Joe Rogan Talks to Dan Crenshaw About the SNL Joke Controversy


  1. Xippih

    Xippih51 分 前

    This dude looks like he is one step away from becoming Death Stroke.

  2. Benjamin James Bartlett

    Benjamin James Bartlett10 時間 前

    Why are Americans such snow flakes when it comes to vets?

  3. traplord george

    traplord george11 時間 前

    Pete davidson is a fuckin autist

  4. Mr. Scoot Scooter

    Mr. Scoot Scooter15 時間 前

    Look at me! I have an eyepatch!

  5. Regis Philbin

    Regis Philbin日 前

    as long as those who love to call people snowflakes aren't getting their assholes all puckered over this, I'm good.

  6. Juan Bustos

    Juan Bustos日 前

    This joke was funny. That's it.

  7. Kastrand

    Kastrand2 日 前

    the joke wasnt that bad, just watched the clip

  8. Tunaburn

    Tunaburn2 日 前

    I wanted to like the guy but his stances on nearly everything are pretty awful to me

  9. voteZDLR

    voteZDLR2 日 前

    I never thought an eye patch could look cool. He's got another one as well he wears I think for more formal events, it's badass. It's wooden on the front but it's got this badass military eagle (probably Marines eagle or something like that) decorated on the corner of it. Google it for images, "Dan Crenshaw debuts his new eyepatch" you'll see it.

  10. Alexandr Sleahtici

    Alexandr Sleahtici2 日 前


  11. Agent Exeider

    Agent Exeider3 日 前

    *"I'm not gonna stand on my high horse and demand an apology and play this agreaved victim role, which is the expected role to play these days."* Oh you mean a pu$$y, yes I'm very proud that Mr Crenshaw did not bow to that and took in stride and worked it out. But what Dan is describing is the proverbial "being a pu$$y." And yes alot of our politicians play that role disturbingly well.

  12. Mr Jee

    Mr Jee3 日 前

    " He lost his eye in the war or whatever..." THAT is offensive?? Can someone please explain that to me? He lost his eye. Who cares how?

  13. Rob Gregory

    Rob Gregory3 日 前

    Conservative nick fury is a badass

  14. 8 Bit Idiot

    8 Bit Idiot3 日 前

    Dan Crenshaw is a steaming pile of shit.

  15. TobyW360

    TobyW3604 日 前

    Jre fans on crenshaw: lol cyclops Jre fans on bernie: our god glory to heaven praises jesus

  16. Mike Huesgen

    Mike Huesgen4 日 前

    Oh god the comments 😭😭😭😂

  17. Pancake Killer

    Pancake Killer4 日 前

    Do I think Pete is an unfunny heroin addict? Yes. Should he have had to apologize? Fuck no. If you don't like one joke, chances are you'll laugh your goddamn ass off at another one that someone else gets butthurt by. Comedy makes people laugh, and the easiest way to make people laugh is at the expense of others. It sounds terrible, but humans are pretty terrible so it makes sense

  18. Josh Lyons

    Josh Lyons4 日 前

    Shoulda made a joke about petes eyes looking like buttholes

  19. Victor Wingo

    Victor Wingo5 日 前

    How does the eye patch stay there

  20. There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet

    There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet5 日 前

    I've observed that he has trouble seeing the political landscape in depth.

  21. There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet

    There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet5 日 前

    Either everything is okay to joke about or nothing is.

  22. sunshine6997

    sunshine69975 日 前

    I feel like the "or whatever" was more of a joke on Pete's insensitivity towards an issue that virtually everyone is sensitive, and not meant as a dismissal. I recognize that a lot in Pete's bits... but maybe that's a misread.

  23. Gabriel Rosenberg

    Gabriel Rosenberg3 日 前

    Yeah, I thought the joke was supposed to be I'm a dumb young guy (the recurring Chad character he does) so that when this became a thing I was shocked by how dumb so many people are to not get that

  24. Jetstream Jack

    Jetstream Jack6 日 前

    So does he glue the eyepatch on every morning or what?

  25. Winkler

    Winkler6 日 前

    Dan Crenshaw looks like Russell Crowe playing Nick Fury

  26. Aaron Southerland

    Aaron Southerland6 日 前

    Crenshaw could be the best MGS4 Snake ever! Real deal Snake!

  27. Tex Watson

    Tex Watson6 日 前

    His dad died on 9/11 or whatever...

  28. KesselRunHero

    KesselRunHero6 日 前

    "Only we are allowed to make fun of you" Nope - everyone is allowed to make fun of you. I think the point of the line "that ended in whatever" was to point out that losing your eye in a war does not qualify you to hold office, and it's a fair point. I never thought it implied he didn't lose his eye in the war, just that maybe people shouldn't be voting for him because he lost his eye in a war. Probably more of a comment on the American voter than it was on Crenshaw himself.

  29. logan woods

    logan woods14 時間 前

    KesselRunHero no it definitely was about the fact that they didn’t give a fuck how he lost his eye. You’re giving them a lot of credit and playing up the fact that Pete was just being a dick lol

  30. Chuck Rustle

    Chuck Rustle7 日 前

    This guy looks familiar.

  31. RamblinGambit

    RamblinGambit7 日 前

    Deathstroke is hard to recognise as Slade Wilson...

  32. anthony miller

    anthony miller7 日 前

    Tony & Susan here, Da man for sure

  33. Jason Turner

    Jason Turner7 日 前

    Pete Davidson’s joke at election time got this dude elected, that’s why he’s not offended

  34. Xfhu Lurf

    Xfhu Lurf7 日 前

    That eye patch looks badass

  35. Mike Schwartz

    Mike Schwartz7 日 前

    this isn’t about respecting service members. it’s about a politician leveraging phony outrage from people who want to steal some reflected shine from the seals by white knighting on their behalf. he basically comes right out and says it: this was about raising his profile for an election! classic right wing antics. game well played, i suppose.

  36. Mike Schwartz

    Mike Schwartz7 日 前

    fuck crenshaw. you chose a dangerous line of work, at least partly for the glory, and you got a taste of the downside. no one owes you shit for passing a pain tolerance test; you got paid.

  37. Mike Schwartz

    Mike Schwartz7 日 前

    crenshaw’s so full of shit. he pretends to be above hurt feelings and outrage pedaling so he can score points for not being a snowflake and a sleazeball, but then he immediately indulges in performative aggrievememt. he pretends pete was punching down at disabled vets, when the obvious target of the joke was the political party in control of every branch of government that uses military service as a prop and a wedge.

  38. Mike Schwartz

    Mike Schwartz7 日 前

    this guy’s the fucking worst. if you became a navy seal to get your knob polished for the rest of your life, and you cry like a little bitch if ever someone isn’t calling you a hero, you can fuck directly off. reminds me of the whole “culture problem” the seals are in trouble for now. “only we’re allowed to make fun of you-“ barf. get over yourself.

  39. The Mexologist

    The Mexologist8 日 前


  40. Mr Yo

    Mr Yo8 日 前

    Conservatives barely survived being triggered by Obama’s beige suit. They’re the biggest Snowflakes in the country. It’s part of their Victimization in their DNA

  41. Nick Cinaglia

    Nick Cinaglia6 日 前

    Yeah and liberals barely survived Trump’s election. We’re all a bunch of bitches at the end of the day.

  42. sventharfatman

    sventharfatman8 日 前

    Haha, this guy is offend by a comedian on a sketch show doing a bit. GOP is a bunch of snowflakes. Get a safe space.

  43. Efren Longoria

    Efren Longoria8 日 前

    Dan Crenshaw: “Yeah, he’s no Joe Rogan...” Yeah, Joe could only dream of being the comedic mind of Pete Davidson.

  44. Lewku

    Lewku8 日 前


  45. James Garza

    James Garza9 日 前

    His eye patch is actually cool af, looks like Odin

  46. G T C

    G T C10 日 前

    Weird clip...what the fuck was the joke?!

  47. ozone00

    ozone0010 日 前

    What a fuckin crybaby.

  48. LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone

    LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone11 日 前

    Crenshaw is a Trump shill who votes against helping victims of natural disasters, against the environment, against civil rights...he's basically evil. And if you EVER hear him give an interview where he does not bring up his military career I'll give you a BJ.

  49. LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone

    LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone10 日 前

    @Daniel Treadwell have YOU Trumptard?

  50. Daniel Treadwell

    Daniel Treadwell10 日 前

    Do you ever even read the bills?

  51. J C

    J C11 日 前

    That’s a badass eye patch

  52. Jim Fath

    Jim Fath11 日 前

    I would want to know how the joke sounded 90 minutes earlier at the dress rehearsal (if it was even in there).

  53. Don Anderson

    Don Anderson12 日 前

    I would take those that are deeply offended by a joke about Crenshaw more seriously if they weren't completely silent about the way Lt Col Vindman has been treated.

  54. Daniel Treadwell

    Daniel Treadwell10 日 前

    Piss on that turd

  55. Rob Maddox

    Rob Maddox13 日 前

    The problem with this guy is he's a politician, and he acts nice and pleasant in interviews then says some of the shittiest things out of them.

  56. Zage13

    Zage1313 日 前

    I honestly just think Dan's a douche milking his 15 minutes of Fame. No one knew him before SNL and I haven't seen him since. People "or whatever" the military all the time. I did two tours for the Marines, one in Iraq the other in Afghan, and when I came back people said "oh you were in the army or whatever right" did I get my pantys all twisted up!? Nope they're civilians and civilians don't give a fuck something they can't see that happened thousands of miles away from them.

  57. john james

    john james13 日 前

    Rogan talks too much blathr!


    RUFF RYDAZZ13 日 前

    "Seals are not the righteous indignation kind of people" Literally the next line, "righteous indignation!"

  59. Benjamin Pulido

    Benjamin Pulido13 日 前


  60. Ordonity

    Ordonity14 日 前

    What's offencive is Saturday Night Live is still on the air after not being funny ever getting rid of Norm Macdonald

  61. Daniel Treadwell

    Daniel Treadwell10 日 前

    The more I read about Don Ohlmeyer, the more I don't like him. That guy was a real jerk.

  62. Donnie Yeager

    Donnie Yeager14 日 前

    That eye patch just makes him look more badass

  63. JeffereyRyan

    JeffereyRyan14 日 前

    hit man in porn - no. Maybe a pizza delivery guy. Awesome dude btw.

  64. 3rdEyeWide

    3rdEyeWide14 日 前

    For those commenters who are saying that it was "only a joke" and implying that Crenshaw is being disingenuous in labelling any part of it as being perceptible "offensive" (trying only to get political mileage out of it), let's flip the script. Let's say SNL were presenting a sketch about a Democrat politician (yeah, I know the chances of this would be remote) who lost an eye due to a bomb planted by a right wing terrorist. Let us now say they finished the sketch saying "I hear he wears an eyepatch as he lost an eye to right wing terrorism or... whatever". Do you now have the same reading of the joke?

  65. Chemo Boy

    Chemo Boy15 日 前

    It’s not okay to make fun of vets... unless they’re gay, muslim, john mccain or trump whistleblowers now lol. Bit of a double standard.

  66. Kelly E

    Kelly E16 日 前

    this guy makes me want to lose an eye.

  67. kronos1794

    kronos179416 日 前

    Dude is 20 years and 50 packs away from looking like Big Boss