Katy Perry - Small Talk (Official)


  1. Delia Dinorin prado

    Delia Dinorin prado13 時間 前

    me puse triste del momento 1. 34

  2. Sofyan boudmam

    Sofyan boudmam13 時間 前

    Ncharbo nourmal kati za3ma tkadri ncharboha bla maychofna tawahed t9adri you are maghatfahmi walo ok hhh nnn nty dkiya ok

  3. Zar Sky

    Zar Sky14 時間 前

    How come this only has 20 million views.

  4. пётр мамонов

    пётр мамонов15 時間 前

    Катя ништяк!!!!!

  5. LeoPlayz Roblox

    LeoPlayz Roblox15 時間 前

    I love your dog and it😍🇨🇮🐩🐩🐎🐎

  6. Dorien Foroutani

    Dorien Foroutani15 時間 前

    why does this look like the music video barbie girl???

  7. GameOnGamers

    GameOnGamers15 時間 前

    1:43 That's me in class when the teacher is teaching

  8. Uygar Çağrı ADAL

    Uygar Çağrı ADAL16 時間 前

    Who thinks this song better than Harleys in Hawai

  9. Uygar Çağrı ADAL

    Uygar Çağrı ADAL16 時間 前

    Who is watching it after the Harleys in Hawai

  10. LexiJayC

    LexiJayC16 時間 前

    Where is Charlie Puths credit?

  11. Solmagy95 Rodriguez

    Solmagy95 Rodriguez16 時間 前


  12. Giulia Bruno

    Giulia Bruno16 時間 前

    Hi, I'm Giulia from Italy and I listen your Song every day.😍❤ My favourite songs are Roar and firework and I sing them with my Friends and My family. You are My prefer Singer in the world. I really love you and your songs and I would like meet you , so see you son. Love. Giulia.❤😍😘

  13. Shelly-ann VH in thvi Whitely

    Shelly-ann VH in thvi Whitely16 時間 前

    I felt bad for katys little puppy

  14. Imane Nassiri

    Imane Nassiri18 時間 前

    *jiff Pom has left the chat

  15. Gbs Chris

    Gbs Chris19 時間 前


  16. movie hunt

    movie hunt20 時間 前

    Indian cinematographers should have to learn from them for how to be present a movie or song lyk tys

  17. Megan Fourie

    Megan Fourie20 時間 前

    I always choose dogs over guys exept for my crush then it is a tie

  18. arns knud

    arns knud20 時間 前

    I'm in love with the dogs

  19. Marcelo Bié de Melo

    Marcelo Bié de Melo21 時間 前

    Qui fofo

  20. Vinh Xa

    Vinh Xa22 時間 前


  21. Faroon Hussain

    Faroon Hussain23 時間 前

    Is it me or is Katy’s music dying out?

  22. Lindsay Grizi

    Lindsay Grizi日 前

    Queen !!!!!! 👑👑👑 Watch Katycats!!!! #100million 🔥🔥🔥



    Such a cute dog ❤❤❤

  24. Milo Escobar

    Milo Escobar日 前

    i love it I love it I Love i t I LOve it I LOVeve it I LOVE I LOVE It I LOVE IT

  25. Teerapat Kawinram

    Teerapat Kawinram日 前


  26. Sa Bhrmz

    Sa Bhrmz日 前

    80 millions views we need

  27. Lighting br

    Lighting br日 前


  28. Random_Videos!

    Random_Videos!日 前

    Sooo cute

  29. Rosebert Discipulo

    Rosebert Discipulo日 前

    Berta's Hit Chart 10/18/2019 Top 17 Last: 15 Peak: 4

  30. Lucas Alves

    Lucas Alves日 前

    Nugget irmãzinha linda

  31. Luis Jabo

    Luis Jabo日 前

    Go Katy!

  32. tymbersno1

    tymbersno1日 前

    Omg I love this and I hate thissss the dog was sad and uggggggh I don’t watch this anymore cuz of the dog being sad

  33. Rodrigo Oliveira

    Rodrigo Oliveira日 前

    It should have more views

  34. The Axlu

    The Axlu日 前


  35. Diego Gomez

    Diego Gomez日 前

    Small talk is now harleys in hawaii's bitch

  36. Erin Vinson

    Erin Vinson日 前

    Katy "Wow I really need some lyrics here..." Crash Test Dummies " How about ... mmmm,mmmm,mmmm,mmmmm ..." Katy "maybe..." Bobby McFerrin " How about Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh..." Katy " ummm, nooo" Ke$ha " how about Blah Blah Blah" Katy "Yeah... That's what it needs!!!" Will Ferrell "Needs more Cow Bell!!!"

  37. Franziska Lee

    Franziska Lee日 前

    Katy wird nie langweilig 😍

  38. Amal Helou

    Amal Helou日 前

    How come this song has only gained 20 millions :/

  39. Sergii K

    Sergii K日 前


  40. Basir Athique Ahmed

    Basir Athique Ahmed日 前

    Guys.....go listen to harleys in hawaii (by KATY PERRY)........its so good

  41. sophia ortiz

    sophia ortiz日 前

    The dog so very cute 😘

  42. Kaitlyn B

    Kaitlyn B日 前

    I can't handle Peanut's cuteness!

  43. Ibike Tóth

    Ibike Tóth日 前


  44. Ibike Tóth

    Ibike Tóth日 前

    Cute cute cute little dog 0:27

  45. Ibike Tóth

    Ibike Tóth日 前

    0:06 WOW IT'S CUTE!!!!🤤🤠🙄🤤😂

  46. Ibike Tóth

    Ibike Tóth日 前


  47. Timothy Lander

    Timothy Lander日 前


  48. Jimena Bermúdez

    Jimena Bermúdez日 前

    BTS: 100 views in 24 h Katy Perry: 15 views in 24 h Really? The world is so wrong Katy Perry queen 👑

  49. Glenda Ayala

    Glenda Ayala日 前


  50. Bleu Print

    Bleu Print日 前

    It's a feel good song and I like that it has that golden hour vibe 😀😍

  51. TOP.

    TOP.日 前

    A good song

  52. AVA LISA

    AVA LISA日 前

    In the end, it became very sorry for the dog😭😭 But it’s good that then everything ended well)))☺☺☺☺❤❤❤

  53. Jennifer Linaban

    Jennifer Linaban2 日 前

    Who came here after harleys in Hawaii just release (hit the like button)

  54. monmony rangsey

    monmony rangsey2 日 前

    Harley’s in Hawaii is out now

  55. Kittylady54329 54329

    Kittylady54329 543292 日 前


  56. Alejandra Pachas

    Alejandra Pachas2 日 前

    que tierno video

  57. Blue Subzero

    Blue Subzero2 日 前

    So cute I love the dogs where are the shih tzus

  58. Luzelle Dela Cruz

    Luzelle Dela Cruz2 日 前

    When Nugget smiled ❤❤❤😘😍❤😍❤❤❤😍❤❤😍😍



    Sé que pocos leeran este comentario, pero me gustaría decir que, a pesar de ya no tener los mismos éxitos desde Prism, Katy Perry es una fantastic woman.

  60. Diego Antonio Hernandez Cera

    Diego Antonio Hernandez Cera2 日 前

    so cute te dog

  61. Troy Villarreal

    Troy Villarreal2 日 前

    Now I like it

  62. Troy Villarreal

    Troy Villarreal2 日 前

    I don’t like how you treat your dog that way I hate it