Justin Bieber - Company (Official Music Video)


  1. Beatriz Gomes

    Beatriz Gomes10 時間 前


  2. AB-Blue Abdul

    AB-Blue Abdul13 時間 前

    Some good music

  3. bohemian rhapsody

    bohemian rhapsody13 時間 前

    panget moo

  4. bohemian rhapsody

    bohemian rhapsody13 時間 前

    pangetparang utot

  5. Chelese Crawford

    Chelese Crawford14 時間 前

    I listen to songs from this era when I do my cardio walk. This is his BEST era. Voice, looks, vibes sexy af...

  6. ImVexst Fefe

    ImVexst Fefe16 時間 前

    Whoever doesn't like this comment will be a millionaire in the future

  7. M. Alaa

    M. Alaa20 時間 前


  8. Message To You

    Message To You21 時間 前

    The fact is you're watching this during quarantine

  9. Can i get 1k subs with 1 video?

    Can i get 1k subs with 1 video?23 時間 前

    music is so good deep lastly, may you live more than 1000 years

  10. Faisal Khan

    Faisal Khan23 時間 前

    You made up you made me up Belieber belieber

  11. Abby London

    Abby London日 前


  12. Kapil Semwal

    Kapil Semwal日 前


  13. Tròn Alăng Official

    Tròn Alăng Official日 前

    Hello việt nam

  14. Muhd Fazirulll

    Muhd Fazirulll日 前

    You are the legend justin bieber❤❤

  15. Titas media bd

    Titas media bd日 前


  16. Monita Deka

    Monita Deka日 前

    Legendary voice and lyrics😊😊😊😊😊😍😍

  17. Bizzle 94

    Bizzle 94日 前

    Este video es arte.❣️

  18. Ashley Rendon

    Ashley Rendon日 前

    The one big question I ask to boy singers...CAN YOU PUT YOUR PANTS UP DONT SAGG DON RAMON!!!

  19. Dean Wilkey

    Dean Wilkey日 前

    This is the best song on the album "Purpose". Justin's best, only to get better from here on out... Rated: 10+

  20. kaiky coutinho

    kaiky coutinho日 前


  21. Harshita Yadav

    Harshita Yadav日 前

    At present2020 We miss Old 😥 Justin Bieber We miss Old 😥 JB hairstyles We miss Old 😢 Justin Bieber Face

  22. Alaska

    Alaska日 前

    it's been three years but justin throwing his phone in the dunes still sends me

  23. Ritik Singh

    Ritik Singh日 前

    Now he knows her name, and it has. Already changed.. Hailey bieber ❤️

  24. Ricardo Castillo Conforme

    Ricardo Castillo Conforme日 前


  25. Cutie

    Cutie日 前

    Justin, thanks ♡♡♡ God love u

  26. Nailah Fakier

    Nailah Fakier日 前


  27. Asad Ullah

    Asad Ullah2 日 前

    Justin I'm your friend but plass your WhatsApp number goveme

  28. Parachuri Nithish kumar

    Parachuri Nithish kumar2 日 前

    Omg excellent

  29. AaravB

    AaravB2 日 前

    I'm not a bieber fan but this is still a vibe 4 years later

  30. Petty Murphy

    Petty Murphy18 時間 前

    I'm a Bieber fan and this still has a vibe 4 years later

  31. Kongkidakon kawinthida Singla

    Kongkidakon kawinthida Singla2 日 前

    Wow good music

  32. Asad Ullah

    Asad Ullah2 日 前

    Justin best song

  33. Asad Ullah

    Asad Ullah2 日 前


  34. francisco rios nava

    francisco rios nava2 日 前

    beliebers 2020 weekly report .... HERE

  35. lu

    lu2 日 前

    te amo, no te vayas.

  36. Ivonne Ibarra

    Ivonne Ibarra2 日 前

    Justin es una chingoneria ❤

  37. Taliaho y

    Taliaho y2 日 前

  38. Vitor Calebe ATR_E-sport

    Vitor Calebe ATR_E-sport2 日 前

    Eu me arrepio ouvindo essa música do Justin Bieber pq ele e amigo de todos os jogadores que eu gosto inclusive do Neymar que é amigo do Felipe Anderson que eu me identifico com ele assim como o André Ramalho eo Igor Gomes eo novo David Luiz que eo Roger Duarte eo luganinho de Cotia que é o Pablo zaqueiro dá nova geração de Cotia eo Matheus Nascimento da seleção brasileira Sub 17 eo Yuri Alberto

  39. Ayna Yakumova

    Ayna Yakumova3 日 前

    legend 💘

  40. J8KE

    J8KE14 時間 前

    100% legend

  41. ABAng windA ABAng windA

    ABAng windA ABAng windA3 日 前

    Saya winda anak Makassar

  42. Samuel Saragih

    Samuel Saragih3 日 前

    How many beliebers/legends are watching this in june 2020 ?

  43. Alex Glover

    Alex Glover20 時間 前


  44. Tanishaa Anish

    Tanishaa Anish日 前

    Me 💜💜💜

  45. Dean Wilkey

    Dean Wilkey日 前

    And I'll be watching this forever... 6/3/2020

  46. Arshia Qaisar

    Arshia Qaisar日 前


  47. Elizabete Bete

    Elizabete Bete3 日 前

    Tudas as musicas do biber fas me lembrar o meu leaozinho ele ja se esceseu desta musica e dos nossos momentos i jalavao 3anos meu amor por ele e enterno ele anda sempre ao meu lado elisabete gonsalves aaa

  48. Adelin Khubbatil942

    Adelin Khubbatil9423 日 前

    Gak pernah bosen liat justin n dengerin semua lagunya dari awal😇

  49. Brice Rogers

    Brice Rogers3 日 前

    I’m a fan of you 😃

  50. J8KE

    J8KE14 時間 前

    Me as well

  51. Luana Padilha

    Luana Padilha3 日 前


  52. Lucas Mon

    Lucas Mon3 日 前


  53. Anabarbara Rodrigues Cotto

    Anabarbara Rodrigues Cotto3 日 前

    I like the music

  54. 500K Subscribers without a video challange

    500K Subscribers without a video challange3 日 前

    I never knew that this person would become this popular over time wtf

  55. Kaler Chhalla Satnam

    Kaler Chhalla Satnam3 日 前

    Love you Justin

  56. TerZoKun

    TerZoKun3 日 前

    new thumbnail?

  57. 1M Subscribers With NO Videos Challenge

    1M Subscribers With NO Videos Challenge4 日 前

    *Boys: I wanna Be Bieber* *Girls: I wanna Be Hailey*

  58. Mala Flago

    Mala Flago日 前

    I wanna be jb

  59. Anhaara Fabulous

    Anhaara Fabulous日 前

    No we wanna be Kylie Jenner



    We wanna be eminem

  61. Rajesh Jatwer

    Rajesh Jatwer4 日 前

    Amazing 💥🔥 videography ❤️❤️❤️❤️well done cameraman and all❤️

  62. Mohd ariff Safwan

    Mohd ariff Safwan4 日 前

    Woi Justin kau suka buat macam tu ke kau ingat kau dapat pahala 😡😠😠😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎👎 buuuuuuuuu

  63. Samyak bhalerao

    Samyak bhalerao4 日 前

    Best song ever

  64. لافيندرـ arts

    لافيندرـ arts4 日 前

    I wish you a happy life. I wish you happiness with all my heart. I am one of your fans. You are a great boy. I hope to meet you one day. But unfortunately, I did not meet you .... 😳😳

  65. M33

    M334 日 前

    ▪︎No bad words ▪︎No sexy girls ▪︎No Drugs always great music and talented voice🙏Justian

  66. David Lopez

    David Lopez4 日 前

    Justin 👑

  67. Larissa Manoela

    Larissa Manoela4 日 前

    Sddssss dessas músicas do Justin

  68. Larissa Manoela

    Larissa Manoela4 日 前

    Sddssss dessas músicas do Justin

  69. giant poo

    giant poo4 日 前

    who's watching with airpods to test bass😂

  70. CheerBeast

    CheerBeast2 日 前

    His songs always sound better when you use airpods or headset

  71. Theo Morais Silva de Jesus

    Theo Morais Silva de Jesus4 日 前

    nunca perdi a graça

  72. Theo Morais Silva de Jesus

    Theo Morais Silva de Jesus4 日 前


  73. 8 ball pool

    8 ball pool4 日 前

    Kon Kon Lock Dawn me bhi sun rha like kro

  74. Nitu Diana

    Nitu Diana4 日 前

    Justin😙😙😙 elna😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏 bieberelna😷😷😷💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💑💑

  75. R J

    R J4 日 前

    What a vibe ! What a music! How foolish of them who disliked this masterpiece !

  76. dominique

    dominique4 日 前

    The intro is my literally my favorite part of the song

  77. Monica Bramani

    Monica Bramani5 日 前

    The prime JB

  78. huraira ch

    huraira ch5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> his smile😍 #LoveYouJustin

  79. Philip II

    Philip II5 日 前

    Covid-19 no, we can't keep each other company 😂😂😂😂

  80. Aldo Sptr Ap

    Aldo Sptr Ap5 日 前

    Best Musik? I miss The Old Justin

  81. Sylvia Chebii

    Sylvia Chebii5 日 前

    justin is the best

  82. Ayush Nishad

    Ayush Nishad5 日 前


  83. Sylvia Chebii

    Sylvia Chebii5 日 前

    @Ayush Nishad NOPE IT IS NOT

  84. Ayush Nishad

    Ayush Nishad5 日 前

    Plz reply me

  85. Ayush Nishad

    Ayush Nishad5 日 前

    Ivy it's wrong

  86. Sylvia Chebii

    Sylvia Chebii5 日 前

    ayush its chychysyivyios@gmail.com

  87. laugh with us

    laugh with us5 日 前

    This is amazing. Just to see the behind scenes and how amazing he is on and off camera is just incredible to watch it makes me really really happy . Did you know that I only watch on episode in a day to it to stay longer with me rather than watching it in a day. Like literally I have to watch this and listen to a song before I sleep if I didn't I cant sleep I just stay for like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> am just to watch an episode and some music, interviews, concerts, lives,etc.......... I am just really obsessed with him I really can't believe that I didn't know him for that long I am only 13 but how was I missing out on him. I appreciate you JB you will alwayyyyssss have a huge irreplaceable place in our hearts. You are amazing please I beg you keep on doing music you are incredible 💯. #Beliebers #JustinBieber #imabelieber4ever

  88. hollywood movies hd

    hollywood movies hd5 日 前

    Most soft lyrics

  89. that browncookie

    that browncookie5 日 前

    2016: can we keep each other company 2020: I'm stuck with you

  90. un cool

    un cool5 日 前

    This look stole millions of hearts.💓

  91. kebron Getahun

    kebron Getahun5 日 前

    Love it so much

  92. Art Of DNA

    Art Of DNA5 日 前

    PES 2017

  93. Alok Kumar

    Alok Kumar5 日 前

    People dont see beiber as beiber see him as an art and his talent. Its really tough to hate his songs and I love em' all

  94. Rd Chokder

    Rd Chokder3 日 前

    Who is beiber??

  95. Shivesh Jha

    Shivesh Jha5 日 前

    Who was listing in qurantine

  96. Call New play

    Call New play5 日 前

    Wanna be friends...?

  97. gill S

    gill S5 日 前

    1.50 me like working in kiwi fruit farm

  98. Tawananyasha Flora Makiwa

    Tawananyasha Flora Makiwa5 日 前

    Best JB reign ever singing heart warming love songs.....now he's singing songs bout food, makes me wanna cry

  99. Antonio Ferreira

    Antonio Ferreira5 日 前

    Que putaria e essa justim bieber