James Corden: It's Time for Change in the US


  1. The Late Late Show with James Corden

    The Late Late Show with James Cordenヶ月 前

    "How can the black community dismantle a problem that they didn't create?"


    YIWEI TANG4 日 前

    Yeah I get bullied in the public and I think not only black amaricain being hurt but Asian American too !!! Wake up white people

  3. Evan

    Evan12 日 前


  4. MusicIsMyMotor

    MusicIsMyMotor13 日 前

    What does your staff look like? Do you have equitable pay and representation on staff? How about among your guests? Will you stop harassing the drummer for godsakes?! How often do you reflect on how far white privilege got you in this career? Do you advocate for changes at CBS? Change starts with you.

  5. Adellya Lakshita

    Adellya Lakshita14 日 前

    Yeaa!! Tell’em

  6. Elle Catt

    Elle Catt21 日 前

    Angel Landaverde oppoooooooo

  7. Elvis Rojas

    Elvis Rojas11 時間 前

    You are a whole bunch of clowns. America’s problem is not racism is the media and the liberals elite. You guys are the devils children

  8. hrvoje borzic

    hrvoje borzic22 時間 前

    Whos been lying? To whoom is he insinuating? Can some1 explain? Im not sure I like that part

  9. Spookychris01

    Spookychris01日 前

    I wonder if James has seen the figures for white people murdered by other races in the U.S. ? Guessing not.

  10. Pro Life

    Pro Life日 前

    Who made you and every other self proclaimed celebrities the right to make statements regarding the livelihood of true American people (of all races) that love this country died and will fight to the end to make sure that this God given country is kept away from AGENDA BASE socialist communistic people like yourself.

  11. Jerome Goodwin

    Jerome Goodwin日 前

    No change just make it truly equal.

  12. Wayne Carey

    Wayne Carey2 日 前

    Get rid of the computer thingee

  13. No Durrr

    No Durrr2 日 前

    If you fell for the pandering im sorry.

  14. Don

    Don2 日 前

    Stfu james.

  15. baryaal zeb khan

    baryaal zeb khan3 日 前

    How did this video get 12 k dislikes 😭😥😢

  16. Finley Jordan

    Finley Jordan2 日 前

    likely lots of paid MAGA accounts ( + clones ) and plain stupid racist people scared that they are slowly losing the freedom the be racist without punishment.

  17. MrPippinsays

    MrPippinsays3 日 前

    Lol jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-wJ8LM9NDGxk.html

  18. Passive Intolerance

    Passive Intolerance3 日 前

    You do know police kill more white people, don’t you? You’re not oppressed and you’re not victims. Shut up.

  19. Cindy H

    Cindy H4 日 前

    Not asking for anything.. just wanted to say hi

  20. Bell Cade

    Bell Cade4 日 前

    Logically (as a 17-year-old brown girl) I know that none of this was my fault but I can't help but want to apologize that society has failed the black community so badly. has failed all of us so badly

  21. Mono Jammer

    Mono Jammer4 日 前

    Why don't they fire this lame guy he's not funny at all period. They would save a lot of money. I will never watch James Corden not funny period.

  22. tiboss2

    tiboss24 日 前

    LOL! People just eat up virtue signaling like it’s a 2fer at MickeyD’s & then in complete obedience wear a Mask Without 1 ounce of research into the fact that it’s about the death rate not the case rate. Sadly, Kissinger is correct, useless eaters.

  23. Malsawma Renthlei

    Malsawma Renthlei4 日 前

    Literally 99% of people in the comment would not see this but if you do may God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  24. Nath Leese

    Nath Leese4 日 前

    New Gavin and Stacey James

  25. Riri_102 sistA

    Riri_102 sistA5 日 前

    Why is everyone being races I think we should support everyone it's not how white people are or black or any type of race we need to help everyone

  26. Kenny Cannon

    Kenny Cannon5 日 前

    I see out of 260,000 likes, there are 12,000 assholes.

  27. Kelly Dietz

    Kelly Dietz5 日 前

    Wauw, this is such a brave and powerfull video. Thank you so much for speaking up. It's time.

  28. colin patton

    colin patton5 日 前

    Never really was a fan of Corden, still not ! What happened to Mr.Floyd was horrible and unjust, hence the guy was arrested and charge and not swept under the carpet or given a desk job, however we need to look at the facts(numbers) at some point. A bad cop doesn't constitute systemic racism. On this clip-not genuine and written for him

  29. NYHC1000

    NYHC10006 日 前

    This was the funniest late late show ever.almost thought it was for real,for the moment. Excellent job by reggie.song could be a little bit more hype,but all in all ,all parts played their roles perfectly.great acting guys!

  30. Marshall Kinnaird

    Marshall Kinnaird6 日 前

    Now why would I listen to a foreigner?

  31. Alexandr Petrov

    Alexandr Petrov6 日 前

    ALL Lives Matter!

  32. Dixie Rekt

    Dixie Rekt6 日 前

    I LEGIT NOW HATE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD BECAUSE OF HOW OVERSENSITIZED EVERYONE IS. ACTING LIKE AMERICA NEEDS TO BE SHAMED BECAUSE OF THE COMPLETELY INCORRECT ASSUMPTION THAT ALL WHITE PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENTS ARE RACIST AND THE FUNNY THING IS THAT’S WHAT THE DEFINITION OF RACISM IS prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group. I think the word everyone has been looking for is MURDER which tends to happen when people are alive and have deadly weapons to use (especially with permission)

  33. Diya John

    Diya John6 日 前

    As an Asian kid and being brown I know what racism feels like, but this is just another level.

  34. Christopher Harrison

    Christopher Harrison7 日 前

    So you want to write CH's Resume for Ge because that was supposed to be my wife's favor for me but she had to Bounce !!

  35. Melissa Tipton

    Melissa Tipton7 日 前

    I have just heard this for the first time and this is the best speech or most heartfelt speech that I have heard it is a sad but hopefully a blessed time n America that people are for the most peacefully protesting or doing there best it is time for a change you are so right in saying that and they did not cause this for the first time I am ashamed to be white

  36. SuperSnaketooth

    SuperSnaketooth7 日 前

    This is so dumb, they need to stop crying about it

  37. Nautilux1110

    Nautilux11107 日 前

    The Afroamerican always don’t respect the authority. Facing the police, don’t like respect the society rulers....!

  38. degen83

    degen837 日 前

    We do need to change the US, but defunding all the police so only the rich can afford private security and every onese can't and implementing anti white racist laws is not the answer. Neither is going communist. Black is not guilty until proven innocent, that is just fake news based on systemic lies being taught as truth. George Floyd was unjustly murdered, but Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Rayshad Brooks, and many others got what was coming to them when they assaulted people, like armed Latinos (Zimmerman) or police (Mike Brown and Rayshad Brooks). Aiming guns at cops and refusing to put the guns down the cops tell you to is not guilty until proven innocent, that is cops shooting people who are aiming guns at cops. Defending that behavior is never acceptable. How can we possibley make the situation better if we refuse to have an honest discussion about it?

  39. vesna talan

    vesna talan7 日 前

    yeah, an imaginary problem. A lie. And change like South Africa where a white farmer was attacked and his pregnant wife was tortured and murdered in front of their children who were also tortured. You are full of it. jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-D46U7IdnZJM.html

  40. S Bruce

    S Bruce7 日 前

    Blacks did create it! Why you lie?

  41. Mrs Curry

    Mrs Curry7 日 前

    Dang tha performance tho👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  42. Mrs Curry

    Mrs Curry7 日 前

    Black Lives Matter.

  43. Ralph Riffle

    Ralph Riffle7 日 前

    You want to inject yourself into current events so you look like the person who speaks for americans. You dont speak for americans. You speak for the Communist agenda and try to descise your bias by acting rational as you spill out your anti Trump garbage

  44. tom Knauss

    tom Knauss7 日 前

    @Ralph Riffle : I feel you Ralph

  45. Beyond The Big Bang

    Beyond The Big Bang7 日 前

    For one thing, stop voting for pandering hypocrites like Joe Biden who are moronic enough to say “ You ain’t Black if you don’t vote for me”. You may want to refresh yourselves on Malcom X jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-jYcxvnh4YtM.html

  46. kiana official

    kiana official8 日 前

    Black live's matter!


    CHAD VALLEY8 日 前

    and after this bit of Virtue showboating, he got up, shouted at his p.a, sacked 2 minions and polished his halo.


    JANE SMITH8 日 前

    Cordens showbiz sincerity makes me heave..

  49. Ted Zhang

    Ted Zhang8 日 前

    Now he can say he’s not a racist

  50. ducanh nguyen

    ducanh nguyen8 日 前


  51. jayo1324m6

    jayo1324m68 日 前

    wow 🙌✊🏽👏✊🏾🤝✊🏿

  52. Diana

    Diana8 日 前

    If one thinks this is only an issue in America, you are mistaken.

  53. BIG PIE

    BIG PIE7 日 前

    its the biggest 1

  54. kookiebunny gaming

    kookiebunny gaming8 日 前

    Hey I want to meet bts

  55. poeniiii

    poeniiii8 日 前

    If US really want to change the first things they should be realise is Biden cannot be trusted. Having great benefit from CCP and investment in China, which is the most racist country in the world now, Biden cannot become the next president.

  56. NY Mets

    NY Mets9 日 前

    James Corden is like bad aids. It just won't go away.

  57. tom cruise

    tom cruise9 日 前

    When will the world be peaceful...

  58. Steve B

    Steve B9 日 前

    Talks nice,then he goes and hides in his mansion, with security gates

  59. curdogstation

    curdogstation9 日 前

    And yet im sure none of these "victims" were not opposing the authorities they were being completely compliant. yeah right. All of you Liberals think that the police is just bad and that you should just get rid of them. Watch what happens when you get rid of them. Who are you gonna call when your child is kidnapped or your house was broken into. Get your heads out of your asses and quit being idiots.

  60. elite sniper

    elite sniper9 日 前

    The 12k that dislike is against this

  61. Michelle Mac

    Michelle Mac10 日 前

    when the guy said they our dreams and futures and have fun with it i cried

  62. Georgia Baldwin

    Georgia Baldwin10 日 前

    Come to Dallas they broke the world of leaders

  63. Julie Jaime

    Julie Jaime10 日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Cb4HZNvUKmY.html Please, James check this if you are a seeker of the truth and the justice.

  64. Ivanhoe Sanchez

    Ivanhoe Sanchez10 日 前


  65. Shadow140

    Shadow14010 日 前

    You people are idiots

  66. kingdomhearts and kameo

    kingdomhearts and kameo10 日 前

    At this moment everyone thinks everything is about color but its not somethings are just bad people being rude to other people some things are about color but not everything its not always white did this black did that no sometimes its rude or bad people doing rude or bad things

  67. kingdomhearts and kameo

    kingdomhearts and kameo10 日 前

    Do some people know what racist means

  68. kingdomhearts and kameo

    kingdomhearts and kameo10 日 前

    It means anyone as in whites against whites blacks against blacks whites against blacks and blacks against whites because some people I've met think racism is just whites against blacks but its not its when you have a religion or a culture or the color of your skin

  69. WildingTripod78

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  70. tanima das

    tanima das11 日 前

    Hi plz tell me where do you live

  71. Destinations Hypnosis

    Destinations Hypnosis11 日 前

    Simple, clear, comprehensive. Hoping we all can make this a time of healing and transformation. Thank you.

  72. G eire

    G eire11 日 前

    A uk citizen from little Britain, your comments are one sided . F back to uk you troll



    press F to pay respect

  74. Anthony Vandawalker

    Anthony Vandawalker11 日 前

    I did & often do want to know what you have to say. Love

  75. gooner inSP

    gooner inSP11 日 前

    So glad this guy left the UK!!! Please don't come back.

  76. sabrina gisele

    sabrina gisele11 日 前

    reggie crying shattered my heart

  77. Aware OfThy

    Aware OfThy12 日 前

    I’m glad he didn’t put a thumbnail of him crying, this shows James is serious.

  78. Bizarro Number 1 Bizarro Number 1

    Bizarro Number 1 Bizarro Number 112 日 前

    As soon as the looting started, you lost me. Can’t keep your protest peaceful? Not my problem.

  79. junzoo notey

    junzoo notey12 日 前

    Candace Owens - jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-sY3zbL7trhE.html

  80. Tenz dimond321

    Tenz dimond32112 日 前

    Man like Dave🔥🔥

  81. Jackson Ashby

    Jackson Ashby12 日 前

    RIp George Floyd 😢

  82. Brutal

    Brutal11 日 前

    @kiah short agreed He didnt deserve neither death nor *peace*

  83. kiah short

    kiah short11 日 前

    @Brutal he was still killed though? it doesn't matter if he was innocent or a criminal nobody deserves to go out that way.

  84. Brutal

    Brutal11 日 前

    Cmon He was a criminal

  85. ItsJustSara

    ItsJustSara12 日 前

    can you please do spill your guts or filly your guts with ariana grande after all of this (if)

  86. Adam Allam

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  87. Adam Allam

    Adam Allam13 日 前


  88. Adam Allam

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  89. Susan Jones

    Susan Jones13 日 前

    Thanks James

  90. Susan Jones

    Susan Jones13 日 前

    Thank you James

  91. Jordan White

    Jordan White13 日 前

    Thank you for this. White people and other POC , I hope this video especially the song helps you see what we’ve been dealing with for centuries

  92. Cindy Calvillo, REALTOR

    Cindy Calvillo, REALTOR13 日 前

    Yes, sadly there are many victims and we need to change the narrative. Love not War! Love not Hate! Evil knows no color. Evil creates more hate and lies to keep people in bondage to hate and anger. Martin Luther King would be so saddened today, to see how the Media continues to breed hate across the airwaves. Evil is killing people of all races, Jews, Christians, Gays, Hispanics, Irish, Indians. Wake up people! Stop being lied to by the Media! Open your eyes! America needs your prayers! With God All Things are Possible! Martin Luther King believed! Do you?