Kanye West - Follow God


  1. Ben Brooks

    Ben Brooks日 前

    Lol, imagine believing ghost stories...

  2. Kaz Miller

    Kaz Miller日 前

    When you get kicked out of the Illuminati

  3. Marsh Forbez

    Marsh Forbez日 前

    Highlight of video;he looks at his dad and smile😍

  4. RanRan 95

    RanRan 95日 前

    It really went from graduation Kanye to this Kanye smh

  5. Noice Hamboy

    Noice Hamboy日 前


  6. Fishing With Eddie

    Fishing With Eddie日 前

    Good morning Kanye...... shut the fuck up

  7. Cindy Mell

    Cindy Mell日 前

    Didto to the ending of song feelya

  8. Cindy Mell

    Cindy Mell日 前

    Amazing thanks



    Hold on this that 🔥

  10. esco75

    esco75日 前

    Keep going bro, this is God's work!

  11. Delquin Young

    Delquin Young日 前

    Find your god!

  12. Koleby Cuck

    Koleby Cuck日 前

    A black man? Because the white man stole the land from the red man.

  13. Koleby Cuck

    Koleby Cuck日 前

    This is the intro song for down south preachers haha

  14. Jorif Ali

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  15. Dillon Snowder

    Dillon Snowder日 前

    Kanye west?

  16. Larrson Arrows

    Larrson Arrows2 日 前

    I'm voting for kanye west.

  17. Mzshondagirl

    Mzshondagirl2 日 前

    Yes 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾




  19. Fabi HONORATO007

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  20. Angela Morgan

    Angela Morgan2 日 前

    Last time I saw the beast, he was in Louisiana...

  21. Angela Morgan

    Angela Morgan2 日 前


  22. Angela Morgan

    Angela Morgan2 日 前

    Anti-Christ and false prophet on the scene. Revelations in play...

  23. Angela Morgan

    Angela Morgan2 日 前

    Targeted Individuals would like to participate in the development of Stonecrest, GA. Lawsuit pending against Dick Cheney for targeting black women of faith (Deep state).

  24. Hello!! :))))

    Hello!! :))))2 日 前

    Kayne got that🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. spoodles50

    spoodles502 日 前

    Wow this moron is so mentally screwed up. Cannot believe anyone follows his so called music

  26. james D

    james D2 日 前

    no hooks 💯

  27. Matt Rankin

    Matt Rankin2 日 前

    What is the carbon footprint, environmental damage, and wildlife terrorization level of this stunt in our state of Wyoming?

  28. Micheal Broscht

    Micheal Broscht2 日 前

    1:31 Kanye West and his dad doing the diamond casino heist from gta

  29. RITARDED SOUP YangGang 2020

    RITARDED SOUP YangGang 20202 日 前

    0% girls 0%drugs 0% luxury cars 100%love and christ

  30. Tony Adeyanju

    Tony Adeyanju2 日 前

    When your Fasting and Praying.

  31. Lorenco Sinop

    Lorenco Sinop2 日 前

    Mr.West if your reading this please respond, I just wana talk for a bit. If there's anyone out there who can get this comment to him please help

  32. Mars King

    Mars King2 日 前

    A black man?

  33. The Dude

    The Dude2 日 前

    Cool af

  34. Colin Javel

    Colin Javel2 日 前

    you set a bad example with that money stuff

  35. Julian S.

    Julian S.2 日 前

    They pulled up in the Zhaba

  36. Terren O'Neil

    Terren O'Neil2 日 前

    I wonder if Kanye Brought the Chicago Fuckery to Los Angeles. If the mob rules who knows .

  37. theevilg3nius

    theevilg3nius2 日 前

    The sad part is the world is not ready for the message he’s sending. People do NOT understand the importance of mental health !! Kanye is perfect example of true growth and success and what the power of one can accomplish!

  38. Minh Nguyen Huu

    Minh Nguyen Huu2 日 前

    if you have really strict Christian parents just listen to Kanye west ps i just liked

  39. Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips2 日 前

    the _Diamond Casino Heist_ presents... the all new Rune Zhaba (1:23) and Nagasaki Outlaw (0:37) available now via Warstock Cache & Carry and Southern San Andreas Super Autos

  40. Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips2 日 前

    when you roll up to the Diamond Casino Heist in your Rune Zhaba like... 1:23

  41. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump2 日 前

    Kanye knows, the most valuable thing on this earth that money can buy is LAND! Currently, American cities are heavily overpopulated. Imagine in 50 years, when the population increased from 325 million to 500+ million? Well, that land will be much more valuable, as the nation's populations will slowly spread out more evenly. Most immigrants started out on costal states. NY and Cali, and moved further inward over their life time Land > jewelry and hot rods.

  42. Muel Domingos

    Muel Domingos2 日 前

    Intro] Father, I stretch Stretch my hands to You [Verse] Lifelike, this is what your life like, try to live your life right People really know you, push your buttons like typewrite This is like a movie, but it's really very lifelike Every single night, right, every single fight, right? I was looking at the 'Gram and I don't even like likes I was screamin' at my dad, he told me, "It ain't Christ-like" I was screamin' at the referee just like Mike Lookin' for a bright light, Sigel, what your life like Riding on a white bike, feeling like Excitebike (Stretch my hands to You) Pressin' on the gas, supernova for a night light Screamin' at my dad and he told me, "It ain't Christ-like" But nobody never tell you when you're being like Christ Only ever seein' me only when they needin' me Like if Tyler Perry made a movie for BET Searchin' for a deity, now you wanna see it free Now you wanna see if we, let's just see if three apiece Tell me what your life like, turn it down, a bright light Drivin' with my dad, and he told me, "It ain't Christ-like" (Stretch my hands to You) I'm just tryna find, l've been lookin' for a new way I'm just really tryin' not to really do the fool way I don't have a cool way, bein' on my best, though Block 'em on the text though, nothin' else next though Not another word, letter, picture, or a decimal (Father, I stretch) Wrestlin' with God, I don't really want to wrestle Man, it's really lifelike, everything in my life (Stretch my hands to You) Arguing with my dad, and he said, "It ain't Christ-like" [Outro] Man You know, it's like Somebody only close who can get you, like, off your I be on my I woke up this morning, I said my prayers I'm all doing good, I tried to talk to my dad (Stretch my hands to You) Give him some advice, he starts spazzin' on me I start spazzin' back, He said "That ain't Christ-like" I said, "Ahhh"

  43. Anthony Hill

    Anthony Hill2 日 前

    Very nice!!!

  44. Роксана Звездный свет

    Роксана Звездный свет3 日 前

    Not even a God person but this is the fire right now.

  45. Peter

    Peter3 日 前

    Good news being Christ-like .Keep walking with God brother.

  46. mfp mfp

    mfp mfp3 日 前

    I can only hope it not too late for this entire Sham Act he has going on.

  47. Jessica M

    Jessica M3 日 前

    These comments are great

  48. iixiperii

    iixiperii3 日 前

    I’m loving the new songs💕 I used to not care for him, but lord did my mind change😊

  49. Austin Johnson

    Austin Johnson3 日 前

    How did he get Tesla tractor

  50. Fireman

    Fireman3 日 前

    Love it

  51. MrBrown

    MrBrown3 日 前

    Tell me what you want, but Kanye is a genius, he is 10 years in the Future

  52. Margarita Martinez

    Margarita Martinez3 日 前

    I need Warriors Prayers for Miracle for to buy My Dream Home! Amen👼💝👼

  53. Auto Buffs

    Auto Buffs3 日 前

    I didn’t know if this was real at first but wow this is amazing I’m happy for you Kanye Jesus Is King

  54. a l

    a l3 日 前

    Why isnt the christian life working for me? ? Nvm

  55. Tony Hernandez

    Tony Hernandez3 日 前

    Kanye really pulled out the vehicle from one of the GTA heists 💀

  56. James Sullivan

    James Sullivan3 日 前

    That last part is hilarious. 4000 acres. A black man? LOL. I say, "why not?" Glad you have been so successful and even more glad that you came to faith in Christ my brother!

  57. Samuel Helms

    Samuel Helms3 日 前

    Yo Kanye , Keep doing what ya been doing. Much love.

  58. Magic Sorcerer

    Magic Sorcerer3 日 前

    yall realize he's conscious of the fact he's standing on the future grounds of yeezyland

  59. Wolf King

    Wolf King3 日 前

    I love this Video!!

  60. Carlocarlo0

    Carlocarlo03 日 前

    Oh my god this video had 666,999 likes! And I liked it to save him cause 666!