawhi was triple teamed and etc....

  81. Blako Corleone

    Blako Corleone29 日 前

    I'm a fung-guy. I didn't know Kawai spoke chinese.

  82. Warriyah Ysrayl

    Warriyah Ysrayl29 日 前

    Steve Smith need a painted on edge up..Ha!...He got more ford than FORD MOTOR COMPANY..

  83. Warriyah Ysrayl

    Warriyah Ysrayl28 日 前

    @Eazy Money you laughed and replied so the joke was worth a reply cuz you could have ignored it..SMH! so now you funny..HA! Literally

  84. Eazy Money

    Eazy Money29 日 前

    Haha, you actually thought that was funny coooorrrrrrnnnnnyyyyy!

  85. LDBC Web Portal

    LDBC Web Portal29 日 前

    Max would be a total gold-digger if he was a chick. The instant a guy pulls up with a nicer whip, s/he jumps on his nuts -- leaving her dude.

  86. Mazna Khan

    Mazna Khan29 日 前

    isn't this opinionated?

  87. ry jo

    ry jo29 日 前

    The issue is... a buck is just a deer. A raptor is an apex predator. Go watch Jurassic park


    CRIP BLUE29 日 前

    $973money please donate

  89. Ancient Days

    Ancient Days29 日 前

    People! Stop buying the nonsense. LeBron Is A 37 year old Man! Just like Kareem when 37. Jordan 37. Kobe 37. Doc 37 . Larry Bird 37. Isaiah Thomas 37. So etc etc. He A Great Player On His Own Marriet

  90. Emanuel Brown

    Emanuel Brown29 日 前

    Max got a new best player in the world every episode. Please take your ass back to boxing. Smh. Sad thing is I used to like this guy. Loser

  91. Enternet Evolution

    Enternet Evolution29 日 前

    1.) Kawhi is the best player. 2.) LeBron is the best player. 3.) Durant is the best player. If you don’t like comment #2 or #3, refer to comment #1. Thanks.

  92. Emanuel Brown

    Emanuel Brown29 日 前

    Enternet Evolution I know that it's so annoying. So sick of max, and others saying this. Make up your mind. Smh

  93. Heart Break

    Heart Break29 日 前

    Max thought, "What can get us all them hot JPreporter view?"

  94. John Tahlito

    John Tahlito29 日 前

    Hell nah, they lost their goddamn minds. Carmelo Anthony is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!

  95. Wankady TV

    Wankady TV29 日 前

    Michael Jordan is the best player in the world

  96. chef boy r gene

    chef boy r gene29 日 前

    Wankady TV is this a joke

  97. Matt Yosores

    Matt Yosores29 日 前

    Stephen a looks a bit yellow

  98. Primm's Hood Cinema

    Primm's Hood Cinema29 日 前

    SAS gotta do something with that haircut bro seriously. That shit look atrocious.

  99. Tokis Efford

    Tokis Efford29 日 前

    I do not understand.when a player has a couple good games,why is always that they are the best player in the world?. These guys change their tune every day..

  100. Reid Power

    Reid Power29 日 前

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  101. WorstQuality

    WorstQuality29 日 前

    Fear the deer? More like seer the deer..

  102. PandasFriend32

    PandasFriend3229 日 前

    Beginning of the series- “giannis is the best player in the world. End of the series-“ kawhi is the best player in the world.”

  103. Emanuel Brown

    Emanuel Brown29 日 前

    PandasFriend32 I know right all bs.im bout to stop watching I swear. Smh

  104. Tsunami Rob

    Tsunami Rob29 日 前

    😒come tf on max now you ready make KD come back & the warriors could possibly lose

  105. Harman Kang

    Harman Kang29 日 前

    Kawhi isn’t better than lebron

  106. Zimix Blue

    Zimix Blue29 日 前

    Max chill

  107. Emanuel Brown

    Emanuel Brown29 日 前

    Too much meth, crack and weed mixed together for max. He is getting annoying for sure.