Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ


  1. Angelo Zanussi

    Angelo Zanussi8 時間 前

    He's a plant by Israeli Mossad PSYOP. "Illuminati" and Freemasonry are both 100% Talmudic. Translation- This kid is a pupet.

  2. Mane Dingo

    Mane Dingo14 時間 前

    This was the Jeweler that had issues wit Snitch9

  3. Cherzy ッ

    Cherzy ッ15 時間 前

    should’ve did lil peeps 🙄


    PAPA_LANK19 時間 前

    #team llama #team struggling


    PAPA_LANK19 時間 前

    its a llama-coooooooorn! >:3 #saallllttttyyyy

  6. Steven Lopez

    Steven Lopez22 時間 前


  7. George White Not Brown

    George White Not Brown22 時間 前

    i aint even see riff raffs grills until they zoomed in on his teeth

  8. SuperDuty Zack

    SuperDuty Zack日 前

    Why does he sound like he has cotton balls in his mouth?

  9. Hello There

    Hello There日 前

    Love Yachty’s

  10. Vxper

    Vxper日 前

    These are the kind of videos you watch when u have watched everything else

  11. 75% of your body is water and I’m Thirsty

    75% of your body is water and I’m Thirsty日 前

    این باره هتمن ایرانیه 😂😂😂

  12. NoLimitAA3

    NoLimitAA3日 前

    I just wanna know how they brush their teeth

  13. TheLegit TUBER

    TheLegit TUBER日 前

    They all look ridiculous

  14. F Irk

    F Irk日 前

    Does anyone know the background of this guy? His name sounds iranian, just curious.

  15. James Ireland

    James Ireland日 前

    This dude had everything handed to him look him up

  16. R. Kelly

    R. Kelly日 前

    ASAP Rocky’s best of the lot by far

  17. shinto666

    shinto666日 前

    Jews know money.

  18. Bhavraj Sullar

    Bhavraj Sullar日 前

    Him: Everybody wants them Me: I had braces, never again

  19. Isyourgirlamiyahmw I love ya and sksksksk and I OOP

    Isyourgirlamiyahmw I love ya and sksksksk and I OOP日 前

    My mom likes hop pop bad music in the car and I like it to

  20. Isyourgirlamiyahmw I love ya and sksksksk and I OOP

    Isyourgirlamiyahmw I love ya and sksksksk and I OOP日 前

    So yahhh

  21. Thomas Mussmann

    Thomas Mussmann日 前

    Why not use platinum

  22. Nekosea Trotter

    Nekosea Trotter日 前

    Now do NLE Choppa

  23. Ryan Granato

    Ryan Granato日 前

    So if you take a bite of cheddar while wearing grills, is it now grilled cheese?

  24. Bread Master

    Bread Master日 前

    Idk ANYTHING about grills and never will want them. But I have some questions: Are the grills like glued to ur teeth? Can you eat with grills? How did grills even become a thing? Why are grills ugly? (Joke) Is it annoying to have them in your mouth?

  25. HPG GOD

    HPG GOD日 前

    Isn’t this the jeweler that scammed 69 😭😂😂

  26. BlitzG21

    BlitzG21日 前

    😂😂 you know sapphires can be clear, like diamonds. So most likely they are all sapphire and no diamonds. I’m talking about the thumbnail

  27. Elliot N

    Elliot N日 前

    Nothing expert looks at grills (me): What's the point... Looks weird to me

  28. Pascal Bourdon

    Pascal Bourdon日 前

    4:29 My main goal is to blow up and act like i don't know nobody Argh argh argh argh

  29. Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood

    Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood日 前

    I got 7 front teeth knocked out in a wreck now I got 16 14k permanent golds except 7 are removable lol expensive denture but it's very uncomfortable getting your real teeth shaved I hated that part. Now I'm a handsome overweight white fella with a gold mouth

  30. Rashad Chapman

    Rashad Chapman日 前

    How can you tell the difference between fake and real diamonds by observation alone?

  31. Redneck TV

    Redneck TV2 日 前

    “Every one wants them, everyone loves them” nah I’ll stick with my normal teeth and my trucks

  32. Lemon Tyler

    Lemon Tyler2 日 前

    I got that gum rapper grill

  33. JordaNobody

    JordaNobody2 日 前

    tashnyc lol

  34. Leon Louis

    Leon Louis2 日 前

    This guy looks and sounds like Tony Fergurson if he wasn't so crazy

  35. Dylan

    Dylan2 日 前

    johnny dang = 🐐

  36. TXNA .J

    TXNA .J2 日 前

    Is he gunna drop his skin care routine or... 😅

  37. MGGR Psycho

    MGGR Psycho3 日 前

    Since when is Tony Ferguson a jewellery expert??

  38. Stephen Bennett

    Stephen Bennett3 日 前

    Grillz are so ugly, change my mind

  39. Tyler Bradley

    Tyler Bradley3 日 前

    Welcome to another episode of why is this in my recommended

  40. Julian Morales

    Julian Morales3 日 前

    me thinking how much does he get paid he is a dentist and a jewler

  41. jj a

    jj a3 日 前

    Lil yucky with a fruity pebbles mouth😂😅

  42. Bum Sweat

    Bum Sweat3 日 前

    Wait, what mall does this dude shop at?

  43. ProjectCrimson

    ProjectCrimson4 日 前

    Lil Wayne has weird braces

  44. OMEGA-P _74

    OMEGA-P _744 日 前

    Pharrell flossin' his LGBT Grillz. Same with Tekashi 69, Lil Yatchi, and the rest.

  45. lucy f

    lucy f4 日 前

    he looked so unimpressed when holding out the grills for a montage

  46. Tre lll

    Tre lll4 日 前

    Niggah said piranha 😂😂

  47. Elite_shadowZ

    Elite_shadowZ5 日 前

    Blood gets blue teeth

  48. LouLou

    LouLou5 日 前

    Fancy retainers

  49. Rezic

    Rezic5 日 前

    I’ve actually met Paul wall at hungry Howie’s

  50. Sr.Biggie

    Sr.Biggie5 日 前

    I didn't even know how many celebrities wore grills.

  51. sk8punk318

    sk8punk3185 日 前

    Lol riff raff is so ridiculous

  52. handsome salik

    handsome salik6 日 前

    post malone?

  53. Shan Shan229

    Shan Shan2296 日 前

    Trippie Redd teeth done blew me. What the shark teeth is going on DAYUM in my MARTIN LAWRENCE voice DAYUM MAN🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Blaine Whatman

    Blaine Whatman6 日 前

    Do people actually eat while wearing a grill ?

  55. Necro XI

    Necro XI6 日 前

    Notice how no lyrical rappers have grills

  56. BetterThanLuca

    BetterThanLuca7 日 前

    fun fact : lil Wayne doesn't have a grill , its actually diamonds that he had put into his actual teeth , idk if this guy knew that

  57. Unknownz

    Unknownz7 日 前

    Imagine bitting your tongue with these >~

  58. Red Bap

    Red Bap7 日 前

    7:17 did any body peep the these ppl part

  59. ShowNoLove187

    ShowNoLove1877 日 前

    Trax is a oaxaco fuxk that foo

  60. Matt Starter

    Matt Starter7 日 前

    Dude is he’s he was Johnny Dang, 713 Htown

  61. Jay N

    Jay N7 日 前

    God I hate rap culture these days