Justin Bieber - Holy ft. Chance The Rapper


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    Very happy to see u Justin using ur talents for God

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    #1 me- any minute nw😍😍 Here we go in Justin new era🔥🔥🔥💯🤗

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    Love from india 🤗❤

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    Eu te amo😍😘😘

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    Justin nunca me decepciona 🎧🎶🎶❤ 🇧🇷

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    I love You song

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    Una como las que solia hacer

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    Loved it 😭❤️

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    I love ur Music soooo much Ima huge fan!!!!!!

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  14. Vinicius Rocha

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    Very nice to see global artists extolling God's name, this message can be transformative around the world! Happy to see that they met in the arms of the Lord and thus being able to shorten the path of this glory to others. God bless you!

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    Just wow❤️

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    Justin is Justin.

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    Nao consigo parar de ouvir aaaa😍🤩

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    Más videos así

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    aquele sorriso, AQUELE MALDITO SORRISO 😭 #HolyIsComing 💜💜

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  22. African Philosopher

    African Philosopher50 分 前

    Very good Justin, This inspiration is perfect for this time, Especially in America where the minorities are struggling. Very good Idea to use a black girl in your video song. This is the first time for you to represent our African beauty in your lovely music talent and great message. God Bless you Justin. This video has a message of healing of a broken country USA.

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    I love You!😘❤️

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    Orgulho ❤️🤧

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    From brazil 🇧🇷❤ Cadê os fã brasileiros!? ✅✅✅✅✅

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    I’m not crying you are 🥺

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    Dear Father thank You that You bless and protect and prosper Justin Bieber and all his family and friends bless all with good health and those without jobs be bless with jobs and food and water 💖as they grow in Your love 💖in Jesus name thank You 💖Amen

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    i still love you bieber

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    "People say justin bieber has american fans only" Like if you're not american person

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    Beautiful, just beautiful....

  34. Sarah Saritah

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    Im crying está precioso el vídeo y el final con toda la historia me ha hecho llorar, se que es dura la situación pero os deseo lo mejor Beliebers 🤍

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    I always love song of justin bieber

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    This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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    lol no❤️

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    Hey you Yes you Vote on 3rd November

  42. Grazinia Achava

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    I just cried idk why, it may seem like overreacting, but this beautiful video and song😭❤❤ feels like Justin is getting better and better every day

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    I love you !

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    This is the before 10 mil views button 👇

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    1:30 iiii don’t do well with the drama His voice got a little rough tho

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    justin's great

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    At this point(4:04) i litrely thought that he gonna say about dj snake😂😂😂

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    no one cares

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    Lo ame ❤️ muy emotivo ❤️👏

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    Big fan from India sir😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    I love you 😍😍

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    Who else is coming here to see the views and likes ?❤️😂

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    *Peoples Say "Justin Bieber" Has Only Canadian Fans* *Like If You Not Canadian*

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    I know it feels amazing to scroll comments with beautiful voice of Beiber. Enjoy. But please mark your attendance by clicking the thumbs-up button.

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    Even this is better than Russian rap

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    This so beautiful

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    JB why !? its too early to be crying ... love this song

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    WTF ❤️

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    te amoooo

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    dustbin beiver

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    Here before a million likes😉

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    Te amooo tanto

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    Love the message behind this song. JB you did it again my friend! 💯🙌🏾

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    Love you so much

  76. Prince E Robinson

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    Justin! Yes! the new era had begun. We need songs like this now, Thank you. Blessings 💞 God is using you to bring people back to Him.

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    Это я 1:19 на субботнике !

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    Lots of love from India ♥️

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    Only the Lord God almighty and Jesus are holy, no human can be perfect or holy and or give off such presense by holding you. Repent people

  80. Marianyeli Davila Garrido

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  81. Matthew Jung

    Matthew Jung51 分 前

    This song hits me really hard. Tbh, many people suffer and are mislead by many political slogans and people. Just like Justin and the girl in the video did, we don't know where we are going. In this hard times, the only way we can rest on is the love of the father. God and the good news is the only, only thing that is left in the end eventually. This is why Justin Beiber who had this huge fame since a very young time is now talking about God's love. Fr there's no other way than the way of Jesus Christ. Thanks y'all

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    We can say Justin Bieber is back

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  84. AX 00:00:00

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    2020 holy



    We don’t deserve you 💙

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    Justin, we don’t deserve you🥺

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    I'm so proud of you!

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    Amei essa musica como sempre meu principe arrasa

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    He has a very good voice🤞🤞

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    Love this❤

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    Very inspiring, heart warming! Good job JB

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    1.20 Good feel ❤❤

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    Wow! Justin Bieber you have grown to be awesome, I know it's been hard for you but just keep shining and you'll be unstoppable from a 48 yr old who loves your voice and music 🎶 😁💕💯

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    Eu queria ser essas figurantes pra ter chance de pelo menos abraçar ele 😍♥

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    My wife left me

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    Perfeito 😍💜💜💜

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    Uau.....muito real e atual!! Parabéns!!😍👏👏❤

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    I used to hate justin but the way his music has developed he is now one of my favourite singers