Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Staff with His Wax Figure


  1. Daniel Kenzelmann

    Daniel Kenzelmann2 時間 前

    loooooool .. the last one is the best :)

  2. Hasan Salim

    Hasan Salim3 時間 前

    She is so pissed dude

  3. Oscar Mixd

    Oscar Mixd8 時間 前

    Every reaction is oh my god


    WEHANDLEIT12 時間 前

    Cut 20$ for overacting 😂

  5. duane jessup

    duane jessup12 時間 前

    The real star is the cousins phone for not screen shattering.

  6. Catlin Bettridge

    Catlin Bettridge12 時間 前


  7. Your next door Gamer

    Your next door Gamer12 時間 前

    Damn how scared they are of Jimmy 😂

  8. Rahul Prajapati

    Rahul Prajapati15 時間 前

    Poor people like me can't afford this prank.

  9. Vedang Karlekar

    Vedang Karlekar18 時間 前

    This is nasty😂😂😂😂

  10. MrCiphon1

    MrCiphon120 時間 前

    How cute is cousin Micki?

  11. Aadit Sisodia

    Aadit Sisodia23 時間 前

    oh my gaaaaad

  12. Rage jun No Videos

    Rage jun No Videos日 前

    She needs a new Nervous system...

  13. Amna Tanveer

    Amna Tanveer日 前

    I feel sad for the phone

  14. Perlynkaur

    Perlynkaur日 前

    that was like 10 times that they scared micky poor girl 😂

  15. delhi academics

    delhi academics日 前

    this is awesome!!!!!!

  16. Halliwell Entertainment

    Halliwell Entertainment2 日 前


  17. Ranbir Singh

    Ranbir Singh2 日 前

    this is the best prank

  18. movieklump

    movieklump2 日 前

    I think the wax figure would get better ratings.

  19. Jag Nagarajan

    Jag Nagarajan2 日 前

    So funny ! 😂

  20. Jerry Doe

    Jerry Doe2 日 前

    Lots of cellphones got hurt i see, man that Jimmy is really scary.

  21. Guille Gribaudo

    Guille Gribaudo2 日 前

    Jimmy's Cousin: 'It is so... insane... but so cute' Sweeeet Home Aaaalabama 🎵🎶

  22. Elias Salman

    Elias Salman2 日 前

    Pls say gosh instead of god cos using his name in vain is a sin

  23. Zachary and Autumn Bruggen

    Zachary and Autumn Bruggen2 日 前

    How Jimmy pranks Micki it kinda reminds me of Ellen pranking Andy



    they react like that because he's a nice person.

  25. Miro jka

    Miro jka2 日 前

    I wonder why no one ever saw Drax . He was there the whole time.

  26. Amv forever

    Amv forever2 日 前

    The phone landed on the table 😂😂👍

  27. Louis Griffiths

    Louis Griffiths2 日 前

    This has appeared 7 times in my recommended, and I’ve watched it every time ffs

  28. Doran Clerinx

    Doran Clerinx2 日 前

    I would ask jimmy to buy me a new phone...the most expensive one..bcs I need it.

  29. Fred Davis

    Fred Davis3 日 前


  30. Asif Aman

    Asif Aman3 日 前

    1:14 She was like Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  31. juanvega653

    juanvega6533 日 前

    Cousin Micki😍😍

  32. Mithun Raj

    Mithun Raj3 日 前

    That thing with cousin was totally scripted and she over played her part..."pay cut for you Micky"

  33. S K

    S K日 前

    Idk dude. If you've ever seen her over the years, you'd notice that she's really like that as a person. Very happy and positive and kinda ditzy.

  34. jaytube2112

    jaytube21123 日 前

    I'd ask for a week off after that.

  35. Murilo uaha

    Murilo uaha3 日 前

    fake overrated

  36. yuvraj singh

    yuvraj singh3 日 前

    RIP to that phone

  37. Judah Schwartz

    Judah Schwartz3 日 前

    Why are people so scared of Jimmy?

  38. Krishh Lala

    Krishh Lala4 日 前

    3:07 can we get a moment of silence for the pain the phone had to go through.

  39. Dao Le Hoang Minh

    Dao Le Hoang Minh4 日 前

    dropped my phone


    BARRIES4 日 前

    he takes care of his staff better than ellen

  41. SunnyMoonProductions

    SunnyMoonProductions4 日 前


  42. namık ozata

    namık ozata4 日 前

    you need to buy her a new phone..

  43. Gabriela Trindade

    Gabriela Trindade5 日 前

    "did you know it was me all the time? we don't even have a wax figure" "WHAT" lmao

  44. Paula Catlover

    Paula Catlover5 日 前

    1:10 funniest one except for Cousin Micki I wonder what Jimmy did to Micki when they were young!!??

  45. Khiem Ngo

    Khiem Ngo5 日 前

    Let's play a game,take a shot of vodka everytime u hear 'Oh mAh God' in the video

  46. Guy North

    Guy North5 日 前

    That is seriously one of the best practical jokes I have ever seen. Poor lady!

  47. Regina George

    Regina George5 日 前

    How can you get scared multiple times by literally the same person?. Beats me.😂

  48. Sami Belhareth

    Sami Belhareth6 日 前

    3:46 Imagine if she hurt her back when the fell The prank wouldn't have been so happy... that's all I could think about

  49. Robert G.

    Robert G.6 日 前

    She's a trooper.... I would have gotten angry in there somewhere.

  50. Galaxy Sports

    Galaxy Sports6 日 前

    R.I.P. her phone

  51. svampen

    svampen6 日 前

    3:46 i think her phone screen broke pepehands

  52. Shlok Suman

    Shlok Suman6 日 前

    "50 rupay kaat overacting ka!!" 😂

  53. Srinivasan Ayyan

    Srinivasan Ayyan6 日 前

    Such a Fake Video. Clearly see doesn't know to act surprised

  54. Owen Branch

    Owen Branch6 日 前

    Her phone was so cracked by the end....

  55. Nishanthi Perera

    Nishanthi Perera6 日 前

    RIP cousin micki's phone

  56. J. Kerr

    J. Kerr7 日 前

    Sorry, Jimmy - the reactions are a bit hammed up. Good try, though.

  57. Precise Gaming

    Precise Gaming7 日 前

    I just want to know...did Micki's phone survive???

  58. Anmol Sarin

    Anmol Sarin7 日 前

    Wow, that last scare. I knew it was coming but it escalated way more that I had expected.:D

  59. Sad Stormtrooper

    Sad Stormtrooper7 日 前

    Cousin Micki be like: _Everywhere I go, I see his face_

  60. John Rambo

    John Rambo7 日 前

    If I was 20 years younger I would definitely knock cousin Micki around.

  61. ramenai

    ramenai7 日 前

    0:41 i didn't know John Oliver had a sidegig working for Jimmy Kimmel

  62. Brian Parker

    Brian Parker8 日 前

    You’re going to hell 😂

  63. Grayson Davenport

    Grayson Davenport8 日 前

    She's hot.

  64. Sean Kratovil

    Sean Kratovil8 日 前

    That woman feared for her life for a half a second.

  65. jeffery hall

    jeffery hall9 日 前

    1:33 did she get electrocuted?

  66. danrick nicki frivaldo de castro

    danrick nicki frivaldo de castro9 日 前

    Im sure its fun to be one of the staff of Jimmy Kimmel, unlike to be Ellen's.

  67. glena cejas

    glena cejas9 日 前

    Oh my GOD!!

  68. Lucia Stefakova

    Lucia Stefakova9 日 前

    That was sooo good 🤣🤣🤣 poor Micki 😂😂😂 and that last time she finally want to have a picture with his statue it was actually him 😂😂😂

  69. Purujit Chatterjee

    Purujit Chatterjee9 日 前

    Gave me some serious laughs after a very, very long time!!!

  70. NXT 45

    NXT 459 日 前

    3:06 I hope she and her phone is okay!

  71. Elsa Reynolds

    Elsa Reynolds10 日 前

    This should be called" scaring cousin Micki with Jimmy's wax figure for 3 minutes straight"

  72. Molly and Kendall

    Molly and Kendall10 日 前

    Wait but is her phone ok?

  73. Akw9939

    Akw993910 日 前

    I watched her phone hit the table and you could see the black part when it was dropped😬

  74. the_wylde

    the_wylde10 日 前

    Title should be: Jimmy Kimmel pranks cousin MIKKI lol

  75. Anton Jude

    Anton Jude10 日 前

    So not scripted

  76. deepikashah72

    deepikashah7211 日 前

    I pity her phone

  77. Enderkick

    Enderkick11 日 前

    I like how seeing jimmy kimmel triggers a fight or flight response

  78. Hasham Siddiqui

    Hasham Siddiqui11 日 前

    LMAO EPIC!!!!

  79. Milorad Cukavac

    Milorad Cukavac11 日 前

    50% of this video: Micki getting scared 50%: *OH MY GAWWD*

  80. Ken Rascon

    Ken Rascon11 日 前

    This whole prank was so fake!!!!

  81. Mr. Z

    Mr. Z11 日 前

    This is my favorite bit he's ever done

  82. 200 IQ PLAY

    200 IQ PLAY11 日 前

    looking at jimmy kimmel's face is a prank jk😂

  83. Lily Scott

    Lily Scott12 日 前

    Jimmy kimmel is amazing

  84. Mat thew

    Mat thew12 日 前

    How can anyone fall for it....

  85. gabee R

    gabee R12 日 前

    I Do not believe for a single second that the last take is not fully set up...

  86. FleeBiss

    FleeBiss12 日 前

    I feel like this is fake because how come micki only tried to take a picture with the statue when it was acually Jimmy

  87. Tinnitus J

    Tinnitus J12 日 前

    Rip her phone.

  88. Kevin Siv

    Kevin Siv12 日 前

    All fun and games untill someone has a spaz attack

  89. Aidan Nottke

    Aidan Nottke12 日 前

    Jimmy turns head Everyone: AAAHHHHH

  90. Minør

    Minør13 日 前

    Her phone must've died

  91. yuh mum

    yuh mum13 日 前

    this is the most staged thing i've ever seen

  92. xx_izzy_xx

    xx_izzy_xx13 日 前

    am i the only one that would say hello to the wax figure and not even notice 🥴

  93. Choco Rocky

    Choco Rocky13 日 前

    Alternative title, Jimmy Kimmel puts people into cardiac arrest, but not before they throw their phones far enough to break.

  94. Hitesha 2001

    Hitesha 200113 日 前

    Her phone though😃😃😃

  95. CarliNicole

    CarliNicole14 日 前

    This whole time I thought it was a wax figure

  96. Meme Central • 90 years ago

    Meme Central • 90 years ago14 日 前

    Drinking game: everytime they say “oh my god” take a shot... YOU WONT... PUSSY

  97. Gachanatics

    Gachanatics14 日 前

    I just got a Dairy Queen ad RIGHT after I was told no when I asked so thanks Dairy Queen 😔

  98. Ninja Tokes

    Ninja Tokes14 日 前

    I bet he put it in the bathroom too, but the scene can’t be filmed.

  99. James Smith

    James Smith14 日 前

    I've watched this and Arnold's version over 5 times...still makes me laugh.

  100. XxSimbaM321xX

    XxSimbaM321xX14 日 前

    This is a definition of human torture 😂

  101. Hejha Piran

    Hejha Piran15 日 前

    ellen needs to see this