Jessica bosses her Audition! | The Greatest Dancer | Auditions Week 4


  1. XxxBella MoonxxX

    XxxBella MoonxxX4 日 前

    Can anyone tell me what this song is called please

  2. Khenzani Myers

    Khenzani Myers12 日 前

    Somebody taking dancehall abroad and people a shun it ayard. I wonder if she going to show different themes shown in dancehall if she uses another dancehall song?

  3. Marilyn Clarke

    Marilyn Clarke21 日 前

    Hi Todrick Hall, how's every little thing going?

  4. peter pan

    peter pan22 日 前

    Some please let me know the music Jessica is dancing too?Many thanks..

  5. peter pan

    peter pan22 日 前

    OK... I got it now.........

  6. Gold Rose

    Gold Rose22 日 前

    Great flexible dance with the afro theme , and this song has been played so much in ads LOL .

  7. PokeMe

    PokeMe22 日 前

    I seen better afro dancer. Sis is not as flexible and didn't do much

  8. craig bryson

    craig bryson22 日 前

    This show would be better if the director spent less time showing the judges and presenters and those annoying nobodies ( who are miked up for some reason)in the audience rather than the competitors

  9. Blast Thunder

    Blast Thunder22 日 前

    craig bryson and you can so tell they’re told what to say.

  10. Sophie Fisk

    Sophie Fisk22 日 前

    Ayeeee! I love that

  11. Misimatoka Stanley

    Misimatoka Stanley20 日 前

    Exactly jimin