Katy Perry - Small Talk (Official Video)


  1. Italia A. Lopez-Maze

    Italia A. Lopez-Maze14 時間 前

    I love this video I’m a bigggggg fan of you Katy perry

  2. Carlo Tacmo

    Carlo Tacmo15 時間 前

    .this song is so fucking underrated. whats wrong

  3. Maria Isabel R.

    Maria Isabel R.16 時間 前

    a mi si me gusto..pero a muchisimos creo que no..JJA pero bueno..

  4. Gabby Diaz

    Gabby Diaz18 時間 前

    so cute at the end I felt so bad for that little puppy oww.

  5. Quantos Fund

    Quantos Fund日 前

    The puppy is adorable 🙂🙂

  6. Serena wang

    Serena wang日 前

    Me:reacts to her music video Me:sees the dog and it’s small eyes Me again:faints and falls off chair

  7. Eli Bita

    Eli Bita日 前

    Amelia siad I love your song💘💗😇💞💙🎆🎇✨🎠😋😋😋😑😶☺😏🤔😣😂🤔😏😑

  8. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw Sobocinski日 前

    Katy Perry blonde beauty sexy

  9. Sandra delgado

    Sandra delgado2 日 前

    This song is good I like it

  10. 79mousey

    79mousey2 日 前

    Who thinks about their crush when listening to this song

  11. Lily TURNER

    Lily TURNER2 日 前

    you are the best siger i know

  12. katy sanchez balbuena

    katy sanchez balbuena2 日 前

    kawii :3

  13. Marco Márquez

    Marco Márquez2 日 前

    I love this song and the video is so cute. Praying for this to be on kp5 at least as a bonus track

  14. sammilaaaMae Cruz

    sammilaaaMae Cruz3 日 前


  15. Marley Cook

    Marley Cook3 日 前

    I died when the dog smirked!<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="146">2:26</a>

  16. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw Sobocinski3 日 前

    Katy Perry

  17. wendy

    wendy3 日 前

    it's been ages since i watched this video omg it didn't age a bit PERIOD

  18. Isabelle Bourisse

    Isabelle Bourisse3 日 前


  19. chandana kahagalla

    chandana kahagalla3 日 前

    ooh thats soo sweet dog love i love dogs and you KATY PERRY.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jose Luis paez Correa

    Jose Luis paez Correa3 日 前

    I still like the lyric video better... But here I am, watching and listening to both! LMAO

  21. Kayla Tv

    Kayla Tv3 日 前

    When the dog cried I felt so sad that I wanted to cry....😢😢😭😭😭💔

  22. Tomfoolery

    Tomfoolery3 日 前


  23. Minh Avocado

    Minh Avocado4 日 前

    So if you forgot about your dog does that mean you didn’t feed your dog

  24. Potato_chip_99

    Potato_chip_994 日 前

    That’s why Taylor and her had beef , cause she’s a dog person!

  25. Allan Paolo Burce

    Allan Paolo Burce4 日 前

    i love nuggets

  26. Claudio Ríos

    Claudio Ríos4 日 前

    Damn, this video deserves more success, Katy doesn't deserve us guys. :(

  27. Ikids

    Ikids4 日 前

    i feel sorry for the dog

  28. Ikids

    Ikids4 日 前

    nice endiing

  29. Ikids

    Ikids4 日 前

    whose here in 2020


    DELLANGEL5 日 前

    I loved it


    DELLANGEL5 日 前

    I loved it


    DELLANGEL5 日 前

    I loved it


    DELLANGEL5 日 前

    I loved it

  34. Judith IJpelaar

    Judith IJpelaar5 日 前

    Guys Who is better, cats 🐈 or dogs 🐕?

  35. Tongbram Premi Devi

    Tongbram Premi Devi5 日 前

    I know how a dog is important in our life they always say a small talk

  36. Mara Ninkovic

    Mara Ninkovic6 日 前

    I hate to see cute animals cry😭

  37. Gabriela 6oB

    Gabriela 6oB6 日 前

    that´s so cute!

  38. Isabelle Bourisse

    Isabelle Bourisse6 日 前


  39. Ava Barbagelata

    Ava Barbagelata6 日 前

    Who else can wach this without crying?? Just me? Ok

  40. Daniela Liebert Dani

    Daniela Liebert Dani7 日 前


  41. Hakrius

    Hakrius7 日 前

    I hope she keeps making music like this, it's fantastic

  42. Only Bad Man

    Only Bad Man8 日 前

    I am watching this in 2020😂😂😂

  43. Virginia Torres

    Virginia Torres8 日 前

    is very sad wen the Dog Starts to cry 😭



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  45. #mina filippi#

    #mina filippi#9 日 前

    The first dog is so cute!!

  46. Wezy MH

    Wezy MH9 日 前

    Pink mustang. Strange flex Katy...

  47. Emily Diaz

    Emily Diaz9 日 前

    Yo soy su fan numero 1😏😏😏😏😏😏😁😁😁😁😘😘😘😘😘😘

  48. Ioan Munteanu

    Ioan Munteanu9 日 前

    What is this shit

  49. Klhoe Wolf Gacha

    Klhoe Wolf Gacha10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="51">0:51</a> *katy i want my dog back pls*

  50. taima nairi

    taima nairi10 日 前

    trop mignon les chiens

  51. Rola Ghamlouch

    Rola Ghamlouch10 日 前

    I love katy

  52. Spikery :3

    Spikery :310 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> excuse me? This is the most cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  53. Mariana Leal

    Mariana Leal10 日 前

    And dog friendly 3333and birthday

  54. Ava Waldo

    Ava Waldo10 日 前

    It makes me so sad when the puppy cries!!

  55. Moussa Fares

    Moussa Fares11 日 前

    Dogs ❤️

  56. FinalFantasy Girl

    FinalFantasy Girl11 日 前

    Doll half the world propulsion has seen you naked

  57. Isabelle LaLonde

    Isabelle LaLonde11 日 前

    to be honest i was here for the dogs but i like the music video tho

  58. Aiden UNC Gamer Sebastian

    Aiden UNC Gamer Sebastian11 日 前


  59. Nelda Rodriguez

    Nelda Rodriguez11 日 前


  60. Nelda Rodriguez

    Nelda Rodriguez11 日 前


  61. Thea Miller

    Thea Miller11 日 前

    Aww I love em all!

  62. Sarah Snyder

    Sarah Snyder11 日 前


  63. Its Vytra

    Its Vytra11 日 前

    Fucking auto tune i hear it everytime she goes to the course

  64. Ara-gpal__298 :v

    Ara-gpal__298 :v11 日 前


  65. Elizabeth Verwijs

    Elizabeth Verwijs12 日 前

    I can't get over how adorable her dog is!

  66. Aniya Lation

    Aniya Lation12 日 前

    Nugget is the absolute cutest!!

  67. James Oliver Garcia The U.N. Sovereign Ruler

    James Oliver Garcia The U.N. Sovereign Ruler12 日 前

    I love you Katy!

  68. Ngọc Ngọc

    Ngọc Ngọc12 日 前

    Xuất bản 30 thg 8, 2019

  69. Feralkitty9

    Feralkitty912 日 前

    Cutest dog i have ever seen...

  70. Dana Mayte Torres Garcia

    Dana Mayte Torres Garcia12 日 前

    Me gusta mucho es perfecto

  71. NancyMariscal

    NancyMariscal12 日 前

    Katy perry do you still have the dog??????

  72. Milton Costa

    Milton Costa12 日 前


  73. Isa

    Isa13 日 前

    making fetch happen lmaooo

  74. 環奈橋本

    環奈橋本13 日 前


  75. Kalo Creation Studio

    Kalo Creation Studio13 日 前


  76. Rosy Flora

    Rosy Flora13 日 前

    I love Katy Perry❤💙💋🙂☺👍

  77. Frozen Gaming 2256

    Frozen Gaming 225613 日 前

    Oooh so cute dog😍😍

  78. Angie Liang

    Angie Liang13 日 前

    Can we just talk about how cute the dog is

  79. Lucas Hoult

    Lucas Hoult13 日 前


  80. Forever Young

    Forever Young13 日 前

    This song is underrated😢😢

  81. know what I'm saying brup brup

    know what I'm saying brup brup14 日 前

    Is the boyfriends dog a Doberman? I was almost expecting Brooke houts to be in the background hitting it 😶

  82. Mckenna Carpenter

    Mckenna Carpenter14 日 前

    the dog is sad it makes me cry cause its so cute