Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Acoustic Video)


  1. Bendarhal Mer

    Bendarhal Mer53 分 前


  2. jeff long

    jeff long時間 前

    Hes so cute

  3. Thobias Oliveira

    Thobias Oliveira2 時間 前

    Vicio demais por essa musica!! BR

  4. Mays Mays

    Mays Mays3 時間 前

    So could we know why people hate him???

  5. ejjOpanujsiee

    ejjOpanujsiee3 時間 前

    Marcin Dubiel 🥰❤️

  6. Falicia Wilhoit

    Falicia Wilhoit3 時間 前

    damn that was deep, also what was that big bang sound?

  7. Mr. Ribhu

    Mr. Ribhu4 時間 前

    F*CK all those who thought he was an idiot kid. This is the type of society we live in. People just can digest your success and they will do anything and everything to pull you down. JB has been above all in every part of his life, a perfect human, I have never seen a simpler celebrity. He is a gem and he will always be. A guy who adds random people on his insta live video, talk to them. Makes their day amazing. He is just amazing.

  8. Shuroke Alhaj

    Shuroke Alhaj6 時間 前

    I have always been a fan! Since i was 6 or 7 i always listen to his music.

  9. N808

    N8086 時間 前

    As an artist, this song is a hit srsly🔥This song is so emotional.. I wasn't listening to him and I'll Do it now I promise 🤞

  10. kashyap's crib

    kashyap's crib6 時間 前

    Man his voice has changed man so great it is keep doing the great work bieber boy loved you from skul time had a girl loved your songs now she is married

  11. Abdullah Wasi Sami

    Abdullah Wasi Sami7 時間 前

    Every thing is not the same now

  12. Afraiim Dehghan

    Afraiim Dehghan7 時間 前

    Nice bro I really liked this song and u left me in my feelings

  13. Sezin

    Sezin8 時間 前

    no autotune, hes the king of acoustic

  14. 뭐해Siti Aminah

    뭐해Siti Aminah8 時間 前

    love u

  15. Tailor Blue

    Tailor Blue9 時間 前

    Beautiful song.His voice is amazing. I hope you keep doing music.your vocals are amazing we love you.god bless you stay motivated

  16. Rebeca Caetano

    Rebeca Caetano9 時間 前

    I just came here to say that God loves you, and I already went through a bad phase despite having everything ... God loves you❤💓

  17. Rebeca Caetano

    Rebeca Caetano9 時間 前

    Jésus t'aime🇫🇷

  18. Rebeca Caetano

    Rebeca Caetano9 時間 前

    Jesús te ama🇪🇦

  19. Rebeca Caetano

    Rebeca Caetano9 時間 前

    Jesus love you🇬🇧

  20. Rebeca Caetano

    Rebeca Caetano9 時間 前

    Jesus te ama🇧🇷

  21. Jahiiirah CarLoS

    Jahiiirah CarLoS10 時間 前

    BrillianT * [[ . ]] & [[ . ]] Are We Comparing diz 2 WhiTney or SpearS & . I’ve Mastered my Signature VerberTo * 🎙

  22. Lucivanio Silva

    Lucivanio Silva11 時間 前


  23. Tio Délio

    Tio Délio11 時間 前

    Hi, person from the future KKK Enjoy here so I can listen to this hymn more often ahead. Until then I tell him I love him and everything goes well KKKK


    RAELYN BRESE12 時間 前

    if you guys watch the justen Bebber gets mad you won't like him anymore

  25. Tarun Yadav

    Tarun Yadav12 時間 前

    What exactly did Jake Schreier direct in this?😂

  26. Aurochloride

    Aurochloride12 時間 前


  27. Mario Sancho Maraver

    Mario Sancho Maraver12 時間 前


  28. Bradley Adams

    Bradley Adams13 時間 前

    The lyrics make so much sense, doesn't matter who you are, what you are, how much you have, how much you don't have. You can still experience mental health, nobody should suffer it hope your okay and I respect you for saying all that in your song. 💯❤️

  29. Cjay James

    Cjay James14 時間 前

    I couldn't imagine myself nor being able to even walk down the street without being harassed and not knowing who is genuine. I really pray for you JB May God bless you and keep you.

  30. Vee

    Vee15 時間 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-z6GFo1n0NTo.html 😊 I made a cover of this song!

  31. Amyzan

    Amyzan15 時間 前

    Just going by the comments section so don’t need a like my comment

  32. doctor fate

    doctor fate16 時間 前

    This song always gets me in my feels

  33. louis klein

    louis klein16 時間 前

    Damn this hits different

  34. Dom Primo

    Dom Primo17 時間 前

    Is it just me, or did it seem like that noise in the background 2:18 pissed him off? 😅

  35. TotaledAuto23

    TotaledAuto2317 時間 前

    this song is soooo diferent from the rest of all heartless no feelings songs of these years ... i feel it ... and i know a lot of people notice this diference... justin youre awesome man keep your good work you have my respect.... algo im impressed cause this song touch my heart and its short. in less than 3 minutes i feel your pain ... and y apologize for all people that give you bad energy including myself.. im sorry bro... im sorry

  36. Da Priest

    Da Priest17 時間 前

    I really like the emotions behind the song

  37. eli tarang

    eli tarang17 時間 前

    I’m so looonlu

  38. Jeon Gianinna

    Jeon Gianinna20 時間 前

    Bibs, I love u so much 😔

  39. Amanda Conrad

    Amanda Conrad21 時間 前

    I love this song and his voice ❤️

  40. Missy Richest

    Missy Richest21 時間 前

    Sending lots of love to Justin Bieber.💜🙌🏽

  41. devi bittler-arevalo

    devi bittler-arevalo21 時間 前

    Can we respect benny blanco? He's an incredible songwriter and musician. Its a beautiful song

  42. Andrea Zabinki

    Andrea Zabinki22 時間 前

    Everyone is lonely today...I love you JB!

  43. ketylen conceicao

    ketylen conceicao22 時間 前

    Agora eu sei o significado de sentir a dor do outro....

  44. Adee Ben-Naim

    Adee Ben-Naim23 時間 前

    So talented Justin Bieber nice ♥️

  45. fahkrazyshaggy

    fahkrazyshaggy日 前

    This song makes me want to rip my ears off. A wounded dog sounds better. I never gave consent for my ears to be raped like this. Please never make anything else. Please just stop.

  46. sonny nz

    sonny nz日 前


  47. Lara Picard

    Lara Picard日 前

    I'm a 50 year old woman and this song guts me...

  48. Stella stella

    Stella stella日 前

    funny how a beautiful song could tell such a sad story Bravo Justin Bieber 💪🏽👏🏽

  49. Alexandra Wolff

    Alexandra Wolff日 前


  50. Archie Hey McIntyre

    Archie Hey McIntyre日 前

    When I was younger he made me laugh the baby song was good but everyone hade a different opinion. Now he is getting hate for trying to be himself like come one

  51. averedespe

    averedespe日 前

    I’ve never been a big fan of Justin Bieber, but I love this song. This is the first time something he’s put out has felt authentic and heartfelt, where the persona is gone and he’s just a normal human being like everyone else with feelings of loneliness and emptiness that we all can relate to. His money and fame and all the girls and ego is gone and underneath is someone a lot of people can level with and understand. This is the first time in years that I feel like one of his songs has taken off in a genuine way, and I sincerely hope he keeps making music like this. This sound suits him so well and it really gives him a chance to show off his vocal abilities. I’ve only ever loved songs where I could feel the artist, and this is the first song of Justin’s that I could feel him in every word. Goosebumps.

  52. Zakiya Dorsey

    Zakiya Dorsey日 前

    Celebrities are some of loneliest people out there ☹

  53. Viridiana Perez

    Viridiana Perez日 前

    It is about redemption

  54. Maj Lolas

    Maj Lolas日 前

    I hope you're ok Justin.

  55. Alvin W

    Alvin W日 前

    2:18 my favorite part

  56. Jahiiirah CarLoS

    Jahiiirah CarLoS日 前

    BrillianT * [[ . ]] & [[ . ]] Are We Comparing diz 2 WhiTney or SpearS & . I’ve Mastered my Signature VerberTo * 🎙

  57. Agustina Carcagno

    Agustina Carcagno日 前

    Me llegó al alma, lo quiero abrazar.

  58. Eduardo Garcia

    Eduardo Garcia日 前

    I just lost my parents and this song hits me hard , I literally have nobody now , lonely :(

  59. The Anxiety Journey

    The Anxiety Journey日 前

    Justin, not going to lie dude I didn't like you in your early career, but you are growing brother

  60. Gold De Abed

    Gold De Abed日 前

    إدمانننننن you are beast

  61. • angela •

    • angela •日 前

    i knew of how justin was sad a long time before this, but i never knew of exactly how much pain he’s been through. everyone just assumes that he has such a “perfect” life because because he’s a celebrity. everyone thinks that it’s okay to hate on him just because he’s made some mistakes. everyone’s jealous, so they hate on him. it does damage. even though he receives all of this love, it still hurts him when there is even one single hate comment. a thousand nice comments doesn’t even compare to one single hate comment. people assume that he’s happy because of his fame and money. but has anyone ever thought that justin would give it all away because of all the hate that’s directed towards him? yes, he was young when he joined the industry. he was innocent. he was young. he makes mistakes. he’s human. so stop treating him like he’s a monster. because once you really think about it, we’re really the REAL monsters. look at what we’ve done to justin. he once was a happy teenager. but look at what we’ve reduced him to. he can’t just vent his feelings to his “friends” because all they want from him is money and fame. what made him deserve this? yeah he made mistakes but don’t we? don’t we make mistakes too? everyone just looks for a reason to dislike justin because they’re jealous. maybe you should stop being jealous. maybe you should try to see what the industry has done to him. justin, if you ever see this, just know that even if everyone else still doesn’t understand, i WILL. no one deserves what you’ve been through. i’m here to support you. i’ve been supporting you since 2013 the first time i saw you. there was even once when i thought that i hated you because of the things that my friends told me about you. but soon after that, i realized that you made mistakes and that you are human. please don’t give up. there are still people that love you. and i might just be one of them 🥺💝💖💕💘💞❤️💗💓❣️

  62. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique日 前

    Sou portugues

  63. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique日 前

    I love justin biber

  64. onothadc

    onothadc日 前

    He is so amazing❤️

  65. The best boy In world

    The best boy In world日 前

    Big fan, love you justin❤️

  66. Daniel Alicea

    Daniel Alicea日 前

    That's a great fucking song

  67. Typhoon xD

    Typhoon xD日 前

    Amazing and now there is something hidden in this video. Don't fucking Give up and if people hate you. Don't Give a dam. And if you we're forced. Then be patient. Thank you and have a good or bad day. LMAO

  68. matheus batista

    matheus batista日 前

    i love you juntin my name is matheus

  69. catherina Kim

    catherina Kim日 前

    There's some kinda hidenn pain. It's so painful😢😢😢

  70. Nora HERBET

    Nora HERBET日 前

    a cœur ouvert

  71. Gold De Abed

    Gold De Abed日 前

    وينكم نحنا العرب موجودين بكل مكان.. الغنية روعة فيها كمية مشاعر قوية اهنيك

  72. Gentry Ford

    Gentry Ford日 前

    Sometimes the people who are so worried about making others happy are the ones who are broken and nobody knows that.

  73. Kelvin Flores

    Kelvin Flores日 前

    Damn this song is perfect

  74. Babita Gupta

    Babita Gupta日 前

    He is the first singer whom I ❤ too much. There is pain in his voice.

  75. Eka Smith

    Eka Smith日 前

    No one listening and it's just fucking lonely 💔

  76. Jasahel Valancio

    Jasahel Valancio日 前

    Wow so much pressure on me 😭

  77. Kashish Sawant

    Kashish Sawant日 前

    I'm from Goa India .Ur an inspiration for me and I'm ur biggest fan .Love u Justin

  78. Jordan Nb

    Jordan Nb日 前

    I hate my life I need to die

  79. booyah

    booyah日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-E_jDHYJ6-bk.html HEAAAR THIS COVER GUYS Y'LL AIN'T GONNA REGRET

  80. TheVicky3112

    TheVicky3112日 前




    I love the facts that the lyrics try to tell us

  82. Vanessa Cortina

    Vanessa Cortina日 前


  83. Nicholas James Brown

    Nicholas James Brown日 前

    Such an amazing song, I had to do a sax cover - would it be too much to ask to take a listen?

  84. mike korzek

    mike korzek日 前

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  85. Zoi Kotonopoulou

    Zoi Kotonopoulou2 日 前


  86. Nick williams

    Nick williams2 日 前

    Look I'm a guy an I tell you my sister got me listening too him back when when was just starting guys he sitll has it going for him he will always be someone I listen too

  87. Phil Certosini

    Phil Certosini2 日 前

    Justin, LOVE the song. Love the fact that you've found yourself. Keep it up. stay strong.

  88. Melanie Marie

    Melanie Marie2 日 前

    Loven this new JB music! Amazing 💗

  89. Merite Toskaa

    Merite Toskaa2 日 前


  90. scottie rushing

    scottie rushing2 日 前

    i love Justin almost everyone should bless him for what he did that on oct 27th he did a wonderful job like he always does LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!! happy)

  91. FierceTuber22

    FierceTuber222 日 前

    People are saying there is no reason to hate on him bro he really just made a song about being rich bro read the lyrics

  92. ewelina kowalska

    ewelina kowalska2 日 前

    ta piosenka kojarzy mi się z Marcinem Dubielem

  93. Esteban Santana

    Esteban Santana2 日 前

    Fortune and fame makes you alone

  94. Victoria Díaz de Almeida /Brasil

    Victoria Díaz de Almeida /Brasil2 日 前

    We all owe Justin an apology.

  95. Staa lst

    Staa lst2 日 前


  96. Jenni Byrd

    Jenni Byrd2 日 前

    Omg I'm in love. I feel your pain.

  97. Ariana Lopez

    Ariana Lopez2 日 前

    This is how I feel since my siblings went to Mexico...Lonely🤧😕

  98. mojca l.

    mojca l.2 日 前

    OMG...I love it

  99. Nkosomhle Mfeka

    Nkosomhle Mfeka2 日 前

    I really want to be like him when I grow up

  100. Rowan Mahdi

    Rowan Mahdi2 日 前

    I love him so much. He gave up his childhood for ours!

  101. Natalia Czerwińska

    Natalia Czerwińska2 日 前

    You probably won't read it... I've never been your fan, but after hearing this song, I gained a lot of respect for you. Thank you for this song.

  102. Jeet Modha

    Jeet Modha2 日 前

    JPreporter:Jeet Modha

  103. toka Salloumi

    toka Salloumi2 日 前


  104. Brian Caffeine

    Brian Caffeine2 日 前

    I hate hating