Joe Hisaishi in Budokan - Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert [HD] [1080p]


  1. みかん

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  2. 山田太郎

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  3. Aiji Biji

    Aiji Biji4 時間 前

    I forget how many times I've been here to listen till the end.

  4. Hantze

    Hantze8 時間 前

    goosebumps throughout the whole video... what a dream it is to be in the audience!

  5. Victoria

    Victoria13 時間 前

    ♥️ ♥ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  6. braniffarws

    braniffarws23 時間 前

    生で武道館で聴いていました。 久石さんが入ってきた瞬間、そのオーラで全身に鳥肌立ったのを覚えています。 オーケストラの方々は途中休憩を挟みましたが、久石さんだけノンストップで演奏されていて、その体力、気力、精神力にとても感銘を受けました。 宮崎監督が立ち上がった瞬間、会場中から驚きの歓声が上がった時は本当に興奮しました。 人生で1番感動した、興奮したコンサートでした。

  7. 惣右介 藍染

    惣右介 藍染14 時間 前

    くそぉ~!うらやましい~! 買おうとしたんですが、すぐに完売したみたいで無理でした。 保田さん、高畑さん、鈴木さん、久石さん、宮崎さん、5人の天才が同時に出て「名作」じゃなく、「傑作」を作ってくれたのは正に日本の誇りです。

  8. 힙찌이이리리

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  9. Helen Payne

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  10. larisa Sanzhieva

    larisa Sanzhieva日 前

    Bravo! Very happy to see this concert! Bravo maestro Joe Hisaishi san!

  11. Abdul Alshibly

    Abdul Alshibly日 前

    Man I need to watch this concert fully I only watch my favourite parts oh wait...


    PARVATI日 前


  13. Luigi Castillo

    Luigi Castillo2 日 前

    I wonder how a similar video posted just months later from this one got more views...

  14. Mauren Barn-sley

    Mauren Barn-sley2 日 前

    More than 5 years later... I stop everything when i came across this... and i know it's everyone wishlist to witness this kind of concert. Live. Furthermore it's Ghibli. THANK YOU for the Composition....

  15. Igor Kovács

    Igor Kovács2 日 前

    It's hard to conceive how much human emotion Hisaishi and Miyazaki can stir up using nothing else but the temporal variation of air pressure and the electromagnetic field. 6:25 cutest hamster everr!! So happy shinging! 11:36 elemental force. 41:36 so intriguing a voice from a human, sounds like Hatsune Miku 47:05 medical grade bliss




  17. Inception1338

    Inception13382 日 前

    The first passage until 1:40 gives me the chilles every single time. In my mind it represents the rising sun in the morning to the moment when it arrives. Unbelievably beautiful.

  18. Ricardo Donoso Corrochano

    Ricardo Donoso Corrochano2 日 前

    The best live performance you can find in JPreporter. Please, enjoy it

  19. くまずき

    くまずき2 日 前

    7:17 自分用

  20. Dany is

    Dany is3 日 前

    reserch: tough work but someone has to do it

  21. 銀ちゃん

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  22. Daniel Driscoll

    Daniel Driscoll3 日 前

    Joe Hisaishi seems so happy during the whole concert!

  23. クロLife

    クロLife3 日 前

    I didn't watch Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. but I think it wonderful the music.

  24. Tetsu Kosuge

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  25. Ha Raffael

    Ha Raffael3 日 前

    I love how they both are crying and laughing, because they are so happy their work touched so many peoples hearts

  26. utomxn1

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  27. たかGUCCI

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  28. Ou Sen

    Ou Sen4 日 前

    the music touch my soul so deep that make me cry

  29. Raúl Alberto Gómez Andrade

    Raúl Alberto Gómez Andrade4 日 前

    Ghibli is great... the concert was makes me cry

  30. Ryan Chen

    Ryan Chen4 日 前

    Thank god for Japanese John Williams

  31. carlos uribe

    carlos uribe4 日 前

    greetings from Chile, es hermoso este concierto lloro cada vez que lo veo junto a mi gatita niña chica

  32. High Ground!

    High Ground!4 日 前

    1:29:39 when she hits the high note at the end so perfectly I get goosebumps everytime

  33. riyan anggana

    riyan anggana5 日 前

    very wonderful, super amazing, the most epic orchestra that i ever see. long live for gibhli and joe hisaisi,,,

  34. Ali Shahrose

    Ali Shahrose5 日 前

    That is the most wholesome round of applause I have ever seen! Well deserved!

  35. Patricia Tyas

    Patricia Tyas6 日 前

    watching this for free is just-

  36. Francisca Hernández

    Francisca Hernández6 日 前

    hi guys, so after hearing this masterpiece I just had this random thought what if I try to attend one of this concerts.. i was wondering if you know how his tours works, I saw he moved two concerts to 2021 but do you know maybe how could I go? I feel so excited about this idea, planning and saving every penny that I have to go!

  37. ringmaster11710

    ringmaster117106 日 前

    Wait there are 2 for the orchestra and one for the that normal? I've never seen that before

  38. antonio chamorro

    antonio chamorro6 日 前

    Ya estaremos preparados.

  39. antonio chamorro

    antonio chamorro6 日 前

    Si exite algo o alguien, que nadie nos vea hasta dentro de 1000 años si son 2000 mejor.

  40. Just another Random guy

    Just another Random guy6 日 前

    Poco Rosso is a magic in its purest form.

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  42. Li Lly

    Li Lly7 日 前

    2ヶ月くらい前の深夜にたまたまNHK見てたら久石譲さんのジブリのパリ公演の再放送やっててソッコーで録画ボタン押しました 宝物映像です。 何度も何度も見てます!!! そして、何度も何度も聴いてるのに 毎回泣きます😭 悲しくて泣いてるわけではなくて、勝手に涙が。。。 心が浄化されてるのかな?

  43. TheGameKiller666

    TheGameKiller6667 日 前

    is this how rich people watch anime? they let an live orchestra play the music?

  44. Hannah WU [10D]

    Hannah WU [10D]7 日 前

    That choir in the back is so amazing! They have singers of all ages, and so many different parts!

  45. Hannah WU [10D]

    Hannah WU [10D]7 日 前

    I'm so glad to have watched these great movies! They're so touching and perfect at the same time!

  46. Shiqi Chen

    Shiqi Chen7 日 前

    Who's that violinist?

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  48. Isabel Montero

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  49. Juan Pedro Dela Cruz

    Juan Pedro Dela Cruz8 日 前

    July 2020, still watchihg

  50. Jabril Anderson

    Jabril Anderson8 日 前

    thank you

  51. Jabril Anderson

    Jabril Anderson8 日 前

    i mean thank you all

  52. Lilas Araye

    Lilas Araye8 日 前

    Je ne comprends pas pourquoi il y a des personnes qui n' aime pas cette magnifique composition ... Mais bon c'est mon avis ...

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  54. cresentia

    cresentia8 日 前

    Oh to see this live

  55. nonn

    nonn8 日 前

    画面越しで聴いて泣いてます。 実際に会場で聴いたらどうなるのだろう… またやらないかなぁ、、次は絶対に絶対に行きたい!

  56. JOO

    JOO8 日 前

    in budokan 베댓보고 오신분?

  57. Carla Leitao

    Carla Leitao8 日 前

    Arigato .

  58. Better me

    Better me8 日 前

    This is the only music that makes me totally immersed and amazed... which shows the attitude of musicians!

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  60. 刘俊鑫

    刘俊鑫9 日 前

    Somoene tell me who's the white skirt girl?

  61. Alice Zhou

    Alice Zhou9 日 前

    @twosetviolin, please review this incredible concert! I'm moved to tears the whole time watching this.

  62. Nina Park

    Nina Park9 日 前

    Ghibli is much better than Disney

  63. Kenneth Howard

    Kenneth Howard日 前

    They shouldn't be compared. It's the fault of the western media comparing everything as "the Disney/Spielberg/Lucas/Hitchcock of [that country]." And they don't even recognize Joe Hisaishi. They just call him "Ghibli music." It's not the fault of Disney as a person since he's not alive. It's the fault of so called "journalists" and people like Lasseter.

  64. gessie

    gessie6 日 前

    Had my parents been wise enough to offer me Ghibli, I'd have been immensely grateful. Alas I got Disney instead, which I'd never even consider watching as an adult. Ghibli on the other hand... never too late.

  65. inge widya

    inge widya6 日 前

    Ghibli ever been on Disney for a week back in 2013/2014