Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Staff with His Wax Figure


  1. gordonlevittsmith

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  2. Noble Test nz

    Noble Test nz3 時間 前

    Chicken hearts🌚

  3. Keilyth Diaz

    Keilyth Diaz3 時間 前

    So mean and so funny at the same time.

  4. Ggg Ggg

    Ggg Ggg5 時間 前

    Why they scary of your face

  5. Zaira Hernandez

    Zaira Hernandez6 時間 前

    I feel bad for the phone HAHAHAHAHA

  6. Russell Ball

    Russell Ball8 時間 前

    Bruh this has to be fake

  7. iCoolaxe

    iCoolaxe8 時間 前

    Funny thing really, that wax statue has about as much personality as the real Kimmel, and is also probably funnier.

  8. Mason

    Mason9 時間 前

    Scripted but funny asf😂

  9. Plasmid

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  10. oscar luna

    oscar luna10 時間 前

    Amazing video woooo

  11. Derrick Davis

    Derrick Davis12 時間 前

    Good acting guys

  12. Peedgaj Junior

    Peedgaj Junior15 時間 前

    Did anyone else notice that second lady with blonde hair and white sweater is his wifey????

  13. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams17 時間 前

    (3:43) "I am sorry, we had to do it, it is the law..." :-)

  14. Kevin Kosmo

    Kevin Kosmo18 時間 前

    Alright cousin Micki.. It's time to bring in the wax statue of Matt Damon for Jimmy.

  15. Arturo Rosales López

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  16. AscentBrand Home Construction Corp.

    AscentBrand Home Construction Corp.日 前

    Her poor phone

  17. Gaming Tv Tv

    Gaming Tv Tv日 前

    Its waxxx time

  18. StormieBrix

    StormieBrix日 前

    They should have put the wax figure IN the elevator. 😂

  19. Ethan

    Ethan日 前

    3:55 imagine they made it animatronic and it moved 😂💀

  20. ABDEL EL

    ABDEL EL日 前

    Congrats for your twin! @jimmykimmel... that was so funny

  21. Nestor Ramirez

    Nestor Ramirez日 前

    It’s actually funny when this show stays away from politics

  22. Billieilishfan_forever256 :p

    Billieilishfan_forever256 :p日 前

    The question :did the phone survive ?

  23. Kelly Metz

    Kelly Metz日 前

    Last scène was zo hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Cool Ties

    Cool Ties日 前

    Such fun!!

  25. Tara Plock

    Tara Plock日 前

    Did her phone break

  26. R3n3-C4RD#N4

    R3n3-C4RD#N4日 前

    Revenge, bring him an Epstein wax figure.

  27. Tara Plock

    Tara Plock日 前

    Epstiens lawyer is representing Trump in his impeachment trial😬😬

  28. 1000 subs with only a couple vids!

    1000 subs with only a couple vids!日 前

    Her phone went flying

  29. Kapilan Mathialagan

    Kapilan Mathialagan日 前

    Lol it's funny how fake this is 😂 honestly they should have tried to make it more real

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  31. Tokin

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  32. Mna Iotb

    Mna Iotb日 前

    is she on drugs?

  33. Michael Fawcett

    Michael Fawcett日 前

    I totally winced when her back hit the corner of that side table. Funny as hell, but man that must have hurt for DAYS.

  34. Lee Dawa

    Lee Dawa日 前

    Gift new mobile her ...she drop mobile 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. Alizé Silvermoon

    Alizé Silvermoon日 前

    I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Sub to Me

    Sub to Me日 前

    Why are they so afraid of Jimmy?

  37. Jeka Jeka

    Jeka Jeka日 前

    fk you Jimmy 03:07

  38. Rebin Chai

    Rebin Chai日 前

    Oh my god...,,,

  39. jake rebadavia

    jake rebadavia日 前

    Damn, her phone broke!!!

  40. replacement sim

    replacement sim日 前

    Watch at 3:07 I almost peed laughing out loud😂😂😂😂

  41. Alejandro Chiong

    Alejandro Chiong日 前

    After this video: God: *why are so many ppl calling me*

  42. Coley

    Coley2 日 前

    I hope he bought her a new phone, like damn. Lol

  43. Jamie .Farrell

    Jamie .Farrell2 日 前

    I love how she throws her phone and it doesn't land on the soft couch or the carpet....no it lands are the hard and extremely tiny table.

  44. Erik Hopkins

    Erik Hopkins2 日 前

    Can one assume they both pee'd their pants?

  45. Matt Barnett

    Matt Barnett2 日 前

    I feel bad her back hit that table pretty hard lol

  46. Lego Mistrz 2005

    Lego Mistrz 20052 日 前

    "Everywhere i go... I see his face"

  47. Alex Vonora

    Alex Vonora2 日 前

    i bet working for Kimmel is horrible, hes a legit sociopath

  48. Marino Buneta

    Marino Buneta2 日 前

    more this staf

  49. Izzy the Outlier

    Izzy the Outlier2 日 前

    2:27 I was SOOOO hoping he would do this LMAO

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  51. Truffle Goat Productions

    Truffle Goat Productions2 日 前

    Try and just throw your phone a little farther.

  52. swiety1981

    swiety19812 日 前

    half of them are smartphone zombies....

  53. Will McNamara

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  54. Keith Contessa

    Keith Contessa2 日 前

    First decent video I’ve seen of Jimmy.. That’s hilarious

  55. Emre Arslan

    Emre Arslan2 日 前

    Oh come on. This is so fake

  56. Ulrich Kälber

    Ulrich Kälber2 日 前

    thats the way to do it: first let everybody get acustomed to wax jimmie, then BANG real jimmie

  57. escalinci

    escalinci2 日 前

    Whatever they were hoping for when they planned this, they must be very happy with the results!

  58. Phuc Binh

    Phuc Binh2 日 前

    Dude perfect phone landing skills

  59. AlphaPlayz

    AlphaPlayz2 日 前

    @ 3:51 RIP phone

  60. Marioroops

    Marioroops2 日 前

    That was great.

  61. elvatoz

    elvatoz2 日 前

    Well, she will survive in real life 🤦🏾‍♂️