Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ


  1. Zay Jay

    Zay Jay時間 前

    You can tell he know what hes talking about the diamonds falling out (Look at my mans teeth)

  2. Rob Teer

    Rob Teer時間 前

    Lets spend a fortune to look like an idiot! Why not just tattoo your face do that too! Why not cut your nose to spite your face?

  3. Haruka Izanami

    Haruka Izanami2 時間 前

    Beautiful grill person wearing it not so much

  4. Wavy_ Manny YT

    Wavy_ Manny YT2 時間 前

    Was anyone waiting for 69😂

  5. Stoyan Milanov

    Stoyan Milanov2 時間 前

    Lil Jon

  6. Definitely Robert

    Definitely Robert3 時間 前

    All I heard was before Trippie Red there was Riff Raff

  7. BabyCece

    BabyCece3 時間 前

    He must been hella good at chemistry

  8. Jake Grinwald

    Jake Grinwald3 時間 前

    This guy is stupid.. dental gold is an amalgam of gold and mercury.. the mercury melts the gold and mixes as an alloy and hardens, mercury is toxic to your health so i dont see why hes worried about the copper in roase gold XD.. btw im also a jeweller.. he looks more like a salesman tbh.

  9. eilish creates

    eilish creates4 時間 前

    this dude is always on my instagram. his videos are so addicting 😭

  10. stephanie elston

    stephanie elston4 時間 前

    Where was Kevin gates????

  11. Your Boi Mike

    Your Boi Mike4 時間 前

    Is nobody else scared if you bite your toung with "Shark Teeth" !?!?!

  12. SilentBob420BMFJ

    SilentBob420BMFJ4 時間 前

    6:00 You sure that's a grill? Looks like gold vaneers to me. I.e. those don't come off...

  13. Daniel Roode

    Daniel Roode6 時間 前

    I feel like his credibility went down when he couldn’t even tell that Wayne has a permanent set in and he didn’t even bring it up

  14. jayvon downey

    jayvon downey6 時間 前

    What instrumental is that at 8:47

  15. David Ames

    David Ames6 時間 前

    what's wrong with your teeth?

  16. Nomak The Cursed

    Nomak The Cursed8 時間 前

    Soon people will put jewelry into their eyelids. Morons.

  17. The Divine Spark

    The Divine Spark8 時間 前

    Pale ppl and gold or diamond slugs just don't mesh well imo!

  18. Fastlane racing co.

    Fastlane racing co.8 時間 前

    Young M.A. got the best grill it's so icy

  19. Alice Wong

    Alice Wong8 時間 前

    Yo my cousin Vinny

  20. Nuts

    Nuts8 時間 前

    Why no 6ixe9ine

  21. Olive Cuadrado

    Olive Cuadrado9 時間 前

    I have braces and my grills are pretty expensive too

  22. K E L L Y B O Y

    K E L L Y B O Y9 時間 前

    Imagine the tooth fairy gettin those teeths

  23. K E L L Y B O Y

    K E L L Y B O Y9 時間 前

    Dentist: you need to keep your smile bones white and clean Rappers:

  24. Panda Gamer

    Panda Gamer10 時間 前

    Talking about grillz my man need some brackets

  25. Cream Vaniilla

    Cream Vaniilla11 時間 前

    Imagine Trippie Red or Riff Raff accidentally biting there tougues with those grills.... 😬😬😵

  26. Charlie O'Connor

    Charlie O'Connor11 時間 前

    How you not know that lil Wayne's grills stay in, there his teeth!

  27. Ciarah

    Ciarah11 時間 前

    Not @ how his grill was made and looked the best

  28. Emile Too gwapo

    Emile Too gwapo11 時間 前

    he should have reviewed Zillakamki grills 😂

  29. Molly Brown

    Molly Brown12 時間 前

    I wanna blow up and act like I don’t know nobody Ahahahhagahahaga

  30. Lani Jauregui-Hansen

    Lani Jauregui-Hansen12 時間 前

    People might not like grills mainly because rappers wear them but they are part of the art. Same with personalised chains. The process of making them is really cool


    FEROZSS12 時間 前

    I hate it, thanks.

  32. Amani Arnold

    Amani Arnold13 時間 前

    Who’s grillz was this guy holding tho?

  33. A*r*M*y j00n

    A*r*M*y j00n13 時間 前

    4:40 My main goal is to blow up and act like I don't know nobody Hahahahaha

  34. Collaide

    Collaide13 時間 前

    Wait... Young MA is a chick?

  35. Mikey Anderson

    Mikey Anderson14 時間 前

    I molded a liver cheese sandwich to my back flaps



    Grillz are ghetto and ugly, but their shiny 😂

  37. PIP Kliff

    PIP Kliff14 時間 前

    My main go is to blow up and to ack like ion know nobody eh ahahahhahah

  38. Caylyn Hampton

    Caylyn Hampton14 時間 前

    I was really hoping Meechy Darko would pop up 👀

  39. carson nuhn

    carson nuhn14 時間 前

    go sub to me i will sub back good video

  40. PrincessPie1920

    PrincessPie192014 時間 前

    I’m surprised and kinda disappointed that they didn’t check out Nelly.

  41. 994523.1410127186

    994523.141012718615 時間 前

    They're just pretty dentures

  42. Tanaya Clark

    Tanaya Clark15 時間 前

    Lil Wayne's hands scary asf😂🤢

  43. Noah Manji

    Noah Manji15 時間 前

    I got braces

  44. John Goncalves

    John Goncalves16 時間 前

    This guy tried to get fame off of 69

  45. Hudson Jacobs

    Hudson Jacobs17 時間 前

    Lol my grills are my braces

  46. Ovan

    Ovan17 時間 前

    I got permanent Shark Teeth but now my girl wont let me eat her out...😬

  47. Dakin Real

    Dakin Real18 時間 前

    6:33 how to look ridiculous and be proud of it (not the jeweler)

  48. bbwwe17

    bbwwe1719 時間 前

    This drug addict can’t judge anything 😂

  49. catarina F

    catarina F19 時間 前

    I think only asap and young ma look decent lol

  50. Robin Sterk

    Robin Sterk19 時間 前

    I have to say Rocky's grillz are my favorite they're Clean and just classic

  51. Kolby Smallwood

    Kolby Smallwood20 時間 前

    Imagine biting your tongue with shark teeth

  52. Yong MC

    Yong MC20 時間 前

    Yuong MA is a girl 👧 wtf

  53. Shad Chollack

    Shad Chollack20 時間 前

    I'll say it trippie reddi is simply a strange looking MF.

  54. Nitsy Tipsy

    Nitsy Tipsy22 時間 前

    this guy is g eazy

  55. Walt James

    Walt James22 時間 前

    "These people"

  56. every daytrick shots bo2

    every daytrick shots bo222 時間 前

    what about 6six9ine

  57. Stephan Pregler

    Stephan Pregler日 前

    What about 6ix9ine

  58. K W

    K W日 前

    Imagine cracking your tooth on a diamond

  59. jonathon gross

    jonathon gross日 前

    keep selling crack so you can buy a grill lol

  60. G1hs

    G1hs日 前

    good luck eating

  61. MAarshall

    MAarshall日 前

    I remember when rappers were known for their lyrics.

  62. K Steiner

    K Steiner日 前

    All I got is a retainer

  63. thatguyadam4

    thatguyadam4日 前

    My Mango is to blow up oh sh....

  64. H Hall

    H Hall日 前

    This guy sounds like a jewelry guy. Does that make sense?

  65. Chris Sean

    Chris Sean日 前

    lets be honest... you need a grill ... or just braces

  66. Nick Bait & Lure

    Nick Bait & Lure日 前

    Stfu you don’t know what you talking bout jonny dang all the way

  67. dan glenzig

    dan glenzig日 前

    🗑 🗑 🗑

  68. idris Adri

    idris Adri日 前

    Where is LIL PEEP!

  69. Mocha Delight

    Mocha Delight日 前

    These grills are disgusting! They don't tell you what their teeth looks like after years of wearing these things🤦 GOOGLE IT😂😂 #DISGUSTING

  70. Dezirae Gutierrez

    Dezirae Gutierrez日 前

    I don’t really like full set grills but I do like singular tooth grills. Idk the proper name for them but that’s my best trying to explain it.

  71. Drop Fns

    Drop Fns日 前

    My Minecraft diamonds should be on this video

  72. Jennifer Padilla

    Jennifer Padilla日 前

    where’s tyler the creator’s grills at??

  73. Danny Trejo

    Danny Trejo日 前

    they couldn't get a better picture of travis' grills?

  74. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon日 前

    Dont juul while wearing jewels

  75. LoverofGOD Always

    LoverofGOD Always日 前

    Doesn't that stuff make your breath stink?

  76. Cheesecake Squad

    Cheesecake Squad日 前

    Lil Wayne has permanent grillz

  77. JC

    JC日 前

    He annoys me just by talking I hate his explanations and voice, not to mention the EXCESSIVE REPETITION OMG

  78. poev ponarak

    poev ponarak日 前

    Johnny dang where is he

  79. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh Mungus日 前

    I dont understand why having the 64 crayola pack in ur teeth is so cool, makes it look like you ate a box of fruit by the foot without brushing your teeth after

  80. Aaron Echols

    Aaron Echols日 前

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to quit mma and start critiquing grills

  81. Lucas Plowman

    Lucas Plowman日 前

    I wanted to see his thoughts on zillakamis they are insane

  82. No name

    No name日 前

    Wow what money can by these days Jewelry for your teeth

  83. Lysergamide

    Lysergamide日 前

    All of these people suck including the host.

  84. Come on Mate

    Come on Mate日 前

    Worthless peasant celebrities. Nobody should give a fck about them.

  85. Joemcczyz

    Joemcczyz日 前

    4:29 that’s numbers chief

  86. James Parker

    James Parker日 前

    The world can end now

  87. ozilthebeast mohe

    ozilthebeast mohe日 前

    Is he a diamond expert or fish teeth expert

  88. Funny Tv

    Funny Tv日 前

    little wayne grills look like when you make grills out of aluminum foil lol 7:49

  89. YoungHitman KayGee

    YoungHitman KayGee日 前

    I feel you missed kevin gates on this one

  90. Connor wallace

    Connor wallace日 前

    RIP jah

  91. Connor wallace

    Connor wallace日 前

    What about xxxtentacion

  92. Doug Jones

    Doug Jones日 前

    Who eats with a grill on lmao

  93. Ionut Boi

    Ionut Boi日 前

    out of the 10 or so people he mentioned, I only ever heard of Kanye :>

  94. Lisa Fan

    Lisa Fan日 前

    i'm surprised grillz are still a thing tbh

  95. Chad YT

    Chad YT日 前

    This video reminds me that I'm poor 😭

  96. MaNameNick

    MaNameNick日 前

    Can you not call them rappers? Thanks.

  97. Yakko

    Yakko日 前

    4:46 my main goal is to blow up. And act like I don't know anybody AGHAGAG

  98. aka Truth

    aka Truth日 前

    Where is 6ix9ine

  99. Zander Fall

    Zander Fall日 前

    All this ice and he still kept the crooked smile.

  100. Enigma 47

    Enigma 47日 前

    reddit cringe compilation worthy