Jolene (Bardcore | Medieval Style)


  1. Bernadette Banner

    Bernadette Banner29 日 前


  2. Kuro

    Kuro12 時間 前

    Why am I not surprised? XD

  3. Dee Devon

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  4. Colleen Weaver

    Colleen Weaver6 日 前

    This is beautiful! Can you do “Take On Me”? It’s a very pretty song. And do you have an album?

  5. Sanguiluna

    Sanguiluna6 日 前

    A voice as angelic as hers could only have been 「Made In Heaven」

  6. Emma Hunt

    Emma Hunt7 日 前

    Caleb M Curby - Keep up the good work, sir! 👍🏻🤩

  7. kalle boll

    kalle boll28 分 前

    oo maby do jonny chash hurt? that wold blow my mind. or Tenecius D any song

  8. nothing4mepls

    nothing4mepls時間 前

    I'm perpetually blown away by how good these are. Indescribable, these ACTUALLY sound period accurate in a lot of ways - at least to my untrained ears. Thanks for using your voice to bridge a gap between past and present!

  9. Athena Gery

    Athena Gery時間 前

    If you're considering suggestions, an intentional bardcore/medieval style cover of Ninja Sex Party's Courtship of the Mermaid would be amazing. Love your work!!!

  10. Chris Rhoads

    Chris Rhoads5 時間 前

    More of these please. I am adding this comment to each video. Please more. More More More!

  11. Avid Kafka

    Avid Kafka5 時間 前

    Mayhap, a humble lad like myself could wish for a song? Tis called 'simpleminded harlot'.

  12. ðeρy ps

    ðeρy ps5 時間 前

    medieval English sounds like me twisting my tongue while attempting to speak today's English

  13. Julia Henriques

    Julia Henriques5 時間 前

    As much as I try, I cannot even imagine what you could do with One More Step, from Blaze Bayley. It's a hard song, for sure, but... I can dream.

  14. MaTT

    MaTT5 時間 前

    Awesome. I would love to see "Lemon tree"- Fools Garden in thy version

  15. MONSTER4242

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  16. laterlamp lampylamp

    laterlamp lampylamp11 時間 前

    sometimes u just gotta listen to medieval remixes at 1am, it’s a lifestyle ok ✨🌸🐸🌸✨

  17. Virgil Blue

    Virgil Blue12 時間 前

    Ok, first it was just funny, now this is part of the things I enjoy very much.

  18. Biblioteca del Gris

    Biblioteca del Gris17 時間 前

    I've never listened to the original, so for me this medieval version is the first I've listen of this song and, honestly, it could perfectly pass for a period tune. Very well done.

  19. mikayla oj

    mikayla oj18 時間 前

    Lady Parton, of the ville of Nash, May no wench nor temptress be the subject of your sorrows again

  20. Troy D

    Troy D21 時間 前

    Joyous Bardcore is just another name for Knightcore

  21. Juan de Ossório Sigueiro

    Juan de Ossório Sigueiro日 前

    I was expecting Middle Age English, and now my disappointment is inmeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  22. sooperman620

    sooperman620日 前

    Ooooo do creeping death by Metallica!!

  23. Ieuan Lewis

    Ieuan Lewis日 前

    And as the world fell, crashing apart, and the seas boiled and the sky cracked, a beautiful woman stood at the edge of a cliff. Her ivory dress glowed and fluttered daintily in the winds. Her voice rang out across the valley as chaos consumed the last of life on Earth. The sounds she made were more than beauteous; they were heavenly, an incarnation of love and loss, pain and sorrow, joy and elation. She watched the end, and sang melodies so lush that even Death would not take her. The last humans gathered in the valley below, and as they heard the singing, they calmed themselves, and stood against the tides of destruction. And even as they died, smiles lived on in their expressions, for they had died to the beautiful tune of ‘Jolene’. Even as Death approached to claim her, she sang with such a defiant yet lovely tune that it took her before she felt pain, and although she was gone, brought to the heavens to sing her songs of Bardcore to all those who died around her, the sounds of ‘Jolene’ did echo about the last valley on Earth forevermore.

  24. GiGixx621625

    GiGixx621625日 前

    ok, so it's clearly Daenerys being the singer, and Jon Snow being the hoe falling in love with Sansa

  25. Maggie Forbes

    Maggie Forbes日 前

    Ok but why is this iconic

  26. Satan Marie

    Satan Marie日 前

    Wow way to make this song even more depressing

  27. Miles Molerio

    Miles Molerio日 前

    Hotel Room Service would be so perfect in this style!!!

  28. Thomas List

    Thomas List日 前

    It’s good! It’s just Medieval 🏰 music, not any special new genre...

  29. legobenj

    legobenj日 前

    I can’t wait for this virus to end so I can hear you on tour. You’re going to tour, right?

  30. Mackenzie Kadwell

    Mackenzie Kadwell日 前

    My moms name is Jolene

  31. Marco Villalta

    Marco Villalta日 前

    "Working 9 to 5" -> "Toiling 5 till 9"?

  32. Kaylie 21212

    Kaylie 21212日 前

    Why is this so good?! I love the cover, beautiful voice! 😍

  33. Valentina B.

    Valentina B.2 日 前

    Maybe for the next covers you should do something like a Lana del Rey song? I really love her music and would love to hear it in this style ❤️

  34. Cam Dishart

    Cam Dishart2 日 前

    Though heavenly the music, the humours of the audience brings me upmost joy...

  35. K Scott

    K Scott2 日 前

    Okay but hear me out: everything i wanted by Billie Eilish

  36. L Hughes

    L Hughes2 日 前

    I'll take this version over Dolly's any day

  37. Seroxen

    Seroxen2 日 前

    Never going to giveth thee up, never going to alloweth thee down..

  38. Roland Jr Escalante

    Roland Jr Escalante2 日 前

    Innovative! I was able to imagine the medieval setting and attires, while listening to this bardcore rendition of the song! I would like to hear some more bardcore!

  39. Sammara Jarose

    Sammara Jarose2 日 前

    I swear your medieval renditions of modern day songs are single handedly curing me of my depression.

  40. Connor Mitchel

    Connor Mitchel2 日 前

    I like tavernware better than bardcore

  41. Rhodesians Never Die

    Rhodesians Never Die2 日 前

    I honestly believe that these Bardcore covers are better than the original song

  42. Lyle Gentry

    Lyle Gentry3 日 前

    I don't know if you take requests, but I would love to hear your take on Mad World by Gary Jules.

  43. Faby07aleixo

    Faby07aleixo3 日 前

    Do a Lana del Ray one

  44. T S

    T S3 日 前

    Tis a delighteth to hark to thy voice. Tis ballad is mine own fav'rite

  45. Nadia Hinger

    Nadia Hinger3 日 前

    It is indeed a great medieval interpretation of music I'd say although I am not an expert on music history however, the pronunciation is far from Middle English which was spoken in the middle ages. But I can understand that you went with early modern English as otherwise the rime and rhythm would be destroyed. Nevertheless I like your interpretations!

  46. Tris Kerslake

    Tris Kerslake3 日 前

    This is brilliantly done. Superb re-imagining. Brava.

  47. SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat

    SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat3 日 前

    I wonder if she does request? *Rick James Super Freak* ? ... *Welcome to the jungle by Guns and Roses?...No?...* Lmao! 💀💀💀💀😂

  48. SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat

    SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat3 日 前

    ...I just walked into my daughter's room and she was blasting this... I love my unique kid...Lmao!! 😂💀

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  50. Kyle Martell

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  51. Robert MacNaughton

    Robert MacNaughton3 日 前

    CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE or WAR PIGS, By Black Sabbath. Please.

  52. Darren the pop culture nut Doull

    Darren the pop culture nut Doull3 日 前

    WOW, this is really well done.

  53. My Channel

    My Channel4 日 前

    PLEASE release these on Spotify they're all so amazing

  54. why are you acting like this

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  55. isabellamaria914

    isabellamaria9144 日 前

    Can y’all do, “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone?!

  56. Keovar

    Keovar4 日 前

    Madness, but so it goeth. Innumerable people, living as foes. Perchance, 'tis not too late. To remembreth love, And forgetteth hate. Our wills and deeds unmeeting. What cleaveth them apart? I runneth off the trail, On this madness cart. (Mine's not very good, but you get the idea: Crazy Train!)

  57. mlwy45

    mlwy454 日 前

    The first verse is barely touched...did Dolly accidently set it motion?

  58. hudbudmudsud

    hudbudmudsud4 日 前

    Do a rock song next!!!

  59. pandachute

    pandachute4 日 前

    You should totally cover a Kate Bush song 😍

  60. IIToneAII

    IIToneAII4 日 前

    Simply amazing. Just found you and blitzed through everything you've put out to date and love it. Keep it up as you've already amassed a following and turned me to the Bard-side. 👍

  61. Jakub Szydelski

    Jakub Szydelski4 日 前

    That is such great cover! I've listened to so many medival covers, but their text and vocals were modern. It gives so much depth, when they are sung in medival style!

  62. shuga foo 2

    shuga foo 24 日 前

    This was a hit back at Casterly Rock

  63. iispring ii

    iispring ii4 日 前

    I just wanted to say that what you do is amazing. Jolene bard version is great thank you so much. I have a suggestion for you guys. How about making a bardcore version of "killing me soflty with his song". I feel like that would be great :D

  64. Chance Blanton

    Chance Blanton4 日 前

    Are we getting more soon???

  65. Yesterday’s MashedPotato

    Yesterday’s MashedPotato4 日 前

    To thou Lord god, must you forgive Jolene of her scandalous and lustful behaviour. May she repent with the respect of thou elders, for thou mustn’t continue thou slanderous conduct. In the name of the father, of the son, and of thou Holy Spirit. Amen.