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  1. I hate sand Anabogi

    I hate sand Anabogi2 時間 前

    Is it just me or have we got all the Office cart in this comment section?

  2. Oscar Martinez

    Oscar Martinez8 時間 前

    Hello Jim, I think you are doing great impersonating this John Guy

  3. Hi I'm Val :3

    Hi I'm Val :310 時間 前

    when he said he was 6'3 and the shortest in his family my mind went straight to marshall erikson

  4. John Carlo Canizl

    John Carlo Canizl14 時間 前

    Wait he was secretariat!

  5. Milo Long

    Milo Long19 時間 前

    yess he is related to richard nixon

  6. ella morgan

    ella morgan日 前

    I swear the whole office cast is in this comment section

  7. Nathan B

    Nathan B日 前

    He’s right, Krakow is lit

  8. Olivia Croll

    Olivia Croll日 前


  9. Maggie Earls

    Maggie Earls日 前


  10. Ash Avocado

    Ash Avocado日 前

    I’m here where are you????? It was two mintues but still ... I’m here ;-;

  11. Tommy Firewall

    Tommy Firewall日 前


  12. Charles Shorb

    Charles Shorb日 前

    I used to be a fan of him until I found out he was a patriots fan! 😠😡😒☠️☠️☠️

  13. Dzs Gamer

    Dzs Gamer2 日 前

    So this is what he was doing during "Jury Duty".

  14. molly uh

    molly uh2 日 前

    he seems like the cool uncle u see once a year at the family reunion

  15. Stefany Cuberos

    Stefany Cuberos2 日 前


  16. Jello Games

    Jello Games3 日 前

    Patriots for the win!!!

  17. Abdulmabood Alissa

    Abdulmabood Alissa3 日 前

    When he asks if John is related to richard nixon he’s reffering to the episode of the office where pam tells jim he’s related to nixon

  18. porcelain star

    porcelain star3 日 前

    He reminds me so much of his character on the office

  19. Victoria Taylor

    Victoria Taylor3 日 前

    when it said “is john krasinsky smart” he should’ve said “well i went to brown so...”

  20. Alexander Frye

    Alexander Frye3 日 前

    Get Macy gray

  21. Joshua Bowers

    Joshua Bowers3 日 前

    I can just sit here and cry

  22. Joshua Bowers

    Joshua Bowers3 日 前

    Bears eats beets beets beat battle star galactic

  23. Jackson Yother

    Jackson Yother3 日 前

    I like him even more now that he is a pats fan

  24. Madi Hatt

    Madi Hatt3 日 前

    i’m offended that he didn’t get the richard nixon reference😂😂

  25. Xx_slavemaster_xX 420

    Xx_slavemaster_xX 4203 日 前

    Bruh i just watched a quiet place and now this dude is in my recommended wtf

  26. mazinboys

    mazinboys3 日 前

    Richard Nixon lol clearly he hasn’t seen the office enough

  27. Eunika Kasprowicz

    Eunika Kasprowicz4 日 前

    He's polishhhh yessss

  28. Matty Daddy

    Matty Daddy4 日 前

    Good thing he didn’t go to Cornell

  29. Kermos the Mad Frog

    Kermos the Mad Frog4 日 前

    The top five comments in order are Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, Creed Bratton, Pam Beezley Halpert, and Stanley Hudson.

  30. Jack Friend

    Jack Friend4 日 前

    His brother is six nine, man I guess he wrote gooba and was in jail

  31. SuedeGalaxy

    SuedeGalaxy4 日 前

    Aww noooo he didn’t remember the scene where they said he looked nixony

  32. WonderfulFilms

    WonderfulFilms5 日 前

    The Richard Nixon question is because of the episode where Nellie makes up that Andy is related to Michelle Obama, then Pam helps and makes up that Jim is related to Richard Nixon.

  33. Simon Saska

    Simon Saska5 日 前

    The Nixon one is cause in the office pam says when he wakes up he looks like nixon

  34. Michael Hartman

    Michael Hartman5 日 前

    He really forgot the episode where Pam says he's related to Nixon. Same one where people think Andy owned slaves.

  35. Bill Buttlicker

    Bill Buttlicker5 日 前

    Hmm Did he not get the Richard Nixon joke or was he making a joke

  36. KangarooUnderlord

    KangarooUnderlord5 日 前

    Is John Krasinski selfish? - Yea he kinda is

  37. Vinay Kadam

    Vinay Kadam6 日 前

    I'm glad Jim followed Dwight's advice of growing a beard.

  38. Brian 14

    Brian 146 日 前

    He didn't know why they asked it he was related to Nixon?.....

  39. Elliot Traversone

    Elliot Traversone6 日 前

    Heheh “69”

  40. Olivia Kaserman

    Olivia Kaserman6 日 前

    Hehe funny jim with beard

  41. Morgan Drake

    Morgan Drake6 日 前

    He seems like a pretty genuine guy tbh

  42. Joel 69

    Joel 697 日 前

    oh my god all the parody accounts in the comments

  43. Gertz TV

    Gertz TV7 日 前

    Fun fact: when John was in leather heads he had to shave his head so most of season 3 of the office he was wearing a wig

  44. Kaeleigh Leone

    Kaeleigh Leone7 日 前

    when your aunt has meet him and his family cause she works in a restaurant in newton



    Identify theft is not a joke Jim millions of family suffer every year.

  46. Cam Nely

    Cam Nely7 日 前

    My grandma is polish, her last name was Krasne, or Krasnij in Polish.

  47. Bailey M

    Bailey M7 日 前

    the comments 😅

  48. Violet Day

    Violet Day7 日 前

    SGN!! I know that it wasn’t a thing when he made this but still! SGN!!

  49. jenn.tutorials

    jenn.tutorials7 日 前

    i love this man

  50. James Pitoola

    James Pitoola8 日 前

    The person of John Krasinki is a prank Jim is playing on the world

  51. CRAZY Nightmare

    CRAZY Nightmare8 日 前

    what's wrong with first 6 comments? :D

  52. Grace Girl

    Grace Girl8 日 前

    I got hit in the face playing lacrosse once it was hella painful

  53. IAmJordan

    IAmJordan8 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> nice

  54. Ella Heckman

    Ella Heckman8 日 前

    ya ok jim

  55. Alessandra Kaderavek

    Alessandra Kaderavek8 日 前

    i am SoOooO here for the comments

  56. Lilly Wofford

    Lilly Wofford8 日 前

    *clicks video* *looks to the side of the video* *sees best Jim Halbert Pranks* >:3

  57. Hannah Crenshaw

    Hannah Crenshaw8 日 前

    That sarcasm though.

  58. Ashley Clanton

    Ashley Clanton8 日 前

    His family is so tall but 6’3 is tall either way he’s being modest he may not have been the best basketball player in his family but he was really good in general

  59. Mark Black

    Mark Black8 日 前

    Who is this man and why does he look like Jim Halpert?



    When your name is Violet and you have hazel eyes and then you figure out the name of john krasinski's daughters

  61. Bogdan Nešić

    Bogdan Nešić9 日 前

    He looks like Reed Richards

  62. Timmy Dahl

    Timmy Dahl9 日 前

    Anybody else get excited when he said go patriots

  63. your gay kid

    your gay kid9 日 前

    Emilia blunt is so fuckable and hot

  64. your gay kid

    your gay kid9 日 前

    His brothers are 6.9

  65. Just ME

    Just ME9 日 前

    Holy crap his bro’s are tall

  66. Katie Custard

    Katie Custard9 日 前

    I saw the thumbnail and ACTUALLY thought it was David Tennant 😂

  67. Le Simplifier

    Le Simplifier9 日 前

    What you hear before entering the comments section:

  68. Justin Vang

    Justin Vang9 日 前

    Thanks to the editor for giving me a literal seizure by cutting around every 3 seconds

  69. Margo Ehrhardt

    Margo Ehrhardt9 日 前

    He went to the same college as my dad!

  70. Eleanor Clark

    Eleanor Clark10 日 前

    Why is he so likable?

  71. Francis K

    Francis K10 日 前

    This must be another one of Jim’s pranks Identity Theft

  72. Darkopolypse98

    Darkopolypse9810 日 前

    Thanks for that ending, John 😂🤙

  73. Michael Turner

    Michael Turner10 日 前

    JK is sooo hot!

  74. Ola Artemiuk

    Ola Artemiuk10 日 前

    Why I'm watching this? I don't even know who is he lmao

  75. John Boone

    John Boone11 日 前

    Which Bear is Best?

  76. OGSageApollo Yt

    OGSageApollo Yt11 日 前

    He’s actually hilarious I love that dude ❤️😂💯.

  77. Krabs OW

    Krabs OW11 日 前

    His brother is tekashi <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>

  78. Delirious_ Skull

    Delirious_ Skull11 日 前

    Wait His brother is 6ix9ine?

  79. Fabian Sidney

    Fabian Sidney11 日 前

    This is jim

  80. Hiro 016

    Hiro 01611 日 前

    Pretty much Jim Halpert answering questions about himself.