Justin Bieber - Company (Official Video)


  1. Priyu Bh

    Priyu Bh52 分 前

    Anyone in october.. Like 😁

  2. Axel Sánchez

    Axel Sánchez時間 前

    C O M P A N Y Life And Music

  3. Joel Olvera

    Joel Olvera2 時間 前

    I like how Justin songs drop the beat

  4. alegre_ lobo821

    alegre_ lobo8218 時間 前

    you are trash by the way not c spanish if you judge me i'm using translator you are a real ugly boy ugly from mir # $ #

  5. Mc Justin Oficial

    Mc Justin Oficial12 時間 前

    Meu idolo esse boy, I Love You Justin Bieber

  6. baaz xeyroxx fan

    baaz xeyroxx fan12 時間 前

    miss you old boy😔😔😔

  7. Lakhan Singh

    Lakhan Singh13 時間 前

    Nice song

  8. Graziela Pacheco Pacheco

    Graziela Pacheco Pacheco19 時間 前


  9. Ayan

    Ayan20 時間 前

    😢😢Old Justin.

  10. Mystic Man

    Mystic Man日 前

    Let me love you.

  11. Jakayima Batista

    Jakayima Batista日 前

    watchin this upside down \\:

  12. THO ꜱᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ

    THO ꜱᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ日 前


  13. Farwan Naieem

    Farwan Naieem日 前

    Only Justin Bieber fans can make this blue 👇

  14. Ruben Chavez

    Ruben Chavez日 前


  15. Ruben Chavez

    Ruben Chavez日 前

    Las Vegas

  16. diju rabha

    diju rabha日 前

    Justin I love your songs

  17. Mamud Sultan

    Mamud Sultan日 前

    Who is here after 10000 hours??????

  18. Vishal Kumar

    Vishal Kumar日 前

    Smash dislike button if you are watching in 2020😅😅

  19. Irshad Ahmad

    Irshad Ahmad日 前

    The old justin was just amazing just amazing

  20. Smita Suryawanshi

    Smita Suryawanshi日 前

    I don't know why I stop listening to this gem this is amazing one of the best songs of him...

  21. Alan Camacho

    Alan Camacho2 日 前

    Octubre 2019

  22. Dharam Sawand

    Dharam Sawand2 日 前


  23. Dharam Sawand

    Dharam Sawand2 日 前

    Big fan

  24. Dharam Sawand

    Dharam Sawand2 日 前

    Love you Justin please reply my answer

  25. CallMe Enzo

    CallMe Enzo2 日 前

    Nobody care what year you watching in🤗😆

  26. Windysaint

    Windysaint2 日 前

    Hah this is what I was thinking every time I saw you 🥰

  27. Pablo David Condoleo

    Pablo David Condoleo2 日 前

    Hola soy Adam Jackson David condoleo y Justin Bieber mejor theme comany me voy a casemer con el para siempre forever amor bombonazo 💗💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 el martrioño el anillo 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍 para siempre forever amor verdadero para siempre forever

  28. Kymberly Navarro

    Kymberly Navarro2 日 前

    Woou n lo puedo creer😍😍

  29. Segunda Conta do David

    Segunda Conta do David2 日 前

    Música fazer companhia pra alguém!!


    MEDINCN2 日 前

    No que asco

  31. Jisa BTS

    Jisa BTS2 日 前

    Who's miss this song and old Justin!! Meehh

  32. Jakayima Batista

    Jakayima Batista2 日 前

    Eve rest

  33. Jakayima Batista

    Jakayima Batista2 日 前


  34. meem El

    meem El2 日 前

    INLOVE WITH THIS SOOOOONG october 2019 ????????

  35. Lone wolf

    Lone wolf2 日 前

    My company thanks a lot Justin

  36. Navin Saxena

    Navin Saxena2 日 前


  37. prachi kamble

    prachi kamble2 日 前

    I need your company Justin

  38. sujata naik

    sujata naik2 日 前

    I dont likes

  39. First Sureme

    First Sureme2 日 前

    Sounds gay.

  40. amouch bou

    amouch bou2 日 前

    I'm still fond of this song Until NOW

  41. Jahuna Masih

    Jahuna Masih3 日 前

    I Miss him.

  42. kimberlin perez

    kimberlin perez3 日 前

    I think I saw Shane Dawson 1:10

  43. Entro God

    Entro God3 日 前

    Only thing that is missing in this video is SELENA GOMEZ

  44. Rachel Baber

    Rachel Baber3 日 前

    I love you so much,you have the best songs!!!!

  45. Lary Maia

    Lary Maia3 日 前


  46. Isabel Sanchez

    Isabel Sanchez3 日 前


  47. Hải Tiền

    Hải Tiền3 日 前

    1:10 drew

  48. Ajla Ajla

    Ajla Ajla3 日 前

    2019🤞🤞 (2016)

  49. 1D JB & BTS

    1D JB & BTS3 日 前

    Babe 💘

  50. azhar sheikh

    azhar sheikh4 日 前

    Jb fan like here..👍

  51. Warren Jackson

    Warren Jackson4 日 前

    My Brotha! Mr Bieber!. Love your passion and Humility and honesty!. Blessings to you and your fam. Continued success to you and your team. keep the Love ones close, and keep the ones that love you closer!. God Bless!. Peace!

  52. John Son

    John Son4 日 前

    Healthy song in 2019...?

  53. Kauany Faro

    Kauany Faro4 日 前

    Amor da minha vida queria tanto você Justin😭😭❤

  54. Rebeka Paredes

    Rebeka Paredes4 日 前

    He is so sexy

  55. isabella RONDON

    isabella RONDON4 日 前

    Eu te sigo toda hora agora todas essas músicas e essa é a melhor que tem

  56. GiveYour Best

    GiveYour Best4 日 前

    Justin is best, if you agree hit 👍

  57. zyciessie

    zyciessie4 日 前

    kocham cie kurwaaa

  58. Ashutosh kumar

    Ashutosh kumar4 日 前

    He is awesome !!

  59. R J

    R J4 日 前

    Who does miss old Justin? Click on like

  60. Akem Entertainment

    Akem Entertainment5 日 前

    Company any?