Japanese Miso Soup with Tofu Recipe


  1. Hester Lai

    Hester Lai17 日 前

    Why can’t we boil the tofu first then turn off the fire and add in the miso paste last?

  2. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living17 日 前

    great idea!

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    Excellent video

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    Why no dashi?

  6. Elijah Hassan

    Elijah Hassanヶ月 前

    Is this vegetarian?

  7. Nick

    Nick25 日 前

    Elijah Hassan Yup miso is usually made with soybean, some rice or barley and salt

  8. Ryan Loftus

    Ryan Loftusヶ月 前

    No dashi?

  9. SoCal Gal

    SoCal Gal2 ヶ月 前

    Where do you purchase Japanese Miso? Im in Arizona.

  10. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living2 ヶ月 前

    Asian super markets, health food stores like Whole Foods or online

  11. merlyn Falcon

    merlyn Falcon3 ヶ月 前

    Ohayo gozaimasu 😄 woow it nice i miss that soup and thank you for sharing your video...arigatou gozaimasu

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    you're welcome

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    aregatou gozaimasu for sharing the recipe

  14. Sheryl Pangilinan

    Sheryl Pangilinan4 ヶ月 前

    What is that the brown one?

  15. ilham khayafi

    ilham khayafi5 ヶ月 前

    No pork is good

  16. Tulin Palmeri

    Tulin Palmeri6 ヶ月 前

    How long can you store it for & do you lose the healthy enzymes when reheating? Any reheating suggestions?

  17. Jolina Villaruel

    Jolina Villaruel年 前

    In phil. We add fish. Its delicious too

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    Sinigang sa miso 😛😛😛

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    *The Koreans Have Their Own But Don’t Get That* Lol



    I was gonna Say that too🤣🤣

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    Kingdom Letters I about died!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I am from Korea and when I heard that I about fell out of my chair... ^0^

  22. Strawberry Pumpkin

    Strawberry Pumpkin年 前

    I don't have any idea where to buy the miso paste

  23. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living年 前

    Asian market or health market or online

  24. Lilliana Mendozaa

    Lilliana Mendozaa年 前

    Is Japanese miso come in white, red or yellow?? Or is it just one type?

  25. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living年 前

    I've seen in white and yellow, not so much red

  26. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford年 前

    What about the katsuobushi?

  27. Fatal Pain

    Fatal Pain年 前

    Koreans: Triggereddddddd

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    +1 for easy to cook veggy dish.

  29. Norma Karina

    Norma Karina年 前

    Can you please tell me which shampoo you use for your hair?

  30. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living年 前

    I change but I use ones with no sulfate in them.

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  33. Alberto Zaffonato

    Alberto Zaffonato年 前

    Adding miso like that made me cry

  34. Hsusgt 22

    Hsusgt 22年 前

    Its an easy and not complicated miso soup that i been looking for thanks to you 😍

  35. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living年 前

    you're welcome. Yes, it's simple yet has lots of flavor.

  36. Antonio Martinez

    Antonio Martinez年 前

    Beautiful job the soup looks delish !

  37. Luciana Borinato

    Luciana Borinato年 前

    I'm learning to cook Japanese food, and I've been putting wakame in my miso soup, is it wrong? Thank you very much. :)

  38. Workout Meals idea

    Workout Meals idea年 前

    Hi 👋🏻.. i like you so much actually bc i feel so good with ur acts ill cook this for dinner and let u know the results

  39. Nina Perez

    Nina Perez年 前

    I make it with spinach and tofu but I love how delightful u are mam

  40. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living年 前

    I also add spinach sometimes! There is a soup call "shikumshi kuk" which means spinach soup in Korean and they use miso for soup base and add spinach

  41. Joseph Holder

    Joseph Holder年 前

    She seems so sweet

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    mohit gupta2 年 前

    was amazing , thanks

  43. mohit gupta

    mohit gupta2 年 前

    Actually I love Japan Country very much and so i am very eager to know all the things related to your country, from India

  44. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living2 年 前

    you're welcome

  45. GreenBarbie5

    GreenBarbie52 年 前

    Thank you! Your explanations were wonderful and your steps were very clear. I can't wait to give it a try. But, how do we know it is a Japanese brand of miso paste?

  46. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living2 年 前

    Usually there is Japanese writing on it. Just get the miso that is light in color and that is what they use for miso soup

  47. BigDaddy Lee

    BigDaddy Lee2 年 前

    Thank goodness for dashi sub'!

  48. marzia chaity

    marzia chaity2 年 前

    Can I preserve the broth ?

  49. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living2 年 前

    Yes, you can freeze it too

  50. Diana L. Clausen

    Diana L. Clausen2 年 前

    I love cooking with tofu but I hear so much negativity about our American tofu; how it's grown, processed and packaged. Please advise what kind of tofu to purchase and where.. Should I just look for organic? How about those delicious pkgs. of fried tofu cakes? Thank you so much. Diana/Chicago Namaste.

  51. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living2 年 前

    Yes, I only buy organic because most tofu is GMO. They sell them at all Asian markets and I would get the firm to medium firm for miso soup. They also sell tofu on health food markets like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc. and I believe they sell them online now.

  52. Rinka687 Runescape

    Rinka687 Runescape2 年 前

    so watched chef ramsy do this but he kept boiling the miso an adding the ingredients my mouth dropped alot of pple laughed at him cause yr not suppose to do that

  53. Jocy Tisay

    Jocy Tisay2 年 前

    Thank you.. Now i know how to cook miso soup.. 👍❤😍 #favorite ❤❤

  54. Roopa Rajesh

    Roopa Rajesh2 年 前

    Hi moon , what do you do with carrots and onions???

  55. Cindy Moore

    Cindy Moore2 年 前

    Roopa Agadi You could purée them and add to a soup or sauce. I’ve also just mashed them, seasoned and eaten them as a side dish or snack.

  56. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living2 年 前

    Roopa Agadi good question. I throw them out 😊💚

  57. Eric Thomas

    Eric Thomas2 年 前

    Dang she straight dissed Koreans oh snap is that a declorations of war is this the miso war of 2017 MWW 1(miso world war) Korea's bout to break out the miso of mass destructions take it bacc lady take it bacc

  58. Hunter Southon

    Hunter Southon2 年 前

    This is great, I was trying to find a replacement for fish stock because I don't like fish, I do prefer seaweed over scallions in miso personally, this is really helpful thanks😄

  59. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living2 年 前

    you're welcome

  60. Jilian F. Jones

    Jilian F. Jones2 年 前

    Wait - there is like nothing fishy in it right? Ohhh I'm so glad because I always wanted to try Miso but I don't like and don't eat anything with fish! 🙏🏻 Thank you so so soooo much!! 😻🙏🏻💗

  61. Op Gaming

    Op Gamingヶ月 前

    There is usually dashi(fish broth) in miso soup but you can make it however you want but i prefer mine with dashi

  62. Fun Bun

    Fun Bun2 年 前

    This is my first time making miso soup so I m really excited for a new taste. 💪

  63. MrSophia1

    MrSophia12 年 前

    Japan ppl NEVER cooking Miso ... that is never orginale ..

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    AniJarPlus Lord2 年 前

    miss u over do it

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    transj3 年 前

    I just found your channel! I am so happy I did😀 you are so professional, love your content! You remind me of a Korean version of Martha Stewart -totally a compliment by the way💚

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    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

    thank you so much. Glad the videos are helping you.

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  68. Omori Shiho

    Omori Shiho3 年 前

    I think Japanese don't take that way. They use Dashi soup ...

  69. Linda Kasuya

    Linda Kasuya2 年 前

    Omori Shiho, Your comment is embarrassingly obvious, Japanese people predominately use dashi stock for their miso soup. Therefore this video is based on the alternative to using dashi stock, which I believe is a fantastic skill to learn!

  70. Catty Girl

    Catty Girl2 年 前

    Omori Shiho yeah, I think everybody knows that Japanese people use dashi...

  71. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

    yes, I made my own version. I change recipes as I like them, but please feel free to use dashi.

  72. esquibelle

    esquibelle3 年 前

    Love miso soup. I dissolve miso paste into a couple of cups of hot broth in separate bowl. Then add tofu to pot and bring to a boil. Then add dissolved miso & chopped scallions and bring to high heat w/o boiling. This way miso is never boiled. BTW -- What do you do w/leftover boiled carrots and onion? These can be cooled and later chopped and used in salad. I always find a way to use every bit of food that is edible. :)

  73. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

    esquibelle sounds wonderful!! ❤😊

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    hmmmm...yummm. . one of my fave:-)

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    awesome video thanks

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    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

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  77. Iskandarsyah Zulkarnaen

    Iskandarsyah Zulkarnaen3 年 前

    Interesting you dont use dashi for the soup. Thanks for sharing.

  78. Fray Jay

    Fray Jay5 ヶ月 前

    Yin & Yang Living like me

  79. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

    yes, I do but this recipe is for people who have a hard time getting dashi

  80. kennetta Wright

    kennetta Wright3 年 前

    mmm i love miso

  81. kennetta Wright

    kennetta Wright3 年 前

    cool thank u

  82. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

    Here's another miso recipe! Spinach in miso: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-9-0i6f7kbek.html

  83. Ale A

    Ale A3 年 前

    Just finished making your recipe, it came out delicious, I just added mushrooms to mine. Thank you for your video 💖

  84. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

    You're welcome and I like that you added the mushroom 😀❤️

  85. XxMalaboo

    XxMalaboo3 年 前

    I tried this recipe with hachi miso, I didn't like it too much. However the stock was good and I left the carrots in. I guess it really depends on the type of miso used.

  86. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

    Yes different miso produces different flavored. However, you may just not like miso. I love it cause I grew up eating it but some people don't like the taste of miso.

  87. Mena D Love

    Mena D Love3 年 前

    how does tofu taste cause everytime I go to Walmart I see it and I want to get it can you eat it by it self

  88. Diana L. Clausen

    Diana L. Clausen2 年 前

    Would love your recipe for bean & brown rice. Please. Thank you, Diana/Chicago

  89. Hunter Southon

    Hunter Southon2 年 前

    Mena D Love something I love is having tofu in a mix bean and brown rice dish with teriyaki sauce over top, it's a lunch dish my nana makes, it tastes amazing, another tofu dish she makes is roasted chickpeas, tofu and soy sauce, it's simple to make and tastes great😄

  90. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前

    Tofu has no real flavor. The texture is soft. Yes, you can it it by itself, but we always add flavoring cause the taste is plain. Try it and see if you like it by itself.

  91. Its your Boi ajaay

    Its your Boi ajaay3 年 前

    I love the the positive attitude through out the whole video, and the food looks fantastic.

  92. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living3 年 前


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    Enzymes are not living things...

  94. Sara

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    But enzymes can stop working at high temperatures. Don't be such a smart ass. Enjoy the video for the content she brings.

  95. mark bienvenu

    mark bienvenu4 年 前

    T2tigger she said in the video that she is simmering the tofu and stallings,she's just warming it yp

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    Oh yummy simmered "stallions."

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    Hi Moon, I am learning so much from your channel about asian cooking and health tips I just wanted to say thank you!

  99. MaivNyiaj Vaj

    MaivNyiaj Vaj5 年 前

    You said don't boil the miso but you turned the flame back on after the tofu. Wouldn't it make more sense to boil the tofu before you put the miso in so the tofu can be cooked?

  100. rias

    riasヶ月 前

    @Yin & Yang Living Aaah, okay, that makes sense. Thank you so much. Everything you do is so delicious.

  101. rias

    riasヶ月 前

    That's what I was thinking. I thought miso was to be added at the end (after turning off the fire) once the spring onions and tofu are cooked.

  102. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living5 年 前

    @t2tigger I meant to say not to continuously boil the miso. If you boil it for like 10 seconds, it's fine. Your idea of boiling the tofu first is a good one. Carmelo, yes, boil liquid and turn off flame and then add miso.

  103. Carmelo Santini

    Carmelo Santini5 年 前

    @yingandyangliving Would you get more health benefit if you did the miso very last while it was cooling from a boil? I like your videos by the way!

  104. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living5 年 前

    Yes, but it is best to make the broth first before you add anything. What I meant to say is that after you place the tofu in the broth, then just bring it back up to boil for a very short time, like 30 seconds, and it should be fine. Just do not continue to boil for too long.

  105. roguebot

    roguebot5 年 前

    This looks delicious! Your channel deserves more recognition. You're awesome :)

  106. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living5 年 前

    Yes, and thank you. I have received that same comment before. It is because I do not market my channel. You can have the best thing out there, but if it is not marketed or publicized, then people do not know about it. Thank you!

  107. Cynthia Hartley

    Cynthia Hartley6 年 前

    This recipe is not written down in the newsletter. Can you write it down here, please? Love your site!!

  108. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living6 年 前

    Hi Cynthia! I posted this recipe on my website! You can access it here! www.yingandyangliving.com/videos/japanese-miso-soup-tofu/

  109. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living6 年 前

    HI Cynthia! Yes, I have not posted the video on my website, which I will be doing soon. However, I did post it below the video here on JPreporter. It says "Ingredients" and "Instructions"

  110. berecabello73

    berecabello736 年 前

    Oh my! I love miso soup! I'm so trying this. Thank you sooo much for making this video. ;)

  111. Yin & Yang Living

    Yin & Yang Living6 年 前

    You're welcome. Miso is healthy for you too!