Juice WRLD ft. Marshmello, Polo G & Kid Laroi - Hate The Other Side (Official Audio)


  1. Floaty Sky

    Floaty Sky3 時間 前

    y’all remember when this was called “Lonely Roads”

  2. Jabril Mussa

    Jabril Mussa4 時間 前

    this is slap

  3. tech_masterbro

    tech_masterbro4 時間 前

    One day, we're gonna return to this album and It will feel super nostalgic. Mark my words! R.I.P Juice ❤

  4. DatBoiFan 4Life

    DatBoiFan 4Life4 時間 前

    Cringe Tik Tok girls ruined this song for me

  5. jayden badillo

    jayden badillo5 時間 前

    all of these verses are amazing

  6. TLR charles

    TLR charles5 時間 前

    Polo g came Thru wit da heat🔥

  7. Vincenzo Imbesi

    Vincenzo Imbesi7 時間 前

    Best song ever except wishing well

  8. Gg Tom

    Gg Tom8 時間 前

    I got pain in my heart 😢I told you 💯 times

  9. Jill Salt

    Jill Salt9 時間 前

    This song hits diffrents

  10. AK

    AK10 時間 前


  11. MemeThief

    MemeThief11 時間 前

    He do be saying glizzy

  12. Gelotino309

    Gelotino30911 時間 前

    🔥🔥🤪 #LLJW

  13. - CK Studios -

    - CK Studios -12 時間 前

    I don't understand how someone could dislike this

  14. Raoufr fr

    Raoufr fr12 時間 前

    Have good day buddy😁

  15. Alex Esparza

    Alex Esparza13 時間 前

    If polo dies bro idk what I would do

  16. Its Riman

    Its Riman13 時間 前

    Money money money on my mind

  17. Menno Spierings

    Menno Spierings13 時間 前

    Legends never die❤️

  18. Kim Bennett

    Kim Bennett14 時間 前


  19. DerLosteLauchYt

    DerLosteLauchYt17 時間 前


  20. Samuel Pinon

    Samuel Pinon17 時間 前

    @ 0:59 what is the effect called? “We not might catch em today, but he gon die soon” There’s like a sound effect before the “we”




  22. HYStaken _ttv

    HYStaken _ttv20 時間 前

    Such a fucking good song!!

  23. Mustafa Lee

    Mustafa Lee21 時間 前


  24. flappy

    flappy22 時間 前

    THIS IS 2 GOOD! IMAGINE LIL TJAY ASWEL. beat is fire....

  25. Toni Purcell

    Toni Purcell日 前

    💋💋💋💋LLJW 💋💋💋💋 love this song

  26. Karim Belhadj

    Karim Belhadj日 前

    Wow i really thought the kid laroi was youngboy never broke again when i first heard this song

  27. leatrice dyer

    leatrice dyer日 前


  28. Brayden Norris

    Brayden Norris日 前


  29. Jacks Animations

    Jacks Animations日 前

    RIP juice WRLD

  30. Fidka

    Fidka日 前

    My 3 favorite in one song ✌ 999 forever

  31. Ethan Taco

    Ethan Taco日 前

    He just hits different



    Me: Everywhere I go I wear a mask I wont get corona Corona: 1:00

  33. DeMarco Harding

    DeMarco Harding日 前

    Rest in peace my man😖😖

  34. ReKt Kill3r

    ReKt Kill3r日 前

    Best song on the album in my books

  35. Kaiden's World Of Games!

    Kaiden's World Of Games!日 前

    Dont cry he's gone. Smile that he was here

  36. Will Oblenes

    Will Oblenes日 前

    I was running from the police in my trap shoes 😂😂

  37. Raymond Jackson

    Raymond Jackson日 前

    The kid laroi sucks

  38. Police_the_rogue_police

    Police_the_rogue_police日 前

    Ghost me like you dont care,dont answer me back, I know you to busy to answer my prayers, so you made me to a Sinner,I like money, tattoos, monsters and booz,I drink like a fish act like I'm fine, my communication sucks ass

  39. lambo!

    lambo!日 前

    Juice wrld was the greatest glizzy gladiator to ever walk this earth 😢 rip 🕊️

  40. Police_the_rogue_police

    Police_the_rogue_police日 前

    These scars gonna hurt, bullet holes in your heart are gonna sting, the knifes in your back are gonna hurt, no one is gonna understand,no cure, no pills can help you,live it like it's your last life they ain't gonna understand cause they ain't you

  41. Jase Huang

    Jase Huang日 前

    Never disappoints R.I.P. JUICE WRLD

  42. Police_the_rogue_police

    Police_the_rogue_police日 前

    I talk to myself so I dont panic,let my demons hold my hand so I feel comfortable in public space, socially anti social, always feeling like a ghost, before you ghost me, this is something I cant cure, i cant pop a pill feel fine walk out side act like it's a great well fine day, you dont know till you lived that life

  43. Mark Schaper

    Mark Schaper日 前

    They should've had a memorial service for him smh



    Young rappers 😎

  45. lllcreator lll

    lllcreator lll日 前

    Juice WRLD And mashmello are the lengeds

  46. Jamichael TV

    Jamichael TV日 前

    Everybody go run it up jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-YC94A6ggWf8.html R.I.P Juice WRLD🙏

  47. Hunter Hunter

    Hunter Hunter日 前

    Why does underrate polo g’s part so much

  48. r Kv

    r Kv日 前

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  49. Cody L2

    Cody L22 日 前

    Who is disliking this this straight fire the disrespect to our legend RIP juce🧃🌍✊🏿✊🏾

  50. Vahnish

    Vahnish2 日 前

    rip 🙏❤️

  51. Taylor Tube2

    Taylor Tube22 日 前

    Best song out of the album no🧢

  52. Retro106

    Retro1062 日 前

    Easily the best song in the album

  53. lil Chris Gaming

    lil Chris Gaming2 日 前

    Anyone here from 2025

  54. Yoshi

    Yoshi日 前


  55. Pandiiz

    Pandiiz2 日 前

    did he just say GLIZZY?!!!!

  56. Pandiiz

    Pandiiz2 日 前

    @brxndon_01 shh

  57. brxndon_01

    brxndon_012 日 前

    Glizzy is also slang for a Glock

  58. Mr Dimensions

    Mr Dimensions2 日 前

    This should get more attention fr

  59. Gogeta San

    Gogeta San2 日 前

    When he said pain in herrrrrahahahaah I felt that

  60. TJWithCodes

    TJWithCodes2 日 前

    “don’t cry cause he’s dead smile because he was born”

  61. Trevør Ackert

    Trevør Ackert日 前

    I'm seriously tired of this comment 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  62. Danny! Neumann

    Danny! Neumann2 日 前

    juice cannot change the world, but he can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples

  63. Mariama Darboe

    Mariama Darboe2 日 前

    RIP bye love you a lot

  64. Ata Deniz Orhan

    Ata Deniz Orhan3 日 前

    Everybody snapped in this whole album.