Joe Rogan Experience #1336 - Legion of Skanks


  1. jason snyman

    jason snyman3 日 前

    Dude i live in south africa. You wanna know what a homeless camp looks like just google khayelitsha

  2. grimey 5.56

    grimey 5.564 日 前

    Crackle Crackle

  3. Brandon Hanger

    Brandon Hanger8 日 前

    Joe is not funny

  4. Smash Burn

    Smash Burn9 日 前

    Fuc*in love LOS. This trio works so well together. You can tell they've been friends for many years. And when Big Jay gets in his zone, I swear every sentence out of his mouth is hilarious. There were a few times where I kind of sensed that maybe Joe was being : Joe " please LOS, don't say anymore " Rogan,. But he's more aware than most how these boys roll plus he's super blazed. Either way, excellent podcast. Another one for the books boys.

  5. hasmat1

    hasmat19 日 前

    weed bonfire. easy

  6. Levi Berthel

    Levi Berthel11 日 前

    U guys had shitty class mates that worried about your sneakers or boots we made fun of shit you cant change lol just kidding

  7. dot periodt

    dot periodt11 日 前

    I FUCKING love that Joe called them out for cuck’ing it up when they came on Joe’s show compared to their own show.. hahahahaha I heard they get ripped by their homies like Ari for doing it on other shows.. didn’t know Joe called em out jokingly when ending the podcast stream LMAO

  8. John Fisher

    John Fisher12 日 前

    People only want oblivion because they're surrounded by despair & impoverishment. End poverty by engaging enough people to actively promote a serious difference in their otherwise empty existence.

  9. Dan Conner

    Dan Conner13 日 前

    "That just makes tattoos so much gayer" Luis finally not wrong about something

  10. Wonderland

    Wonderland14 日 前

    Stoners turn into math professors really quick... every time.. I swear

  11. Sarah Stellar

    Sarah Stellar17 日 前

    Wow, these 2 know nothing about art.

  12. Steve S

    Steve S19 日 前

    "what.. year.. heroin.." lmfao

  13. Newyorkdavinci

    Newyorkdavinci19 日 前

    isnt it lou dog from sublime song

  14. Leonard Trio

    Leonard Trio18 日 前

    Yes, was Brad's dog

  15. Jaydon Goodrich

    Jaydon Goodrich22 日 前

    You can still buy Brass knucks at the mall. They are sold at the "Asian Place" (literally the name lol) Bad Japanese to English translation. They sell them as "Paperweights, and belt buckles" but they are 100% legit brass knucks. tasers. All kinds of knives and shit. Just 99% Chinese made shit but brass knucks take no technique to make so they are def legit.

  16. bigrikstube

    bigrikstube22 日 前

    100 bucks an ounce?? what kinda shit weed do you smoke??

  17. Joseph Izzo

    Joseph Izzo22 日 前

    That dude that beat the cop could have happened to anyone. She was totally sucker punched. That video is why cops should never roll alone.

  18. Joseph Izzo

    Joseph Izzo22 日 前

    I can’t imagine being homeless living a n New York ~ too fucking cold

  19. Joseph Izzo

    Joseph Izzo22 日 前

    Gout is from urea build up Not enough water

  20. Joseph Izzo

    Joseph Izzo22 日 前

    They did sober October we did remember November ~ pick a number of pushups to do and do them every day but don’t pick a puss number

  21. Jaydon Goodrich

    Jaydon Goodrich23 日 前

    Ya Android > Apple. Joe get a Mechanical Key Board to get that "Clickety click feeling"

  22. Geoffrey

    Geoffrey24 日 前

    I love Dave Smith

  23. Hyder Noori

    Hyder Noori25 日 前

    I love how synched everyone's PMS in this video

  24. Matt Henry

    Matt Henry29 日 前

    30 mins into this and wow is this unfunny.

  25. Matt Henry

    Matt Henry29 日 前

    *furiously skips the stupid fucking Mike Tyson weed talk*

  26. levi collie

    levi collieヶ月 前

    I decided to switch my good/bad conscious to joe rogan and Jay oakerson

  27. Equip Optimum

    Equip Optimumヶ月 前

    The buds are flowers as in female, hemp is male plants with usually higher cbd

  28. Austin Cone

    Austin Coneヶ月 前

    900 8ths for $40,000 is about $5,690 per lbs. No one is paying that now a days. I live in the fine state of Washington and around here you get some pretty good bud forone to two grand a LB.

  29. Gregory Campbell

    Gregory Campbellヶ月 前

    Rampant homelessness and liberal / leftist policies go hand in hand these days. But then those same leftist politicians in charge of those areas blame the rise of homelessness on Trump. Weird when we can track it and find out that those homeless had houses in those districts just a year prior. Couldn't possibly be the ridiculously high cost of living, taxes, regulations, etc imposed on the citizens. Then the sharp rise in crime rates go right along with the leftists as well.

  30. Andy Burrows

    Andy Burrowsヶ月 前

    Maybe Tyson has a little side heater vaporizer that burns ounces and hour to put his Savage ass to sleep!

  31. Cameron Lee

    Cameron Leeヶ月 前

    I'm going to get a Joe Rogan tattoo that says dont do it

  32. Carlos Danger

    Carlos Dangerヶ月 前

    Speaking of cuck says Kyle kings bury is in a polyamurus relationship with that chick

  33. Carlos Danger

    Carlos Dangerヶ月 前

    It's like 30 pounds

  34. ChaOmI

    ChaOmIヶ月 前

    So 4 men are unable to do rough calculation how many lbs or kgs 40 000$ can buy?

  35. Gordon Oliver

    Gordon Oliverヶ月 前

    In their defense I'm sure they are pretty Stoned.

  36. Robot Cameron

    Robot Cameronヶ月 前

    Forgot ,The BUSTER BROWNS 👞.🙄🙂

  37. ryan worthen

    ryan worthenヶ月 前

    Wtf Luis from believe you me podcast with bisbing

  38. robbeck77

    robbeck77ヶ月 前

    joe got so high he forgot he had Jamie and started looking something on his own phone lol

  39. jayjamaz

    jayjamazヶ月 前

    God, they are Hacky 🤦‍♂️makes you appreciate good comics, like Rogan, Burr and Jeffries

  40. Jacob Fulford

    Jacob Fulfordヶ月 前

    $40,000=40 lbs or more buying bulk lol.

  41. The Sneezing Picture

    The Sneezing Pictureヶ月 前

    Cites the Stanford Prison Experiment - Immediately loses all credibility

  42. Damion Otteman

    Damion Ottemanヶ月 前

    18 pounds=40,000

  43. My Best Life

    My Best Lifeヶ月 前

    I made a whole video breaking down how much Mike Tyson smokes

  44. Dave Hopefull

    Dave Hopefullヶ月 前

    That Kobe tattoo is so real it could catch a case.

  45. Silent Titan

    Silent Titanヶ月 前

    What the fuck is 'hunday'. Does he mean Hyundai?

  46. John Notmylastname

    John Notmylastnameヶ月 前

    Big Jay got no love for some great jokes. Lol

  47. Likea Boss

    Likea Boss2 ヶ月 前

    Noooo. Colorado is strict you can only smoke in privacy. Not allowed even on your porch, bars or clubs. We are trying to make it socially acceptable now. Legal doesn't mean you can do it in public... Ways around it vap thc infused juice. Just know your limits. Sad that you can buy a beer and walk around the Fair but not smoke weed, we all know which is more fun!

  48. Nick

    Nick2 ヶ月 前

    Joe "Bunch of faggots make up my middle name every comment section " Rogan. cracklecrackle

  49. Ryan Shadders

    Ryan Shadders2 ヶ月 前

    I love Joe rogan's podcast but I wish they would keep the whole MMA boxing thing out of the shows that aren't MMA shows. I love this content but I could care less about boxing or MMA

  50. Adam Campbell

    Adam Campbell2 ヶ月 前

    Joe absolutely derails the humour in this. As soon as they start riffing, Joe starts monologuing about bears or whatever

  51. Richard Nokes

    Richard Nokes2 ヶ月 前

    No love for LA GEAR? Lol

  52. Richard Nokes

    Richard Nokes2 ヶ月 前

    ASIC Gels lasted over 5 years... Every day wear...

  53. Richard Nokes

    Richard Nokes2 ヶ月 前

    03:00... I will never question Mike Tyson again... LMFAO

  54. Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller2 ヶ月 前

    8ths cost $45?!?!?! Wtffff. Jesus I got 40k in bud easy then.. up here it ain't worth shit.

  55. Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller2 ヶ月 前

    They were on their best behavior in this.. step it up skanks!

  56. texas325whitley

    texas325whitley2 ヶ月 前

    Crackle crackle

  57. Crucifix

    Crucifix2 ヶ月 前

    Someone do a supercut of every “Big jay” joke that went over rogans head LOL

  58. Arch Gladiator

    Arch Gladiator2 ヶ月 前

    Joe “I set the fire alarm off working out” Rogan

  59. Anastashia Z. Romanavich

    Anastashia Z. Romanavich2 ヶ月 前

    Lol Rest In Piss Tyranus

  60. Hawaiian Prestige Cars

    Hawaiian Prestige Cars3 ヶ月 前

    when was the last live podcast? march 2019?

  61. AchipperDolphin 5

    AchipperDolphin 52 ヶ月 前

    Hawaiian Prestige Cars I think in June or July

  62. Steven Levine

    Steven Levine3 ヶ月 前

    Dave Smith suuuuuuucks

  63. Kieth Stone

    Kieth Stone3 ヶ月 前

    he seriously did these cunts but not cumtown