Just Trying To Blend In With My Green Screen


  1. Captain Z-Ro

    Captain Z-Ro2 時間 前

    So,...Jenna's auditioning for a role in the next "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie,...as Nebula's twin sister,...Marbula. :D

  2. Martha Cox

    Martha Cox6 時間 前

    I look like a turtle- Jenna, 2018

  3. Paco_bl

    Paco_bl12 時間 前

    Instagram filters makes it better

  4. Daniel Verti

    Daniel Verti日 前

    How do you change the scenes while you're filming?

  5. Bella Cela

    Bella Cela2 日 前

    Get really green contact lenses.

  6. l u

    l u2 日 前

    I thought it was Billy Eilish after hitting the wall.

  7. Carlo Fuentes

    Carlo Fuentes2 日 前

    Me:my dream is to be a vet!!! Julian:I want to be a brats doll Me:...........wut Jenna:I want to DISAPPEAR!!!!

  8. xitsshayla

    xitsshayla3 日 前

    It’s a green *bean*

  9. Bernardo Carrieri

    Bernardo Carrieri3 日 前

    Ela ficou parecendo os cara da Tim só que verde

  10. Kate Kyro

    Kate Kyro4 日 前

    👁 👁 👅

  11. lonely ass nibba

    lonely ass nibba6 日 前

    why does she seem so high?

  12. Madi Drø

    Madi Drø6 日 前

    I wanna do this omg

  13. Cayden Bouchard

    Cayden Bouchard6 日 前

    2:13 Jenna’s eyes lmao you good girl?

  14. Gabrielle Tuttle

    Gabrielle Tuttle7 日 前

    How many times do I have to watch this to stop laughing?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I shouldn’t complain tho cuz this is pure GOLD!!!

  15. VideoKilledTheHeros

    VideoKilledTheHeros7 日 前

    sounds like you WANNA help Had me rolling.

  16. Rafia Zehreen

    Rafia Zehreen7 日 前

    I just got a green tea advertisement before this video Me : *"Coincidence? I THINK NOT"*

  17. bigdoinky 4

    bigdoinky 47 日 前

    3:33 I don’t really see a difference

  18. Imogen Foster

    Imogen Foster7 日 前

    It’s GREEN SCREEN MAN He can do whatever a GREENSCREEN CAN unless the editor is feeling kinda lazy on this particular video...... IT’S GREEN SCREEN MAN

  19. AudOldEnds

    AudOldEnds7 日 前

    “How am I looking?” *Green* Idk why I found that so FUNNY!

  20. This Gay cactus

    This Gay cactus8 日 前

    Green screen woman

  21. Hot Milk

    Hot Milk8 日 前


  22. •_Sneaky•_ _•Chicken_•

    •_Sneaky•_ _•Chicken_•8 日 前

    Why are here eyes purple..in the thing



    Vima pela que diabos?

  24. Kawaii Chan

    Kawaii Chan9 日 前

    10:20 - 10:30 Best 10 seconds of my life 🤣

  25. Nate Reynolds

    Nate Reynolds9 日 前

    The mask

  26. Monarae Bisasor

    Monarae Bisasor10 日 前


  27. Aliexsander Rush

    Aliexsander Rush10 日 前

    You kinda look like Shane lol

  28. Leaf

    Leaf11 日 前

    Okay, so, how do I become Japan?

  29. Tiara Cockatiel

    Tiara Cockatiel11 日 前

    Why is no one talking about the fact that she looks like meh from the emoji movie

  30. Gamez Squad

    Gamez Squad11 日 前

    Here are some cool green screen transitions that you can use for your own videos :) jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-cDJg_XFhYcM.html

  31. darkstar2874

    darkstar287411 日 前


  32. CøzÿMøchï

    CøzÿMøchï11 日 前

    Jenna: iS tHaT a PiNkItY dRiNkItY?!?! Me: I don’t know what is real or what isn’t anymore-

  33. Rainbow 2.0

    Rainbow 2.011 日 前

    -Jackfilms- Johnfilms is better

  34. J LB

    J LB11 日 前

    i love how eminem is only known for spaghetti

  35. Knowere2go?

    Knowere2go?11 日 前

    You look like Mr.Beast.Mmmmmmm Ms.BEAST?!?!?!

  36. kamille smith

    kamille smith12 日 前


  37. SuperHam

    SuperHam12 日 前

    8:13 *MOISTURIZE ME*

  38. Tahlia Gioiosa

    Tahlia Gioiosa12 日 前

    Who else thinks she looked like an alien XD

  39. JAY_ Cambo

    JAY_ Cambo12 日 前

    She looks like the mask Edit: oh, sorry i typed that at 4:25

  40. GLS !!!

    GLS !!!12 日 前

    Quem veio pelo canal da Lilian QUE DIABOS

  41. Lwiay

    Lwiay13 日 前

    The mask

  42. Donna Dimitrova

    Donna Dimitrova13 日 前

    Why do i love this 😂😂😂

  43. Duaa Fatima

    Duaa Fatima13 日 前

    The mask

  44. Pidge Gunderson

    Pidge Gunderson13 日 前

    you, ma’am, jenna marbles, need a therapist.

  45. Big jenny BIG

    Big jenny BIG13 日 前

    👁 👁 green screen 👅

  46. NatieTomatie

    NatieTomatie14 日 前

    The Mask is back

  47. Mikaela Solis

    Mikaela Solis14 日 前

    This video omg lol I am literally dieing on the inside and outside

  48. The Shiny Horsea

    The Shiny Horsea15 日 前

    Looks like an alien escaped from area 51 and hid

  49. Jayson David

    Jayson David15 日 前

    Your face made my eyes hurt cause the green was so bright

  50. Ksawey Bujnicki

    Ksawey Bujnicki15 日 前


  51. Marcy O'Dell

    Marcy O'Dell15 日 前

    Why? Just why would you say a cuss word? I mean kids could get on and hear that then they might say it. Like just why?!? ....

  52. Dallas Ratt

    Dallas Ratt15 日 前

    I love her oh my god

  53. ILLUSIO 9

    ILLUSIO 915 日 前


  54. Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith15 日 前

    Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

  55. Little Lilly

    Little Lilly15 日 前

    You Look So Dead Inside lol

  56. Nelson

    Nelson16 日 前

    I laughed way to much

  57. thor odinson

    thor odinson16 日 前

    how is this content free

  58. Abbie Riley

    Abbie Riley16 日 前

    You look like the mask😂

  59. Jessica Talcott

    Jessica Talcott16 日 前

    100 percent, this is my me time

  60. Spaghet God

    Spaghet God16 日 前

    She looks so much like Eminem