Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (Official Music Video)


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    ニホンジンイマスカ?? Do you have any Japanese people?

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    Watching october 2019?

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    Urang Sunda,Jawa barat i like you :)

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    There’s more chemistry in this video than Jailey 😒

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    It’s Z Yo! ZZ i agree

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    I can sing better than you

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    Sushil Bhandari True that

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    Hopka Robika hi

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    Wich girl is in the videospot?

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    RM snake he is a playboy

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    Love you bro iam your one of the biggest fan

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    ashish chanchlani videos you shouldnʻt like a guy like Him but it’s your opinion not mine

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    Yes wow

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    This is such an amazing tribute. Remember hearing the original for the first time back in 1986. Truly legendary. RIP JB 1962-2004

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    koorudokoohii yeah

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    Amelishare Bieber👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Tbh tell me why I though jb made song for me 😂 I’m

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    Badbitch BBS because he loves you secretly

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    Ma da facka

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    How many Indian watching this video 👇👇👇👇 like her👍

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    didnt it have like such a cute music video?? with nice small animations where he was riding on the skateboard?.. or am i trippping

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    اشتراااااك أرجوكم 🥺🥺

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    Who knows ARIJIT SINGH?

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    How does his videos get so many dislike???

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    I love it so fcking much 😭❤

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    when the fuck did JB wore a jumper

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    What do you mean your watching in October 16 2019 what?

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    Omg justin love love loveeee 😱😱😱❣❣❣❣❣❤❤

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    Who is watching this in 2098 😎

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    How many people watching this video on October 16, 2019

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    Justin looks like Morgz

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    Why I am watching this in October 2019 15th HAHAHA srsly? 😂

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    No 🔔 Body 🔔 Cares 🔔 What 🔔 Year 🔔 You’re 🔔 Here

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    Soy español y no creo como una persona con tanto dinero pudiera agredir a parsonas y no le importa sus fans bien que gracias a ellos estás en un lugar de los más conocidos.

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    Legends say that storm is still continuing to this day

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    Dose justin look cute in the rain

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    15 de octubre 15 october

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    Anyone else notice when Justin grabs her hand and says "do you trust me?" then jumps out the window is a scene from Aladdin ❤ October 16th 2019

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    Hit like if you think this was Justin's best look!

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    He cut his hair

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    Wow fantastic song

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    How many is watching this from a playlist