Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with "Saved By The Bell" Cast


  1. the girl with the sun in her head

    the girl with the sun in her head12 時間 前

    lololol the fact mario lopez hasnt aged and looks the exact same.

  2. Ricky Gonzo

    Ricky Gonzo13 時間 前

    Mario Lopez literally did not age

  3. Lesley Hughes

    Lesley Hughes日 前

    This is better than the reboot.

  4. sirwilliam0524

    sirwilliam0524日 前

    If anyone is wondering why Screech and Lisa weren't there, it's because Mr. Belding ate them.

  5. Nad O

    Nad O2 日 前

    Screech has stage 4 cancer

  6. Michael Vazquez

    Michael Vazquez2 日 前

    Belding ate Screech

  7. Drippy Pipes

    Drippy Pipes2 日 前

    I love the awkward stare when they are waiting for the crowd to shut up

  8. itsnotbeetlejuice !!

    itsnotbeetlejuice !!3 日 前

    wheres lisa turtle

  9. Chris Su

    Chris Su3 日 前

    zack morris created the mannequin challenge

  10. Michael W Carmeci Sr

    Michael W Carmeci Sr4 日 前

    Someone is missing! SCREECCCCCCHHHH

  11. Kierstin M

    Kierstin M4 日 前

    THAT WAS AWESOME! And I really thought he'd actually been on the show u til Zack said his name. But then I thought hey maybe this was an actually episode, u til the mentioned Dancing with the Dweebs. And then I actually was still sorta fooled until the principal came out. And then the last thing was Kelly being pregnant. But besides that it was like an original episode! They all looks so great! Can't believe there is a reboot! Exciting!!

  12. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel Gutierrez4 日 前

    5:16 that could be Screech's cooler cousin

  13. Steve Walters

    Steve Walters4 日 前

    That was FANTASTIC!!! I wish Lisa and Screech were there though. And I hope they’re healthy and doing alright. What MEMORIES!?!?

  14. Nad O

    Nad O2 日 前

    Screech has stage 4 cancer

  15. The patten Slice9900

    The patten Slice99005 日 前

    This is still better than the new saved by the bell that show is terrible 😂😂

  16. Ben White

    Ben White6 日 前

    The best!

  17. Marco Tucker

    Marco Tucker6 日 前

    Jesus Fn christ Mario Lopez, age already!!

  18. Travis Kidd

    Travis Kidd6 日 前

    I just realized I used to dress like these guys when this show came out...

  19. whatsgoingon07

    whatsgoingon076 日 前

    Slater hasn't aged

  20. Alé Salas

    Alé Salas8 日 前

    Jimmy did this whole thing to get a hug from Kelly, not Kimberly Amber Thessian, from Kelly Kapowski.

  21. william paz

    william paz9 日 前

    I would’ve taken Jessie over Kelly any day.

  22. Sam Peck

    Sam Peck10 日 前

    Jimmy Fallon kinda looks like Mike Myers with the wig.

  23. O M

    O M10 日 前

    The best ever




  25. MrTekKnowledge

    MrTekKnowledge11 日 前

    I understand why Dustin diamond isn't here, but where is Lark?! Mario Lopez hasn't aged a bit. He's a witch or some shit

  26. gone diving

    gone diving11 日 前

    This skit is better and more entertaining than the New Saved by the Bell they are staring in now. Just my opinion.

  27. Too Funnei

    Too Funnei12 日 前

    mr tuttle + mr belding in the past = mr belding now

  28. Noise Pollution

    Noise Pollution13 日 前

    Where’s the black one? Racist.

  29. Medeuca

    Medeuca13 日 前

    I’m so ....scared😩

  30. Daniel Zuniga

    Daniel Zuniga14 日 前

    Where screech and Lisa boooooo

  31. Sean Hayes

    Sean Hayes14 日 前

    Jesus the actor of Mr. Belding sure piled on the pounds. 😳

  32. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody14 日 前

    Elizabeth Berkley would still get it.

  33. Danaiya Odom

    Danaiya Odom15 日 前

    They aged well wow

  34. The Ringer76

    The Ringer7615 日 前

    This was awesome.first time ever seeing this. LMFAO

  35. Aaliecyah Cooper

    Aaliecyah Cooper15 日 前


  36. Snipez4Faces

    Snipez4Faces15 日 前

    They should have just done a whole new show like this instead of that POS they call a reboot

  37. Jeanne van Tonder

    Jeanne van Tonder16 日 前

    I love save by the bell

  38. choyeuy

    choyeuy16 日 前

    Dating Nicole Kidman 😂

  39. nore96ex

    nore96ex17 日 前

    "On the plus side I got Kelly Kopwski pregnant", OMG that was every young boys dream back in the 90's, not the getting pregnant part just the process of it 😂😂😂

  40. shania

    shania17 日 前

    the guy that played slater literally still barley ages

  41. ghost notes

    ghost notes17 日 前

    Just goes to show you what money can do for stress. These people are approaching their 50’s and they don’t look a day over 17....

  42. Swanson _

    Swanson _18 日 前

    That’s my school!

  43. Bluevegito 69

    Bluevegito 6918 日 前

    And Mac Morris was born

  44. sjcflawless

    sjcflawless18 日 前

    Jimmy looks like Marty Genetti!

  45. Lil Sly

    Lil Sly18 日 前

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  46. Lily Lassiter-Belgoderi

    Lily Lassiter-Belgoderi19 日 前

    The cheer leader is Alexas mom from alexa&katie!!

  47. Miguelina Fernandez

    Miguelina Fernandez19 日 前

    Lisa and Screech are missing 😥

  48. Eleonore Hilburn

    Eleonore Hilburn19 日 前

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  49. R B

    R B20 日 前

    No hope for dope Lol

  50. floaties

    floaties20 日 前

    Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley have not AGED one bit!

  51. Miguel Cepeda

    Miguel Cepeda20 日 前

    Why I'm I just seeing this now?😅

  52. FamilyPass

    FamilyPass21 日 前

    This is a classic!!! Anyone know where screech is ?

  53. Daniel McDermott

    Daniel McDermott21 日 前

    When Zack talked about pregnancy I woulda laughed if she said it wasn’t his 🤣

  54. Kristin Bagani

    Kristin Bagani21 日 前

    I didn’t realize at the time when I watched the show when I was younger, but the cast were really good actors for staying in character and keeping a straight face in the face of a screaming audience tracing to everything they said and did.

  55. Space Suitor

    Space Suitor22 日 前

    Wow, I never saw this episode!

  56. Bembesito

    Bembesito22 日 前

    This was the best ever!!!!!

  57. Chris Pikis

    Chris Pikis22 日 前

    Most of these people didn't age bad at all.

  58. Chris Pikis

    Chris Pikis2 日 前

    @Nad O 🤷‍♂️

  59. Nad O

    Nad O2 日 前


  60. Chris Pikis

    Chris Pikis21 日 前

    @sydneylol Yesss!! 🤜🤛

  61. sydneylol

    sydneylol21 日 前

    Didn't age bad, or in Slater's case, didn't age at all, lol.

  62. Dash Helggason

    Dash Helggason22 日 前

    Dios parece que los años no pasaron para Slater y jessi 🤔

  63. Roland Orzabal

    Roland Orzabal23 日 前

    Did slater even leave bayside. He still looks the same

  64. MarQuita Evans

    MarQuita Evans24 日 前

    Love it 😍 they have the same wardrobe and all

  65. Luis Camacho Pinto

    Luis Camacho Pinto24 日 前

    ohhhh meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, this serie was one of mi favourites in the years 90. This serie to me bring many nostalgy, for your moments, your characters for everithing always loved. That if was great series in the 90.

  66. Kirthi H

    Kirthi H24 日 前

    I'm sorry to say that I haven't seen "Saved By the Bell"....but judging by the clips, Jessie looks as good as she did back then, I mean all of them do...but dang. I wanna age that well.

  67. Nick Dailey

    Nick Dailey24 日 前

    They all look the same. How crazy. Zack now tho during the new show, you can tell he had face work

  68. Rajashree Vijayachandran

    Rajashree Vijayachandran25 日 前

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  69. The MetaChristian

    The MetaChristian25 日 前

    They all look the same but mr belding wow

  70. Dallon Ghan

    Dallon Ghan26 日 前

    Soo good!

  71. GallonsOfNut

    GallonsOfNut26 日 前

    Where’s Lisa?!?! 👀👀👀👀👀

  72. SHAN Reacts Hobson

    SHAN Reacts Hobson27 日 前

    Theme song for conversation my style live it ,hi Jimmy 👋

  73. Hereathome7

    Hereathome728 日 前

    Jack Norris

  74. leonardo bravo

    leonardo bravo28 日 前

    And SCREECH 🤔🤔🤔

  75. MademoiselleLapin

    MademoiselleLapin28 日 前

    I know Lisa turtle has mental health issues unless there is more to the story , it’s not really nice that she wasn’t included ! Booooooooooooooo 😒

  76. Tai Johnson

    Tai Johnson29 日 前

    Loved every minute.

  77. Abe McGee

    Abe McGee29 日 前

    Zack Morris is trash

  78. emory kayle

    emory kayle29 日 前

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  79. Nikk Land Drum

    Nikk Land Drum29 日 前

    Only grab the cast who still look good for the reunion. It's a little depressing than exciting. But i forever love Mark paul

  80. Nikk Land Drum

    Nikk Land Drum29 日 前

    @Abe McGee ouch

  81. Abe McGee

    Abe McGee29 日 前

    let's face it, Lisa and Screech have always been the forgotten ones from that group.

  82. ann Early

    ann Earlyヶ月 前

    Wigs and Botox

  83. matt waldman

    matt waldmanヶ月 前

    The big hat immunophenotypically hammer because quince disturbingly gather before a aloof jeep. slow, strong steam

  84. Raph

    Raphヶ月 前

    This was better than the full season of the reboot... MPG got so fat now.

  85. Sergey K

    Sergey Kヶ月 前

    The mystery of missing Screech has been solved. Mr. Belding ate him!

  86. Tami Ramos

    Tami Ramosヶ月 前

    Where's Screech???

  87. General TayTay Bass Fishing on a Yacht

    General TayTay Bass Fishing on a Yachtヶ月 前

    Why is Mario tucked like he's on RuPaul's Drag Race?

  88. Jay Kapolka

    Jay Kapolka20 日 前

    Maybe , and just maybe, because NBC tends not to show phalluses.

  89. Naveah Harris

    Naveah Harris27 日 前

    So his print wouldn’t show

  90. Euneek 420

    Euneek 420ヶ月 前

    Mario got them good genes that's why he looks not a day older, but watching this brought me back to the 90's,it was so on point that it actually felt like a new episode of Saved By The Bell.Had me smiling and laughing,like when Zack said timeout and gave his usual comment overlooking the situation,it has all the elements except for screech;and Jesse definitely didn't like that comment it was written all over her face,but good job Jimmy Fallon you made me feel like a kid again this one is definitely going down in the books 📚 🤜🤛👏👍

  91. pontiacGXPfan

    pontiacGXPfanヶ月 前

    Are those GTE phones? Those things were huge!

  92. nekay boo

    nekay booヶ月 前

    Sooooo why have they barely aged

  93. Beelmo Monch

    Beelmo Monchヶ月 前

    Mario lopez does not get old?.. ór wtf?,.. jajajaajaj

  94. JRR31984

    JRR31984ヶ月 前

  95. ana gaul

    ana gaulヶ月 前

    They all look the same...how fun!!

  96. Caitlyn Ortega

    Caitlyn Ortegaヶ月 前

    Where is Lisa and screech???

  97. Caitlyn Ortega

    Caitlyn Ortega25 日 前

    @Keeley Eubanks I'M 😭

  98. Keeley Eubanks

    Keeley Eubanks25 日 前

    @Caitlyn Ortega Ok and????!?

  99. Caitlyn Ortega

    Caitlyn Ortega25 日 前

    @Keeley Eubanks u just made me sad 😢

  100. Keeley Eubanks

    Keeley Eubanks25 日 前

    @Caitlyn Ortega look it up

  101. Caitlyn Ortega

    Caitlyn Ortega25 日 前

    @Keeley Eubanks I know about Lisa, but screech? How 😟

  102. Pamela Leanne Freeland

    Pamela Leanne Freelandヶ月 前

    Awesome. Alllll the feels. Much needed. Thank you, even though it's been years ago. Need to go check out the new SBTB venture and give it a try. Especially now. Lol

  103. Xv Xv

    Xv Xvヶ月 前

    Still the hottest woman around

  104. Frances Samael

    Frances Samaelヶ月 前

    Damn I laughed then cried then laughed again. They put together all the staple episodes..go Zack attack!!

  105. Frances Samael

    Frances Samaelヶ月 前

    @Rae Min-Laan McNeilsaw that too😉

  106. Rae Min-Laan McNeil

    Rae Min-Laan McNeilヶ月 前

    And the poster "No Hope With Dope"....that episode was classic

  107. corina junior

    corina juniorヶ月 前

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  108. mallowhawk294

    mallowhawk294ヶ月 前

    Where my girl LISA AT???

  109. igor de wit

    igor de witヶ月 前

    Daaaaamn....this is pretty sick,Fallon! Respect..✌😁

  110. Shelia McCullough

    Shelia McCulloughヶ月 前


  111. Shelia McCullough

    Shelia McCulloughヶ月 前

    I remember seeing that episode👀

  112. Recipes of Redemption

    Recipes of Redemptionヶ月 前

    The cleanest best pleasure

  113. Brian Westmoreland

    Brian Westmorelandヶ月 前

    I liked the Marthon

  114. Ronald Foran

    Ronald Foranヶ月 前

    This is better than the new Saved by The Bell Reboot!

  115. Adriane Reeder

    Adriane Reederヶ月 前

    The same black dude in the background

  116. Brianna Lopez

    Brianna Lopezヶ月 前

    I loveeeee how they all still look exactly the same like when they were on the show. They all aged beautifully 😍