Katy Perry - Firework (Live from Celebrating America Inauguration Special)


  1. Yi-Jia Wang

    Yi-Jia Wang時間 前

    snapped queen

  2. Maria Nadja

    Maria Nadja3 時間 前

    Algum brasileiro???

  3. Dapoer Mamah Papah

    Dapoer Mamah Papah3 時間 前

    Waw.... Amazing

  4. The Doh Bros

    The Doh Bros4 時間 前

    Bless You Trust God

  5. Tanvir Khan

    Tanvir Khan5 時間 前

    I am looking forward to four productive and consequential years heavy with fireworks of legislation including a solid infrastructure plan, immigration reform, federal minimum wage increase, healthcare reform, and last but not least judicial appointments. Please Biden work like the time is the only thing you don't have.

  6. Jora dhami

    Jora dhami5 時間 前

    Whoever voted trump it's too late hahah poor trump

  7. Kenneth Amarilla

    Kenneth Amarilla7 時間 前

    It so amzing

  8. Jonathan Saccenti

    Jonathan Saccenti8 時間 前

    I love fireworks!!!!!! my fav song she sings

  9. Ian

    Ian9 時間 前

    For people who were unable to graduate last year and this year 2021💗

  10. Miguel Dias

    Miguel Dias9 時間 前

    cancel katy perry

  11. blanca medrano

    blanca medrano11 時間 前

    Katy Perry

  12. Izzie Wilson

    Izzie Wilson11 時間 前

    I mean, I will always love Katy Perry, but now that I know she supports Biden, I kind of lost a little respect but it was a great performance

  13. Marlon Gamer

    Marlon Gamer12 時間 前

    I love you katty perry i yes

  14. Zach Cloutier

    Zach Cloutier12 時間 前

    This new version of this song made me cry happy tears because it's breathtaking and heartwarming.

  15. potato

    potato12 時間 前


  16. keiner cantillo

    keiner cantillo13 時間 前

    Puro arte

  17. Armando Darlan

    Armando Darlan13 時間 前

    The end of America was officially marked by this presentation.

  18. Thuỳ Nguyễn Thu

    Thuỳ Nguyễn Thu13 時間 前

    I love United states

  19. Filãʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

    Filãʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ15 時間 前

    Thi is my Favourite song ❤❤❤

  20. Vera Chulikanova

    Vera Chulikanova15 時間 前

    До мурашек!!!! Восхитительно

  21. Mr. Mxyzptlk

    Mr. Mxyzptlk16 時間 前

    It looks like they've defeated a villain.

  22. Nikolaj Zorec

    Nikolaj Zorec17 時間 前

    Let see how many people listen this song in 2021 👇

  23. 승승이 SW Music

    승승이 SW Music18 時間 前


  24. It's Mih!

    It's Mih!18 時間 前

    A única coisa que eu penso quando vejo essa ruma de fogos são os cachorros...

  25. Deepak Deepak

    Deepak Deepak19 時間 前

    I love this song very much , more than much

  26. 山田典弘

    山田典弘20 時間 前


  27. Damanjeet Kaur

    Damanjeet Kaur20 時間 前

    this make me proud of usa. but actually i am indian😂😂. luv u

  28. Sam

    Sam20 時間 前

    The best part is she was the FINALLY. 🙂

  29. Sophia Gil

    Sophia Gil日 前

    Aaaaa si cool

  30. N O A 亗

    N O A 亗日 前

    La introducción me hizo recordar el super bowl de katy 😂

  31. Gabriela Wanderley

    Gabriela Wanderley日 前

    I'm not American (USA) but congratulations 🇧🇷🇺🇸

  32. Michael Welniak

    Michael Welniak日 前

    The version of this song should be on iTunes!

  33. Sammi’s Zimm

    Sammi’s Zimm日 前

    When I watch this the live I thought we are free

  34. Liana Seraderian

    Liana Seraderian日 前

    1:08 tingles!🥰

  35. Style Of Me - POP English

    Style Of Me - POP English日 前

    Legend Never Dies

  36. ꧁sadWolf PH꧂

    ꧁sadWolf PH꧂日 前

    Covid will be gone soon

  37. Kwipy Watta

    Kwipy Watta日 前

    I loveee kateyy and i love the fact that she doesnt need auto tune for literally anything her voice is so beautiful ❤❤❤

  38. Breno C.

    Breno C.日 前

    It's the end of America

  39. BLANCA

    BLANCA日 前

    nadie absolutamente nadie donal trump: por favor no me olBIDEN

  40. Luis Morales

    Luis Morales7 時間 前


  41. André Barboza

    André Barboza日 前

    Algum Brasileiro assistindo esse vídeo lindo ❤️😘🥰

  42. André Barboza

    André Barboza日 前

    Não sei a tradução dessa música vou procurar mais amo ela love ❤️❤️❤️

  43. lenariuse

    lenariuse日 前

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Yea

  44. Fuck It

    Fuck It日 前

  45. GoodCrusader

    GoodCrusader日 前

    ahahahahah!!!!! the biggest fraud of history!!!! No one!!! :)))))

  46. Chibuike Games

    Chibuike Games日 前

    Trump mad lol and I’m happy that’s he is mad

  47. salman ahjum-mathee

    salman ahjum-mathee日 前

    First time I've watched this performance of Katy Perry and it was awesome

  48. danilo Piccioni

    danilo Piccioni日 前




    I really idolize Katy Perry.❤

  50. Samir Guha

    Samir Guha日 前

    Who is here after katy hit 40 million subs? 👇

  51. Weather Station Lytovchenko

    Weather Station Lytovchenko日 前

    who is here after she hit Russell Brand.... repeatedly

  52. Maria Feby Rodriguez

    Maria Feby Rodriguez日 前

    They are cherishing cause the evil character is finally defeated😄😄😄

  53. Andrew Castellon

    Andrew Castellon日 前

    I love Katy but Gaga could have done this song better for the country

  54. zoli Tóth

    zoli Tóth日 前

    you forgot to add that this is your opinion.Others may not have it!

  55. Bautista Danura

    Bautista Danura日 前

    nooo cuando fue al obelisco? me lo re perdi :(

  56. Carmel Carmen

    Carmel Carmen日 前

    I am crying but i am even not american wtf



    Do we have to be ? 😭

  58. Lifestyle With Lola

    Lifestyle With Lola日 前

    So a sum

  59. Biboy Billanes

    Biboy Billanes日 前

    Si jose Rizal anjan

  60. Irene

    Irene日 前

    Oh my goddddd!!!!!!! Im literally crying right now!!!! I remember listening to this song when it had came you were my number one idol , and will always be!! And I remember, that when you cut your hair I cried the whole day thinking that my Old Katy Perry had gone , the first song I saw about you , Katy is Roar , seeing you from that hair to this hair broke me up I was in 5th grade during that time !I remember my brother showing this to me and me crying the whole day!!I love you Katy soooooo much😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤

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  62. his whiskey

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  63. his whiskey

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  64. his whiskey

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  65. Strxwberry Plxys

    Strxwberry Plxys2 日 前

    I'm from Mexico and live in Canada yet I still watched this live on tv.

  66. Sravan

    Sravan2 日 前

    This is best than original fireworks performance

  67. Leydi Dayana D

    Leydi Dayana D2 日 前

    Hi katy perry i'm your fan and im spanish,espero que traduscas esto y me contestes pero quisiera decirte que te quise desde los 5 años eres mi fan😃

  68. inspiration world

    inspiration world2 日 前

    ഇങ്ങൾക്ക് കോറെ പൈസ കിട്ട്ണ് ല്ലെ കുറച്ച് ഇൻക്ക് തരുമോ

  69. Marina Ramirez

    Marina Ramirez2 日 前

    I like the song.

  70. IG:idanielmarquez

    IG:idanielmarquez2 日 前

    10,000 dislikes? wtFACK

  71. IG:idanielmarquez

    IG:idanielmarquez2 日 前

    best performance ever by Katy Perry

  72. IG:idanielmarquez

    IG:idanielmarquez2 日 前

    te amo reina

  73. Electric Skeleton

    Electric Skeleton2 日 前

    Extremely tacky for an inauguration.

  74. TouRia CR

    TouRia CR2 日 前


  75. Diego Gonzalez

    Diego Gonzalez2 日 前

    La estoy escuchando 1000 veces y no me canso

  76. impostor 123

    impostor 1232 日 前

    Logro desbloqueado encontraste un comentario en español

  77. 100% MENDIGO

    100% MENDIGO2 日 前


  78. 100% MENDIGO

    100% MENDIGO2 日 前

    Alguém ouvindo no Mês de março???

  79. 100% MENDIGO

    100% MENDIGO2 日 前


  80. Marisol Font Raket

    Marisol Font Raket2 日 前


  81. Frank Derksen

    Frank Derksen2 日 前

    And thats where america lost its freedom and idenity

  82. Yeoubi

    Yeoubi2 日 前


  83. Gabrieloo cocoo

    Gabrieloo cocoo2 日 前

    ¡WOW ya somos 40 millones de suscriptores Katycats! ¡WOW we are already 40 million Katycats subscribers !

  84. Ελπίδα Κουμάκη

    Ελπίδα Κουμάκη2 日 前

    Katy 40.000.000m subs you need to be so rich 😲😲

  85. Maritza Flores

    Maritza Flores2 日 前

    She's an amazing singer the best American Girl yeah California girl. ❤️❤️❤️

  86. Ffion Brown

    Ffion Brown2 日 前


  87. Maritza Flores

    Maritza Flores2 日 前

    Wow , Amazing 💯%

  88. Cookie Lover

    Cookie Lover2 日 前

    I love you so much im gonna cry your voice gives me goosebumps 🥺❤️

  89. Bruxi

    Bruxi2 日 前


  90. dalila pinto

    dalila pinto2 日 前

    beautiful song

  91. Guillermo Ordoñez

    Guillermo Ordoñez2 日 前

    Me encanta

  92. Girlwith DeadHeart

    Girlwith DeadHeart2 日 前

    she is one of the goddess scorpio i’ve ever met.. and im proudly related to scorpio..

  93. Jolly Nim

    Jolly Nim2 日 前

    Chill over my whole body

  94. Titanic Fan

    Titanic Fan2 日 前

    Everybody, I hope ur doing great, listen to this song, read the lyrics, and u find a part about you.

  95. Loane Dartois

    Loane Dartois2 日 前

    Je t'aime Katy Perry de tout mon cœur d'amour et je suis une fan de Katy Perry.

  96. Joël_ lmb

    Joël_ lmb日 前


  97. Sənan Yusifov

    Sənan Yusifov2 日 前

    40 Million !!!!! Subscribers!!!




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  101. J Brand

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  102. はちみつ

    はちみつ2 日 前

    Not even american but after i knew about that biden win , they atleast have a beginning

  103. DAN GER

    DAN GER2 日 前

    bro the instrumental thoo

  104. AmondaLeah Graham

    AmondaLeah Graham2 日 前

    Joe and Kamala My Children!

  105. AmondaLeah Graham

    AmondaLeah Graham2 日 前

    I’m Thee First Woman President.