Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)


  1. Amirul Hafiz

    Amirul Hafiz時間 前

    So great😢

  2. Naya's Gameplay

    Naya's Gameplay時間 前

    Justin are you ok?

  3. Endang Enik Riani

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  4. Tanusree Das

    Tanusree Das時間 前

    We are here Justin.you are not lonely ❤️

  5. anninha Oliveira

    anninha Oliveira時間 前

    Essa música é simplesmente perfeita...🥰🥺

  6. joe medrano

    joe medrano時間 前

    Grammy for sure. If not they’re deaf.

  7. Barnabás Dusza

    Barnabás Dusza時間 前

    Omg Justin!😭😭😭

  8. ERON

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    You popstar jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-vp3YWrcIJRw.html

  9. Pangamba Meitei

    Pangamba Meitei時間 前

    Who are listening this song during corona lockdown?

  10. Kaylie Abercrombie

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    My daughter loves Justin Bieber and just released a new single too, I hope you will hear, heres the link jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dnBlAnU0HMs.html

  11. 前ChrisTheGoat

    前ChrisTheGoat時間 前

    I like this because I am lonely 😞

  12. Ruben gaming

    Ruben gaming時間 前

    New yodeling kid 1:01




  14. aw mantv

    aw mantv時間 前

    I love Justin's voice

  15. Steven Matthew

    Steven Matthew時間 前

    WhaT ahhh CrueL World * 🧟‍♀️ . 🧖🏿‍♀️🧖🏿‍♀️🧖🏿‍♀️ . 🧟‍♀️ BuT you Can Change your Destiny .... 🧔🏼* Opportunity & Freedom is BuT a Dream 🇺🇸*

  16. ari g

    ari g時間 前

    LIST OF MEANINGFUL JUSTIN BIEBER SONGS Purpose Be alright Life is worth living Pray I’ll show you Down to earth Holy Lonely Mark my words Born to be somebody Changes Children Believe

  17. samael camargo

    samael camargo時間 前

    Thanks for showing us your real life behind the scenes and what was and are the real Justin Bieber, we love you bro, you teach us how to be strong and how to repair ourselves .

  18. Catherine Rouquine

    Catherine Rouquine時間 前

    Beautiful !!! Bravo Justin ! I love when you sing with this feeling in the voice. ♥♥♥

  19. Heartbreakers Rui & Marcos

    Heartbreakers Rui & Marcos時間 前

    Fantastic ❤️ Check out our version of this song on our channel 🎤 Thank you all!!!!

  20. Heather Lynn

    Heather Lynn時間 前

    Wow... they really didn't give FINNEAS any credit for writing and producing with Benny.

  21. Andria Girimonte

    Andria Girimonte時間 前

    You amazing Justin don’t let anyone tell you different

  22. Andria Girimonte

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    Only people who hasn't done the TikTok dance can like this comment.

  24. Zandrio Kadiyal

    Zandrio Kadiyal時間 前

    After the purpose tour, Justin became more awesomeeee.. 😭😭😭 it's beautiful

  25. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious時間 前

    I’m so lonely.

  26. Vicky Vernando

    Vicky Vernando時間 前

    Cannot hate him anymore...

  27. Neetish Dhavgaye

    Neetish Dhavgaye時間 前

    Listen to it’s best remix jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-D-5T7fpE_YM.html

  28. Tiana Gomez

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  29. Candy Llumitasig

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  30. bangtan love

    bangtan love時間 前

    Forever legend justin♡

  31. السفاح قيمر

    السفاح قيمر時間 前

    الله يخللك عيلتك كلا الله يدخلك الجنة الله يحميك من كل ابن حرام بس فوت شترك عندي

  32. R D IV

    R D IV時間 前

    Is it weird that I knew that was Jacob Tremblay just form the sideview cover lmao

  33. Kachu Acevedo

    Kachu Acevedo時間 前

    I like your muuuusic Justin

  34. Kachu Acevedo

    Kachu Acevedo時間 前

    I like your muuuusic Justin

  35. Laura Duron

    Laura Duron時間 前

    This song made me cry, Justin. I'm sorry you feel this way. Sending hugs👫

  36. Rizu Mizu

    Rizu Mizu時間 前

    *Don't be LoOoOoOoNLEY*

  37. julia marques

    julia marques時間 前

    eu chorei tanto com essa música

  38. Neeta Dhavgaye

    Neeta Dhavgaye時間 前

    Listen to it’s remix jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-D-5T7fpE_YM.html

  39. taslimuzzaman Fakir

    taslimuzzaman Fakir2 時間 前

    Justin had a great voice! 💙❤️💜💗

  40. sadia marufa

    sadia marufa2 時間 前

    Wait.. is that the walmart yodeling kid?👀

  41. i Mr go hard

    i Mr go hard2 時間 前

    What a legend. Experienced so much at a young age. I imagine that he came into this industry a innocent kid and slowly realized how evil everyone in the industry is and how they’d do anything to take his innocence from him and change him so that he’s loses who he is and becomes like them.... miserable. Hopefully Justin made it out ok, cause Hollywood is disgusting. sad that our youth look up to these soulless losers.

  42. Kaylie Abercrombie

    Kaylie Abercrombie時間 前

    My daughter loves Justin Bieber and just released a new single too, I hope you will hear it, heres the link jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dnBlAnU0HMs.html

  43. I'm a big boss

    I'm a big boss2 時間 前

    The song is only 2 minutes long. But I cried for 2 days 2 nights 2 hours 2 minutes 2 seconds :(

  44. Jace Fernandez

    Jace Fernandez2 時間 前

    is Justin and Christian beadles still friends? does anyone remember him?

  45. A l e y n a

    A l e y n a2 時間 前

    I’m not a big fan of jb but this song is really good

  46. MeHdi HaSan

    MeHdi HaSan2 時間 前

    So basically it's not a happy married life I feel bad for you ! You deserve Selena ❤️👍

  47. Denise Araujo

    Denise Araujo2 時間 前

    Nunca me voy a cansar de escuchar esta obra de arte

  48. Sev Smith Music

    Sev Smith Music2 時間 前

    In love with this one💜

  49. Sisira

    Sisira2 時間 前

    Is nobody gonna talk about how angelic his voice sounds when he sings "looooonely"

  50. Follower of Jesus

    Follower of Jesus2 時間 前

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  51. Laghrib OfficieL

    Laghrib OfficieL2 時間 前

    I will sing it in my Arabic, I hope you like it 🙏❤️

  52. Vitória Santos

    Vitória Santos2 時間 前

    I loved 😍

  53. Salman Umaternate

    Salman Umaternate2 時間 前

    Colab with blackpink please🙏

  54. Leyendary Genial

    Leyendary Genial2 時間 前

    It is a beautiful music

  55. FNBeastModeAL

    FNBeastModeAL2 時間 前

    I can't listen to anymore of this imma burst to fkn tears

  56. Heavymetalkiss Noneya

    Heavymetalkiss Noneya2 時間 前

    Just a lesson to all ppl, if ppl dont know & love you for who you really really are then what is the purpose of being known?

  57. Luana Graciele

    Luana Graciele2 時間 前


  58. Steven Matthew

    Steven Matthew2 時間 前

    I ... LuVvV iT When JusTin PusheS ouT The SweeTer ParT oF his Voice * 🎙. 🎵 . 🎙 - > Limited VocaL ediTing & Mastering *!! “ KooL “ . How Much auTo - Tune do u WanT

  59. Mohamad Mawaheb

    Mohamad Mawaheb2 時間 前

    Who else got goosebumps? 😭😍

  60. Kenny myhre

    Kenny myhre2 時間 前

    love it! makes a man cry..

  61. Prateek l

    Prateek l2 時間 前

    im not really a fan but totaly understand he's feelings with his fame and money. he's sad

  62. Windy Faust

    Windy Faust2 時間 前

    I'M SORRY!!! People who have the biggest hearts are usually the ones who take the most heat.

  63. Shinigami D

    Shinigami D2 時間 前

    There people with nothing and nobody to call. FU Beber

  64. Uncreative

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  65. Wyatt

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  66. RicaPereZ

    RicaPereZ2 時間 前

    Summary of Justin Bieber's adolescence, don't condemn him for what he did in the past when he was a kid. Love you man 🙏🤍

  67. Kukuapiscean Cutie

    Kukuapiscean Cutie2 時間 前

    Look how many dead plants came here and saying *I use to hate Bieber and now I realise....*

  68. MichaelHardison Official

    MichaelHardison Official2 時間 前

    Anyone who’s ever criticized this man right here definitely feels like an idiot now.

  69. Lizander Vizcaino

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  70. Muhammad Essakjee

    Muhammad Essakjee2 時間 前

    Anyone here from Tiktok?😂

  71. Harry Proudlove

    Harry Proudlove2 時間 前

    This feels pretty real.

  72. Happy Human

    Happy Human2 時間 前

    I hated him when I was younger but I never knew he felt this way. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he actually has feelings. Maybe I'm gonna listen to this song again.😂

  73. sarah Khan

    sarah Khan2 時間 前

    Can I get this notification "Someone liked your comment".

  74. Kaylie Abercrombie

    Kaylie Abercrombie時間 前

    My daughter loves Justin Bieber and just released a new single too, I hope you will hear, heres the link jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dnBlAnU0HMs.html

  75. ErrxrCODM

    ErrxrCODM2 時間 前

    I dont like ur music. Dont lie bout it. But this damn bruh goosebumbs everywhere

  76. ثريا البقلاني

    ثريا البقلاني2 時間 前

    شوضع الثمانيه وعشرون ديس لايك

  77. alexito benito

    alexito benito2 時間 前

    SAD :,(



    everybody knows my name now, but something bout it still feels strange keep looking in the mirror trying to steady yourself, and seeing somebody else And everything is not the same now. It feels like all the lives have changed Maybe when im older itll all calm down, but its killing me now What if you had it all, but nobody to call, maybe then, youd know me, cos ive had everything, but no ones listening, and thats just fucking lonely Im so lo o o o o onely lo o o o onely Everybody knows my past now, like my house was always made of glass. And maybe thats the prie you pay, for the money and fame, at an early age. And everybody saw me sick, And it felt like no one gave a shit, They critisized the things i did, as an idiot kid. What if you had it all, but nobody to call, maybe then, youd know me, cos ive had everything, but no ones listening, and thats just fucking lonely Im so lo o o o o onely lo o o o onely there u go. ive learnt this on acoustic guitar, and i rlly like the chords ive chosen for it and the strumming aswell. i didnt copy this from the internet, bcos i felt i had to put some actually work into such a beatiful song. if u feel down, depressed, or lonely, ill be there for u, and i love u and god loves u.

  79. Ariel Cajina

    Ariel Cajina2 時間 前

    Go Justin Bieber you can


    NEHA T MUSIC2 時間 前

    I MADE A COVER please se everyone

  81. Nathan hailu

    Nathan hailu2 時間 前

    i love jb music all.......wonderful person yes u are my hero

  82. abdu .k.m

    abdu .k.m2 時間 前


  83. zzYoussef xx

    zzYoussef xx2 時間 前

    I'll be back on every year of the next two decades , remind me 2020: ✔️ 2021: 2022: 2023: 2024: 2025: 2026: 2027; 2028: 2029: 2030: 2031: 2032: 2032: 2033: 2034: 2035: 2036: 2037: 2038: 2039: 2040:

  84. Kaylie Abercrombie

    Kaylie Abercrombie時間 前

    My daughter loves Justin Bieber and just released a new single too, I hope you will listen, heres the link jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dnBlAnU0HMs.html

  85. Beyza 491

    Beyza 4912 時間 前

    Türkçe altyazili olması çok hoşuma gitti

  86. Fatma Geylani

    Fatma Geylani2 時間 前

    Aklima selena gomez geliyor allah kahretsin

  87. chhin phearith

    chhin phearith2 時間 前

    Hi John much for me #Chhinphearith

  88. Li

    Li2 時間 前


  89. blue pink

    blue pink2 時間 前

    this so sad song 😢

  90. S V

    S V2 時間 前

    Damn, ouch.

  91. XoXo Gaming

    XoXo Gaming2 時間 前

    MAN this is the answer to his HATERS

  92. Maxim123 2K9

    Maxim123 2K93 時間 前

    I am from Vietnam I listen Biber sing I think a very good And music is very enjoys

  93. The SVeet Life

    The SVeet Life3 時間 前

    Very nice song Justin. Loved your songs but this one is really touching. Hope you are better now, our experiences mold us to better people ❤️

  94. propy 16

    propy 163 時間 前

    Dislikers have proven that they don't have heart.😔🖤

  95. 후하

    후하3 時間 前

    노래 넘 좋은데 너무 짧다ㅠ

  96. chimchim army

    chimchim army3 時間 前

    I feel like I'm going to cry when I listen to the song...

  97. Math Distance Learning

    Math Distance Learning3 時間 前

    wow !!!!! your sound is so nice and so beautiful. love it

  98. Sammy Freyman

    Sammy Freyman3 時間 前


  99. Dillon Kelbaugh

    Dillon Kelbaugh3 時間 前

    This song hits REALLY different. It’s super sad and has like super deep meaning.

  100. Nur Ayu

    Nur Ayu3 時間 前

    Still fav !

  101. Puteri Sarkasi

    Puteri Sarkasi3 時間 前

    Realise how the kid wearing the outfit is like justin's one when he wore that when he was younger

  102. Wawan Setiyawan

    Wawan Setiyawan3 時間 前

    Lagu yang sangat mendalam mas jastin

  103. devi putri b

    devi putri b3 時間 前

    I really like this song

  104. Steven Matthew

    Steven Matthew3 時間 前

    They Were The - gether * - iii - hear the . red &* blue . piLL “ 💊 “ Uuuu Live & you LearN ..... 😭 - 💔 - 😭


    XYZZAYNAY3 時間 前

    Justin wasn't my favorite, but I get what he feels now. sorry, love the song.