James Corden Gets a Lesson on White Privilege


  1. Mercedes Rieche

    Mercedes Rieche43 分 前

    Get over it girl

  2. Shaved Rocket

    Shaved Rocket時間 前

    This is extremely racist! White privilege isn't a thing! Your skin color has nothing to do with anything in America anymore. We have laws against these things. This is ridiculous. Stop making black people look like victims. They are equal.

  3. Nowukkas brah

    Nowukkas brah2 時間 前

    I've never had ill feelings or racist thoughts in my life. But now that I'm being discriminated against for being white I'm starting have them. The only thing I'm guilty of is being born.

  4. Nowukkas brah

    Nowukkas brah2 時間 前

    This rubbish will make non racist whites become racist. Everyone needs to wake up to this!

  5. MitchMustKill

    MitchMustKill3 時間 前

    This guy isn't funny but this is one of the funniest skits i have ever seen. (It was a joke right?)

  6. Bambeakz

    Bambeakz4 時間 前

    You can’t sink much deeper I guess James

  7. yeah

    yeah6 時間 前

    i can’t be the only one who’s becoming more racist due to recent events. i hate privileged minorities who think they can hate on white people and get away with it.

  8. Keith Forbes

    Keith Forbes11 時間 前

    bring back craig ferguson

  9. Jason

    Jason12 時間 前

    Black privilege.

  10. Sentinal

    Sentinal12 時間 前

    What a Moron.

  11. Michael Dunn

    Michael Dunn13 時間 前

    "So powerful u don't even realize it" what

  12. Keith Forbes

    Keith Forbes11 時間 前

    lol, that was the dumbest 💩 I've ever heard

  13. FuBaGaming

    FuBaGaming13 時間 前

    Doesn't ECOA make it illegal to deny a loan based off race?

  14. Dean Konstantian

    Dean Konstantian14 時間 前


  15. Herbalattraction3000

    Herbalattraction300014 時間 前

    You just lost a subsciber. This shit is just brainwashing. Not okay.

  16. Raffix

    Raffix16 時間 前

    James Corden makes no sense to me, unfunny, boring, and an asshole apparently. Oh, did you know he has a wife and 3 kids? He's not gay WTF!

  17. joe joser

    joe joser17 時間 前


  18. da moab

    da moab17 時間 前

    This doesn't make sense because the whitish black girl was talking about how skin color makes life more challenging but then how can that be racism when ALL races have dark and light skinned people. Except for maybe like Icelandics or some other Europeans and some people are Albino and black. Albino and like Native American, Albino and Filipino. /just sayin

  19. Sean Walsh

    Sean Walsh19 時間 前

    This would be so much worse if she wasn't so hotb

  20. Shaun Daniel

    Shaun Daniel19 時間 前

    I am some aunt jemima eat'n ... Land O lakes using, while I sit in uncle ben's cabin. I have Chiquita bananas on my mind. But, I think I will just go with Quaker oats or Cream of Wheat. " Eskimo " pies are ok. Mrs. Butterworth ..... I got nothing.

  21. Josip Broz Tito

    Josip Broz Tito22 時間 前

    I'm from Russia. Americans, what the f happens in your country? We here drinking vodka with anyone of any color

  22. Fizz zz

    Fizz zz22 時間 前

    White people, It's your fault. *Give an inch, They'll take a miles.*

  23. Fizz zz

    Fizz zz22 時間 前

    *blk community wants free privileges more in society with your taxes.*

  24. Thug Life

    Thug Life日 前

    What white privilege is designed to do is to tell all white people to shut up and sit down and listen do not speak do not have an opinion shut your mouth it's also designed to a tribute group guilt which is a terrifying idea that as soon as someone's born they're instantly guilty, think about this for a second that means if there's a little white baby born little cute baby looks super white blonde hair blue eyes super white skin the whole nine yards that baby that doesn't even know it's a live can't even formula sentences or walk is instantly evil and instantly less valuable in its opinion than any one of a different skin tone how is that not one of the most racist ideas you've ever heard.

  25. ICE

    ICE日 前


  26. SuperSnaketooth

    SuperSnaketooth日 前

    This is so dumb and cringe

  27. CockYaLegS

    CockYaLegS日 前

    This is supposed to be satirical right? Right? Ha ha.....ha

  28. pedantic70

    pedantic70日 前

    James Cordon can start fighting "structural racism" by giving up his job to a non-white person.

  29. 司法一路

    司法一路日 前

    David Webb and Areva Martin I'll just leave this here.. :)

  30. Paul Fitz

    Paul Fitz日 前

    It doesn't exist

  31. Planet of the Atheists

    Planet of the Atheists日 前

    Anyone who uses the term white privilege is a resentful, lazy minded bigot and racist.

  32. Pancreas Dragonheart

    Pancreas Dragonheart日 前

    If you think this is true. Congratz you have been brainwashed. The victim-card never fails

  33. Gary Knutson

    Gary Knutson日 前

    Typical Liberal crap. This chick barely out of diapers who is a writer for one of the biggest late night talk shows is going to pretend that she's had it rough because of her skin color is a joke. The problem with white people is that we don't stand up against this kind of bull crap. There may be such a thing as wealth privilege, but to say all whites are privileged is insane. I wonder where my privilege is, cause I sure as hell haven t seen it. Here's some privilege. When you are more qualified for a position or have better SAT scores but get passed up because you're white, that's privilege.

  34. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams日 前

    This wasn't a joke? Really? But it was hilarious...

  35. myapologiesmissgurl

    myapologiesmissgurl日 前

    This lady is probably like 12% black lmao she has white privilege herself 😂

  36. JuanJose247

    JuanJose247日 前

    Message aside, is this supposed to feel like Seasame Street? It's almost condescending!

  37. True Blue

    True Blue日 前

    What a load of shite

  38. Sandra Iventosch

    Sandra Iventosch日 前


  39. Sandra Iventosch

    Sandra Iventosch日 前

    We are a multicultural family. What can we do?! So as a family we are privileged AND victims!!! Holy shit! This coming Sabbath dinner is going to be roudy!

  40. Sandra Iventosch

    Sandra Iventosch日 前

    You people are so ridiculous

  41. Lisa-Lynne

    Lisa-Lynne日 前

    This woman is apparently half white. If so, does half of her have 'White Privilege' and the other half feel oppressed? LOL

  42. Eli Martin

    Eli Martin日 前

    This is messed up. You don't have the same opportunities as a white person? Since when? Any one who works hard will get a good opportunity no matter there race. They didn't hire you are X? How do you know that? Can you read minds? Or are you just saying that because he/she was white. Denied for a loan. Do you have any credit? Do you have bad credit? Some companies don't risk giving a loan because you have nothing that says you can back that up. It has nothing to do with your skin tone. White privilege does not exist. Hard working privilege does.

  43. Sean L.

    Sean L.2 日 前

    "I feel bad." Yeah, bro, I feel bad for you, too. It must suck to not have a penis.

  44. Sean L.

    Sean L.2 日 前

    "Nobody watches this show." Only real thing she said.

  45. Sonicreations!

    Sonicreations!2 日 前

    Oh my god this is literal crap! This doesn't need to exist. Cringe! How the actual hell does this have so many likes?😒

  46. Kar LA

    Kar LA2 日 前

    I wish someone would give us all a lesson on "black privilege" because it is a real thing. I see it all the time. Black people have an unspoken sense that they can do and say certain things and not be called out, because as soon as anyone wants to criticize them, the "race card" comes out and you're automatically labelled a racist. Yo! Racists come in all colors and blacks can be racists too. Think about it. Let's all stand together for #AllLivesMatter and let's stop giving license to those who want to be divisive.

  47. Sukh Mann

    Sukh Mann2 日 前

    White privalage doesn't exist, I'm not white and I can tell you that, the biggest issue in society is fatherless homes, prison records will show you that.

  48. Sunrise Mendoza

    Sunrise Mendoza2 日 前

    She is black just because she is mixed she is black. And if you are offended by this you are part of the problem recognize what you have inherited.

  49. MF

    MF2 日 前


  50. Matthew Sparkman

    Matthew Sparkman2 日 前

    Tell that to a white kid growing up in the Atlanta housing projects stop this bullshit its ridiculous and will end badly for all of us.

  51. Marcus Ireland

    Marcus Ireland2 日 前

    James is darker than her

  52. Marcus Ireland

    Marcus Ireland2 日 前

    She's practically white,, she's near the colour of her eyes and teeth,,, she ain't black I'm white and I go darker,, this is bullshit

  53. Phil Johnson

    Phil Johnson2 日 前

    What is structural racism? And I refer to today, not some historical bygone era.

  54. Thomas Levi

    Thomas Levi2 日 前

    WMP White Male Privilege That's right, it's real and yes, I know I have it. But it's a super grey thing (like everything else), I have it but not as much as some other white guys and I have more that other white guys. Age plays a factor, even height and wealth of course but also if you were born in this country and how many generation in you are, myself I am first generation. But a friend of mine pointed out to me a privilege that, even though I know I have, I hadn't really thought about it, especially with my flurry of recent posts. Its not something I think about it because I have white male privilege and am of a certain age that I say what ever I god damn feel like with no worries about repercussions other than ruffling a few feathers because I can just say "Get over it" because I don't have to. I consider myself pretty self aware and aware of my privilege but I am occasionally surprise when it is pointed out just how much I have in some subtle ways that I don't think about but is very obvious to those without the same privileges. A friend of mine, who was not born in this country, disagrees about white privilege because of hardships he and his family has endured. He is the one who shared the video of the black guy who doesn't believe in white privilege. But if YOU don't believe in White Male Privilege just take a look around outside your bubble and ask yourself, HOW MANY people in power, how many corporate tycoons, business owners, elected officials, police, doctors, scientists, higher level educators, administrators, basically anyone who the general public looks towards as an authority position. LOOK at ALL of them and tell me what percentage are NOT white male and then consider what percentage of the population they make up. THAT my friend is white male privilege. Because even if you are a white male and you feel you have no privilege, consider a black man in your position looking at everybody in charge and seeing virtually no one representing him. Now consider ANY woman and it gets even worse. I can't explain to a white man who is struggling how he is privileged anymore than a black man can make me truly understand how institutional racism that has gone on for centuries has effected his life. It's kind of like climate change and evolution, you don't have to understand it or even believe it, it's still real and effects you in ways that are so subtle that it's easy to not see, even when you know it's there and are looking right at it. And if you still don't believe me, just look at STAR TREK universe, multiple series built on the utopian idea of equality and tell me what percentage of Captains and people in authority are NOT white males. And why? Because the population would not accept it, if it truly represented equality it would just be too unbelievable, too foreign, just too far from reality for people to relate, even the show really tried. I really wish the world were different. I with people could accept there is man caused climate change, I wish they understood evolution and realized they are just an animal with higher mental capacity. I wish people could understand WHY there is racism and who invented it (news flash, it was white men) and could "just get over it", but I can say that, I'm a white guy and have the self appointed authority to tell the world what is wrong with it. I just wish I had the influence, the power and authority to do something about it, but when it comes to enacting change, I have precious little privilege and ain't that a kick in the pants.

  55. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson2 日 前

    Hello Christain in a Christain majorty country. I am an out and open atheist in a Christain majorty communty. How about you check your Christan privlage before you make racist assumptions about people becouse of their skin color.

  56. Emperor Palpatine

    Emperor Palpatine2 日 前

    If White, Black, Asian and Middle Eastern are considered ‘races’ how come no one has won them yet ?

  57. G Matteo

    G Matteo2 日 前

    Why is it about the black girls feelings. An argument should never be about feelings.

  58. G Matteo

    G Matteo2 日 前

    When does the privilege go away lollll so ducking stupid.

  59. Strato Sphere

    Strato Sphere2 日 前

    only losers see your "privilege" because they want a part of what you earned working hard.

  60. Derrick K

    Derrick K2 日 前


  61. Sharkz zy

    Sharkz zy2 日 前

    One of these days I just want a talk show host to go off on a stupid person like that girl. Like she starts off with something like “the first thing about your privilege is” and the talk show host just says “no, fuck off bitch” and ends the call 😂

  62. Maddogg

    Maddogg2 日 前

    Everyone has a equal opportunity in America doesn’t matter of skin color

  63. BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse

    BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse2 日 前

    AND they say the genocide plot against whites is not real the evidence is everywhere

  64. BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse

    BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse2 日 前


  65. David Powell

    David Powell3 日 前

    As Bernie always says.....this is a class war between the working class and the ruling class. You want separation and angst and distrust with the races? Make everything about race. You want the crazy Republicans to have something legitimate to bitch about? Make everything about race. The pitchforks are out and reasonableness and justice and fairness takes a back seat to being pissed off. Most of the entire country are stark raving out of their minds - both the insane Republicans and the woke neo-liberals.

  66. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith3 日 前

    What bullshit

  67. Mike Teabag

    Mike Teabag3 日 前

    "I'm the problem!" says James Corden. I would agree, since he is inadvertently pushing the narrative that all white people are mentally impaired.

  68. Richard Hampton

    Richard Hampton3 日 前


  69. Everett World

    Everett World3 日 前

    Is it just me or does it really seem that all that white-shaming is designed to create even more tension and real racism because people are becoming more and more fed up at how they're treated and constantly insulted by far-left and the media? It seems like some people benefit from this racial debate and from trying to turn us against each other, even though people in the US tend to get along okay no matter of their skin color and we've come a long way for past 100 of years, but instead of just going forward we come back to these issues of basing our dialogue on skin tone - let's be real, it's moronic.

  70. f j

    f j3 日 前

    This makes me not want to watch his show anymore.....not that I ever watched it in the first place

  71. NAWW

    NAWW3 日 前

    reported for hateful abusive and racist content

  72. Vault of the Future

    Vault of the Future3 日 前

    Lol according to all reports James Corden is a real asshole. So hearing his “sentiments” are probably the most cringe I’ve consumed in a while

  73. Hans Keesom

    Hans Keesom3 日 前

    There is no such thing as white privilege. It is a term based on personal anectdotes but never proven. There is however majority privilege and in some countries the majority happens to white. In other countries being chinese or being russian of being black is the majority and therefore black has the privilege. Just check other countries then the ones with a white majority and you will see it is exactly that. Then you will also understand why intersectionality is making things worse for the minorities that are discriminated against. www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Majority%20Privilege

  74. Richard Larson

    Richard Larson3 日 前

    Mind-blowing virtue signaling... PATHETIC!!!

  75. Chris Peacock

    Chris Peacock3 日 前

    I mean it literally doesn’t exist as there is no evidence for it.

  76. Pipe Major McQuinnon

    Pipe Major McQuinnon3 日 前

    That was appalling, I could barely make it to the end. Never liked Corden but this just proves what a spineless twat he is. Pandering to the identity politics lie that by being white you have gained an advantage over every one else. You don't need to look very far in history to know this does not end well. Group discrimination based on ethnicity is the very definition of racism unfortunately Corden is to stupid to realize it.

  77. DO-ONE

    DO-ONE3 日 前

    It's just like basketball and American football players are black privileged you get through the whole world deal with it

  78. David Dave

    David Dave3 日 前

    It’s so great being white! I love it! I highly recommend being white!!!!! TOODLES!!!!!!

  79. Arthur Garcia

    Arthur Garcia4 日 前

    So this is a joke. Right? There is no ways he would go this low, well actually, now that I think about it he probably does for he doesn’t get cancelled.

  80. Tamarocker88

    Tamarocker884 日 前

    "White privilege means you don't have to deal with being racially profiled because of your skin color" That's news to me, given that the moment ANYONE speaks about anything nowadays, if their skin happens to be white, their opinion is immediately labeled as racist or bigoted or from a privileged upbringing. Don't have to deal with being racially profiled MY ASS. I am immediately rejected for any form of assistance, program, scholarship that has anything to do with [marginalized skin color or racial group here] because I'm white. When I'm told I'm not allowed to ask for help despite being as poor and down on my luck as another person whose skin color happens to be different, that's flat out 100% percent racial discrimination. Get off your high horse you racist moron. I don't even like James Corden and I feel bad for the guy for putting up with such a dimwit.

  81. diablo93ib

    diablo93ib4 日 前

    I believe saying you have privilege over all other races, because you are white, is racist. It's the equivalent to saying white people will always be better than me because of their skin color. Stop playing victim and blaming others.