Jaden - Ninety


  1. supremo

    supremo8 時間 前

    Jaden the type of guy to reuse his clothes for a video💯

  2. John Speed

    John Speed8 時間 前

    Jaden makes such 'classic' songs I love this

  3. Siya Dhlamini

    Siya Dhlamini8 時間 前

    Syre knows his sound.

  4. Marcus Worsham

    Marcus Worsham8 時間 前

    This song has always been dope, BUT these visuals are movie level. Jaden just make a film like mid90s or something It's Time.

  5. Insomni-act

    Insomni-act8 時間 前

    Couldn't really understand this, but for some reason it really messed with my spirit and energy

  6. Ryan Simpson

    Ryan Simpson8 時間 前

    This is so gay 😂😂😅

  7. Peso peso

    Peso peso8 時間 前

    You young niggas emotional

  8. adrian santana

    adrian santana8 時間 前

    I cried a little

  9. Paddy The Queen

    Paddy The Queen8 時間 前


  10. Ady_zubir

    Ady_zubir9 時間 前

    Remember when he was a karate kid boy👌🏼

  11. CdЯ MC

    CdЯ MC9 時間 前

    Your father its better

  12. zunicz

    zunicz9 時間 前


  13. UIDfilms

    UIDfilms9 時間 前

    Oh You Goated for that.

  14. Bsgrundle

    Bsgrundle9 時間 前

    Is this the prequel to Fallen?

  15. Matthew Gerhart

    Matthew Gerhart9 時間 前

    Him and Joji need to make something

  16. Killersentra

    Killersentra9 時間 前

    Fuck its not recording no more... tight man.... tight LOL


    AN LAKERSZ9 時間 前


  18. tronjavolta

    tronjavolta9 時間 前

    jaden ocean

  19. Hi Im Ty

    Hi Im Ty9 時間 前

    Am i the only one who spent the first 10 seconds trying to scroll down the screen?

  20. Zharia Valentine

    Zharia Valentine9 時間 前

    Does California just ALWAYS have the PERFECT sunsets or something????

  21. Dayanism

    Dayanism9 時間 前

    you ma icon in life jaden. Go ahead bruh 💟🙏🏽

  22. Makeup Obsessions

    Makeup Obsessions9 時間 前


  23. Marcos Ambriz

    Marcos Ambriz9 時間 前

    Not bad... i dig it

  24. Jay R

    Jay R9 時間 前

    Jaden Smith "Mission" 🔥 🔥 🔥

  25. PrimeTime Prince

    PrimeTime Prince9 時間 前

    The way that electric guitar becomes noticeable at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="322">5:22</a> then gradually takes over all instruments to add depth & magnitude to his words... AMAZING.


    ESKY THE CREATOR !9 時間 前

    espero el comentario de pedrito waxoooo

  27. lo_fee

    lo_fee9 時間 前

    "adds to ma playlist "

  28. Ahmed Naaim

    Ahmed Naaim9 時間 前


  29. David Prorok

    David Prorok9 時間 前

    Is it true because it rhymes?

  30. Glxse

    Glxse9 時間 前

    “ i think you’re just hungry cause right now you’re acting up “ Facts.

  31. Asiphesona Mkhwanazi

    Asiphesona Mkhwanazi9 時間 前

    Yes. Just yes.🔥

  32. Lara M

    Lara M10 時間 前

    FINALLY a video!!!!! Been waiting forever, I listen to this song on repeat ever since it came out


    DUWALA FONGOH10 時間 前


  34. * springsy

    * springsy10 時間 前

    Seems like a nice kid but his music should be held to a higher standard because his dad is will smith and he has every resource in the world available to him... hate to be a hater but this simply is not good music. at all.

  35. BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

    BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham10 時間 前

    bad jade helm I forgive you but you none in my realm

  36. Fel Ta

    Fel Ta10 時間 前

    When I first came to check ur shit out was for the love and respect I got for your dad... Now it's for you alone. You earned it bud. God bless ya. Dont ya ever forget the Lord.

  37. A Mark

    A Mark10 時間 前

    This is crazy...I'm looking at him like "dam he has grown"like I was at his birth😆 having kids is powerful🙏

  38. Micael元.

    Micael元.10 時間 前

    *Caralho, ele não tira mais essa roupa do corpo pqp*

  39. FrnnkEducation

    FrnnkEducation10 時間 前

    Crying looking just like his daddy in I am legend



    My House at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a>

  41. Splash Townsend

    Splash Townsend10 時間 前

    It shows that a lot of you didn't listen to SYRE from start to finish . How are you guys JUST now finding out about this song ?

  42. jeo mama

    jeo mama10 時間 前

    sound baddddddddddddddddddd

  43. J03L

    J03L10 時間 前

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Música muito boa curto muito o som do jaden.



    Dope!! 👍💪💪

  45. Splash Townsend

    Splash Townsend10 時間 前


  46. Vinicius Scapin

    Vinicius Scapin10 時間 前

    much talent

  47. tomalajr

    tomalajr10 時間 前

    I'm glad I didn't grow up rich

  48. Sugiono GT

    Sugiono GT10 時間 前

    This is good, but i dont know why i didnt like you i mean your hair, make ups, clothing colour, hair colour. But this is kind of art

  49. Tebo Dylan

    Tebo Dylan10 時間 前

    Dopet vid Luv the rap u gr8t mehn

  50. Alex Kabagambe

    Alex Kabagambe10 時間 前

    Hmm West World set..... 🤔

  51. Orlando Johnson

    Orlando Johnson10 時間 前

    Jaden kinda fucking talented , sad bullshit rap is trending in this era

  52. J0hAN SEA

    J0hAN SEA10 時間 前

    Like si vas alos comentarios para ver alguno español

  53. Kyle The Noble

    Kyle The Noble11 時間 前

    Heyy I know this kind of beat from somewhere Mr, Bobby Tarantino.

  54. Goatafied

    Goatafied11 時間 前

    This simp song kinda fire tho

  55. SSK Music Beats

    SSK Music Beats10 時間 前

    Its more emo

  56. Deez Nutz

    Deez Nutz11 時間 前


  57. who u

    who u11 時間 前

    this is my greatest 7 minute, omg i keep vibin

  58. Kenneth White

    Kenneth White11 時間 前



    PHI NEBULA11 時間 前

    lil bro actually killed tfff out of this 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  60. Asheeka Rizqi Irhamna

    Asheeka Rizqi Irhamna11 時間 前

    Jaden u should eat somethin

  61. sos re wachin

    sos re wachin11 時間 前


  62. DJ ScottizCheez

    DJ ScottizCheez11 時間 前

    Lil Jaden got 1 but i believe he gonna make something thats gone bloe folks minds 💯💯💯

  63. Dickey Lopez

    Dickey Lopez11 時間 前

    I really loved this video and the song it's too good. 🤯

  64. Wesman Productions

    Wesman Productions11 時間 前

    You could of did this song in 4 minutes bra. LOL!

  65. Cyril Sikorsot

    Cyril Sikorsot11 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> i'm the only one to hear Cudi voice :O ?

  66. MEH3000

    MEH300012 時間 前


  67. IKNOK

    IKNOK12 時間 前

    It's like he filmed every music video in 2018 on the same night on Mulholland with the same clothes

  68. Jack August

    Jack August12 時間 前

    Worst voice in the game

  69. beatriz

    beatriz12 時間 前

    this just hurts on a whole new level

  70. R I P

    R I P12 時間 前

    والله و يشوفك عمك #البدي 😂 ارواح تاكل الدقلة عندنا ماتخافش 🇩🇿

  71. Jackson Vasconcelos JV

    Jackson Vasconcelos JV12 時間 前

    Demorou tempão mas postou, finalmente

  72. kari Tolbert

    kari Tolbert12 時間 前


  73. proyecto mineria

    proyecto mineria12 時間 前

    ft con duki papa

  74. Velozian 999

    Velozian 99912 時間 前

    Shii different i like it🔥💯

  75. ParallaxOfficialTV

    ParallaxOfficialTV12 時間 前

    2.42 part is soooo dope

  76. ochonganokwu

    ochonganokwu12 時間 前

    Much respect ✊. Dude is in a lane of his own.

  77. APaul’s /Gaming

    APaul’s /Gaming12 時間 前

    5 days and 2.3 millions views talk about goals

  78. Dojo Works - Brick Building

    Dojo Works - Brick Building12 時間 前

    Instrumental kickin

  79. Aaron Richardson

    Aaron Richardson12 時間 前

    My nigga snapped like usual. Yall trippin, he shows his talent in every song. Whether you like it or not is simply just an opinion. Homie been killin it and adapting to who he is becoming. Embrace the music and be thankful for the creativity he is putting in to become his own person. Instead of just living up to his last name.

  80. cassie manetoa

    cassie manetoa12 時間 前

    Uuuufff felt that one

  81. Jewels with G.E.M

    Jewels with G.E.M12 時間 前

    Does he say "our love is drowing in the ocean "? 😢😭💣💥💣💥💣 damn

  82. lightningshizzle

    lightningshizzle12 時間 前

    Been listening to this for ages already, this is old famm