jeremy zucker & chelsea cutler - you were good to me // lyrics


  1. Cloudy

    Cloudy年 前

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  2. Dunia Caballero

    Dunia Caballero5 日 前

    @maisie 1217 que

  3. Natasha Clare Doherty

    Natasha Clare Doherty7 日 前

    @maisie 1217 p

  4. Reaona Huff

    Reaona Huff12 日 前

    Right 🥺I miss someone real badd

  5. Guli Rose

    Guli Rose15 日 前


  6. Snoopy W

    Snoopy W15 日 前

    Edith Hernandez not wrong person wrong body type. I mean I’m not a boy

  7. Brandy Henry

    Brandy Henry21 分 前

    I just discovered this song on a random spotify playlist, it made me cry like a bitch because it reminds me of my ex.

  8. Shiloh Thurston

    Shiloh Thurston4 時間 前

    Who's crying while listening to this :/ life sucks

  9. hey harry

    hey harry4 時間 前

    "Leaving isn't better than trying" But I'm tired of trying

  10. Leah Basya

    Leah Basya6 時間 前

    This song just made me have so many flashbacks about how I had a best friend for 3 years and then when he became popular I just became invisible to him like I was a nobody anymore. He only comes to me when he is upset and thats only once a month. I hate losing someone like him

  11. French Duck

    French Duck5 時間 前

    Sorry to hear that. I can talk if you need or want to :)

  12. CODE One

    CODE One7 時間 前

    This song kinda reminds me of Richie and Eddie from it...

  13. UnWAnTeD Phsyco

    UnWAnTeD Phsyco7 時間 前

    I love this but it reminds me of my grandad who I never got to see RIP grandad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. UnWAnTeD Phsyco

    UnWAnTeD Phsyco7 時間 前


  15. Ambitious Peanut

    Ambitious Peanut8 時間 前

    The only person I had to talk to doesn't even read my messages anymore. What a waste of energy. Now I'm literally crying waiting for her to help me, like how I done for her. I think my situation is to complicated for her to help me. As soon I was getting better it just went down hill and now I have no one who understands me.

  16. Choclate Tart

    Choclate Tart8 時間 前

    I’m really down cuz this person that means a lot to me who I’ve know my whole life how means they world to me doesn’t even care anymore

  17. Broken Lives

    Broken Lives8 時間 前

    I want this to be played at my funeral I'm a depressed and suicidal person and every time I listen to this song, it reminds my of the good friends I had. They all tried to cheer me up but I am so stubborn and I pushed them away. This song describes my life so much

  18. Myla Richey

    Myla Richey9 時間 前

    I had the man of my dreams and everything was going perfect, until he just suddenly broke up with me. It hurts. It really hurts

  19. Dylanthe_alphawolf

    Dylanthe_alphawolf10 時間 前

    I'm thinking of my brothers who passed away in 2015

  20. Peyton Chipotle

    Peyton Chipotle12 時間 前

    Who else is crying when they listen to this song... just me....

  21. Loki O'Brien

    Loki O'Brien15 時間 前

    Imagine..just looking out your window and seeing everything just being perfect how amazing would that be like just imagine...💙🦋🥺

  22. Brandi Cuellar

    Brandi Cuellar日 前

    I have been broken some many times in life I got used to it but when I lost my bestfriend of 8 years I got hurt again. She ment everything to me and I lay in bed and cry every night over's hard losing someone you know but losing someone you grew up with hurts even worse.

  23. ian gasco

    ian gasco日 前

    i don't wanna grow up and leave my friends and family.....

  24. Jayla Johnson

    Jayla Johnson日 前

    It's crazy how To You can relate to depressing songs🤦🏽‍♀️ this Quarantine is making me go crazy my mental health is getting higher and higher🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. Lunarr

    Lunarr日 前

    Only listening to this song because it's good not because I'm sad

  26. Lee Kids

    Lee Kids日 前

    Favorint song

  27. Aubree Good

    Aubree Good日 前

    You have any other way around the world

  28. Jenna Summers

    Jenna Summers日 前

    ik its easier to run after everthing ive done but u were good to me yeah u were good to me (how i feel)

  29. nur soffiyah faizal

    nur soffiyah faizal日 前

    Hi guys, I'm going through something hard right now. I lost a group of friends a month ago, and even though there are people who care for me I'm still hurting. They hurt me and I have apologized because they claim I hurt them but it's clear that they don't like me anymore now. I feel so alone and I'm mad because I know I deserve better.Please help me have the strength,because I want to move on but it's hard.

  30. Ava Bearshak

    Ava Bearshak22 時間 前

    Trust me, you are never alone. I might be I complete stranger but I will always be there for you. Keep going! I believe in you!💪🏽

  31. Ellen B

    Ellen B日 前

    I will be with you along the road, dont let go, we are all here for you and will always be

  32. ᪥Čůťý pįē᪥

    ᪥Čůťý pįē᪥日 前

    I'm tired of living Sick of trying But here I am still standing

  33. Rebecca Grade

    Rebecca Grade2 日 前

    😭😭😭😔😔😣😣😖😫😩🥺🥺🥺 who is thinking of you gf/bf and don’t want to never lose them 🥺😰

  34. Sauceberry

    Sauceberry2 日 前

    You were the first man in my life who didn’t hurt me, who welcomed me with open arms. Who made me feel safe, secure, and loved. The first to make me feel warm and fuzzy, comfortable inside of my own body, the same body that’s been hurt and objectified so many times. The first person I thought about and smiled. The first person that could make me blush, the first who could make my solidified walls come down. You took me, fixed me- only to *break* me, and leave me worse than before. You left my hopes and belief in humanity crushed, and made it so I could no longer trust. I barely leave my room, and spend most of my hours crying, or sleeping. Because sleeping is the closest thing I have to death. Anyways, I hope you’re proud. You took a broken girl, fixed her up, and cracked her all over again. And now, these scars are irreversible.

  35. Emily Marsden

    Emily Marsden2 日 前

    I have 2 tickets to go see a loved one that has passed away who's coming cuz you props dont have long before I'm gone I will edit this every week I'm still alive so If I dont update it one week then I'm sorry but I'm props gone

  36. Darianaplays roblox

    Darianaplays roblox2 日 前

    What does it mean if I want to be sad

  37. Khadija B

    Khadija B2 日 前

    *i'm so used to letting go...but i don't wanna be alone*

  38. taejin is the realest

    taejin is the realest2 日 前

    Why I'm not even a second choice? :) What do i lack? I'm still inlove with you...but you don't care..but you were good to me :))

  39. StephxTea

    StephxTea2 日 前

    this song rly does hit different at 2AM..

  40. Mckayla Steagall

    Mckayla Steagall2 日 前

    Just lost my best friend... I wish i still had my best friend :'((..

  41. Valerie Robles

    Valerie Robles2 日 前

    I feel like I can’t talk to anyone because my mom is always working and my dad doesn’t even care about me, if I close my door to my room my mom screams at me like if she can’t trust me.

  42. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody2 日 前

    I have this guilt that's killing me slowly and it's hard for me to move on from it. I was the main reason a girl tried to kill herself. She was still crazy in love with me. I don't wanna share too much but she's alive and well now. She's gotten help and I live with that guilt everyday. It's hard for me and I'm scared to date other girls in fear. She is my soulmate and I took her for granted. I'm sorry.. I'm glad she's forgiven me but I can't forgive myself and I'm going to take that guilt to my grave. I'm still in love with her til this day. Her and I talked about so much and I haven't had that kind of relationship or bond with any other girl aside from her.. I will be forever sorry. I'm just glad she's alive and well. Please everyone be careful with human feelings because they are fragile. I realized I did wrong to her and I wish wish wish I could prove it to her but it will won't happen. She still loves me because we were each others first loves as well. I'm just sorry.. Edit: her love was pure for me and I took it for granted. I miss her so much. I just wanna kiss and her hold so much. I never want to let go of her if she was in my arms. I'd glue her to me if I could.. I truly love her..

  43. Della Mwiza

    Della Mwiza3 日 前

    Am there for them but they are never there when I need them haha

  44. maliyah 2 pelts

    maliyah 2 pelts3 日 前


  45. maliyah 2 pelts

    maliyah 2 pelts3 日 前

    Rip gigi and

  46. Kaylee Lewis

    Kaylee Lewis3 日 前

    Dear my boyfriend.. I know you won't see this, but I love you so much and I don't know what I would do without you. Ur my sweetheart my best friend. And I don't know-how I would love a life where you don't exist. Without you I wouldn't matter in this world anymore. I love you Soo much baby♥️♥️♥️

  47. Tater Yohn

    Tater Yohn3 日 前

    I love this song and I listen to this song every day

  48. Scriunge6u T

    Scriunge6u T3 日 前

    Why does the quarantine feel like it’s making everyone depressed even the ones that weren’t is there something happening that we don’t know about that’s making us like this ..?

  49. Seti Seti

    Seti Seti3 日 前

    You were good to me....



    I just wonder how? How we are supposed to be in pain... Because of some people who left us in the middle? Left us broken.. At the moment we needed them most? It feels awful but it's okay! 😐 It's okay... It's just life.... This is the price of loving someone...who does not care about feelings... You know? He was good to me! He was everything.. And it's my fault that I care too much.. I hurt myself more than they hurt me before... He was good to me! Yeaaah 😔 💔🙂

  51. Diane Tagulao

    Diane Tagulao3 日 前

    “Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened” -Dr. Seuss

  52. Gaming With Maddi

    Gaming With Maddi3 日 前

    Idk if it's just me but you know that feeling f wanting to cry but you just can't? Yet you feel the tears and nose is burning..? No? Ok just me ✋😞✌

  53. Dean Montgomery

    Dean Montgomery3 日 前

    oh so you're depressed? me too, pass the bottle

  54. MKomac 09

    MKomac 092 日 前

    Thats literally how i forget things sometimes

  55. Jason Janes

    Jason Janes3 日 前

    you were good to me but now your gone and now i feel like killing myself because of how much you hurt me i was so happy with you but now you are gone

  56. nadia songs

    nadia songs4 日 前

    Who’s here in July?!?

  57. Cheetah Drawz

    Cheetah Drawz4 日 前

    Since uh things- and my best friend won't see this because he doesn't listen to music like this (I'm not sure if he even listens to music in general tbh) I don't feel uncomfortable writing this... So first off, we both liked each other on and off. Most times, he'd like someone else for a little while then he'd come back to me. And some times, (like now,) he just feels uncomfortable. Since this stupid quarantine started, I didn't think we'd stay together much longer. Then, we started texting. We texted the usual questions like, "How are you?" and "How's your quarantine going?". One day while we were texting questions to each other out of boredom, my stupid self asked, "Are we still 'friends'" He would indicate that we were "friends" when we were talking to each other at school so no one knew we liked each other. (Because as most people are in schools, they make a big deal about it and tell everyone) Anyways, as I waited for a response I just kept praying and praying that he'd say yes, but sadly he replied with, "No. I just feel too uncomfortable." That's when I lost it. I started tearing up but never cried. I hugged my dog tight and finally replied back with, "Okay, that's fine..." Since then, I've been on the computer drawing and animating to keep my mind off of it. So far, it's been working. But, being distracted doesn't change the truth sadly. We've texted each other a lot and then he met my cousin. He's been drawing more attention to her lately, which I'm glad he found new friends but I don't know... All I can do is pray, though. Anyways that's the end of my little vent there. Thanks for reading this if you did

  58. TY800N

    TY800N4 日 前

    During this quarantine my girlfriend broke up with me, and a few days after that my mom took my sister and I down to go see some family. We were there for about a month and it helped more than I thought it could. She just stopped loving me and broke it off. Ever since then she has been a little toxic so I just blocked her. It hurt a lot but I had to do it.

  59. Nekota desu

    Nekota desu4 日 前

    Lying, isn't better than silence Floating, but I feel like I'm dying Still no matter where I go At the end of every road You were good to me You were good to me, yeah I know it's easier to run After everything I've done You were good to me You were good to me You were good to me You were good to me Leaving, isn't better than trying Growing, but I'm just growing tired Now I'm worried for my soul And I'm still scared of growing old You were good to me You were good to me, yeah And I'm so used to letting go But I don't wanna be alone You were good to me You were good to me, yeah, oh God only knows, where our fears go Hearts I've broke, now my tears flow You'll see, that I'm sorry 'Cause you were good to me You were good to me And now I'm closing every door 'Cause I'm sick of wanting more You were good to me You were good to me, yeah Swear I'm different than before I won't hurt you anymore 'Cause you were good to me

  60. Sammy S

    Sammy S4 日 前

    The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them, knowing you can’t have them. :(

  61. Megan Priester

    Megan Priester4 日 前

    I had someone that was good to me and I've lost him from him doing something to me that broke my heart I lost him but I've gotten over it and my heart is back together and who ever is out there that is in this kind of situation needs to move on with your life and live the best of it

  62. anewaustralianfan attitude girl

    anewaustralianfan attitude girl4 日 前

    Everyone here thinks of a person and here I am of thinking about my emotions *hope, happiness* uno if you pretend so such you will actually believe it's true so ... ♡♡

  63. Nxtalie

    Nxtalie4 日 前

    “I know it’s easier to run” That hits so hard! :/

  64. claudia lopez

    claudia lopez4 日 前

    im sorry i failed you im sorry i wasnt good enough im sorry for loving you and meaning it but i hope she makes you happy and takes care of my bb i said i love you and so did too but i catually did mean it man its fine ik i only exsisted when you needed me shes really perfect like you want sorry i wasnt enough.

  65. Isidro Herrera

    Isidro Herrera4 日 前

    So is this song about how the person messed up and they realize it?

  66. Maybe Ary

    Maybe Ary4 日 前

    what a shitty song

  67. Elise Chau

    Elise Chau5 日 前

    Search or rain sounds, and cry your eyes out, because of how beautiful this is. :)

  68. _BuzzBeezz_

    _BuzzBeezz_5 日 前

    My parents are on the front lines of the pandemic and everyday is a day where they have to go and be exposed to all of it. To keep me safe they sent me to my grandparents house so that if they got sick then they wouldn’t have to expose it to me. I have been with grandmother for over five months now. Every day is harder and harder, I miss my parents so much and worry for them every day even though they are working hard to save our community. You don’t know how much you have and how much something means to you until it’s gone. Please stay safe out there everyone!! For yourself and for others!! Thankyou...

  69. Nxtalie

    Nxtalie4 日 前

    Stay safe! I know your parents want you to do so!

  70. Melody Sandoval

    Melody Sandoval5 日 前

    Every ONE says that songs like this are sad but these songs make me feel better😊

  71. Toastie

    Toastie5 日 前

    0:36 .. 🥺

  72. Ilsa Naveed

    Ilsa Naveed5 日 前

    my online best friend..he said he didn't wanna be my friend anymore it hurts so I know what it feels to be heartbroken

  73. Chloe Horner

    Chloe Horner5 日 前

    2 favirote songs from Jeremy Zucker 1:You were good to me 2:All the kids are depressed

  74. Abbie- peaches

    Abbie- peaches5 日 前

    I’ve listened to this about 100 times now but I don’t cear because he called me names I will never forgive he broke my hart this song I love it so much 😭😪😭😭😭😪but is going to take some time for me to get over him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  75. Taye Reiss

    Taye Reiss5 日 前

    So I just broke up with a girl... I’m only fourteen, and I know it’s young but she talked about marriage an awful lot. All her friends aren’t mad yet they’re just in complete shock that I did it, they didn’t see it coming I guess. She sent me this song and then said “goodbye.” I hope I didn’t hurt her too badly cause she is an amazing person and I don’t want her to be scared to love someone else, cause she brightens the life of everyone around her and she deserves to have someone who’s sole purpose is to make her happy. How can I make sure she gets over me quick? I don’t think I can talk to her directly anymore, but is there someway I can ask her Friends to help her? Or is Time the only solution?

  76. sadpeachy

    sadpeachy5 日 前

    "God only knows where our fears go"

  77. BlxckRøsesGåçhå Qûęęn

    BlxckRøsesGåçhå Qûęęn5 日 前

    Does cutting hurt....?💔

  78. Aidan Callies

    Aidan Callies4 日 前

    Depends on how your pain threshold is. If you just dont care and can handle the pain, it should only hurt for a second, but if you are just a little sensitive, it could just sting for a while.... How do I know?? i did it....

  79. Brianna Raigoza

    Brianna Raigoza6 日 前

    Hahaha got cheated on 😔

  80. Living With Liahh

    Living With Liahh6 日 前

    I cry everytime

  81. Boodababe816

    Boodababe8166 日 前

    ❤You were good to me!❤

  82. Ellelis Parrott

    Ellelis Parrott6 日 前

    "u were good to me" said no one ever

  83. Alexandra Herron

    Alexandra Herron6 日 前

    Its stated that this whole Epidemic will last the entire year. Sucks to know this is going to be history and be told down to our future kids😪

  84. Deborah Yu

    Deborah Yu6 日 前

    I like this song

  85. Amina Yousuf

    Amina Yousuf6 日 前

    I need someone so that I can hug them and cry my heart out and.. and tell them that IM NOT OKAY

  86. Shoelace

    Shoelace6 日 前

    It's hard to accept that you're depressed, you won't believe yourself. Not even if you follow all of the symptoms. You still won't accept because it's a horrible thing that God gave you to make you stronger. The Devil doubted your strength, God allowed him to test you. Prove the Devil wrong, show him you're strong. And that this is only making you stronger.

  87. Catherine Flores

    Catherine Flores6 日 前

    Anyone else listening to this after they just had to rehome their dog :(

  88. Lil Lady Phoenix

    Lil Lady Phoenix6 日 前

    "The worst thing about loving someone is that you could loose them" -Elena Gibert P.S i dont think she said it like that i forget what she said but yeah

  89. Day IT

    Day IT4 日 前

    TVD vibes. Mannn, I miss that show! The actors and actresses and directors struck gold. Did you hear there will be a season 9? I saw it online on my feed, but did not click it just in case it was simple click-bait.

  90. Abigail De guzman

    Abigail De guzman6 日 前

    "and I'm so used to letting go but I don't wanna be alone"

  91. Raylene Gonzalez

    Raylene Gonzalez6 日 前


  92. Josie Queen

    Josie Queen6 日 前

    It’s been 6 long years since I’ve seen my brother. It feels like yesterday... He’s not dead but he’s not around anymore. I understand a bit, why he left us. To personal to share that part. But I love you so much, where ever you are. I hope you are safe and doing well. Gosh, memories of my childhood and being so proud I had such an awesome brother are flooding in. Gosh I miss you. To think that millions have seen this and you could be one of them... I love you Zachary Morales

  93. justmeplayingroblox

    justmeplayingroblox7 日 前

    hey guys so i wanted to tell you a story.. i know it dosent go with the song but whatever so one day i went over my cousins house bc i was bored and so we went outside to play a game or whatever and then i was like what if you try picking me up? they said youto fat one of them said and pathetic.. i started laughing and said thx.. her older sister diddent give to craps.. so yeah